Pittsfield politics forever
Jonathan Melle

Amherst, NH

#23 Jul 25, 2012
I don't live in my mother's home. I own my own home. Jimmy Ruberto never bought his own home in Pittsfield. He is a senior citizen who still lives in his late-mother's home. It is time for Jimmy Ruberto to move out and buy his own home in Pittsfield. As for nepotism, all of the politicians in Pittsfield politics come from the same low gene pool of inter-generational Good Old Boy families. Government is their business. Look at what they do? No jobs. Thousands of people leaving the area. Teen pregnancies & welfare caseloads. PCBs. And on and on. I really hope that Luciforo loses his race for U.S. Congress.
Teos Hotdogs

Amherst, NH

#24 Aug 5, 2012
What is better than having a cold beer and 3 Teo's Hotdogs in Pittsfield?
The GE

Amherst, NH

#25 Aug 5, 2012
I am from Pittsfield. I worked at the GE and I ate at the Friendly's. Now the GE is closed in Pittsfield. But, the Friendly's is still serving tasty meals and desserts.
Following a fool

Pittsfield, MA

#26 Aug 5, 2012
Teos Hotdogs wrote:
What is better than having a cold beer and 3 Teo's Hotdogs in Pittsfield?
a second cold beer-they are tiny there

Amherst, NH

#27 Aug 5, 2012
tiny hotdogs and tiny cold beers

Williamsburg, MA

#28 Aug 5, 2012
Teos Hotdogs wrote:
What is better than having a cold beer and 3 Teo's Hotdogs in Pittsfield?
A juicy burger cooked by a Greek god bigger is not better,better is better WORD
Sheriff Putz

Pittsfield, MA

#30 Aug 6, 2012
Following a fool wrote:
<quoted text>
a second cold beer-they are tiny there
You get all tanked up and drive on my roads and I will bust you down to private. Try me you beer bellied slobovian.

United States

#31 Aug 6, 2012
All of you seem to like to point out the obvious facts of why Pittsfield is a city that fails our children, our parents, and ourselves. It offers no future, no safety, and costs too much for nothing. And I know the more of these crooked politicians we elect keep making the situation worse because they don't care about the people trying to live and work in Pittsfield. But, everyone knows this, we've all said it a hundred different ways. But what is not being said is how we could fix it. We have to figure out how to force these politicians to do what we want rather than carry out their own agenda, (helping their buds out or doing nothing, allowing the scum of the city to rule the city). It's been proven, we can't change the state of the city by casting a vote in November. No matter what promises they make, it is all bull, because when they get elected, nothing changes since the last guy got booted out. There has to be a better way. Where the people tell the mayor, the city council, the police department, the school system - STOP THIS SHIT. And then we tell them how we want things done. How we want our city fixed so people will want to come live here, not visit some art. Have jobs so our kids can have a future here. Offer real safety and not hand pick who to prosecute. I don't have all the answers. I just know that if we want the city of Pittsfield to change, we can not rely on any elected official in any office to do it for us, because they do not have our best interest in mind.

Amherst, NH

#32 Aug 6, 2012
Luciforo wants to be elected to Congress. Another Pittsfield politician who cares about himself instead of the people.
Carmen Nooch

Amherst, NH

#33 Aug 8, 2012
February 13, 2010

Re: Carmen Massimiano

I believe the allegations against Carmen Massimiano. I grew up in and around Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Ever since I was a child, I have heard negative things said against him. I have heard rumors that he is a deviant & predatory homosexual who also abuses his political power to be both vindictive and vengeful. Carmen Massimiano is a "Good Old Boy" who has ruined many people's lives under the precept of insider versus outsider status. I personally heard Carmen Massimiano call one of his political adversaries a "cocksucker". I have personally seen Carmen Massimiano wring his hands and make abusive comments at local political meetings. He'd leave early after muttering that he should be the one running the show. His jailer staff has told me that everyone fears him. One jailer told me that the objective is to have one's name NOT cross Carmen's desk. When I moved from Berkshire County to Southern NH in 2004, Carmen Massimiano came up to me in Pittsfield and said that he knows that I know what they (Andrea Nuciforo or "Good Old Boys") tried to do to me, and that I should not talk or write about it, and that I should NOT feel safe now that I live in a distant region from Pittsfield. Carmen Massimiano is a bully! He was one of many layered bullies or political henchmen that did "Luciforo's" dirty work, especially against me. I feel relieved that Carmen Massimiano is finally being openly seen for the bad man who he really and truly is. I know that I am not alone in being one of Carmen Massimiano's many victims of harassing persecution. I knew it all along!

