Walmart clears final legal hurdle in ...

Walmart clears final legal hurdle in Napanoch

There are 14 comments on the Times Herald-Record story from Jun 30, 2011, titled Walmart clears final legal hurdle in Napanoch. In it, Times Herald-Record reports that:

No more legal obstacles stand between Walmart and their proposed 132,000-square-foot store on the Napanoch Valley Mall site.

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Hurleyville, NY

#1 Jul 9, 2011
Good let wal-mart come and take that Krulick :).. i will be shopping there:).

“Just the FACTS!”

Since: Apr 10

Ellenville, NY

#2 Jul 11, 2011
How does it make you feel pimping for Walmart? Why don't you shop at the one closer to Beacon? And WM still has to go back to the planning board and address the outstanding concerns. It ain't over 'til it's over.

United States

#3 Jul 14, 2011
its done krulick you feel the force of wal-mart. yes its coming. Pimping.. funny i have the right to shop were i want. don't worry krulick wal-mart will comply with all of them. I see tumbleweed coming to Ellenville. Not!!!!! Ellenville will make it so get over it Krulick.

Cant wait to jump on the wally train. Peace krulick

“Just the FACTS!”

Since: Apr 10

Ellenville, NY

#4 Jul 14, 2011
It ain't "done" until the doors open and they stay open.

Beacon? Poughkeepsie? Why do you care what happens in Wawarsing?

Yes, YOU have the "right to shop where you want; and THE LAW has the obligation to be followed by town officials to protect communities from predatory bloodsuckers.

Comply? No, the planning board is too cowardly to make any demands, for fear WM will walk away! They refused to even address the laundry list of recommendations the county planning board sent them, and they won't enforce the new zoning code requirements, even though that's standard procedure until the first stick is in the ground.

And what is YOUR expertise that we should just accept your blatant assertion of wishful thinking and denial re Ellenville? Go watch the movie "Walmart -- The High Cost of Low Prices" to see what happened in communities like Ellenville AFTER WM moved nearby. I will be here to say "I told you so" when the smiley face hits the fan.

United States

#5 Jul 15, 2011
it is because i live here krulick... so take that and i am tired of cry babies like you that stop anyone from bring change.... As for the town there are a lot of them that can make wal-mart comply and they will. I chose not to show were i live because of all the nuts that are on-line...

As for zoning codes you know they change all the time. It time for the old guard of this town to go and the new come in... Mathews's ain't going out of business he gets corrections medicines needs.

“Just the FACTS!”

Since: Apr 10

Ellenville, NY

#6 Jul 15, 2011
I don't "stop ANYONE from bring (sic) change" absolutist!

As an entrepreneur in alternate energy, and a GREEN elected official, I certainly was FOR change. But not ALL change is good! Cancer is "change" too, but who wants it? Walmart isn't positive, beneficial, "change"; it's an old, unsustainable model, like the British East India Company, that only "changes" communities by destroying them.

A lot of "towns" that can make WM comply? Sure, IF they aren't scared to, and understand their job; Wawarsing has rolled over to WM and plays dead.

Yes, it took DECADES for the town to finally get around to updating its zoning code (after crating a comprehensive plan that PRECLUDES BIG BOX STORES), and they spent YEARS in doing so, but then they held off passing it JUST TO LET WM slip through!

I'm so glad you know who will survive and who won't! From your mouth to God's ears! You're just engaging in wishful thinking and denial. And what happens when I'm proven right and dozens of businesses close and hundreds or workers lose their jobs?
Walmart gone elsewhere

Roy, WA

#7 Jan 26, 2012
I think the inhabitants of the Mid Hudson Valley do not care if Walmart comes or not. How many years have we been told "It is coming?" It is a dirty, unkempt area with garbage strewn all over, broken cement and no body cares even the present owners. We had hoped.

New York, NY

#8 Apr 21, 2012
Krulick is a typical green party brownshirt.

“Just the FACTS!”

Since: Apr 10

Ellenville, NY

#9 Apr 21, 2012
I am not a member of the Green Party, or any party. Migg is a typical uninformed whiner who seems to be able to only engage in personal attacks absent any evidence or relevance.

Highland, NY

#10 May 6, 2012
I don't know about you but have you LOOKED around ellenville lately...what exactly is it your trying to preserve? a Grand Union that's falling to shambles and an Ames that has turned into some type of ghetto flea market? Or is it the maximum security prison and the characters that brings to the town? Are you worried that Shoprite (a fortune 500) is going to lose its business? The same business it took from Ames (fortune 500) and Grand Union (fortune 500)?

