Sex Offender Accused of Rape in Critt...

Sex Offender Accused of Rape in Crittenden County, AR

There are 19 comments on the WPTY story from Mar 17, 2009, titled Sex Offender Accused of Rape in Crittenden County, AR. In it, WPTY reports that:

He's been accused of rape or sexual assault more than 70 times, and convicted of it six times, including a couple of years ago.

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Angela Nelson

Little Rock, AR

#1 Mar 18, 2009
I use to live in Earl and still have a lot of family out their. It is sad that women or children stand a chance against a system that will not save or protect them instead it makes every one in Earle this mans prey. Di something to protect people even when they are unaware. Save my life even when I don't know that you are. Make it known to the community about men who will target and rape because sometimes he go further than just taking sex. He know he sick and he can help himself. He wants to get that rush by harming some one else. He just may run up on the wrong woman and that will be the end of his evil self. No one want to be raped or abused. Some men beat and rape or kill and rape. He is the worst because he bought all the time and acted quickly to do what he wanted to do. He don't care who he hurts as long as he get his way. His heart is evil. Just because you think aboiut hings that doesn't mean you act upon them. Even if you think it may excite you or you may get an arousel from that type of activity. Why would you live it outside your mind when you know that it will harm someone else. Thats when you have gone too far. Some men; people like weird things. Some people keep wierd things in their heads. Thats where it should be only. He is out of control and is in need of some one to help him gain control by locking his behind up until he learn how to date and not rape. He need to know how to have normal sex. He need to be incarsorated until his private parts no longer react or to violent sex. Hook him up to a monitor that monitors his private reactions to what he see. Get inside those preditors heads. Allow him to visually see women or children being raped and when his private parts react I would not let him out until he proves by physical behavior and monitoring his private parts being that he chooses to use his private parts to hurt people. I have been raped beore. It's no joke when a man set his mind to take you and your body and do what ever he wants and when you reject him he becomes violent. Lock him up and make sure that he is being rehabilitated and not just housed. Get inside those evel perverts head. Whats causing him to want to take it.? Why you want to take some cutchie? Or what is it you actually take. I wish that I could talk to him myself. I wish that I could talk to the guy who rapped me. I'll never forget his face though.Thank you have a great day and lock that man up and get him off the street for a long time. He's just is bad. Look how old he is? Do he actually want to change or do he love torturring poeple. Get inside the man head and find out why he hurt people.
push over

United States

#2 Mar 19, 2009
Why even bother putting him in jail? Make him an example and excacute him. I dont care to pay for any more pervert to get room and board.
randall crowe

Lexington, KY

#3 Mar 20, 2009
i feel sorry for those families living in a community that wont even bother to protect its children. your future is looking pretty grim im afraid.
Pat Harris

Elyria, OH

#4 Mar 24, 2009
It Sickens me to know these offenders are not dealt with properly. How does a man like this still live so freely. If you rob "MONEY" your punished to the full extent. IRS doesnt like being cheated, nor the organizations involved. But hey go brutally rape an sadomise a child, we the system will smack thier hands with a 1-2 yr sentice only knowing it will happen again. When it comes to this ISSUE Our COUNTRY Sickens Me. Human Rites Organizations fight for these pigs, but not once do they protect the victim, a Child. Bet your American Ass if 1 of thier children were violated the son of a gun would be dealt with and then a slight change to the existing laws. We will never have the same rites as the almighty politicians, GOPS. Do you think if say someone like the Obama family had this happen to 1 of thier daughters this man would be free ever. More like sentenced to death, maybe disappear etc. Strip these low lifes of all rights. Sentence them to "life", "with no parole" ever. Maybe they the sick pigs would think twice. I apoligize but I hate my Country when it comes to this issue.

Memphis, TN

#5 Mar 24, 2009
Yeah they are too worried about incorrect paperwork on guns to worry about real crime.

Greenwood, IN

#6 Mar 24, 2009
Somebody should have taken his axx out by now. And the police wouldn't have done anything about it....
earle girl

United States

#8 Jul 11, 2009
Angela, I hate that you have to deal with this; but it takes a strong person to publicly admit she's been raped and please know it was NEVER your fault! It's not about sex. It's about control. Some sick, twisted people get aroused by causing others pain--mental, emotional and physical. For the victims, it is a burden we carry our entire lives. But because you have shared your burden, you have probably helped someone else who has been a victim that they should not be ashamed. They did NOTHING wrong. And, YES, our justice system leaves very much to be desired. But, please, be patient. God himself, I believe, will exact revenge on the man who hurt you just as he put to death the man who hurt me so many years ago.
"'Vengence is mine' sayeth the Lord"

United States

#9 Oct 5, 2009
jail doesnt cure rape....these rapists should be shot.

