To all the coal miners laid off...

To all the coal miners laid off...

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Tuna fish

Elkview, WV

#1 Jun 21, 2012
Guess you'll have to learn to read and write to get a job now huh? That or get on disability. Oh well, at least maybe our roads won't be shit anymore with fewer coal trucks destroying them. Good riddance.

Clovis, NM

#2 Jun 21, 2012
Tuna fish wrote:
Guess you'll have to learn to read and write to get a job now huh? That or get on disability. Oh well, at least maybe our roads won't be shit anymore with fewer coal trucks destroying them. Good riddance.
What is your problem? Your worried about road conditions when thousands of families are loosing their income?! What do you do for a living that's so great your poop dont stink? and tell me you live in a log cabin with wood you cut by hand with no lights or pluming..and you don't shop and Walmart or run a sewing machine to make your own clothes .... or god forbid eat out. No, yOu do none of those things because your too good for those illiterate fools who mine coal. I bet they all make more than you anyways. But go ahead wish bad upon miners and their families....karma is a jerk!
Tuna fish

Elkview, WV

#3 Jun 21, 2012
I don't wish bad for them at all! In fact I'm quite thrilled the percentage of folk with at least a GED around here might even hit double digits!

Also for them making more money than me? Quite possibly. I'm not gonna pretend to make 6 figures like some coal supervisors do. But you see, I can do some things they never will be able to. Like mathematics that is more complex than the number of fingers and toes I have.

Also, wtf does Walmart have to do with...anything? Oh let me guess with no coal Walmart wouldn't have lights, right? Lol..

Elkview, WV

#4 Jun 21, 2012

the mentality in this area is so pathetic. they are men and women who get a job so they can support their families. it just so happens that it is one of the better paying jobs in this area. it also doesn't require a degree nor a particular intellect. a lot of men go straight into the mines after high school.

so if praising someone for going into an occupation and getting paid for it is the new norm... how about we praise our teachers? our doctors? our nurses...

better yet, what about the VOLUNTEER fire fighters who don't even get paid.
Namu Myoho Renge Kyo

Santa Monica, CA

#5 Jun 21, 2012
Tuna fish wrote:
Guess you'll have to learn to read and write to get a job now huh? That or get on disability. Oh well, at least maybe our roads won't be shit anymore with fewer coal trucks destroying them. Good riddance.
There is something very wrong with you. You need to chant to raise your life condition. And people who need jobs can chant to get them. Chant for anything. Nothing you have to pay or join.

Jeremiah, KY

#7 Jun 22, 2012
I only hope that maybe some of these miners will not be able to make it on their unemployment and maybe their sorry ass wives will have to get out to get a job instead of laying on their computers and acting like their so much better then anyone god ever put breath in.

Lexington, KY

#8 Jun 22, 2012
Angel, I wouldn't be talking about God considering it makes you a huge hypocrite.

Jeremiah, KY

#9 Jun 22, 2012
How so ?I not once said I was a saved or christian human being now did I?I think if I choose to talk about someone I have every human right to do so now don't I.Maybe wow you should keep your mouth out of what don't belong to you.

Pikeville, KY

#10 Jun 22, 2012
Let me tell youn a thing or two. There might be some miner's who are illiterate. I'll give you that but you failed to mention sll the ones that are not, including some with actual college credit and even some with degrees. Yes, degrees. They work in the mines because they can make a good living to raise their families on. You shouldn't be allowed to drive on the road paid for with tax severence money.

Pikeville, KY

#11 Jun 22, 2012
Tuna fish wrote:
Guess you'll have to learn to read and write to get a job now huh? That or get on disability. Oh well, at least maybe our roads won't be shit anymore with fewer coal trucks destroying them. Good riddance.
Frickin idiot! You live in this area and want to condemn yourself? That is the trickle down effect, you know. Doesn't matter what you do for a living, if you live here, you will be effected. And a lot of those roads wouldn't be there if it weren't for the coal miner's and truck drivers. One last thing, I bet somewhere up the line of your heritage there was a miner that worked and fed his family, resulting in your dumbass! Please tell us, Tuna fish (wonder why you're called that) what great contributions you've made to society that you're up so high on your soap box trashing hard working people?
another opinion

Manchester, KY

#12 Jun 22, 2012
There is a lesson to be learned in all this mess.Take pride in your work,be happy and work hard,do not trust companies and get everything you get through these corporations as honest as you can.That way you can walk away with your head held high and a good job reference.