- Jonathan Melle
Carmen Nooch

Amherst, NH

#34 Aug 8, 2012
March 8, 2010

Re: Carmen Massimiano is a wicked man!

I have heard rumors about Berkshire County (Massachusetts) Sheriff Carmen C. Massimiano, Jr. It is alleged that there are many more boys and men who have been abused by Mr. Massimiano. However, these victims are afraid of Carmen's power in my native hometown of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. For additional men to come forward would mean embarassment for themselves and their families. Carmen is so powerful that he can harass each and every person who steps forward to expose his alleged sexual abuse against boys and men. These victims are men with wives, children, jobs, mortgages, young adults in colleges, and the like. If these men came forward, they would put their families, jobs, financial well being, and reputations in great jeopardy. Moreover, I have heard that these victims would fear for the safety of both themselves and their families due to Carmen's network of politicians and bullies. I have heard that the firing of the radio talk show host Sherman Baldwin was symbolic of his power to warn (or threaten) the many men victims of Carmen's sexual abuse from coming forward. I also have heard that Carmen's page long ad in the Berkshire Eagle was a legal warning (or threat) to the news media from further investigating Carmen Massimiano's sexual abuse against many boys and men. It is obvious to me from the rumors I have heard about this situation that Carmen Massimiano is trying to intimidate people and the news media from further investigating his sexual abuse against boys and men.

On a personal note, former state Senator Andrea Francesco Nuciforo, Jr.(also known as "Luciforo") made false reports against me to the Pittsfield Police Department in the Spring of 1998 when I was 22 years old that I was allegedly threatening him and if I stopped by his district office he would have me immediately arrested. "Luciforo" swore out his complaint against me after he filed numerous "ethics" complaints against my Dad, who was a Pittsfield Probation Officer and Berkshire County Commissioner at the time. The goal of "Luciforo's" plan to have me jailed was to seek revenge and intimidation against my father for standing up to his corruption in state politics. 6 years later, in 2004, Sheriff Carmen Massimiano approached me in Pittsfield and told me now that I live in Amherst or Southern New Hampshire that I should not feel safe after Mr. Massimiano told me that he knows that I knew what "they" tried to do to me and not to speak out about it. Carmen Massimiano's warning (or threat) to me is consistent with his behaviour or actions in responding to the allegations that he sexually molested a then 7 year old boy.

I was even told that a man who was sexually abused by Carmen Massimiano took his own life. The allegations against Carmen Massimiano that he sexually abused boys and men look to be true. If so, Carmen Massimiano has ruined the lives of many boys and men. Carmen Massimiano has cost society a lot of time, money and pain for his own selfish sexual gratification. Carmen Massimiano should come clean and be accountable for all of the damage he has caused boys and men as a sexual abuser in order to provide resolution to all of his victims. If Carmen Massimiano does not step forward, I believe he is pathological or even a sociopath and needs to be committed to a psychiatric institution so he will not cause harm to anyone else. I do NOT believe that Carmen Massimiano is innocent!

In truth!
Jonathan Melle
Carmen Nooch

Amherst, NH

#35 Aug 8, 2012
Friday, September 16, 2005

Re: My very negative feelings towards Carmen C. Massimiano Jr.

