pineville police officers leaving us ...

pineville police officers leaving us behind

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Since: Oct 08

Pineville, KY

#1 Oct 2, 2008
tony francisco left last fall, kyle dunn left in april to the sheriff department, mike compston left because he got hurt (so he says, I heard he wanted away from bill and bob), now travis couch and barry mays are leaving to work in london as police officers.

that is 5 officers leaving them in less than a years time under bob madon and bill matthews.

we need a new mayor and a new chief and a new lots of other things.
bell co

Clarksville, TN

#2 Oct 2, 2008
just go to taco-bell and u will find at least 6 there.. everytime i go out town there are at least 3-4 cop cars there.
be warned

Clarksville, TN

#3 Oct 2, 2008
There's not a Taco Bell in Pineville you idiot!
bell co

Clarksville, TN

#4 Oct 2, 2008
i know that stupid ass i was saying if u wanna know where all the cops are just go to taco bell they are not leaving u just cant find one cause they are always out at taco-bell bullshiting all the time*

Georgetown, KY

#6 Oct 4, 2008
The reason their all leaving is cause they hate there jobs. Who can blame them? Would you enjoy working for two idiots. I don't really like the lasts two that was in charge but at least we had some law enforcement to protect us.
big tater

Georgetown, KY

#7 Oct 4, 2008
The idiot before Madon ruined everything for everyone. I always did about anything I wanted in Pineville in the 90's. People are just picking on Bob because he is a good Christian,and no one wants religion mixed in with politics. I am glad the police officers have left. They were always picking on me.

United States

#9 Oct 5, 2008
big tater wrote:
The idiot before Madon ruined everything for everyone. I always did about anything I wanted in Pineville in the 90's. People are just picking on Bob because he is a good Christian,and no one wants religion mixed in with politics. I am glad the police officers have left. They were always picking on me.
did your parents have any kids that lived
big tater

Georgetown, KY

#10 Oct 5, 2008
I can take criticism just as anyone else. However, it is obvious that people do not see Bob as I do, and I frimly believe that history will judge Bob as a true hero in the same vein as Bush, McConnell, and Rodgers. Bob could have been and should have been governor of this state. People will be sorry.
be warned

United States

#11 Oct 5, 2008
Yeah sorry if he stays Mayor! It's idiots like you that have screwed this town up. The way it was before the Police (that did'nt have their hands tied) was the crooked way. You really think that you can just do what you want to do and it's ok! That's why they have laws dumba**! If you break them you go to jail. You just did'nt like it when Bruce was in there cause you could'nt do what you wanted to do. And if it does'nt get back to the way it was then, this town is going to be in worse shape than it was before Bruce was Mayor. I say vote us a Mayor in that will let the Police do their jobs and keep Pineville cleaned up. Hell bring Johnny Collins back too. He let his officers do their jobs, but still use descrection. They were'nt storm trooper, but they were'nt crooked either. Something has got to happen for it to get better though.
I agree with be warned

Pineville, KY

#12 Oct 6, 2008
Something has got to be done, hopefully after the mayor gets sent off from the feds we can get someone in charge that knows what is really best for the city. Get us a chief that knows how to talk to people and hire some officers that will stay think or thin. Couch and Mays was from someplace else and probably didn't like it much after Bruce left is my guess. I seen mike compston driving a police car again over the weekend. He must have decided to come back since the mayor is going down and we'll probably get a new chief.
Big Toe

United States

#13 Oct 6, 2008
Pineville people don't want change. Hell, that old bald headed mayor down there that they called ONEWAY probably had the best bunch of police officers they've had for a while except for Butterboy Matthews. At least he didn't run around town in his pajama's, Whew, that would have made the old breakfast come up. But then the old pill machine got going and bob got back in, killed the hotel for the bootleggers and sold pineville out to the shoffners in middlesboro. I guess you all have heard that the new hotel is going to be built in the new county seat in middlesboro. They are getting the site ready now behind the 84 lumber. Thanks bobby for keeping pineville so dead and quiet, that hotel would have created so much noise. Anybody going to Pappys?
bring back Johnny

United States

#14 Oct 6, 2008
Johnny for Mayor

Georgetown, KY

#15 Oct 6, 2008
Times will never be the same again. Bob should have never quit the first time. He left and everything went downhill. Clay Howard was a fine police officer. Bill Robbins was the best Fire Chief in the State, and Frankie Gambrel was a good guy too. Hendrickson destroyed Pineville. It will never be the same. I don't hate Bruce, but he just messed it all up. We had a good place. Nobody wants to work in Pineville now.
good gravy

Fairborn, OH

#16 Oct 6, 2008
I think Ralph is either off his rocker or is just tryin to get everybody stirred up...either way atleast his posts are giving me a good laugh!
be warned

Aiken, SC

#17 Oct 7, 2008
Yep Ralph, It will never be the same. Bob can't be here to buy votes and embezzle anymore of Pineville's money. Clay won't be around to smoke up all the evidence. And Frankie will no longer be able to take pills in the alley of the old Wildcat Den and drive a city truck around high anymore. That good place is just gone forever! That almost brought a tear to my eyes just to write! Lol I kill me!

Alto, GA

#19 Oct 13, 2008
What I wnat to know is what will we do as citizens of Pineville if we need an officer and the only ONE working is on call? Suffer that's what!!! It's also very dangerous to have only one officer working by themselves but Bill and Boby dont't care cause they don't have the "sights" on them and they could care less about the citizens of Pineville. If they cared they would be trying to recruit officers or try to keep the ones they have!!! It's a shame that they care more about the street crew than the officers and citizens!! That's why they pay the street crews more!!! I hope they sleep good at night knowing what they are doing and good people having to pay the price for it. Travis and Barry are great officers and if they would've if Bill and Bobby would've cared thay could've kept these guys; but the street crews need more money, I guess. All that position is to Bill Matthews is a pay check cause he sure isn't worth a D*** as Police chief!!!!

Georgetown, KY

#20 Oct 13, 2008
People in Pineville are no different than any other backward town in Appalachee. Example, when the so-called educated people vote, they don't even know a candidates position on anything. They have to ask one of their peers to tell them how to vote. I just wish one time, just one time, in this life, that people would vote for the best candidate, and not who Bill, or George, or even Sue told them who to vote for. Of course, that does not factor in the drug votes, because they don't even know who is running until they practice looking at the blurred name enough.

Clarksville, TN

#22 Oct 14, 2008
I was told that Barry May's and travis Couch was leaving because They got put on day shift to keep them out of trouble. All Barry and Travis want to be cops for is Girls and Sex Who cares?They arent Good anyway .They are the type that make people hate all cops. They Like to pull girls over They always give guy's a hard time or females that dont want anything to do with them.Thats why there mad they got put on dayshift they cant harass girls and take them under neath the newtown bridge and screw them. I was told one of them said this wasnt Real police work they need more excitement Good Bye cant wait to there gone and hope they never come back. Also I was told they even share the holes thats bad.

Pineville, KY

#23 Oct 14, 2008
you know i was born here and all of you people that think bob has been good for this town is full of shit.hell he robbed this town. and you people are so stupid you think he is a good mayor so until we get a man in there who will not support the bootleggers and let the town be wet like it was voted to be two years ago now and still no tax money or jobs have been made because of people like you and your great mayor i wish some would ask david smith to run i think he could bring jobs here and would stop the so called police from arrest and herass and bring back to protect and serve.

Pineville, KY

#24 Oct 15, 2008
travis couch, man we're going to miss you. you were a good officer and you treated everyone fairly. good luck to you in london!
barry mays...good ridence you fat bastard.

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