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Richmond, KY

#1 Aug 16, 2011
Apparently the City Manager believes that a 30 passenger Airlines can be successful flying in and out of Pikeville every Day?

Put the crack pipe down.

Maybe they can fly to Mexico to bring in more Mexicans?


Richmond, KY

#2 Aug 16, 2011
Non stop flights to Prestonsburg.

Richmond, KY

#4 Aug 16, 2011
Pikeville Parent wrote:
This should be applauded. Thankmyou city council, and the mayor. Frankie you need to put your name on this one, mayor hambley would have.n
The way we got the first airport subsidized in this town was by using the all American city status to gain federal aid to have one built. These people were pioneers in tis back then and while we have this type of government in office we better take advantage of it. Co e o. People whil the money hand is out there we better get cracking.
The first Airport was not even in the City when it was built and Hambley was not Mayor.

Sorry, try again.
Delta Airlines

Richmond, KY

#5 Aug 16, 2011
The Pilots will have to beware of the Mayor punching people.

Jackson, KY

#6 Aug 16, 2011
Airline's for a town that has no jobs other then Mcdonald's and Walmart. I bet all the tickets that are sold will be one way tickets out of town, lmao
Stan and Kyle

Knoxville, TN

#7 Aug 16, 2011
As a long time airport engineer for an International airport, I think it is a great idea. It can only help the area. These type of small regional airlines are probably subsidies anyway. Not a real risk to the airport. It helps small communities attract business. Plus people are only part of the equation. Mail and Packages are big money makers with all of the internet shopping going on. I use to see dead people transported in the cargo hold to be buried in their hometown about once a week. The benefits to this and the community are amazing.If it survives past the one year mark it was really a great idea. A grant to subsidies a regional carrier are usually for 1 year.
Good for the Area

Johnson City, TN

#8 Aug 16, 2011
I think this could be a great thing for the area. But at the same time there has been so much talk about government money and waste. Wasn't it subsidies like this one that one of the congressmen (Harry Reid, I think) for getting for a small town in his home state? As someone who would potentially use the service, it sounds great. But in the grand scheme of things, is this the kind of thing that everyone complains about being "wasteful spending"?
Stan and Kyle

Knoxville, TN

#10 Aug 16, 2011
I understand your concern and use to feel the same. The matching funds have to be donated by the community business. The Airport and local government cannot contribute. I have been through this twice. Businesses that need cheap air fair can donate and in the long run of one year actually save money, by getting cheaper air travel prices. It sounded kind of hokey at first. But there is a big economic impact
Stan and Kyle

Knoxville, TN

#11 Aug 16, 2011
In addition every time someone purchased a ticket from their point of origin. The tax on the ticket comes right back to the local airport. In the airport business this is called the entitlement funds. I once thought this was government waste. But it is money passengers pay to support the airports. You fly, you pay. Most of the money a passenger airport gets is through this program. There are lots of airport in America. But only about 600 passenger airports. It is a big deal for the community.
future passenger

Richmond, KY

#12 Aug 16, 2011
UPS and FedEx could be the main purpose with the humans being bonus cargo
Stan and Kyle

Knoxville, TN

#13 Aug 16, 2011
future passenger wrote:
UPS and FedEx could be the main purpose with the humans being bonus cargo
You are on to something and are right. They may be the ones in the area putting up the money for a low cost carrier.
WV airport manager

Saint Albans, WV

#14 Aug 16, 2011
I have lost money to such a venture, but the local politicians gained their seat for another term.

Be advised that Somerset, Ky. tried the same thing and it cost them their financial security for years to come.

NOT ONE Municipal airport has EVER succeeded at this.

Just ask Somerset about the nightmare that your own politicians don't want you to know about.

The last 'Airline' to leave Somerset wrecked on the runway trying to get away. That was the second wreck of the same airplane on the same runway.
Somerset has a multi-million dollar "terminal' which is abandoned, as will be this Political nightmare you are thinking about.

Your politicians (Primarily Mayor Frank Justice)discovered that your airport board had put away app. 8 million dollars for the safety and improvement of your airport. He saw a windfall to be used by him and his cronies.

Into the web of political wrangling comes Pike County Judge Wayne Rutherford and Sen. Ray S. Jones, Jr. to assist and share in the waste of these monies for political gain.

Frank Justice and Sen. Ray S. Jones, Jr. succeeded in replacing the board of directors with their cronies, giving them access to those millions.

There is not ONE pilot on that board now. Senator Ray S. Jones' law partner ( Non-pilot Bill Hickman) was appointed to unseat the dedicated 27 year chairman of the board who was responsible for the safety of air travelers and was instrumental in the slow accumulation of those 8 million dollars..

Mayor Frank Justice appointed all new members, loyal to his re-election bid, and not one qualified pilot to the airport board.

All that devious political manuevering is now going toward wasting those millions so that these politicians can convince you to vote for them again.

These 'airlines' require the municipality to pay for any and all EMPTY seats. YOUR municipality now has 8 million dollars to waste between now and next election time.

Your politicians know this is a "pipe dream', but count on you to vote them back into their cushy offices before the fertilizer hits the fan, as it did in Somerset and over here at my airport, and ALL other airports I have known.

The hard earned 8 milion has already been tapped to build the new chairman of the airport board's law partner, Sen. Ray S. Jones, new adjoining hangars. YOU voters are funding this for your elected (trusted) officials.

I stand to lose nothing in this farce, but felt it prudent to let you know of the falsehoods.

