east ky girl

Clay City, KY

#62 Aug 13, 2010
hopeful wrote:
<quoted text>Your statement if you were me says it all. Thank God we are not all alike. I carry myself in a way that gets respect not trash talk for the most part, and the trash talk that does come along is again from people not like me. As far as jobs for women is like saying men shouldn't be nurses, this is 2010. I'll never understand why men and women try to look down at other people who try to make a honest living.
I totally agree with you. Pat must have a husband there and scared to death that he will look at other women. I smell jealousy! It's not 1980.. Times have changed and everyone should have equal opportunities for employment.. Pat, it's 2010 hun!
I luv my Excel miner

Denver, CO

#63 Aug 15, 2010
My husband works there & loves it. He does not suck anyone 2 keep his job, why would somebody even say that? If you work hard & volunteer 2 stay back every now & then or work a Saturday that's not madatory, then you have nothing 2 worry about. As for the Methaodne, I personally would rather some be on it instead of xanax's & everything else,that's what gets people hurt. There are 2 women who work there & they are both very sweet & nice. Vanessa works in the office as soon as you go threw the door. My husband forgot his phone one day & I took it 2 the mines & Vanessa promised she would give it 2 him when he got out & she did. The other woman who works there was also in her office & both of them were making over our baby. I've only met them once but they were very nice & I did NOT get the impression they were there looking for men. Both had wedding bands on, & seemed very self respected of them selves. My husband breaks his back at this mines just 2 provide the lifestyle me & the babies want 2 live. So I'm sorry if your husband got fired from there, but don't put everyone who works there down. There is alot of good men who work there & come straight home 2 their familes everyday. Hug your miner extra tight when he leaves 4 work, you never know when an accident is gonna happen!! I love you, my Excel Miner!!!!!!!!!!
My Reply Is

Logan, WV

#64 Aug 16, 2010
Lettin you know wrote:
There's only two ladies that work in the office at the actual mines itself. Vanessa is the secretary and Teresa works in the safety department as a secretary. Get your facts straight. You are just jealous, whether it be from you or someone else you know waning to work there and can't, or jealous of someone that works there. Get over it and move on to another site. No one believes anything you put on here. Get a life!!!!!
My facts r straight dear. YOU do some research for yourself. I am 100% sure about my facts r u?
3rd shift

Pikeville, KY

#66 Sep 6, 2010
Anyoneone know rod mullins over there?...XANAX/PAINPILL head. Head over Heels Gay i heard..

Elkhorn City, KY

#68 Sep 7, 2010
3rd shift wrote:
Anyoneone know rod mullins over there?...XANAX/PAINPILL head. Head over Heels Gay i heard..
well if yer gonna be gay, it is heels over head...or behind head

United States

#69 Sep 8, 2010
You all that work at the mines need to slow down and stop for traffic when you have a wide spot we know you are tired want to go home we respect you and the hard work you guys do. But please slow down because school is back in session and parents transport the kids to and from school Work safe all miners and may god bless you and your families.

Macon, GA

#70 Aug 8, 2011

Macon, GA

#71 Aug 8, 2011
oh yes

Macon, GA

#72 Aug 8, 2011
3rd shift wrote:
Anyoneone know rod mullins over there?...XANAX/PAINPILL head. Head over Heels Gay i heard..
i know rod, he's not gay. but there's a birdwatcher overthere named derek harris. i think he is

Winchester, KY

#73 May 15, 2012
Some of you might be confused with my earlier posts. In no way do I think everybody there is on dope. There are some good men who work there, but at the same time there are some drug addicts who endanger the good workers everyday. Oxyscottin just happens to be one of the worst. He has stolen everything he can get his hands on for years. Copper and pinner bit supply his dope. I heard he finally got busted stealing, but that zero tolerance policy didn't turn out to be zero policy. Sent him to rehab where he walked out after a couple days. Nope, they didn't fire him then either. They sent him back a second time, but demanded he stay the entire time. Now he has to hide it better, has to also keep clean urine with him at all times. As for the idiot claiming methadone to be better then xannax and pain pills, I have to ask are you ignorant? They stop for two seconds and nodding off. Somebody going to get killed by one of these addicts. I saw oxyscottins wife, and now understand why he is on dope. Nasty thing is three feet wide in the rear. Hair looks like a frizzy permed afro. What they call that big hair look from the eighties, except with the frizziness of a brillo pad.

