Messianic Jews say they are persecute...

Messianic Jews say they are persecuted in Israel

There are 72097 comments on the Newsday story from Jun 21, 2008, titled Messianic Jews say they are persecuted in Israel. In it, Newsday reports that:

Safety pins and screws are still lodged in 15-year-old Ami Ortiz's body three months after he opened a booby-trapped gift basket sent to his family.

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#76136 Aug 31, 2014
J RULES wrote:
As Paul Pillar, the CIA’s former national intelligence officer for the Near East and South Asia, recently told Newsweek: old habits are hard to break: Zionists were dispatching spies to America before there even was an Israel, to gather money and materials for the cause and later the fledgling state. Key components for Israel’s nuclear bombs were clandestinely obtained here.“They’ve found creative and inventive ways,” Pillar said, to get what they want.
- News week
- Israel spies on U.S. more than any other ally: Philip Weiss on May 6, 2014
who INVENTED the pentium chip and the cell phone?

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#76137 Aug 31, 2014
JOEL wrote:
Now, where're Uncle Former and Hugh? Gone fishing? LOL.
Post the link. I expect it to clearly explain the different types of aid. or not.

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#76138 Aug 31, 2014
oops - that was in regard to the "top five" list

It appears Topix has moved the reply button....

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#76139 Aug 31, 2014
Hugh please come online. I have something interesting to reveal to you about your Christ....

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#76140 Aug 31, 2014
Meanwhile, I had a wonderful Skype chat with a leading parapsychologist on all the accumulating evidences from around the world that support nonlocal paranormal phenomena. The field ties in with physics and neuroscience and is fascinating though of course the sciences have little to offer by way of explanations except for some preliminary indicators but the evidences favoring nonlocal causation are interesting and mounting .

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#76141 Aug 31, 2014
Covert science has much accumulated evidences on the powers of mind in its activated state and thy primarily use the ancient Sanskrit texts as guides in the discipline. It will be a decade or 2 before the guys working in the covert science projects begin handing out bits of info for mainstream science to reveal to the lay public. Those who work on black budget scientific projects keep throwing hints especially after retirement about the actual progress made in the covert aspect of science which remains decades ahead of the latest mainstream science. It is not surprising. I know a person back here who has 5 doctorates in scientific disciplines who worked a bit on covert scientific projects for Nasa way back in the early 80s. The guy is retired and almost on his deathbed. He is a close friend of the famous remote viewer Dr P V Vartak.

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#76142 Aug 31, 2014


Monday, January 23, 2012

Dr P V Vartak has been quietly and consistently studying the great Vedic scriptures and questions of spirituality for more than half a century, with amazing results to him and those who have been reading and following him. Last week, Carol Andrade travelled to Pune to talk to the man who says he saw Mars long before the Viking 1 did.

Last week I went to Pune to meet a man who has said repeatedly that he has gone to Mars, to Jupiter, to Saturn, and to yet another planet outside the solar system, where he had seen a man.

He is a scholarly man, a medical doctor by profession, who has lived all his life in Shaniwar Peth, in the Pune of the Peshwas. He lives above his clinic, itself accessible straight off the street, part of a building that once also housed the snuff factory the family owned. His two sons are a neurologist and an advocate, a daughter is a housewife. And the clinic a very basic one, like those belonging to the old-time GPs so beloved of families. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was not the man I found, Padmakar Vishnu Vartak, MBBS, FUWAI, Ph.D (Literature) from Washington.

Across the street, in the Vartak Ashram, a 120 year old building, is the small hall on the ground floor off a courtyard, from where Dr Vartak travelled astrally to Mars on August 10, 1975. He went and came back in 15 minutes, carefully noting down a list of 21 observations. The same year, he published the observations in two magazines, Dharmik and Santakrupa.


Mumbai, India

#76143 Aug 31, 2014

Of the 21 observations made by the remote viewer Dr P V Vartak 1 year before Viking 1 did, 20 of his remote;y viewed observations have been ratified by space findings.

Dr Vartak says,: "You see, whatever I published, 20 of the 21 observations, were reported as true by the spaceship Viking almost a year later in July 1976. The 21st observation, about ancient water and moss on Mars, was corroborated by the Pathfinder in 1987.”


Afternoon, Monday, January 23, 2012

Mumbai, India

#76144 Aug 31, 2014


In 1975, on August 10, after years of medical research and yogic practice, Dr P V Vartak went into a state of Samadhi in the little hall of his family ashram, and then sent his mind out to check out the circumstances on Mars. Satisfied that he could do it, he went to Jupiter on August 27, 1977 and made 18 distinct observations. Spaceship Voyager corroborated ten of these in 1979 and he is waiting for the rest to be similarly confirmed.

