Community Trust Bank, Inc.
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Mayking, KY

#41 Jul 2, 2009
Just because a customer (you know, someone who makes a company money) miscalculates fifty bucks doesn't make it ok for the bank to completely take advantage of them and drain every penny they have.

What's worse is that they ended thier day at 3:00pm (just on their computer), so that even though I made the deposit to cover the overdraft on the same day it occured, they'll still charged me the fees!! Because by thier "time" the deposit was made on the next day.

Believe it, all of these little policies are designed to create an optimal situation to acquire as many overdraft fees as possible. It takes a pretty naive person to think that these institutions are above such practices. Thankfully though, there are some civil suites going on that will eventually mean an end for many of these unfair practices. I know we are all so used to it, but people need to stop being so complacent with being screwed over.
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Hurricane, WV

#42 Jul 3, 2009
russellmuscle1 wrote:
Ok last issue I had was I went under into my overdraft fifty mistake. All of the charges were very small, about 8 of them ranging from 1.00 to 9.00 dollars. They charged me 30 bucks for every stinking one of them. It came up to $240 dollars in OD fees for going fifty dollars under. In my opinion, I don't care what your "policy' is....that's just no way to treat a customer.
They also have lots of dubious little ways to make you get charged, like posting larger debits first (to put you under) and holding the smaller ones, or messing with posting dates. You can talk to them, but they will only take some of the charges away and act like you deserved the ones you got.
So yeah, I have had my share of problems with these crooks.
You know when you call a place of business & they have the automated voice stating that your call will be answered in the order it is received." Well the bank is the same way. In my previous banking experience, as an employee, checks & preauthorized debits are posted in the order they are received.

Charleston, WV

#43 Jul 4, 2009
Helpful Info wrote:
<quoted text>
You know when you call a place of business & they have the automated voice stating that your call will be answered in the order it is received." Well the bank is the same way. In my previous banking experience, as an employee, checks & preauthorized debits are posted in the order they are received.

I'm sure the banking system is designed to hold smaller amounts so a larger amount can go through, overdraft the account, and THEN those smaller amounts go through so they can charge a bunch of overdraft fees. Thats what that person was saying. Blaming the bank's processing system (don't forget the merchant that sent the check in's system) instead of just being like "Crap. I forgot about that check".

Sorry the bank has a rigid policy that if you overdraft at all, any amount, you're charged $30. They do that to keep people from abusing the system, using it as a loan service instead of the occasional error.

Ransom, KY

#44 Jul 4, 2009
angry customer wrote:
I was just wondering if anyone else has had problems with Community Trust Bank. I just started using them about 4 years ago. I have nothing but problems with them. The last one is on any account that I paid off in May. I thought that I was finished with this account. Guess what, I received a .34 bill for interest on a 0 balance. They need to get people who know what they are doing. No wonder the banking in the US is going down the drain.
Thanks for listening, just wanted to vent!!!
As an employee of CTB, I would like to offer my apologies to you. I regret that you had a bad experience with us. Was this loan a revolving loan? On revolving loans, even though the borrower pays to a zero balance, unless they sign a 'request to close' the account remains open. That could be were the interest is coming from...just a thought.
No we are not perfect, mistakes do happen...even at other banks!!

Macon, GA

#45 Aug 22, 2009
I've had problem after problem with CTB as well. I kept getting overdraft notices that I never made and customer service could not explain. Another time, my account got changed from a free checking to a business checking and they began charging me fees for having less than a certain amount in the account, when I never changed it to start with!

I've also heard that the place is no peach to work for.

Harold, KY

#46 Aug 22, 2009
i bank with US bank and they are terrible. i've had the same problems with overdrafting, and YES i keep my check book and debit card balances up to date. the problem with US bank is that if you use your debit card as an actual debit, it immediately pulls from your account. however, if you use it as credit (which in some places you must because they don't accept debits), then you can overdraft by the manner in which it pulls from your account. and charged 37.50 per overdraft is ridiculous, especially when you overdraft by less than a dollar, which is what has happened to me everytime. and the reason i've overdrafted is because some terminals charge between .5 to .25 cents to use that terminal to check-out from a store.

i've had up to 300+ dollars in overdraft fees originating from one actual overdraft. it's insane. and don't bother calling the 1-800-USBANK number for help, either. you'll get no help. and the branch office near the mcdonalds in coal run has treated me VERY poorly in the past.
i would switch banks if i could but i'm out-of-town quite a bit where other smaller, local banks aren't available.

i wish i could put my money under a mattress!
dont know

Chesterfield, MO

#47 Aug 22, 2009
I had problems with CTB taking money out of my account, and not being able to explain why. I switched to US Bank, and have no problems with them. I do know people who have said they had problems with US Bank, though. I can say this though, between the two of them, the biggest difference I've noticed is the way you're treated when you go in to correct some sort of problem. CTB offers no explanation, or even suggests it won't happen again...and only refunded my money after I sat down and had to SHOW them how they messed up. I felt like I had to do their job for them.
The few times I had to talk to someone at US Bank for a problem, I was treated much better. And no, I didn't go into either bank with an attitude. I am a very patient person. But I changed banks because I didnt' feel like I could trust CTB with my money without having to 'babysit' and constantly make sure they weren't taking out of my account for no reason.
Hope this helps.

