Faye Newsome aka Nan and her trash fa...

Faye Newsome aka Nan and her trash family

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Tired of Trash

Hazard, KY

#1 Feb 27, 2011
Faye aka Nan has been a drug dealer for many many years and im wondering why she has never been busted i see 50 or more cars come to her house a day, why are they letting her by with it?? Do the cops and her have an agenda? Her piece of shit granddaughter Courtney Bartley just got arrested for taking drugs into Pikeville Jail and promoting contraband so why is she out of jail is she a rat?? She is also going around bragging about how she is not going to any of her court dates nor is she taking drug tests and she thinks she is pregnant by one of the 6 guys she is running around with. Courtney lives to start trouble for other people she is a Fat nasty skanky bitch... Faye acts like her family is perfect but her granddaughter Rhiannon just had a baby and doesn't know who the father is and she is saying there are around eight prospective fathers. One of the prospects happens to be her grandmother Fayes boyfriend Keith!! Also how did this peice of shit get to take her baby home when pot coke benzos and methodone showed up in the baby's system at the hospital. Rhiannon is a fucking pill whore not to mention that she doesn't shower and doesn't take care of her first child why should she get this child?? When she found out she was pregnant she would try different things she thought would make her have a miscarraige. This whole trashy family needs to be put away or wiped off the planet!!

Anderson, SC

#2 Feb 27, 2011
That Pikeville Medical Center (I'm assuming that is where this woman delivered) Will let any dope head take their baby home. Doesn't matter how doped up the baby is when it is born either, it'll still go home.

Oh, and why are you so upset with this bunch? They sound like they could use some help? Did they NARC on someone you are close to?

Two women and 16 potential baby daddys!!! WOW!!!! That is a lot of men!!!

United States

#4 Feb 27, 2011
i hate faye too. did she turn u down on a bag or give u a small count. I understand all the shit they do to people. but why but into there personal life. i think ur just bored and looking to do gossip. but i bet u wont go to their face and say shit like u r on here. u know better than that. even if u a man u wont go to courtneys face and say that. thats why ur writing it on here because u know u better vent on here before even thinking of going up there. faye is the only one i can say dont like me and i dont like her.
inherneighborhoo d

United States

#5 Feb 27, 2011
U really want to know a messed up person from this bunch. one that is about 25, sleeps with little 13 and below girls, especially one that runs away from her parents on little mrobinson and he walks and meets her and takes her up at number 7 bridge up in penny and sleeps with that little girl. She is just to young to know what nasty and slow means in a man. She is just young and taking what she can get right now. He is so manipulative, hypocritical, coniving, perverted, mentally challenged, uses people by acting to be real slow and people feel sorry for him and helps him and then he goes aroound bragging about it, nasty and unsanitary, stupid, and complete ignorance. His name is WAYLON THACKER. He is a loser who has many fooled just to live easily and try to make it as slow people does, but u all just dont know the him that comes out at home and around a female or some friends he wants to fit in with but never will. and u want to ask a ? about nan. hell with the drugs and other things. A good ? to ask is this: HOW DID NAN GET AWAY WITH KILLING HER HUSBAND YEARS AGO? NOW THATS THE QUESTION. YES NAN YOU USE TO MAKE REMARKS AND SAY ALOT BACK IN YOUR WILD STREAK AFTER HE DIED AND YOU WERE AT ONCE AND ALWAYS WILL BE KNOWN AS ROBINSON CREEKS BIGGEST WHORE. HOW CAN YOU GO ON WYMT ONCE A YEAR AND HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY U ARE STILL LOOKING FOR THE KILLER OF UR HUSBAND. HELL LOOK IN THE MIRROR. U KNOW WHO DONE IT. HOW DO U SLEEP AT NIGHT? HOW DO U LIVE EVERYDAY IN THAT SPOT? HOW DO U SAY HIS NAME? HOW DO U LAUGH AND CUT UP AND HANG OUT WITH SOME WHO KNEW AND LIKED HIM AND ACT NORMAL? ESPECIALLY KNOWING THEY KNOW, HEARD, AND SEEN THE SAME AS I USE TO BACK IN THE DAY? NOW THERE IS UR QUESTION. U FREAKING COLD HEARTED FREAKING MURDER. PISS ON DEALING AND THE FUCKED UP FAMILY. IT ALL CAME FROM HER HEARTLESS BLOOD. I HOPE U ROT IN HELL BITCH. IT SHOULD OF BEEN U DIE AND NOT HIM. MURDER MURDER MURDER MURDER MURDER MURDER MURDER
Virgie area

Jackson, KY

#6 Feb 28, 2011
Are you talking sbout nan on Robinson creek

Chesterfield, MO

#7 Feb 28, 2011
Then all of a sudden Faye's daughter Gloria's husband dies too!! COINCIDENCE OR WHAT? Look at their past...

Crossville, TN

#8 Mar 1, 2011
it it so weird how all the men in that family die! hmmm!