God bless, and I wish you well in whatever you decide.
Money Men

United States

#15 Aug 16, 2011
Hey! Franky knows what he is doing! Just look at his last big purchase. He bought the EXPO for top dollar and with 2 years left on the present managments contract. Oh never mind that managment eats up half the take at the gate and this is the same managment that created the Big & Rich fiasco!
Overpriced tickets for a second rate band and then blamed it on a closet tree hugger in the group. Could not cut the ticket prices and fill the seats.
Instead of letting that barn go under and coming in and buying it for pennies on the dollar, with the present managment team out, Franky bought this white elephant managment included that could not sell out the second coming with half priced tickets.
lightbulb time

Thelma, KY

#16 Aug 16, 2011
I never did understand why they would have a board that didn't have a single licensed pilot on it. Mike DeBourbon seemed to be doing a great job when he was on the board.
Money Men

United States

#17 Aug 16, 2011
Franky's last big venture crashed and burned, I hope he has better luck with the airport!...lol
Politics Crooks R Same

Macon, GA

#18 Aug 17, 2011
This Commercial Airline talk by the current Mayor and his newly appointed puppets on the airport board is nothing but a pipe dream. If that pipe dream ever came about guess who would be paying for the unused seats? You got that right the taxpayers. And who do you think could afford the ticket prices of such a carrier. Doctors, lawyers and the ultra wealthy.

Don't let this buch of crooks that seized control of the airport board decieve you again.

This place has been converted into a private airport for our great senator and his father. And the mayor removed a long standing board of directors and made the senators law partner chairman just to assure the senator get what he wants. Begining with a new row of hangers built at a cost of approx. 800,000.00 just so the senator and his dad wouldn't be sublected to the large shared hanger on the field.

Now this is a story that our local newspaper has refused to touch but when Mr DeBourban and the old board was removed there was around 8 million dollars in the airport account. Now just watch has fast these sleazy politicians go through the money.

And by the way what has the new board accomplished other than spending money like a drunken sailor?

Well we have about 15 trailers and trailer boxes lining was once was an appealing entrance.

We spent 800,000.00 on a set of hangers identical to the two existing rows that we only paid somewhere around 40,000.00 dollars for thanks to the old boards efforts led by Mr. DeBourbon.

We are looing to spend 287,000.00 on a dip somwhere on runway 9 and 27. Seems the only person to make a formal complaint about this slight dip is the senators father. And by the way the complete runway is scheduled to be repaved in early 2013 I am told by airport officials.

And yes the very latest. The beloved senators father had the blacktop in front of his brand new airport funded 800.000.00 hanger cut up and replaced with concrete as to accomodated the removal of his airplane.

So people don't let Frankie, Bill Hickman and the great Senator throw you a bone while they choke on the Prime Rib.

Ransom, KY

#19 Aug 17, 2011
I have heard that this mayor Frank Justice owns a luxury airplane. It is based away from here and he won't even buy fuel from this airport he now has total control over.

How can a mayor do that and not have to answer for it? How can a local politician exercise such a strangle hold on OUR facility and not SUPPORT that facility in any way.

Mayor Frankie is obviously wanting nothing but the power it gives him. He managed to replace the board and immediately told HIS new, and unqualified board to reduce the price of the Merion Branch property to a ridiculously small fraction of it's actual worth.

I also heard that the big bold plans (lies) that were told about placing housing on that property have been abandoned.( Many of us predicted that very scenario) Supposedly the last engineers to approach that property were instructed to only check the feasability of building a huge executive style GOLF course. We know who will be using that one, in order to not have to hob knob with the "little" men of the country club.

How can anyone get by with such obvious and abusive arrogance?

Is it any wonder why we, here in Eastern Ky. are the laughing stock of the entire world?

Mayors beating the hell out news editors and not a peep out of law enforcement.

Smutt campaigns against a Magistrate for asking for an audit of the questionable dealings between local politicians and the water company. It's an embarrassing debacle that only the VOTERS can correct.
Pike Resident

Clay City, KY

#20 Aug 17, 2011
How come the new hangars cost so much more than the existing ones? Where they bidded out?

How much did DeBourbon get paid for running the airport? And this Rick Keene that does the work Debourbon previously done, how much does Mr. Keene get paid.

Why would they want to spend 287 THOUSAND dollars on a runway that is scheduled to be repaved in a little more than a year? Wouldn't that 287K just be ripped up for the repave?

If there was a new row of hangers built at a cost of 800,000.00 how many new renters were gained to fill them?

Why did the city get the Merions Branch property so cheap? Isn't it the boards responsibility to protect the intrests of the airport? Rather than the citys intrests. Now I see why the old board was replaced. They were actually doing their job..........representing the airport.

The people at the local newspaper are just as guilty as the crooked politicians in this deal for not reporting it to the people of Pike County.

How about a thumbs down on that one!
agree or disagree

Kingsport, TN

#21 Aug 17, 2011
good idea if it all works out
Stan and Kyle

Knoxville, TN

#22 Aug 17, 2011
All airports are political. It would blow your mind. I know Senators, Congressmen, Mayors, City Council members the Board of directors. (who are political appointees) No work paid for by grants, entitlements ect. will be destroyed. It is always an addition or improvement. Airport are required to have a master plan the looks ahead 30 years into the future. Anything they want to build is only good. If some politician or big wig rents a hanger. That is good. The thing is profitable. They wont live forever. The airport will be there many years. Possibly 100. I have built single hangers that cost over two million a piece. Some aircraft are very expensive. The hanger is cheap compared to aircraft damage or replacement. Several times I have come into work in the morning and seen aircraft lying on top of each other due to high winds. They were tied down also. A maintenance hanger is brutally expensive. It depends on the tenants needs. The airport will always be there to serve your community and future. Sort of like fancy train stations use to serve the public for the last century. Airports now fill that need for human travel.

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