United States

#48 Aug 22, 2009
angry customer wrote:
<quoted text>
That is fine for you. But I will never deal with them again. I won't bank with someone who can't do their job correct. They need to treat their customers better.
I think all banks are crooks!!! I love it when I hear one is robbed.. I do feel for the tellers because they are just innocent workers...Banks owners need to be on the bad end for once...Don't think I am a bad person because I am not...just hate banks!!!I do deal with Comm.Trust...1st.National and Ky. National at this time...

Pikeville, KY

#49 Jan 3, 2010
I used to process payments for CTBI and I am sorry for all mistakes I made. You do have to remember that the .34 cent bill is computer generated. There are lots of checks come in with no statement, no account number, some not even signed, and if there is a hand written number on it, sometimes there are a few numbers, if not all numbers that are impossible to read. We do our best to post them correctly, but again we are only human. If you call we do try to correct any mistakes made.
Oh good

Chesterfield, MO

#50 Aug 22, 2013
There is a lawyer in wv that has a case against several banks for holding the smaller amounts til paying all larger amounts ... Community trust wasn't on there.. I use over draft once or twice a year.. I wasn't going to say a word and just be thankful that if I was short I still had something were I could get a little cash or pay a bill if needed.. Well I was shocked when I went to ATM to get 60.00 out til payday .. I was 3 days away from payday how life sucks.. Well it got worse because I found that I couldn't get cash from ATM with me being .11 cents in over then I tried to just make the 41.37 payment online to find out that I could not use it that way either.. What good is it then ? Well I let my check be direct deposited then pulled every penny I could out without stopping the overdraft.. Joke was on me I thought I couldn't make a payment so no one could get money either boy was I wrong.. I had auto pay set up for one of my payments. Well the bank was nice enough to let that company take out that payment to put me right back in the negative with them.. The company called wanted to know why I sent a payment after they had already got it.. I was upset.. So since they screwed me over by letting one thing go thur when everything else was rejected when I needed it or wanted it to work.. I'm going to contact that lawyer and let him work on my behalf.. Is anyone else doing this ? With any lawyer ? If so let me know.. If not let me know and I will post the info I have found on here or if you'd rather use emails we can do it that way. I talked to one lady that lives local here and she showed me were she was using overdraft monthly while her and her husband was trying to live in just her check while he is awaiting his dss check that she had paid them over 11,000.00 already this year.. She said she would let the grand kids go to do her shopping and they used the card like it was unlimited shopping spree.. Serval one time purchases for for $1.59 pack of gum.. That had been held back to now how a 30.00 charge so those packs of gum ended up costing her $31.71 each.. Wow it's crazy because if amounts would have came out as used then that never would have happened... So if they can decide what prices to pay when they want to pay them but we can't use our overdraft when we want or anyway we want to use it ( like use it to pay a bill we forgot about or use it to get some needed cash why shouldn't we get revenge.. I know overdraft is for when you have a bill that's 157.00 but you only have 120.00 or 150.00 .l I get that.. But if we are paying the 30.00 per transaction why change it on us now ?

Prestonsburg, KY

#51 Aug 22, 2013
They payed more then 34 cents to mail it to u

Richmond, KY

#52 Aug 22, 2013
We've used CTB for about 8 years now. Everything was wonderful until these past 2-3 years. I'm from Whitesburg and none of our branches are open on Saturday. My husband gets paid Friday evening, but even the Walmart branch is closed by the time he comes thru pikeville. Before, I was getting up Saturday mornings and driving to Hindman to cash his check. I'd been doing this for almost two years. One morning, they refused to cash his check, stating they were unfamiliar with the company he worked for. I did not want to deposit it because Monday was a holiday and I wouldn't of gotten the money posted to our account until Wednesday. Funny thing is, the check was for around $2000.00, we had around $8,000.00 in our account, which could've easily covered his payroll check if it were to bounce or whatever. I ended up having to drive to hazard and using the bank there. Everything was fine and dandy up until about 3 weeks ago. I had been going to hazard and banking on Saturdays without any problems. Recently, I paid my truck payment through the drive thru while depositing my check. I got my receipts and envelope and drove across the street to get gas. When I was putting the money from the envelope into my purse, I noticed I was about $35 short. I looked at all my receipts and noticed they'd charged me extra money on my loan. I called back over there and they proceeded to tell me that it was an "old late fee that no one had noticed until now". Honestly, I have all my receipts paper clipped into my loan book of all 19 payments I've made on it. I've never been late and I've used the grace period 3 times. They will just find any way whatsoever to get any extra money they can.

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