In 1980, he “travelled” to anther solar system where he saw a man in a room that was “well constructed. He was darker than me, much taller, with a face like ours but his head at the back was round, like a bird’s.” In the face of such details, can he be summarily dismissed?

And there are more details. The USA planned to launch a spaceship to Saturn in 2004 and this has still to be done, but Dr Vartak says he has “been” there much before, there are no landmarks because there is no land, just three types of heavy, revolving gases, and the famous ring of Saturn “is some material like slurry or mud along with floating rocks.” You can read abut it in his biography, Brahmarashichi Samarayatra (in the Marathi language).


Afternoon, Monday, January 23, 2012

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#76145 Aug 31, 2014

Well, I can't comment on Dr P V Vartak's psi faculties with respect to his inter-planetary travels which may be true given the nonlocal nature of the heightened consciousness of which I have some exposure to over the years, but I know one thing for sure which is that the intel agencies back here often use his psi vision capacity to locate certain missing persons or to trace lost objects as tiny as say a coin. This is a known fact about him in intel/police circles and these guys respect Dr P V Vartak a lot.

Mumbai, India

#76146 Aug 31, 2014
Ukraine conflict:'White power' warrior from Sweden

By Dina Newman

BBC News

(BBC now forced to concede that Kiev forces attacking East Ukraine are loaded with Nazis/White Supremacists)

Excerpt - "It's all about how you see it," he says. "I would be an idiot if I said I did not want to see survival of white people. After World War Two, the victors wrote their history. They decided that it's always a bad thing to say I am white and I am proud." Mr Skillt believes races should not mix. He says the Jews should not mix with white people. His next project is to go fight for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad because he believes Mr Assad is standing up to "international Zionism".

COMMENT: He is a useful idiot in the hands of the globalists. KKK is a globalist initiative, actually free masonic initiative, for which corroborative evidence exists. LOL. BTW, In 1869, Albert Pike, notorious occultist/free mason, was a top leader in the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan who became head of the globalists in 1834. Pike planned for 3 world wars and his teachings remain the most influential in globalist circles till this day.

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#76147 Aug 31, 2014
What did the sperm say to the ovum when they met?

Insect Trust

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#76148 Aug 31, 2014
J RULES wrote:
A) Indicted as the world's top thief of Western high tech which it then reverse engineers.
B) Is set once again to be the number one recipient of US financial aid.
Israel is on the front line against Arab supremacist terrorist jihadist expansionism, and so must be supported by all who love freedom.


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#76149 Aug 31, 2014
Rick Moss wrote:
<quoted text>
Of course, in Saudi Arabia -- you can get the death penalty for "preaching" anything except Islam.
Jews don't preach -- we don't go knocking on people's doors and asking them if who they pray to or how they do it.
Most of us find it offensive and impolite.



Mumbai, India

#76150 Aug 31, 2014

1) Shown that ‘Krukalas’ a giant lizard killed by Krishna was a dinosaur. Archaeologists laughed at the concept in 1971, but now in 2002 dinosaur’s eggs and remnants are found near Dwaraka, the city associated with much of Krishna's life.

2) Shown that Mind can exist and work without the brain.

3) Proved that the Hindus originated the weekday system in India during 8357 BC or before.

4) Explained how the philosophical statements about Kala (Time) are scientifically correct.

5) Clarified the concept of Apana Vayu (an aspect of the Prana/Life force) and explained its functions according to science. Proved scientifically that Apana is the cause of death and how it begins its work in the second month of intrauterine life.

6) Shown that the gravitation force of the Earth really helps Apana Vayu in its functions, as is told in the Prashnopanishad. Shown that Prashnopanishad, first, clearly mentioned about the gravitation force of the Earth during 6000 BC. Shankaracharya (800AD) also has explained it showing its effect on the physical body, which Newton had not thought of.

7) Has shown that using Devanagari script (the script in which Sanskrit/Hindi is written)a machine can be prepared which can print whatever we talk. Every pronunciation is represented in Devanagari script by one symbol and that symbol has only one pronunciation. One pronunciation has got a special typical pattern of sound waves. If we feed the patterns to a computer, it will print whatever we talk.

8) Shown with the help of modern science that the statement of the Bhagawata is true that the foetus in the fifth month of intrauterine life experiences hunger and thirst.

9) Given rational meaning to ‘Atharvangirasa’. Atharva means steady, immobile. Angirasa means Vayu or atmosphere. Atharvangirasa means the layer of the atmosphere, which is steady. It means the highest strata of the atmosphere or Suva or Dyuloka.

