Pike County Jail Inmates
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Macon, GA

#41 Jun 22, 2011
Wtf wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey man I agree with you so much, you and I are on the same page. I feel the way you do because at one point in my life I was a wild child. However, with the help from my family and friends I was able to beat my addiction. The times that I did slip up though were always do to the fact of someone telling me I couldn't do it or I was never going to change. I should be an a$$ hole and say that I hope that your kids don't do that, but that's not me. I wish all of you the best and I hope that you never have to have a loved one who went to or goes to jail. Also, that they don't have addiction problem. It can get anyone. I was raised in a religious household with as many advantages as the next kid. Things unfortunately happen. Good luck to all of you.
Thank you finally someone who understands what I am saying. People who are trying don't need someone in their ear telling them they can't do it or holding their past against them. Why would they even want to keep trying if people already are judging them or labeling them a lost cause who can never change? I know some inmates deserve to be there and I know some who are innocent (except for the fact of choosing the wrong people to be friends with) and didn't want to rat on someone who they thought was their true friend only to find out in the long run they weren't their true friend. I really feel bad for some addicts because they have no one to stand by then when they really need their friends and family.When a addict reaches rock bottom and they realize what they have lost they have no where to go but up to bring themselves out of their situation. It's hard for people to forget what an addict has done to them they don't have to forget but if they truly love the person and they are trying they need forgiveness. I think I would be willing to forgive if it were my child and it meant I was going to have my child back the way they were before the drugs. It's very hard for someone who has no one to turn to that has their back and believes they can change. Drugs change people they lose themselves when addicted to drugs their just a shell of their former self. To fall victim to drugs is an easy thing to do especially when they are doctors out there writing pain pills to anyone with money to buy the script. Greed overcomes the doctors money becomes to mean more than the patients. I'm like you I hope none of these people who are putting addicts down ever have their child end up in the situation. But sometimes it does cross your mine to hope that it does so they would being walking in an addicts families shoes to see what it's all about. It's no joy ride for anyone involved because truth is an addict may get prescribed drugs and like the feelings they get from it numbs the pain makes you forget about your problems for awhile then you realize you have to have drugs just to function and not be sick. To some it's better to stay on medicine than to go through the sickness of coming off them. I know people who have taken their own life because they couldn't deal with being on drugs or coming off them. But I realize that every addict is someones daughter,son,mother,father etc. and they love them. Addict may have their addiction under control but truth is it's always there an everyday fight and struggle for the rest of their lives. And you are right how a person was raised has nothing to do with it I know people who were also raised in a religious household where they had many advantages and there were rules enforced who are addicts or in recovery. I wish you the best and am glad you have picked up the pieces and have got your addiction under control and are able to show people it is possible to change.

Elkhorn City, KY

#42 Jul 13, 2011
i cant believe that someone whose name appears on the screen over mc roberts, ky can actually even conceive of cally anyone trash. It takes a real piece of sh it to sit at home and talk about people in jail. I hope ur luck with the law runs out and some bbig black buck pounds u in the rear, because u couldnt think of anyone think of anyone in mcroberts with enough money to make a hundred dollar bail to get u out. roderick i hope u die a slow hARD DEATH!!

Macon, GA

#43 Jul 13, 2011
bk3DAD wrote:
i cant believe that someone whose name appears on the screen over mc roberts, ky can actually even conceive of cally anyone trash. It takes a real piece of sh it to sit at home and talk about people in jail. I hope ur luck with the law runs out and some bbig black buck pounds u in the rear, because u couldnt think of anyone think of anyone in mcroberts with enough money to make a hundred dollar bail to get u out. roderick i hope u die a slow hARD DEATH!!
You [email protected] I'm not from Mc Roberts, ky.
This site gives you mixed locations when you leave a post.
Don't worry, Once your pills wear off you will understand the site better. lmao
Some Info

Harold, KY

#44 Jul 13, 2011
I can tell you now the jail in Pike Co does not give medical care. They give less then what you would a stray dog. Yes we have a problem in Pike Co drugs simply put. Do the powers to be want it to stop lord no why well look at the money you see in Pikeville. Yes crime does pay its paying for the Civic Center the new court house. Do they want to do away with there meal tickets they know by rearesting people an charging high rates on fines there going to get there money or there going to be in jail. Lord Rodney Scott gets payed big buks for a state inmate per day i never was told what a federal brings in. Right now our jail has Staff infection head lice body lice running in that jail like wild fire. You have guards who do favors for inamtes an Jody Gibson even took one of these girls home once she got out an was daiting this chick. Ask her ex husband all about Ashley Weaver how she robbed them blind. It blows me away on how many people could be help if the state would send these people to rehab good people make bad choices an locking them up for life or rearesting them for the same stuff isnt going to fix the issue. The probation office had a officer Beth Boyd she got hit with a dirty drug test an was alowed to come back an this person may have sent your loved one to jail for the same offense. You say starve em kill em i say judge them one at a time or put your mom or dad or sister or brother there i bet you dont talk like that. Hell try an buy them some underware at 5 times the value you can get at walmart its sad its wrong but thats what you got till someone else is put into office.

