Dr Hager suboxone clinic

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Virgie, KY

#22 Sep 26, 2009
Is he like a psychiatrist too? Sees people for other things than Suboxone?
so very sorry

United States

#23 Sep 26, 2009
i think they should outlaw oxycontin,like take it off the market
The Past

Pikeville, KY

#24 Sep 26, 2009
Dr. Parker at Meta is easy to get in and he really undrsatnds the proble, but it cocs $250 and will not takr insuance
shurely not

Virgie, KY

#25 Sep 26, 2009
does he prescribe other medicine, like zoloft? or treat anything else

Anderson, SC

#26 Sep 27, 2009
Yes they use Suboxone for pregnant women. Trust me they do. It is not "approved" for pregnant women but they do.

Yes the babies withdrawal violently from it, and yes they are miserable. I know first hand that there have been babies that required morphine and phenobarbital for up to 6 weeks in the NICU with nothing more than Suboxone.

Ive dealt with mothers who sounded like Courtney Love and were high as a kite when they came in for delivery. The only thing they tested positive for was....Suboxone...for which they had a prescription and which they had been on for years.

If you don't think you're addicted to Suboxone instead of opiates, try just stopping them.

I personally don't care what adults do in their own homes. If they drive under the influence of this garbage or bring children into it, its just wrong. I couldn't count the number of helpless babies that are miserable because of this drug. Probably 85+ percent of the ones ive seen whose moms take suboxone have to go through this.

Please, if you are on drugs or drug treatment, don't bring children into the mix before you get your life sorted out.

Thelma, KY

#27 Sep 27, 2009
It is unfortunate that you continue to try to provide people with misinformation in your posts as omg and pmc. Once again here is information that is more than just heresay or someone's opinion. And pregnant women are given subutex, not suboxone. Provide some proof; not just anecdotes. You are doing a great disservice to the community by passing out false information.

Once again, here are some links that provide valid information:



http://www.addictionsurvivors.org/vbulletin/s ...

Thelma, KY

#28 Sep 27, 2009
Here is some more information from mothers that who were on sub while pregnant:

has so much information in there. And plenty of stories from women who delivered happy, healthy babies while taking buprenorphine.

Here's another recent thread that I think you'll find interesting by someone else who just found out she is pregnant. It has more experiences relayed there.

"The worst thing you can do is taper off and go into withdrawals of any kind. I was talking with a nurse who worked with pregnant methadone patients and she was saying that the baby feels any withdrawal that you do, except times 100. So women must be really careful. She also said that in the hospital she worked in, all the methadone babies need to be weaned off methadone after birth. None of the Suboxone/Subutex babies did. None showed any signs of withdrawals."

Thelma, KY

#29 Sep 27, 2009
I do have one correction; some doctors do use the suboxone instead of the subutex even though subutex is recommended for pregnant women. The naloxone additive in the suboxone is minimal; but the concern is just having one less medication that the mother is taking.
Why Dont You Know

Shelbyville, IN

#30 Sep 27, 2009
Smell the coffee wrote:
Why are there SO MANY addicts in Pike County?
Let's stop the cycle by answering that question first.
Twenty years ago I did not know of anyone in this area who was addicted to prescription drugs and now it seems half of eastern Ky is on some kind of pain med, nerve pill, muscle relaxant, etc.
There is nothing in Pike county or surrounding counties for people to do. It's the same old thing everyday.They can go out to eat,go to the movies,bowling,or to the expo center.Which that costs a lot some can't afford a 70.00 ticket for a few hours.The biggest joke is that the back door of the expo leads right to the door of the jail. The only reason for the expo was to bring more cash of pike county from arrest made there.Pike county would rather make money of people going to jail then build something for tourist and it's people.Look at TN and WV they both have things that bring people into the state.What do we have?Nothing !!! So our kids grow up bored , turn to getting high to get away from the boring ass counties we live in and around.It's ashame if you ask me.Why can't they put something affordable in Pike County for the young people to do? I hate that drugs are the only thing in Pike County that people have to be happy about.I've never been on drugs so I maybe be wrong about why people start taking them.
something to ponder

Richmond, KY

#32 Sep 27, 2009
so very sorry wrote:
i think they should outlaw oxycontin,like take it off the market
Oxycontin isn't the problem honey! When will you people learn?! You can take oxycontin off the market and people will abuse other products (just like they are already doing right now!) Personally, I think they should take "drug abusers" off the market...most of them, notice I said "Most" are complete wastes of human space! Let's take them off the market for good! They do not contribute to society or their families, so get rid of them and then the problem would be solved! We need products such as oxycontin to help those people who are good members of society and are suffering greatly. It is sad that people who really need help can't get it because of the the loooozzzers that abuse drugs for fun...what a bunch of dumb asses! I'm sure some of you will think that I have no compassion, well you are wrong! I have compassion for those people who have conditions and diseases that cause unbearable pain and can't get treated because of the jackasses that abuse drugs for the high...I think we should treat drug seekers/abusers as we did those with leprosy, then the problem would be solved!
Trust Me

