64 pregnant girls at MCHS
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Trollin wit da homies

Whitley City, KY

#36 Jun 10, 2011
I_Hate_The_Human_Race wrote:
<quoted text> Parents today depend too much on letting others influence the way they raise their kids so therefore the it's no surprise the kids end up screwed up. Kids need to be beaten and taught lessons sometimes. This is why people shouldn't have children period.
Agreed! I also hate the human race. Just sayin

Pine Knot, KY

#37 Jun 11, 2011
Maybe if you all could pull your noses out of the bible long enough to see reality - get your kids on birth control, make condoms available in the washrooms at the high school for teenagers to access half these kids wouldn't be knocked up living off of our tax dollars for years to come. Just sayin'

New Tazewell, TN

#38 Jul 6, 2011
I agree that 50% of the blame is the guys fault.As much protection there is on the market today something could have been used.however whats done is done.Just try to be a good mother and next time dont let the guy talk you into having unprotected sex telling you he loves you and we will be getting married anyway and all that BS.Babies are a blessing but wait until you are in your 20's and ready to have children.As a teenager you will want to get out and enjoy life for a few years after high school without having to stay home with a crying baby that is teething or sick knowing you have to get up the next morning and go to work or school without any help from the father.Bless that child with lots of love and care and the next time you want to have sex with a guy please use some kind of birth control.I learned the hard way.
la la la

Whitley City, KY

#39 Jul 11, 2011
I_Hate_The_Human_Race wrote:
<quoted text> Parents today depend too much on letting others influence the way they raise their kids so therefore the it's no surprise the kids end up screwed up. Kids need to be beaten and taught lessons sometimes. This is why people shouldn't have children period.
You dont have 2 beat your child, there are too many things wrong with this world today. Kids watch teen mom and shows that make teen pregnancy seem alright! I think shows like these are ok, but those kids get paid 2 be on those shows and our kids around here dnt have money or cars or ways 2 raise kids! Kids will be kids and have sex, just talk to them about it...give them protection and tell them their options, condoms, birthcontrol, abstinence!

Sunbright, TN

#40 Jul 11, 2011
from a family of nine not food stamps in the 50" we make it my mother married at 15 comment

Sunbright, TN

#41 Jul 11, 2011
what kind of people whould worry about u didnt do this when u where young this is part of life young female seek male tht how is works its call the birds and the bees

Sunbright, TN

#46 Jul 30, 2011
the only difference in a democracy and a mafia is the number of controlling families. a mafia usually has one to three different controlling families and a democracy has a president and congress, as for me if they can't control our money they don't need to be drawing a pay check from it.
teen mom

Wartburg, TN

#49 Nov 13, 2011
Sad wrote:
Be it younger teenagers or older teenagers when they are still in school, unmarried and pregnant it is still sad. And uncalled for. Most of them think it's the hip thing to do, why I don't know but they don't realizze that little baby they carry is not ever going away. Look at the statistics of how many grandparents are raising those babies now and think of how hard it is for those young mothers to continue their education and to really provide for their babies. I am not judging but stating facts. To raise a child in this day is not an easy thing to do even for older adults with a good job and good education. These young girls don't realize that when they suddenly become mothers it puts a huge dent in their social life. That baby will be there for you to care for with a bad cold on the very night you really need to go out with your gang. It will be up all night crying with colic and you still have to go to school the next morning, if you're still in school. You'll have horrendous stretch marks on your body that won't fade out till you hit 45, about the time you begin to go through the change. The younger the girl is when pregnant the worse the stretch marks will be on that once beautiful body. I just can't understand accidental pregnancies with easy access to birth control at the present time. All they have to do is go to the health dept and sign up for family planning. It's free or really inexpensive. The boys can go too and get condoms for free. Take responsibility! And do it NOW! Teen pregnancy is not cool.
I am 20 years old and i have two beautiful little girls. I had my 1st at 16 years old and had my other one at 19. Yeah, i should have waited to have them later on when it was more convenient, but oh well shit happens. I moved out on my own at 17 graduated high school, got married and i have worked since i got out of high school at a local nursing home as a cna. I am going to school AND taking care of my kids. I have never had to have help getting anything either of my kids need or want.
My point is, is that people dont need to make the stereotype that if u have kids early on in life that it screws your life u[ for good, that ur life is over. Because it is what u make of it. if u want to something , then u will. Im not saying that teen pregnancy is the way to go, because its not at all, but dont make people think that their life is over! In my eyes that is what is pathetic.
BOTTOM LINE: let people make mistakes and learn from them, didnt you have to grow up and learn things on ur own, let everyone else and dont put them down for anything! no one is perfect

