Is it true Fluoride Retards the Brain!

Is it true Fluoride Retards the Brain!

Created by Endthefed on Aug 5, 2010

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who cares

get out of your mom basement


Bennington, VT

#1 Aug 5, 2010
Fluoride Truth on Australian TV - Fluoride Ret====ards the Brain!
HellerCarbonCapN TradeLLC

Averill Park, NY

#2 Aug 5, 2010
I have been using fluoride my whole life.......

United States

#3 Aug 5, 2010
Ask Brian from MA not MN...just kidding.

Bennington, VT

#4 Aug 5, 2010
HellerCarbonCapN TradeLLC wrote:
I have been using fluoride my whole life.......
good for you.... make sure your kid get their share too.. it great for teeth....
bright smiles

Troy, NY

#5 Aug 5, 2010
Endthefed wrote:
<quoted text>
good for you.... make sure your kid get their share too.. it great for teeth....
and just what IS my kids share? Do you go by the age or the kids weight or what? this has confounded me for years now.

And what if you have kids but they have lost all their teeth already? I's sad....but I got all this extra toothpaste and stuff
Judge for Yourself

Queensbury, NY

#6 Aug 5, 2010
This story about flouride being injurious has circulated for decades, and NO, it is not true.

Bennington, VT

#7 Aug 6, 2010
So is Fluoride good for the brain?

Bennington, VT

#8 Aug 6, 2010
Poison tap water has become the number one trending search term on Google Trends today after our efforts to bring attention to how sodium fluoride in tap water is a deadly health threat went viral.

The subject hit “volcanic” status shortly after Alex Jones launched the new anti-fluoride campaign on his show today
However, Google appears to be censoring the Prison Planet story we wrote on the subject from appearing in its news section.

The story appears under a routine Google search but is apparently being blocked from the news aggregator, thereby preventing people who see the “poison tap water” search trend from finding out more information about the subject.

Alex Jones is launching a new campaign to inform the public about the toxic chemical fluoride being added to tap water across the country. While EPA scientists and workers are calling for an end to water fluoridation, the government is doing everything in its power to continue and even increase the amount of toxic chemicals being added to public water supplies.
So who telling the truth? I wonder

Bennington, VT

#9 Aug 6, 2010
Alex Jones is launching a new campaign to inform the public about the toxic chemical fluoride being added to tap water across the country. While EPA scientists and workers are calling for an end to water fluoridation, the government is doing everything in its power to continue and even increase the amount of toxic chemicals being added to public water supplies
We are also calling people to search for the term “poison tap water” in order to drive this vitally important subject to the top of Google trends and educate millions of people who would never otherwise come into contact with this information.

While sodium fluoride is commonly used as a rat poison, globalists and eugenicists have decided to add it to water supplies with the message to the public being that it is good for teeth, despite warnings from the ADA stating that young children risk a disease called dental fluorosis. The Guardian reported that fluoride water can also cause cancer.

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The flyer listed above is a tool that can be used to get the message out about this serious crime against the people. Fluoride is a toxic poison that has known serious side effects. Spread the word. Post this flyer in legal, easily visible locations. Pass it out to friends, family, and people you meet.

Fluoride being artifically added to drinking water in India is causing blindness and deformities amongst children.

Christopher Bryson’s widely acclaimed book The Fluoride Deception includes dozens of peer-reviewed studies showing that sodium fluoride is a deadly neurotoxin that attacks the central nervous system and leads to a multitude of serious health problems. This fact has been covered up by a collusion of government and industry who have reaped financial windfalls while illegally mass medicating the public against their will

Bennington, VT

#10 Aug 6, 2010
Perhaps the most notable study was conducted by Dr. Phyllis Mullenix Ph.D., a highly respected pharmacologist and toxicologist, who in a 1995 Forsyth Research Institute study found that rats who had fluoride added to their diet exhibited abnormal behavioral traits.

A 2008 Scientific American report concluded that “Scientific attitudes toward fluoridation may be starting to shift” as new evidence emerged of the poison’s link to disorders affecting teeth, bones, the brain and the thyroid gland, as well as lowering IQ.

“Today almost 60 percent of the U.S. population drinks fluoridated water, including residents of 46 of the nation’s 50 largest cities,” reported Scientific American’s Dan Fagin, an award-wining environmental reporter and Director of New York University’s Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program.