Lexington, KY

#33 Sep 27, 2009
He is a miracle worker. My son has been on drugs for 15 years. He started going to Dr. Hager and he is a different man. He's taking Suboxone and he's also treating him for high blood pressure. If he had not gone to this doctor; he wouldn't be alive right now. Thank you so much Dr. Hager.

Pikeville, KY

#34 Sep 27, 2009
My name is Chad Morris take it from someone that is in Dr hagers clinic it is worth every penny it costs and you do have to become a specialist on addiction just to open a clinic.Suboxone is a wonderful alternative to a problem I had for 17 years so unless you now from experience you need to shut the hell up. Dr hager is a great dr and good person and anyone who says diffrent is stupid.

Pikeville, KY

#35 Sep 27, 2009
hello were did all the critics go
Trust Me

Lexington, KY

#36 Sep 27, 2009
Way to go, Chad!

Thelma, KY

#37 Sep 27, 2009
Chad, I don't know you; but it is good to hear that you are doing well. I think that the more positive stories that are heard, the more people will realize that this medication is indeed a lifesaving treatment for many that have suffered.
thank u

Irvine, KY

#38 Sep 28, 2009
Ive been trying to find suboxone doctors. thanks 4 the help. Suboxone is a wonder pill if u are willing and serious about getting help.Been getting off of street but would like to go legal. Thanks 4 the info. If u have more info please help.
hope for all

Thelma, KY

#39 Sep 28, 2009
Go to nwww.addictionsurvivors.com . There is a forum where you can communicate with others, a great deal of educational information and even a live online chat three nights a week. You will need to download a java program in order to do the live chat; but the program is available at the site. Dial up internet does not work well for the live chat; but if you have high speed internet you can participate.

Good luck to you. It sounds like you are going in the right direction as you want to stop using and get in a treatment program. It will give you a renewed hope and can help you get you your life back.

Pikeville, KY

#40 Sep 28, 2009
yeahh wrote:
<quoted text>
first of all..u can not get high off of suboxone..incase u didn't know suboxone has a narcotic blocker..no matter how many suboxone u take u aren't getting high, u get sleepy..and just because it ca show up in a drug test doesn't mean u can get high of of it..i bet u didn't know that diet pills can also show up in a drug test did u? u see if u wuld do a little research before u make ur self look like an ass then u would know that they make tests to test for certain things. anything can show up in a drug test if they have a test to test for that specific thing..sounds to me like u went to the clnic once and probably got kicked out for failing a drug test..as far as pregnant mom's taking suboxone, they have med calld subutec for the prego moms that is safe for the babies..anybody knows whatever a pregnant mom takes goes thru the babies system too..they are sold and snorted because of some dumba** who doesn't have any self respect has to try ou everything on the market..and if u do crush and snort then all ur doing is throwing urself into withdraws which does kinda feel like a high but is painful so maybe that is where u think u can get high off of it but that isn't it, that is called auto withdrawals..and dr.hager is a good doctor..and u need to research him just a little more cause he does go to suboxone and addiction conventions and he has been qualified to prescribe that meds as u have to be..why do u think there aren't very many docs in pikeville who prescribe that medicine? to u ppl who are getting help, good for u, stay with it and keep up the good work..i am there with u cause i have been clan for 3 months and for u ppl wanting help, hang in there and have faith, it will all work out for u and don't let fools like( who="omg"] talk u down because they can't help themselves..it is a good thing and it does work, i am proof..
You speak truth....you do not get high from suboxone, that is riduculous....read the drug label and if you want to get high from it then you are not serious about staying clean and it wont work for you anyway....this guy is exactly right for you ppl out there that want to know, just read his comment and it is all you need to know about this drug, it is a miracle worker....if more ppl would get on this drug then the world would be a better place and maybe the drug problem would get more under control. People argue that medicaid shouldnt pay for this drug, that is stupid, why shouldnt it?? People could actually get their lives straight and the world wouldnt be so dangerous to live in, you are risking your life just driving down the road because of so many high ppl driving....this drug could end all of that if enough ppl could get it. Enough said.

Pikeville, KY

#41 Sep 28, 2009
Does Dr. Hager accept Medicaid for this program??

Ransom, KY

#42 Sep 28, 2009
Not for Suboxone. $300 cash only.

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