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Fayetteville, GA

#283 Jun 29, 2012
Think about it this way wrote:
The new ACA or Obama Care will do several things that most folks dont realize right now. Lets look at one of those things. Most folks, who work, get their insurance through their employer. As an employer, your job is to cut cost and make money. Under the new ACA an employer can do the math and determine that it will be cheaper to drop their coverage and pay the "TAX" that the ACA imposes. The employee will now be forced onto a gov't sponsered plan (you may get a suppliment). Now that you are on a gov't plan you are at the mercey of the Govt. They will determine what you get and how much of it you receive. When things get tight (and they will get tight) the first thing the Govt plan will do is cut benefits. You will see plans in the future under the Govt that does not provide half of the beneifits most people currently enjoy. Our taxes will continue to rise and the govt coverage will continue to shrink. It simply a matter of math. Look at the history of TennCare and you will understand where we are headed.
Good post, sir, you are exactly right.
Paying For It

Jackson, TN

#284 Jul 2, 2012
I agree, Vet, and please explain, those who support this debacle of a law, how in the world do we pay for it? If we already have a spending problem with other entitlement programs as well as discretionary spending, how do we pay for this? How, when our economy is awful and millions are unemployed or underemployed do you pay for this? I cannot, for one, pay for an insurance plan right now, so making me or taxiing me if I can't does not fix the problem. The despair I heard from people in my income bracket about the added burden this tax will bring is overwhelming. Let's just be honest. Government bureaucrats do not have our best interest in mind. They do not. Study your history, people. Big governments, especially at this time in a nation's history, only spell trouble for its citizenry. We are a like a modern-day Rome, and my stupid generation, who has had everything given to them and has never had to work or fight for anything, just blindly trusts the lies we are told. Do some research, 30-somethings and below! Don't take CNN, Fox News, Yahoo, MSNBC, the AP, or even Youtube (for you lazy ones) etc. at their word. Don't take your teachers at their word, either; they just want you to pass a stupid standardized test or pass NCLB standards. Read, study, and look things up for yourself and use your brains. For example, go download the laws that are being introduced on the state and federal level. You can go to legit .gov websites and do this. Do research on your representatives. Study history. I know we are taught that history is boring but it is because liberals intentionally made the history books boring or changed facts conveniently so that you many of us would not want to study history. For example, how many of you believe the world at Columbus' time thought the world was flat? Did you know that was a lie purported in our history books? Please, people, use your brains and act wisely. This whole thread is a joke, anyways. The Democrat party is the working man's party? Really? Why don't we just look at both parties? Both are awful and are full of fools and liars who want power and prestige. Neither of them care about "the working man." They just want your vote. Both have done some good things, but both, on a whole, are corrupt and offer no lasting solutions. If your hope is in politics or government, your hope will fail because it is not real.

Pikeville, TN

#286 Jul 4, 2012
Pikeville used to be a Republican Co. wher did all the Democrats come from the Town Houses or Foreigners dont get it.

Pikeville, TN

#287 Jul 4, 2012
Republicans simply do not have a plan nor an interest in caring for the ordinary person.
Their "less government" means less protections for the working men and women who are left at the mercy of their employer, our environment left at risk, and the list goes on and on.
How any Taft employee can stand in support of any republican just shows how blind they are.

Morganton, NC

#289 Jul 4, 2012
What's one third of China's population?..and if per chance one third of China's population will be professing christains the next 20 years..only doing business with other professing christains..seeing as chineese cheistains believe non chineeaaee cheistains are honest and prefer doing business with these so called honest many is that..

Morganton, NC

#290 Jul 4, 2012
Republicans may have bigger plans than you think..

Morganton, NC

#292 Jul 4, 2012
Huh..what will be China xhristaun population in twenty years? Who will be their preferred business associates..?

Morganton, NC

#293 Jul 4, 2012
And now I'm banned ../.. yourselves.
Not True

Jackson, TN

#294 Jul 8, 2012
JRF wrote:
Republicans simply do not have a plan nor an interest in caring for the ordinary person.
Their "less government" means less protections for the working men and women who are left at the mercy of their employer, our environment left at risk, and the list goes on and on.
How any Taft employee can stand in support of any republican just shows how blind they are.
That's not true; its just the DNC talking repoints rehashed. You can just go look up the bills and voting records of many Republicans and see that this is just stupidity. Republicans are by no means perfect, but to create a false dichotomy of less/no government v. more government does not help us deal with the problems we are facing. Also, please tell me, did Obama not have both the presidency and the entire Congress at his disposal for 2 years to pass what laws he wanted? That being the case, why did his policies of more government and his administrations brazen acts of flouting the Constitution not fix our border security, health care, and economy? Where were those "shovel-ready" jobs? Why did Congress need to pass the healthcare bill to find out what was in it?

Also, I know that Republicans do not want dirty air, dirty water, old people kicked out on the streets, and for people to be homeless and without jobs. If you talk to Christian, or at least, ethical conservatives, they want businesses, governments, and individuals to be responsible and honest because they believe in personal responsibility. Hence, some regulation serves as a necessary application to deal with those who will not act justly in their dealings. You cannot argue, however, that the ever-increasing amounts of government and regulation, especially at this juncture in American history, will actually fix the problems we are facing. Relying on government will only fail us and make the government large and out of control. Ever read "Leviathan"? While I disagree severely with Ayn Rand on her objectivist and egoistic ideas, she is right in advocating that we be responsible for ourselves and stop relying on the nanny state to take care of us. I'm afraid, though, that America is getting what we deserve for accepting the amount of injustice, violence, and degradation of our Western worldview. We are accepting cultural relativism more and more, but we cannot continue to reject long-held absolutes and replace them with whatever works for the society at the moment. Where does this end logically?

Cleveland, TN

#295 Jul 9, 2012
Democrats USED to be the "working man's party" but have strayed so far off their roots, it cannot claim any resemblace to the former. They are now the "deadbeat, live off the working people's back party"!!!!!!!!!

Since: Oct 10

Location hidden

#297 Jul 24, 2012
As Peter Schweizer reported in his piece "Don't listen to the liberals-Right-wingers really are nicer people, latest research shows," studies have borne out what I've always known: Liberals are cheap, ungenerous, uncharitable, unloving, self-centered, envious, greedy and covetous. They're less likely than conservatives to devote time to ailing or needy loved ones, and they even hug their children less. And this reflects one reason why they support big government: they assuage their consciences by outsourcing their charity. I'll add to this that they're lustful, prideful, wrathful, often slothful and, if Michael Moore is any indication, gluttonous as well. In a word, they are the Seven Deadly Sins incarnate.
No money

Dunlap, TN

#298 Jul 28, 2012
The old party was. You need to understand that it was high-jacked years ago. Now they work to tell the biggest lies, use you to stay in power, and try to get as much money from useless union bosses that rip you for your dues, don't really want kids to be educated. Remember like a Communist Nation, if they keep you stupid, you're easier to control. Any government that's big enough to give you everything you need is also big enough to take it away. Oboma is the puppet for this time!

Dunlap, TN

#299 Aug 1, 2012
democRATS = poor
Poor = not working hard enough
SIMPLE AS THAT! Get over it! I'm sick of every democRAT expecting everything to be handed to him. Look at the mayor expecting every to give him a handout and taking it in the rear in his office from God knows who! SICK OF IT!!! Only a democRAT would do this and still stay in office like everything was okay.

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