Are we worried about the local Dunkin Donuts. Or the restaurants in town no body even knows about.

Even tourists say oh hell no to ellenville.

So what are we preserving? The banks...Stewarts?....must be Mcdonalds...or RITE AID.

So as I see it, Ellenville's only surviving businesses ARE fortune 500 businesses.

Sorry to say, but, the company in ellenville can't afford local businesses.

I live near marbletown, that's all we have. They don't compete...yet anyone shop at emmanuels lately?

So...please what green garden of eden are you holding on to so dearly..besides your wallet.

“Just the FACTS!”

Since: Apr 10

Ellenville, NY

#11 May 6, 2012
The hundreds of persons who still have jobs in and around Ellenville (200 or so in Shoprite and Peters Market alone!) are worth protecting, your cavalier attitude notwithstanding. It was WALMART that destroyed the AMES and Jamesway CHAINS, as the local branch of each did very well here. The prison has nothing to do with the local economy, other than provide many jobs. And since the proposed WM is NOT IN Ellenville, but in Napanoch, two miles north, it will have NO benefits for Ellenville, only negative impacts on existing local businesses in the village AND town, from groceries, pharmacies, hardware, furniture, clothing, florists, opticians, auto supplies, gift stores, general goods (dollar stores, convenience stores), BUT, more critically, by taking $1-1.5 million PER WEEK out of the local economy (roughly $3 million per week, so one-third to one-half of it), and sending it to Arkansas, it will hurt EVERY business in town by INSTANTLY reducing the amount of disposable cash flow that OTHERWISE could be spent and RECIRCULATED locally. By ignoring ALL the actual local businesses, as IF they didn't exist, just because YOU are ignorant of them, or disingenuously pretend to be, doesn't make them non-existent. I don't see you mention Peters' or Thornton's or ACE or Matthews' or Stedner's or Image or Aroma Thyme or Gaby's or Orlando's or ANY of the other LOCALLY-OWNED and run businesses! Why not? Oh, right, because that would destroy your blatant assertion claim! And the garden of eden crack is just another silly strawman nobody is claiming, but why drive the FINAL nail into Ellenville's coffin, as WM will do? IF WM comes and destroys BOTH local groceries (as the typical WM does!) I will probably shop at Emmmanuels.

Indianapolis, IN

#12 May 7, 2012
It's over.
Krulick wrote:
How does it make you feel pimping for Walmart? Why don't you shop at the one closer to Beacon? And WM still has to go back to the planning board and address the outstanding concerns. It ain't over 'til it's over.

“Just the FACTS!”

Since: Apr 10

Ellenville, NY

#13 May 7, 2012
It ain't over until the doors open and the giant sucking sound you hear is $1-1.5 million per week in local dollars getting siphoned off to Arkansas, and 1.5 existing local jobs are eliminated for each 1 job WM "creates" (though, with a 50-200% annual turnover, it's less of a "creation" than a revolving door), and dozens of local businesses closing for good. THEN it will truly be "over."
MnD Small Engine Repair

Stone Ridge, NY

#16 Sep 16, 2013
those "JOBS" at Shoprite and Peters which mind you are min wadge and PART time are now going to have to compete with WM FULL TIME above min wadge jobs.the fact is WM will bring the jobs this area needs to thrive have you seen Kerhonkson?!? i live hear and im ashamed to say so.the only REAL jobs in this area is with the drug dealers and other scum that gives this 209 stretch a bad name.the fact is both peters and shoprite prices are SKY high for the same product you can get in kingston shoprite for 30% less WM will force shoprite and peters to lower there prices and will put more man power to work.and IF WM takes jobs from shoprite and peters where do you think those employees will go?!? WM WM WM the point is no matter how much i hate to see a large corp come into play this area NEEDS it the jobs-to-pop ratio is all messed up with most people having to travel to kingston or middletown just to find decent jobs WM will put money into these lower class homes that relay on u-cat or taxi so i say let walmart come let them clean up this side of the Mountain. you don't like it krulick go to Vermont there isn't a single WM there. P>S did you know green company cause more community harm the any WM ever could? fact is net profits have drop since this county has "gone green" industrialization makes money drive costs down puts people to work and dont forget the good ol MADE IN USA stamp.this "green" shit just sends it over seas

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