Why do men think it's OK to hit a woman

Why do men think it's OK to hit a woman

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Ransom, KY

#1 Dec 29, 2009
Could someone PLEASE tell me why men thinks it's OK..
Lady shark

Langley, KY

#2 Dec 29, 2009
Could someone PLEASE tell me why men thinks it's OK..
It's not okand alot of women get afraid of men
I say when a man is hitting a woman
have you heared of the story the Bobbit

she should have told the authoritys where she threw his ding dong at I would have feed it to a blood thirsty dog

women was not to be beat on

some men can be piggs
if my man ever hit me

the story would hit the papers
and I would spend some time
a long time away

my cousin got beat on by her husband
sge was scared at first
and one day he came in drunk she was hid in the closet
with a steel ball bat
he didnt even knew what hit him
when he came in cussing and calling her names wantin her to
come to him

he couldnt find her he finally looked in the closet
and she played ball and hit homerun

he finally left her and thier son
and divorced her
its about time

he couldnt handle being beat on that night
what goes around comes around
dont know

Shelbiana, KY

#3 Dec 29, 2009
im 49 never hit a woman in my life

Anderson, SC

#4 Dec 29, 2009
Could someone PLEASE tell me why men thinks it's OK..
If a man ever hit me he had better kill me because he would be a dead one!!!Even if I had to catch him asleep!! He would get his!!!!

Macon, GA

#5 Dec 29, 2009
first and foremost it takes a low-life to hit the most beautiful thing God created for man a (women)

Clarksville, TN

#6 Dec 29, 2009
The majority of the time, it's the ones who watched their daddy hit their mama. Abuse usually gets passed down generationally. Sadly, we live in an area with an overabundance of dysfunction.

I hope anyone who does this and is reading this will stop the cycle with their own generation. It's not right to hit ANYONE. Especially, someone weaker than you.

Ransom, KY

#7 Dec 29, 2009
See here's the thing, My husband don't hit me nor has he ever drawn back to hit me, I have been with him 7 years and not one time has he ever, the reason I was asking is I see this happen alot,then the men or man blames it all on the woman, I think any man that hits a woman or his girlfriend that has their kids is a low life piece of SHIT,and the biggest PUSSY that ever walked the face of the earth,and to hit a baby's mommy in front of the child just pissies me off,that shit aint even right, Karma is going to come his way, one of these days these { men or man} thats doing the hitting or choking on these women, is going to meet a real MAN,,,

Macon, GA

#8 Dec 29, 2009
Tradition mostly
Lady Shark

Langley, KY

#9 Dec 29, 2009
dont know wrote:
im 49 never hit a woman in my life
your a real good man then
now Honest men like this
melts my heart to be this honest
now you I would call a man
Lady Shark

Langley, KY

#10 Dec 29, 2009
loveu wrote:
first and foremost it takes a low-life to hit the most beautiful thing God created for man a (women)
now this is a sweet man here a sweet guy to
I knew they aer some good men left in this world
ladies when you find a goodman like this
never let them go there hard to find
Lady Shark

Langley, KY

#11 Dec 29, 2009
Ladies when a woman finds a kind man and a sweet and good one that is drug free and dont drink
hang on to them they dont grow on trees

Hey men when you find a woman that is good to you as gold love on you every time you turn around
and does everything to please and love you

thank God for them some of us women dont grow on trees either

I have been married 21 yrs
and I have bent my back to make my man

happy e never goes hungry he is like a big kid
whatever he wants he gets one way or the oher
if he wants to shower togther
he gets it no jokes

he needs a massage he gets it if I want one I get it.
it should be 50/50 all the way

he is way older then me
my friends has teased me but I love him

age dont mean a thing long as you love someone
and he knows how I feel about a man hitting a woman

back in the past we use to fight like 2 men
but finely years down the road and all the dangerous things we have went thru

now we love each other more then anything
our friends says we are both crazy
but I dont care

I make his 2nd wife and I love him so much
me Im just a person who dont believe in a man hitting a woman

if any of my sons ever hit a woman
they know what momma would do to them
it wouldn't be nice

I love them but I never raised them to hit a woman
there going to treat them with respect like the women are going to do them

Love is something no one can take away from you

Love works both ways baby each other
cuddle watch TV make time for each other
never take each other for granted

Winchester, KY

#12 Dec 29, 2009
i am 48 years old and i have never hit a woman or even thought about it not in me to do that i think it is terrible and his balls should be squashed thinner than a dime that would stop 99/% of it