Dear Bloggers,

Yesterday afternoon, September 15, 2005, I had the pleasure of eating dinner out with my parents and 3-year-old niece. My dad bumped into another Pittsfield native and they reminisced about their friendship there. During their conversation, they mentioned Sheriff Massimiano and my dad said he was a good guy, among other praises. When my dadís acquaintance left, I told my dad how I resented him saying such nice things about a person who was so very mean and negative towards me during my 28-years of living in Pittsfield. I mentioned to my dad how Massimiano made it a point to not sign my nomination papers when I wanted to oppose state Senator Andrea F. Nuciforo, Jr. in the 2004 Democratic Primaries. I said to my dad that he was there at one of those events, and how Massimiano spoke to me in such a put down tone of voice. My dad replied that Massimiano was wrong. I replied to my dad that I cannot choose his friends, nor he mine. I just asked my dad not to praise Massimiano in my presence because I find it distressing and insensitive. My dad said he would respect my wishes. My mom then mentioned Massimianoís close friend, Cliff Nilan, who works as a Chief Probation Officer in the Berkshire Superior Court. My mom said that my dad and Nilan call each other and their relationship keeps my dad close to Massimiano. Again, I said to my mom that Massimiano is not a nice man. He uses the most foul language and refers to people in vulgar and sexually humiliating words that I did not want to say, but hinted at, such as Massimiano calling one of his adversaries the vulgar slang for one who performs oral sex on a man. My mom said that Massimiano represents a mentality and sample of a debase cultural class. I also told my mom that I donít have a problem with Cliff Nilan or my dadís friendship with anyone. I just asked to be left out of it. Actually, I told my mom that I think Nilan is a nice person. I told my mom what I told my dad, and that is she may have her friends, and I may not like them, but to leave me out of it. If I am sitting with them, and Massimianoís name comes up in the discussion, I would rather not hear about Massimiano. But what they think and do on their own time, away from me, I have no say in. I was just very insulted by my dadís praises of Massimiano when he was so mean and intimidating to me last year. I concluded my stand by saying that the best way to deal with someone you dislike is to not give him or her any of your time. I said to my parents that I donít want to talk about Massimiano anymore. I want to move on and enjoy our time and meal together. I am glad my dad was able to understand me, and even more receptive to my mother seeing things the way they really are. I was most thankful for being able to spend quality time with my family.

Jonathan A. Melle
nomination papers

Amherst, NH

#36 Aug 8, 2012
When I, Jonathan Melle, was running a would be campaign against Luciforo for Berkshire State Senator in early-2004, the following "Good Old Boys" Pittsfield politicians would NOT sign my nomination papers.

* Carmen Massimiano

* Smitty PIGnatelli

* Peter Larkin

* Daniel Bosley

I must have been doing something right to not receive the nomination signatures of those political hacks!

- Jonathan Melle
Yankees Lakers fan

Amherst, NH

#37 Aug 8, 2012
Did you know that Smitty PIGnatelli is both a Yankees and Lakers fan? It is true. PIGnatelli roots against the Red Sox and Celtics, but goes to Beacon Hill as the Lenox State Representative. Smitty PIGnatelli is a "Good Old Boy" of Pittsfield politics. His brother Scott is running for Pittsfield Registry of Deeds in 2012. I hope the people will vote out political hack, insider, and career politicians like Smitty PIGnatelli. AND, go RED SOX and CELTICS!
Pittsfield politics

Amherst, NH

#38 Aug 8, 2012
PCBs are flowing through the water, seeping throught the ground, and causing cancer in local Pittsfield residents. Thousands of local Pittsfield residents have died from PCBs-related cancer. Thank you, GE Jack Welch!
Joe Blow

Pittsfield, MA

#40 Aug 8, 2012
Melle are you off your medication again?
Jack Welch

Amherst, NH

#41 Aug 9, 2012
GE made Jack Welch rich. Jack Welch made Pittsfield poor. But, there is still Teo's hotdogs.
North Street

Amherst, NH

#42 Aug 9, 2012
Millions of taxpayer dollars have been put into North Street for renovations. Will the people come downtown?
iggy mcstiggy

Pittsfield, MA

#43 Aug 9, 2012
North Street wrote:
Millions of taxpayer dollars have been put into North Street for renovations. Will the people come downtown?
Yes...they come by the hundreds.

(to buy drugs)
Following a fool

Pittsfield, MA

#44 Aug 9, 2012
The carousel will cure everything!

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