The Scientific American study “Concluded that fluoride can subtly alter endocrine function, especially in the thyroid — the gland that produces hormones regulating growth and metabolism.”

The report also notes that “a series of epidemiological studies in China have associated high fluoride exposures with lower IQ.”

“Epidemiological studies and tests on lab animals suggest that high fluoride exposure increases the risk of bone fracture, especially in vulnerable populations such as the elderly and diabetics,” writes Fagin.

Fagin interviewed Steven Levy, director of the Iowa Fluoride Study which tracked about 700 Iowa children for sixteen years. Nine-year-old “Iowa children who lived in communities where the water was fluoridated were 50 percent more likely to have mild fluorosis… than [nine-year-old] children living in nonfluoridated areas of the state,” writes Fagin.

The study adds to a growing literature of shocking scientific studies proving fluoride’s link with all manner of health defects, even as governments in the west, including the UK, make plans to mass medicate the population against their will with this deadly toxin. Most Americans already drink artificially fluoridated water.

In 2005, a study conducted at the Harvard School of Dental Health found that fluoride in tap water directly contributes to causing bone cancer in young boys

Bennington, VT

#11 Aug 6, 2010
“New American research suggests that boys exposed to fluoride between the ages of five and 10 will suffer an increased rate of osteosarcoma – bone cancer – between the ages of 10 and 19,” according to a London Observer article about the study.

Based on the findings of the study, the respected Environmental Working Group lobbied to have fluoride in tap water be added to the US government’s classified list of substances known or anticipated to cause cancer in humans.

Cancer rates in the U.S. have skyrocketed with one in three people now contracting the disease at some stage in their life

The link to bone cancer has also been discovered by other scientists, but a controversy ensued after it emerged that Harvard Professor Chester Douglass, who downplayed the connection in his final report, was in fact editor-in-chief of The Colgate Oral Health Report, a quarterly newsletter funded by Colgate-Palmolive Co., which makes fluoridated toothpaste.

An August 2006 Chinese study found that fluoride in drinking water damages children’s liver and kidney functions.

Growing opposition to fluoridation of water supplies in light of this evidence is contributing to a scaling back of water fluoridation programs, with voters in places like Mount Pleasant calling for the amount added to be reduced.

With awareness about sodium fluoride on the increase, the establishment is now moving to demonize anyone who raises the issue as a dangerous lunatic. In an official press release, the Fluoride Action Network slams “recent mischaracterizations of fluoridation opponents by political pundits Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and others in conjunction with Senator Harry Reid’s Nevada re-election campaign.”

As we wrote in June, Keith Olbermann sardonically attacked Nevada primary winner Sharron Angle for speaking out against water fluoridation,“because she thinks the fluoride might be poison.”

Amidst his sophomoric jibes, Olbermann failed to explain why, if fluoride isn’t a poison as he claims, the word “toxic” is written on the packaging of bags of sodium fluoride that are dumped into the water supply of many Americans

Bennington, VT

#12 Aug 6, 2010

Solution using a $10 Billion Lien below

The truth about fluoride and its toxicity levels are rarely publicised on the mainstream media. After all, how would the public react if they learned they were being deliberately poisoned by their own governments? However, a local news broadcast in Melbourne, Australia has done just that, exposing the realities of what fluoride really does to the human body.

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American heads in sand

Bennington, VT

#13 Aug 8, 2010
don`t forget to drink your Fluoride today!!!!!! it is good for you!!!!!
American heads in sand

Bennington, VT

#14 Aug 8, 2010
Water fluoridation has come to refer to the addition of over 40 chemicals into the water supply that synergistically come together to wreak havoc on the body and its processes. Paul Joseph Watson and Matt Ryan recently came together to expose what water fluoridation really amounts to: disease. Scientists and doctors around the world are speaking out against water fluoridation, and its effects on the human body.
Real or perceived danger?

If water fluoridation truly is a killer, then why is it still being added to the water supply? The truth is that only about 5% of the world is current fluoridated. Of the 5% that is fluoridated, 50% of them reside in the United States. Other countries have rejected fluoridation due to a wide variety of health concerns, with one primary factor being thyroid damage.

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Studies have shown many times over that fluoride really does pose a threat to the body. Even if there were only a few studies proving that fluoride is harmful, then the government should act to protect the people. If the government felt that the studies were conducted improperly, then an independent investigation should be funded. There really is no excuse for not examining the issue further. Supporters of fluoridation would most likely argue that there is no necessity to investigate fluoridation further, and that there is no implication that fluoride is unsafe for general consumption.