Robbins, TN

#50 Nov 14, 2011
Quit giving these youngsters a free pass to do whatever they so desire. Teach them morals instead. Babies shouldn't be having babies. That is why there are abortion clinics maybe they should put these in the school system instead of condoms. If you are under the age of 18 or not able to financaly support a child(ren) on your own there should be a automatic abortion policy placed.
black onion

Gaffney, SC

#51 Nov 16, 2011
these livestock farmers feed these cattel, chickens, and pork feed the livestocked the growthe horemones and steeroids and when these young girls eat this meat it makes them mature faster and grow teats at age 9 and public hair and they start having sex at too young a age and they watch these tv shows that glorifie sex and nudities now i am not suprised they is 64 high school grils pregut.
Been There

Winfield, TN

#52 Dec 4, 2011
I think That prevention is in education. You wouldn't have to have sex (omg did I say that word out loud) education. We need anatomy taught in classes. We need to help our children understand the mental reprocussions of premarital sex.

My mother passed away when I was 13. Noone told me anything I needed to know. I was not given the option of birth control. I found myself unmarried and pregnant at the age of 18.

I was lucky, however. While pregnant, I worked for an unwed mother's home and was educated about my body and how things work and why as far as reproduction. I also met the man I was married to for 18 years when my daughter was 4 months old. He was impressed because I kept my child and dedicated my life to her.

You can try to drill abstinence into your childs head. It doesnt work most of the time. Teach abstinence first, then birth control options.

The way that worked for me was a large stack of std brochures from the health department and a starter brown bag special from there.

I have a saying for my son also SHE AIN'T WORTH IT IF SHE IS EASY. IF SHE IS EASY, SHE AIN'T WORTH IT.

I educated my daughter and she was on birth control for 2 years before she became sexually active. She dated the boy for three years and then married the loser lol.

Eastover, SC

#54 Dec 5, 2011
my 11 year old stepgrandauter is pragnut.

“It is what it is, folks!!”

Since: Feb 10

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#55 Dec 5, 2011
SO, is the pedophile in jail yet? If the sperm donor is of age, it's not sex with an 11 year old girl, that's rape of a child. I wish I knew who he was.

GOD, this makes my blood boil!!!

Is the father an adult? If so, her parents DID file charges I assume???? If they haven't, then they should also be slapped with neglect and child endangerment..

Eastover, SC

#56 Dec 6, 2011
nobodie realy knose who the farther is anyways

Oneida, TN

#57 Dec 9, 2011
granny wrote:
nobodie realy knose who the farther is anyways
Of course they don't! Without a father they are entitled to numerous FREE benefits. They are not going to say who the father is. Parents need to open thier eyes, giving a child a new android to keep track of them is irresponsible parenting. Parents should have to answer to the courts why & how this CHILD (anyone under 18) came to be pregnant under thier supervision or lack of, same as truancy! Not only are the underage children having babies that thier bodies can not handle but there is also the possibility that they are transmitting STD's not only to the unborn baby itself (thus endangering another child) but to other's as well. Maybe they need to put the fear of god into these prevention groups and show them the LONG TERM HEALTH EFFECTS of having sex too early and the risk of STD's. Don't sugar-coat it!

Bardstown, KY

#58 Dec 9, 2011
We apparently need more sex ed. In the schools & IN THE HOME. What's wrong with parents that they can't talk to their children? Seriously birth control & condoms.

Winfield, TN

#59 Dec 9, 2011
my mother was 15 when she got married and had 9 kids

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