Prestonsburg, KY

#13 Dec 29, 2009
It is never okay for a man,or a woman ,for that matter to hit one another.It is very low for a man to harm a woman in any way whatsoever.That includes verbal and mental abuse also.To all women,do not condone any type of abuse.If one does so ;it will only get worse as time goes by.Seek help;there are many forms of help available to those who are abused.All forms of abuse should be reported to the proper authorities.To all ladies out there ,if you are in an abusive relationship do one thing:GET OUT BEFORE YOU GET HURT...
He Better Never

Madison Heights, MI

#14 Dec 29, 2009
I have seen what my Sister has gone threw. She was almost tortured by the Idiot she was married to. He has bured her caused her to have to have surgery. Now I have been with the sweetest kindest man for 40 Years. And the reason is because we both could of never even thought of hitting each other. So after many beatings and our Family trying to get her away from him let me tell you what she did to him. And this is the Gods truth. One night he was totally drugged out to the point he was not waking up. Well she thought maybe she should call 911. And she said she looked at him and her Mind went numb. She went and found some super glue. She filled his hand with that glue and stuck his hand on his Penis. Oh yes she did. Now this is the honest to Gods truth and the only thing I regret I could think of was I wasnt there to see him wake up or to have to go to the ER to be treated. Thank God she is rid of him and Bless her Heart I guess she told him. This was about ten years ago but were all still LMAO

Clarksville, TN

#15 Dec 29, 2009
MEN don't think it's o.k. to hit women. sorry excuses of a man think that.a real man knows how to appreciate and respect women and would never hit one.

Macon, GA

#16 Dec 29, 2009
To me, to hit a woman is just as bad as rape or any other crime you can commit against a woman. I don't understand how a man can hit a woman and then turn around and swear that he just loves her so much. I mean to just hit her just because he got mad or because he is drunk. When you hit a woman that is not love. If a person really truly loves someone than why would you ever want to do anything like that to hurt them. When a man hits a woman it is something she will never forget. If you really love a woman you wouldn't want to hurt her for anything. I am not married and I am currently single but I cannot see anything that my wife could ever do to make me made enough to hit her. I also don't understand a man that beats a woman. One day the woman realizes that she has had enough and decides to leave a man. The man gets all puzzled and confused and doesn't understand why the woman left him. They are not even aware of what they did wrong. This topic got me thinking about another issue. I also don't understand a man that tells a woman that if she leaves that he is going to kill her. That also is not love. If a woman wants to leave then she has the right to leave a man. The man can try to work things out but if the woman wants to go then a man must let her go. I don't see why a woman should have to lose her life just because she wants to leave. Which has sadly happened to many times. I just feel like parents need to teach their kids at a young age that beating a woman is wrong. At a young age is when kids are most influential and more easy to teach. Get it into a young boys head at a young age that a woman should be treated with respect.
respected woman

United States

#17 Dec 30, 2009
a real man would never hit a woman.i think a man that would do that is a pussy.a low life piece of crap,if a man ever abused me id nail his balls to the wall give him a huge knife and set the house on fire,ive been with mine many many years and he has treated me like a baby but thats a two way street.ive heard men say they had no choice.if you cant stand her get to walking lol

Paintsville, KY

#18 Dec 30, 2009
Well, here comes the hate directed at me,

Hitting a lady for no reason other than you want to is stupid, this includes beating her, but some women seem to lover it and can't handle a nice guy.

Hitting a lady because she deserves it is different, if she is standing there running her mouth throwing a fit, and making a scene and refuses to calm down or be reasonable, pull her aside firmly and tell her calmly that this is not the time nor place or way to do this, if she keeps on, slap her lightly, don't hurt her, just give her a sting on the kisser or cheak, I expect the same from a lady if I was running my mouth on her to her.

Now if she is looking for a fight, I am not going to let her stand there an beat on me, thats, stupid silly and absurd, if she starts swinging, I am gonna swing if I am still able!

This is almost as bad as the people who cry child abuse when you lightly whip and discipline you're child.

Not all of us guys are dope head losers, but its always the dope head losers you girls end up with because of the "bad boy tude" they have, while us nice guys get screwed over, cheated on and treated like crap.

Arlington, TX

#19 Dec 30, 2009
Could someone PLEASE tell me why men thinks it's OK..
a man doesn't. some males do however. i don't call them men. i call them homosexuals who think they are females.

Arlington, TX

#20 Dec 30, 2009
make sure you have a bat to beat the ugly girly male. they have more muscle so even up the fight.

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