10) A List of some Research Papers presented at various conferences: Knowledge of Chromosomes {Gunavidhi} in Ancient India. Printed in the Maharashtra Medical Journal, January 1972.

11) Embryology in Ancient India [study of human embryo from the conception.] Proved that day to day development of foetus was observed, beginning of foetal heart in the second month of pregnancy was known and understanding of directions by ears was also discovered by ancient Vedic Rishis.- Printed in the Maharashtra Medical Journal. March 1973.

12) Human and animal Clones from ancient India.[Rigveda and Puranas]

13) Test tube babies from ancient India, in vitro development of human beings.

14) Parthenogenetic Births of Pandavas.

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#76152 Sep 1, 2014



Embryology means the study of the human organism in its immature state, from the fertilization of an ovum to the birth of a child. It is usually said that the European countries made purely scientific studies to understand the origin and development of life, while India had no scientific eye at all. Indians thought of only philosophy.

The earliest scientific approach is credited to Aristotle (384 – 322 BC), but it is not a fact. India has done a lot of scientific work, long before Aristotle. Kapil Muni - a sage - was probably the first man who studied embryo. The epic Mahabharata composed around 5561 BC and the Bhagawata Purana composed around 1652 BC have recorded lot of scientific information about embryology.(I have fixed the dates astronomically)

It is interesting to note that the westerners supposed till recent times that God gifted the babies.

On the other hand the ancient Vedic Indians had discovered the body secretions, which reproduce and called them Raja (ovum) and Reta (sperm).

The Mahabharata, Shanti, 301, 320, 331, 356, and the Bhagawata 3/31 state that one fine particle (MB 320/117; Bhagwat3/31/1) of Shukra conjugates with that of Shonit during copulation. The fine particles are sperm and ovum. They termed the conjugate product as ‘Kalala’, modern science terms it as ‘Zygote’ or fertilized ovum. Bhagawata states that only in one night, which means 12 hours’ time, from the coitus, Kalala forms. Science admits that an ovum remains fertilizable for a short time, measured in hours, after its release from ovary. The Mahabharata states that Kalala converts into a Budbuda, and according to the Bhagawata (3/31/2) it happens in five nights. Science accepts that a bubble stage appears in five nights. Budbuda means a bubble. Bhagawata mentions that after ten days Karkandhu is formed. Karkandhu means a fruit Jujube (Bora in Marathi). Science calls it a solid, round mass of cells. Photo of 11th day embryo shows a similar shape. After Karkandhu,‘Anda’ is formed according to the Bhagawata. Science calls it as oval shaped. The Bhagawata describes all the microscopic changes taking place up to 15 days of the embryonic life, in a womb of a living woman. It is surprising. Science has used microscopes, uterine wash-outs, post-mortem examinations, etc to come to the same conclusion as the Bhagawata.

At 3/31/3 the Bhagawata states that at the end of one month the embryo develops head. Modern photos of 32 days’ embryo show head clearly. It is seen in the recent photos of 30 days’ embryo. Bhagawata says further that in the second month of pregnancy the upper and lower extremities and other parts of body develop. In the third month of pregnancy, Bhagawata says that nails, hairs, bones, and skin develop. This is proved by modern science.

It is shocking to read in the Bhagawata that the Linga i.e. external genitalia are formed in the third month. Science has revealed that external genitalia are present in 8 weeks’ old embryo. According to science male genitalia take their final form at the end of the 3rd month and Utero-vaginal canal also forms by the third month. Anus is formed some time after the genitals.


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#76153 Sep 1, 2014

Bhagawata states that all the seven Dhatus are formed in the 4th month. Dhatus means the various tissues. Seven Dhatus are Rasa (tissue fluids), Rakta (blood), Snayu (muscles), Meda (fatty tissue), Asthi (bones), Majja (nervous tissue) and Shukra (reproductive tissue). Science accepts that all these are ready in the 4th month. Bhagawata says that in the 5th month Hunger and Thirst develop. Modern science does not know this fact. However, on the basis of the facts found out by modern science I say that Bhagwata is true. See how. The meconium (faecal matter) found distributed in the gut from the Duodenum to the Rectum, contains lanugo hairs and sqamous
epithelial cells. The only way they can reach the intestine of the foetus is by swallowing the amniotic fluid, in which the foetus lies and in which these elements are always found to be present in suspension. Both the lanugo hairs and epithelial cells fall from the skin of the foetus in the amniotic fluid. The foetus drinks this fluid. The uniform distribution of the meconium throughout the gut indicates that peristalsis is present in the foetal intestines showing, in turn, functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Due to peristalsis i.e. the movements of the intestines the meconium spreads evenly all over the intestines. As the intestines are functioning in the 5th month, it is certain that the foetus drinks amniotic fluid, when it feels. It proves that the foetus must be experiencing hunger and thirst as said in the Bhagawata. Bhagawata says that in the 6th month, the foetus goes on rotating in the womb, being surrounded by many coverings. It is a fact proved by science.