Since: Oct 09

Pacifica, CA

#10 Oct 11, 2009
guest wrote:
Yeah they are too worried about incorrect paperwork on guns to worry about real crime.
please let me correct you an if im wrong later do da same- but pres.OBAMA has not one thing to do with this he wasnt even the president. and if he was how was he goin to know they dont tell high class people nuthing like this in this little a$$ place, unless u write 2 them u all want 2 put pressure on him [email protected] he just got started let him kno b4 u start a rumour like he dont care bcuz he really. he is only 1 man trying 2 make it work what another f#c*ed up

Since: Oct 09

Pacifica, CA

#11 Oct 11, 2009
im not racist im young n all i c is people criticizing him like he is GOD, he can not change da world that [email protected] fast n neither could u. one year can not change eight years of [email protected] up, or change the way a freak mind think he will prosecute at least trust that. he got banks your problem, wars, his problems, and othere contry but you should get da point. every thing come with time please CHILL OUT. NO HARD FEELINGS BUT IT happens b4 he bcame pres.BARACK OBAMA ..HOLLA

Since: Oct 09

Paron, AR

#14 Oct 11, 2009
how eva you take im not justifying crap like this is right b-cuz i have fam bac at home.gotta start with news station make sure earle police start doing what asked of the citizens. send emails call channel 13 news they would love to broadcast. it b so much going on
cordova guest

Denver, CO

#15 Oct 14, 2009
I wasn't referring to Obama sweetie.

United States

#16 Nov 30, 2009
I've actually talked to some of these "sex-offenders." Did you know there are 4 levels? 1 being the lowest and 4 being the highest. Did you also know that some of these offender crimes had nothing to do with "children." Some simply had a girl friend who was to young for other peoples taste. Did you know that some young girls and boys provoke some adults into situations for malicious reasons? Simple indecent exposure will get you a label. Understandably every new age creates new monsters, but not all sex-offenders are "pedophiles." But hey, the public just lumps them all into one idea. Now get this, if you knew how they interrogated these people and the types of questions they asked, you should be just as worried about the people who pass the labels to the people as the offenders themselves. One offender I talked to said they asked him about everything from "animal sex, furniture sex, draw pictures of men and women, then psychologically break and threaten them to admit wrong-doing." Another thing, sexual offense is nothing new, it has been going on since the beginning of time. Miley Cyrus, 16 going out with a 22 year old, Taylor Swift singing about a "scarlet letter" actually meaning having an affair with an older man, "Into the Night" a song about a love affair with a 16 year old. Some of our fore-fathers married very young girls, most notable poets, authors, presidents, and even religious figures all through history provide examples of older men or women marrying younger girls or boys for that matter. Remember the greeks and how we love their philosophy. Almost every greek philosophy loved young boys. In India children are picked mates early on in life, in Afria tribal chieftans can have as many young girls as they want. In Japan, some young girls become Geisha in hopes of gaining a better life. I admit there are monsters in the world, and for the most part, I call them "human." Just because we walk upright on two legs really makes us better than those who walk on all four. Rape itself is a natural part of nature -animals do it. In all Arab states, the main poobaa can buy and have all the concubines that he wants. Most people in America have a very narrow and limited understanding of the world or history for that matter. One persons monster may be another persons messiah.

Arvada, CO

#17 Nov 30, 2009
But this guy isn't a sex offender in that concept. He was convicted of assault and rape, nothing statutory. So he actually 'RAPED' women. His wasn't a case of hooking up with the wrong young girl or anything. Plus he is a repeat offender. Totally different than the subject you're talking about.
its me

United States

#18 Jan 3, 2010
sounds like anti ignorance is saying its all ok pretty sad

United States

#19 Jan 20, 2010
heard he got 15 years....sorry but thats not long enough, he should have never got out to start with.
wasnt rape

United States

#21 Jan 18, 2011
he didnt rape sylvia she was flirting with him and passed out, she wanted it, and all he did was gag her with his cawk and finger a bit. nothing they havent done before!
wasnt rape

United States

#22 Jan 18, 2011
dontthinkso wrote:
heard he got 15 years....sorry but thats not long enough, he should have never got out to start with.
this has gone on enough he did not rape sylvia barnes, she was flirting with him for xanax and money, she was rubbing on him and showing him her body, and she asked him if he wanted to feel how hot it was, she passed out plying with his junk, and when she woke up she had to make a scene so she wouldnt get kicked out. if you know her you will know how sorry she is
victom of this crime

Mountain Pine, AR

#23 Dec 29, 2011
Not only do I still have nightmares I also have to deal with this stalked running his mouth about stuff he has no clue about. I wish I could put you behind bars just like I did to the man that raped me and many children. This happened in 2009 let me rest please

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