I've read with great interest Mr. Naujoks assertions that Alcoa has polluted Badin Lake. The truth is that scientific studies can not bear out his outlandish and sophomoric outbursts. Truth is that PCB's appear everywhere in nature and regardless of Dean's blather even the Clemson guy along with independent scientists can not state with any degree of assurance that PCB's or any other compund emphatically was caused by smeltering.

As far as Dean, he was hired by the "Waterworks Committee" that is funded by Uwharrie Capital and some local developers who want Alcoa land for condo and golf course development. Alcoa has plans under its FERC re-licensing application to givethisland to Morrow Mountain StatePark.

As far as Alcoa not being a corporate citiz They pay over 1.3 Million in property taxes each year to the counties where they own land and hydropower facilities. They provide all of the recreational facilities that Mr. Naujoks is using on his little paddle up the creek stunt.

I suggest that all of the Sierra Club respondants and the people interested get the facts on the issue. It is nothing more than an attempt at a Taking without paying Alcoa for their property. Screw the business Yeah for the greedy.