Riverview, FL

#13 Jun 22, 2012
I have a college degree & yes I work for a coal company & have for 17 years. I left our county school system 17 years ago after seeing that it was so political & seeing several employees leave each day with supervisors they were having affairs with, I no longer wanted to work in this environment. There are always good & bad to every job. The lay off at the coal mines will affect other businesses in the area. We will not be able to buy things, spend money or pay our bills.

Chesterfield, MO

#14 Jun 22, 2012
Well, they are not making more money than most now that most are laid off. The ones with college degrees, they can get another job pretty easy I would tend to guess. But that is determined by what they got a degree in. It would help them get a job where they say, "Would you like fries with that?" then the broke ass wifes can be on here saying how much they are like heros for working to provide for their families like they try to because they are, I mean was miners. Now they are just like like most Americans, unemployed, and most unemployable.
Bad Days

Ransom, KY

#15 Jun 22, 2012
I tink it is so sad those of you who get on hear and gloat and bad mouth people who lost jobs.I believe coal is a dying industry not because of the EPA,Obama,or that its dirty.I believe it fast to be mined out.There is some seams left,but the are small and not easy or profitable to mine.Young people should get a colledge education and find better employment.Those who are working for mines now and are 20 to 40 years of age will see the day come that all the profitable coal is gone.Our area will not have much coal to mine 15 to 20 years from now.I am not against coal but see how the coal barons have raped our people of a natural resource that over the last 100 years has left our people poor uneducated and sick.The people should be well off and healthy for the blood sweat and tears we have provided a multi-trillion dollar industry.
Karma Troll

Richmond, KY

#16 Jun 22, 2012
It is called a troll, a creep that just come on and starts an inflamatory thread just to get you all stirred up...

In the middle of a coal slump that may be a permanent one they start a thread like this because they know there is a lot of fear, worry and nervous coal miners out there, plus their families...

Don't feed the Troll!

Macon, GA

#17 Jun 22, 2012
I'm not saying they are hereos. They do however put their pants on the same way the rest of us do and should be treated as such! Your smart coments about GEDs and the education level of minors is completely degrading and only makes yourself look dumb. A large percentage of those hard working men DO have GEDs and high school deplomas along with the required mining license each coal miner has to get.

If you don't like this area and what we stand for - MOVE! If you don't like coal - DONT USE IT ! It's really very simple.

As for coal miners wives, many of them do have jobs and the ones that choose to be stay at home mommy's and housewives - good for them! I'm glad they are at a point inwhich they can do that.

You people are sad. and it desgustes me everytime I get on this site to see what people from home tend to do to show thier ignorance. When I left for college I had no idea how we determine a lot about our own stereotypes. It was only after an intense study of Appalachian culture and of course, being raised here, that I truely understood how we don't do a dang thing to help ourselves and our image. By stating untrue coments about education levels, job pay, and other important aspects of daily life we only feed the fire. We as a region are not dumb, we are not illiterate, and we as a region are not poor. We as a region are bad money manegers and we as a region are proud. But we are not fools dancing around without shoes on shooting people and making moonshine. Instead of bashing each other we need to educated ourselves and stand up for each other. We all have alot more in common that you think. This region bonds us together.

Jeremiah, KY

#18 Jun 22, 2012
I've been broke for years now ever since the first time gas got so high.My hours got cut where I was working.I've been picking up pop cans washing peoples car for some money for years now I've not been able to get no job since 2007 and you bastards wine haha lets see how far you get grubbing around.
I know

Greenville, SC

#19 Jun 22, 2012

Macon, GA

#20 Jun 22, 2012
My dad worked for 30 years UNDERGROUND and ANY MAN that does the job that these men do are heros. Unless your sorry ASS has ever been underground then YOU DON'T GET TO TALK, your opinion doesn't COUNT. I'd like to see you go underground and then maybe you would understand what these men do. Sure, they chose the job but that doesn't give you any right to get on here and put down coal miners. No matter what you think about coal, they keep this country moving and everytime that you flip the lightswitch on, you should feel guilty about what you said.
Should have

United States

#21 Jun 22, 2012
Yes they should have used spell check. I can only imagine; that most of the wives sitting on here now do not know that there is such thing.

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