In the 7th month the Jeeva remembers everything about its past lives and also gets knowledge about the present life. Science cannot demonstrate this fact, but it can be inferred indirectly. The foetus of 7th month is viable, so its brain must be functioning in the 7th month. Electro-encephalographic tracings of the foetus may give answer to this problem, in future. As all other statements of the Bhagawata are seen to be scientifically true, this statement may also prove correct in future.

The Bhagawata states that the foetus grows by the nourishment taken by its mother. It is a proved fact. It further says that the foetus lies in the dirt made by urine and faeces. This statement is wrongly interpreted by all scholars, who say that the foetus lies in the urine and faeces of the mother. It is not so; but it is a fact that the foetus lies in the urine and faeces of its own, which are excreted in the amniotic fluid, inside the uterus.

In the 8th stanza, Kapil Muni describes that the foetus lies with complete flexion of its back and head. It is a true fact, scientifically proved. 9th stanza says that the foetus is unable to do respiration. This is also true, because the foetus lies in the amniotic fluid and requires no breathing. The foetus gets oxygen and nourishment from the mother’s blood.

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#76154 Sep 1, 2014

From stanza 22nd onwards, Kapil Muni says that in the 10th month the foetus is forced down by Prasooti Vayu, through the maternal passage. During this process of delivery, the foetus gets lot of troubles and loses its past memory. Science cannot give any proof for the loss of memory, but we can assess it by the fact that during delivery foetal head is compressed to a great extent. It may compress the brain, which in turn, may cause loss of memory. It is a proved fact that compression and concussion of brain of adults, causes loss of memory.

More details of development of embryo are given by the Bhagawata (2/10/17-22, 3/6/12-15 and 3/26/54-60). There the Bhagawata tells that first of all the mouth is formed, then two nostrils, then eyes and finally ears are formed.

2/10/17-19 states that palate, tongue and larynx develop after the formation of mouth. These details appear correct in the light of modern science. Gray’s anatomy states that the formation of the head fold is followed by formation of the Stomodium and the primitive mouth. During the 5th week of pregnancy, Olfactory placodes form and soon they depress to develop the Olfactory pits. These pits convert into nasal cavities with the lateral and maxillary processes. Then nares are completely defined.(Head end of embryo in 6th week) While these changes are in progress the primitive palate is constituted. Side by side tongue forms with its musculature as also the Laryngo-tracheal tube, which develops into the Larynx and the respiratory organs. Thus the modern Embryology supports the view of the Bhagawata that the palate, tongue and larynx develop simultaneously with the nostrils after formation of mouth.

The Bhagawata gives the order of development that first mouth, then nostrils, then eyes and then ears develop. This order is admitted by modern embryology.

The Bhagawata mentions (2/10, 3/6, 3/26) that the heart develops after the extremities and the anus. It means that the heart develops in the 2nd & 3rd month of pregnancy. It is proved to be true during 1972, when Dr. H.P.Robinson, Glasgow University, showed using ultrasonic Doppler technique, that the heart begins at about 12-14 weeks. The foetal heart movements can be recorded as early as 7th week. Thus the discovery of 1972 appears recorded in the Bhagawata composed during 1652 BC. It means 1652 + 1972 = 3624 years earlier than modern science.

The Bhagawata states at 2/10/26 that in embryo the Penis develops prior to the anus. Modern Embryology agrees with this finding.

The Bhagawata states that two ears develop to get knowledge of sound and directions. Two separate functions are attributed to the ears, clearly. It is proved true during 1936 when Ross and Tait published their paper showing that the directions are recognized by the Labyrinth, situated in the Internal ears. It is surprising that the Aitereya Upanishad (1/1/4 and 1/2/4) mentions the same fact. The Aitereya Upanishad is composed around 6000-7000 BC, according to me.

The Bhagawata attributes two functions each to the five sense organs. Nostrils smell and take in air. Eyes see and keep Teja. Teja means the lustre or shine of energy. Modern science accepts only one function of the eye, which is the vision. However we have to admit the second function of the eyes that they store energy. We can observe that an energetic person has shining eyes. Intelligent person also shows lustre in his eyes. An ill person loses shining of his eyes. Reta represents Energy. It is a fact that after loss of Reta, the eyes lose their lustre. The Upanishads say that Reta extracts energy from the whole body. It appears true in personal experience.