Kimper, KY

#9 Mar 1, 2011
FOr one thing, Faye AKA NAN, I referre to her as Maw! I care for her deaply she has always been kind to me and no she has not sold anything to me either, however thats neither here nor there, but what is, is how someone like you can say such cruel things on a computer! I bet you eat her up to her face! Yet you know better than to put your name on here you are a slanderous evil person that is probably lonely and jealous that at her age you would never be as pretty as she is, or are you her age? I didn't want to tell her about this forum, but I did and that was even wrong. Maw laughed at you and actually we both agreed that you need prayers for you and she stated as she laughed at you that she would love for you to come to her and sit while having the guts to say the exact thing that you wrote on here to her face, however I am positive you won't do that now will you?

Chesterfield, MO

#10 Mar 1, 2011
Prayers, comming for that family? Are you serious? That is all ANYONE needs. Yeah right! I wouldn't want NOONE in that family to pray for me. No I don't "eat her up" I hate her and her family all the same. They are all low lifes! It looks as if I'm not the only one that does either! It's kind of funny to me too. The fact of the matter is that family has done so much and wrong to many people, and now it's comming back to bite them in their nasty asses! So yes, I'm laughing too.
Gloria Newsom Williamson

Anderson, SC

#11 Mar 1, 2011
I dont know who you are and if I do find out you are gonna pay for your statements...that is my Mom and I will not let anyone talk about her like that!You must be talking about your own mother you low life piece of shit and another thing I LOVED MY HUSBAND with all of my heart..and leave his name from your mouth you are not good enough to speak none of our names..you are a coward and a liar and my nephew is a great young man how about you????Well you are cold and useless and no one is gonna listen to your shit!!!!Come on chicken shit skank ho tell your name BITCH !!!!!!
Belinda Newsom

Pikeville, KY

#12 Mar 1, 2011
Belinda Newsom

Pikeville, KY

#14 Mar 2, 2011
I know for a fact that my mom did not kill my dad, she was not @ home when he was killed she was with us @ dorton skating rink when it happened, you did not live in our shoes and see the pain and hell my mom went thru. LEAVE MY MOM ALONE AND THE REST OF MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!
Buffy Faye Daughter

Anderson, SC

#15 Mar 2, 2011
Listen here all you people that are talking about Faye (Nan) and her family. She is the sweetest thing that ever come to Robinson Creek. As far as her family they are the greatest. Courtney is no whore, and Rhiannon is no whore neither. I dare you to tell that to there face. Because they would stop a mud hole in your asses and then walk it dry. As far as Baby J he's just mad because Courtney want have a baby by him. Courtney can do better than that piece of shit anyway. Baby J should look at his own family before he starts talking about somebody else's family. As far as Rhiannon goes her baby is not a drug baby. That baby is fine with it's mother and father. Now where Waylon is concern you all are just mad that you all can't look as sexy as him. Waylon is a sweet young man and he is going to go far in life. Now where Nan is concern you low life pieces of SHIT!!!! better lay off because she is my mother to. I just dare you all to go to Faye (Nan) house and tell her this to her face, you probably want like what she will do to you. As far as Gloria, she wouldn't harm a hair on Chris's head, so I know that she didn't hurt him. She LOVED him dearly. Another thing Faye (Nan) didn't do anything to her husband either she loved that man very much. Take some good advice from me and lay off the the Newsome Family or you will have to deal with the consequences!!!!!!!!! We are all praying for the low life's that write shit about other people on here, because we all know they are going to hit HELL wide open for writing SHIT about other people, especially about Faye (Nan) and her family which I am one of them.

Chesterfield, MO

#16 Mar 2, 2011
Please DO NOT pray for me. I don't need prayers coming from you or YOUR NEWSOME family. I know who they are, and what they are about. I wonder when their DRUG business is going to get busted! They are low lifes.. and if they are so loved by everyone then why does everyone you talk to HATE them?! Just doesn't make sense! The only ones taking up for them is FAMILY. What about all the others? There is NO others! Everyone hates them! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Buffy Faye Daughter

Anderson, SC

#17 Mar 2, 2011
Only the low life hipocrits that are talking shit ab out the Newsom Family need all the prayers they can get, because they are going to hit HELL!!!!! wide open. Trust me because GOD told me this. Have you all ever heard the word Carman. It's true Carman is a BITCH and it will come back to bite you in the ass, and I can't wait how soon it will happen. So you all better lay the Fu__ off. I will still pray for you cause the only people that hates anybody is the ones that is writing this garbage on here.

Macon, GA

#19 Mar 2, 2011
Uh. Carman you might want to use your little brain a little more. Carman come on. Who is carman. Are you sure your not looking for another word. Come on little brain. Think

Chesterfield, MO

#20 Mar 2, 2011
Don't you mean KARMA? OMG! It's obvious that you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. You should definately learn how to spell, or atleast use spell check! DUMBAS$ I get your point though! Karma is a b!tch.. what goes around, comes around.. and that's exactly why this is all happening to the Newsome family. KARMA IS BITING THEM IN THE AS$!

London, KY

#21 Mar 3, 2011
she has a very nice personality.

Winchester, KY

#22 Mar 3, 2011
I get a pretty good bag of pot off that lady sometimes, no complaints here.

London, KY

#23 Mar 4, 2011
I don't think you should judge "a whole family" by what you THINK that one person in that family does. Your assumptions may be way wrong.

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