Pikeville, KY

#74 May 15, 2012
I know exactly who you are talking about. I do not approve of airing someones dirty laundry on a public site. Every family has problems, and try to work them out privately. Attacking the way someone looks is just mean. There isn't much a person can do about the way they look. I will admit incorporating his last name in to the drug name is funny.

Peach Creek, WV

#75 Nov 27, 2012
So I've heard they made some changes, they do have female security guards, and moved some women around that worked at the other excel that closed
Need to know

Chicago, IL

#76 Aug 5, 2013
A name of a good discrimination attorney. Saturday Excel chose to lay off the older aged employees most who had been there 10 years or longer. They never offered them extended health coverage or cobra?
give it up

Macon, GA

#77 Aug 5, 2013
I really hate to say this here.But you may as well give it up.This is kentucky and we re just coal miners and the nation does nt care.If you really want a good attorney for that?Try using google to find a nationwide firm that will practice here.The attorney`s here will just settle or fold.
read this three yrs ago

Elkhorn City, KY

#78 Aug 5, 2013
mrskravitz wrote:
you all better get down on your knees and suck like you have never sucked before, and blow and kiss ass and bend over if ya have to, if u have a good job with benefits, and you have a family to feed, cuz if the government keeps it up, in a few years we will all be begging to blow someone for one of them good jobs....we are all just ass kissers in this life anyway, you are gonna suck to get anywhere in life...if a man was that good of a worker, and they really wanted him, he would have been rehired, there had to be a reason, he just might not be telling, but hey, i wasnt there, i dont know
i wrote this three years ago read now
read this three yrs ago

Elkhorn City, KY

#79 Aug 5, 2013
confed wrote:
<quoted text>your post doesn't make a lot of sense. the government is actually turning the economy around. More jobs created last month then in the last 4 years, most in the private sector. After eight years of a downward spiral it is nice to have someone who is making a difference. But Ky didn't vote that way and now hoping he won't put the hurt on us. Seems we are always behind and trying to catch up with the rest of the Country.
and read this nonsense about how the economy is turning around. and its bullcrap
Wish there was hope

Covington, KY

#80 Aug 5, 2013
My father was just working to provide my family with insurance. The lay off Saturday really hit us hard.

I have a chronic illness that requires treatment a few times a month. I also have prescriptions that costs upwards of $3000, and aren't on the $4 RX list at Wal-Mart. Thankfully with the insurance I never paid more than a couple hundred out of pocket every month for treatment and meds.

Excel should realize jobs weren't just displaced, families were. But I know in the corporate world that doesn't matter.

I just wish I knew how I was going to afford my $1800 Kidney transplant medicine when my father was the main source of income. Unemployment won't cover medicine and all of our bills.

Sorry to just rant and complain. But I'm sure everyone understands it has just been a very stressful past few days.

I'll continue to pray for all those affected by this. and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Just don t give up

Macon, GA

#81 Aug 5, 2013
There is always hope.Just do not depend on anyone in the pike county government.They really do not care at all!
book girl

Elkhorn City, KY

#82 Aug 5, 2013
Just don t give up wrote:
There is always hope.Just do not depend on anyone in the pike county government.They really do not care at all!
no govt official in any capacity cares.
when you can be a senator for what, 2 or 4 or 8 years of your life, and live off of a govt pension the rest of your life.
why care?
why care that unions are filing bankruptcy and not paying out the pensions of the people who worked for them for years.
they care not that gas is 4 dollars a gallon.
or milk, or that more people are being cut off food stamps or more people are being cut off unemployment because they are maxed out their benefits.
no, they care that the rich people who contribute to their campaigns might lose a few dollars and therefore get so pissed that they might take thier dollars elsewhere.
they dont care about working class which is slowly becoming lower class and are slowly becoming impoverished.
Just don t give up

Macon, GA

#83 Aug 5, 2013
Exactly!!Thats the story behind the jobs that they don t tell.Especially when there giving people grief over ssi.I really don t understand how people that live with each other can be so easily turned against each other.By a bunch of no good pencil pushing lying politicians.

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