Since: Aug 14

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#76155 Sep 1, 2014

The Bhagawata gives marvellous microscopic details about the origin of a person (Purusha). It is narrated in a form of a story of He and She.(3/6/1-5). He noticed that unless He and She unite, reproduction is not possible. Therefore He conjugated with She. He entered into her 23 principles and brought together all the 23 principles. He stimulated her creative energy. Her 23 principles got activated, they conjugated with his 23 principles and the combined energy of those 23 principles
reproduced the person. This description resembles closely with the modern observations. The 23 principles are the 23 Chromosomes. It is amusing to see that the Mahabharata mentions 24 principles named as Gunawidhi and the Bhagawata tells 23. Modern science also went through the same confusion. Up to 1962 all the textbooks mentioned 24 chromosomes, but thereafter 23 are mentioned. The scientist who counted 24 chromosomes got the Nobel Prize. At the same time another scientist declared that chromosomes are 23. He did not get the prize. However, later on it was confirmed that chromosomes are 23. The same might have happened between the scientists of the Mahabaharata and the Bhagawata. The Mahabharata mentions 24 Gunawidhi, including the Prakruti or Pinda or the genetic cell. Gunawidhi is a descriptive and scientific name. Guna means characters, which depend on the chromosomes. Widhi means the functions, which also depend on the chromosomes. The genetic cell plays an important role in reproduction. A genetic cell of a cow produces a cow and not a horse. Therefore, Vyasa might have considered the Prakruti or Pinda as
Gunawidhi. Modern science has shown that the 23 chromosomes of a sperm join with those of an ovum and then an embryo forms. This fact was discovered by ancient India at least 7500 years ago, since the Mahabharata.

The Bhagawata goes ahead to describe even the cell division, thus :

3/6/7 states that the embryo divided itself once, ten times and three times.( l fcHkHkkt vkReuk ,d/kk] n’k/kk] f=/kkA ) It is the first descent of the fraction of Paramatma. By one division one cell divided to form two cells. This happened ten times, so that 2 cells formed. It happened three times so that 2&#61489;&#61489;& #61489;&#61489;cells formed. It is surprising to note that modern science has found out that so many cells do form a newly born baby. Three times is separately told, because multiplication happens at three levels,namely ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm, according to modern science.

It shows that the sages had knowledge up to the level of modern science. Not only that they were far advanced than modern science. Modern science has not understood why a normal couple does not reproduce. Sages say that Jeevatma is not perishable. At the time of death, it leaves the physical body and goes to Bhuvarloka. Then it comes down with rainwater, enters a food grain, goes in to a male and occupies a sperm. With that sperm it enters the female and joins with an ovum to create an offspring. The sperm on which rides Atman gets success to win an ovum. During one coitus 200 to 300 millions of sperms are deposited in a female passage. Out of them only one enters an ovum. Why that one only? Science says it is a chance. This is not a scientific reply. Sages have scientific reply. They say that the embryo is the first descent of a fraction of Atman. That part of Atman is named as Prana. Prana enters in and guides the sperm to enter an ovum.

Why does a normal couple remain issueless? Science has no reply. Sages tell that no Prana comes to ride over a sperm, to reproduce.

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#76156 Sep 1, 2014

This theory explains who is responsible to deliver a child. Science has two views. One view says that the mother is responsible, while other says the baby is responsible. If mother decides time of delivery, why every time the gestation periods change? If the child decides delivery, then the question comes that after 7 months the baby is viable, then what does it do in womb for two months more? Sages give a perfect reply. When Prana enters the child in womb, it comes out of water. This water is the amniotic fluid. Child comes out of it, when Prana enters it. Thus the delivery depends on Prana, and not on either mother or baby. Prana is subtle. It enters a sperm, meets an ovum, and by inducing Jeeva or life, begins work of building a living body. Then it goes away, only to re-enter at the time of delivery. The Bhagawata says (3/26/63-70) that all the organs of a living body are ready, their Dewatas (which means energy) have begun work, even then the baby does not come out of water. Finally, Kshetrajna Atman stepped in Chitta and aroused it from water. It means that the baby comes out of amniotic fluid, when Kshetrajna Prana enters it.

Thus the Bhagawata of 3600 years ago and still more ancient scriptures, like the Mahabharata and the Upanishads, show profound scientific knowledge, which can be used today. Our scientists should work laboriously on this treasure of knowledge.

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