This argument would be somewhat effective if there were not so many studies highlighting the harmful effects of fluoride. In addition to the studies, officials from around the globe have been calling for an end to fluoridation since its inception. The Department of Health in New Jersey found that areas with fluoridated water had between two and seven times higher bone cancer rates than communities that were not fluoridated. In another famous study, neurotoxicologist and former Director of toxicology at Forsyth Dental Center in Boston, Dr. Phyllis Mullenix found that even moderate levels of fluoride exposure led to varying degrees of brain damage. The damage was caused due to fluoride building up in the brain.
American heads in sand

Bennington, VT

#15 Aug 8, 2010
What is more shocking is that even the offspring of the studied animals were affected. While the doses were relatively low, the animals experienced permanent effects to the brain that were similar to ADD symptoms. Other studies throughout the past 50 years have linked fluoride to osteoarthritis, inhibited thyroid function, decreased sperm count, cancer, decreased strength, and much more. One of the most recent studies found that fluoride may not help teeth at all .

The flagship of chemical pollution

Fluoride is not the only thing in your water. Cocaine was recently found in the drinking water , along with various hormones. Unfortunately, traces of cocaine may be the least of your worries. Other toxic pollutants are often found in the drinking water across the United States. Even if you do not drink tap water directly, it can also be in many products such as soda or beer. Foods absorb water as well, and your food may be absorbing these pollutants. One of the best options to prevent against exposure to these chemicals is to purchase a high quality water filter, or get your water from a pure source such as a spring. Other pollutants typically found in the drinking water:

• Lead , which can enter the water supply through corrosive pipes or improper water treatment
• Pathogens that cause disease and are especially crippling to those with weakened immune systems
• By-products of chlorine treatment such as trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids , which have been linked to cancer and reproductive problems
• Arsenic , which may cause cancer, serious skin problems, birth defects and reproductive problems
• Radon , a carcinogen linked to lung cancer

It is important to remember that these pollutants can also be absorbed or inhaled by the body during showering. A high quality shower filter is a necessity for everyone who does not have a house-wide filtration system. Protecting yourself from toxic tap water is very important, but it is vital that the citizens of the world correct the problem the correct way. It is time that water fluoridation comes to an end worldwide. With many nations leading the way in the war against water fluoridation, the proper momentum has been generated. Tell everyone you know about the toxic effects of water fluoridation, and allow them to research the facts for themselves. Through peaceful and intelligent means, water fluoridation can easily be stopped.

1. Cohn PD , A Brief Report On The Association Of Drinking Water Fluoridation And The Incidence of Osteosarcoma Among Young Males, NJ Depart. of Health, Environ. Health Service, 1992, 1- 17
2. Cheng YX, IQ of children in areas of high fluorine content, Chinese Journal of Control of Endemic Diseases, Supplement 1991.
3. J Epidemiol (CL8), 1996 Dec; 6 (4): 184-91
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7. Kleerkoper ME, Peterson E, Phillips E, et al. Continuous sodium fluoride therapy does not reduce vertebral fracture rate in postmenopausal osteoporosis (abstract) J Bone Miner Res 1989; Res 4 [Suppl]:S376.
8. Hedlund LR, Gallagher JC. Increased incidence of hip fracture in osteoporotic women treated with sodium fluoride. J Bone Miner Res 1989;4:223-225.
9. Avioli LV. Fluoride treatment of osteoporosis. Postgrad Med: a special report, 14 Sept 1987:26-27.
hard dude

Williamsburg, MA

#16 Aug 8, 2010
Wow!!!! Where were you 50 -- That's FIFTY years ago when they first started that.

So good you bring it up now as one more MAJOR problem.

It's a nice day. Go for a walk.
Pineal Gland

Northampton, MA

#17 Jun 27, 2013
Fluoride is being deliberately used because it has a direct and detrimental impact on your pineal gland or 3rd eye. This gland allows humans to think more clearly and see things different than most people unable to activate their pineal gland. Don't believe me? Watch some of the replies to follow.
rotten in the berkshires

United States

#18 Jun 28, 2013
Great subject! Thoughts are backed up by studies. I did not have fluoride growing up, but now use the tooth paste. I will reconsider and I have spring water.

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