Macon, GA

#45 Jul 14, 2011
Ms. Boyd did put my loved one there for the same reason..... From what I have heard she didn't just have one dirty urine test. And she is still working there. If that had happened to anyone else they would have lost their job. There has been several complaints on her and they still allow her to work there. You tell me how she can lock someone up for failing a drug screen? When I'm sure part of her job description calls for her to be drug free unless it's prescribed by a doctor!!! To me it's not right for her to lock someone up for the same thing she is doing!!! Hell she could have been in a bad mood one day from the lack of her own drug use and took it out on someone and threw their a!! in jail... That's the Pike County legal system for you!!! When it comes to Pike County it really doesn't matter if your guilty or not to them it's all about the money. Or who you know and how hard someone sucks ass for you...
dont matter

Paintsville, KY

#46 Oct 9, 2012
Do you have aright to judge anyone god feeds everbody you are going to hell wideopen dum ass

Thelma, KY

#47 Oct 9, 2012
rodrick wrote:
<quoted text>
The simple DUI inmates is far from what the pike co jail is full of. To many speeding tickets, dui, unpaid child support.
All of those are simple charges.
Its the trash that's in there for theft, assault and battery, Numerous drug charges, Trafficking, etc.
Those are the low life's that are a waste of a good light bulb.
They get out on work release and instead of treating it as a privilege they sneak home, smuggle drugs, and so forth.
They make parole and what do they do? They break parole.
They're like a broken record and could care less about cleaning up there act. They just tough out the time and go right back to there old ways.
Simple scum of the earth
I just learned something surprising about Pike County jail. Misdemeanor convictions carry 100% of the time, whereas a felon only pulls 60%. What kind of justice is this?? It seems the more minor the offense, the more time you pull, while felons are rewarded. Is that crazy or what?

Winchester, KY

#48 Oct 9, 2012
Let me explain this for you. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a crime, and it is not victimless. After so many are killed by an action it is required the State do something in order to prevent any more deaths. It's not like these people out doped up or drunk don't know they will go to jail for driving. Every single one knew good and well he was breaking a law, and chose to take the chance. If this is the type right you want to support then you are the one with the problem. Imagine it being completely legal, and the officer pulling you over is so drunk he can barely walk. Imagine a Taxi driver in the same shape, how about a pilot. Ignore it and wait until that Pilot kills a couple hundred people then prosecute him. Wait until that drugged up driver kills your child then prosecute him. Some laws are required to ensure the safety of the public. If you can't wait until you get home to get drunk then by all means Jail is the place for you. It is illegal for someone to build bombs too. According to you they should be allowed to. Just go after them after they destroy property and kill some people. With this kind of radical thinking we could all save up and invest in a small nuclear bomb. Just in case we might need it. The law shouldn't be able to do anything unless it goes off.

Paris, KY

#49 Feb 14, 2013
Yep wrote:
<quoted text>
Rodrick, is it safe to assume that u r the one who drives a garbage truck for the county. If this is you, and I believe it is you calling those inmates who help you is a disgrace, u act cool to their faces knowing you r so lazy u won't get out of the truck. I work for the county and appreciate the help from those men they work hard. The only reason you have a job is because Randy ur uncle ur boss. Don't act like you don't have all of those inmates saving copper for you so that you can get some extra money on the side. Ur not supposed to be doin that either. Maybe u should start following the rules or you may wind up on the other side of the work release program. None of us in the county care for you anyways. Change your oil and fluids in your truck yourself next time instead of having thoses scum do it for you. Oh, only problem ur to over weight to fit under the truck to do it. Without thoses low life scum, you would have to work.
lol jealous is the worst thing in your life, grow up, if you have any shred of courage, or if you got the guts, then get out from behind your computer screen, and say it to rods face, because you sure dont have the nuts, i hope that you get cancer bitch

Pikeville, KY

#50 Jul 4, 2014
if it wasn't for these false arresting cops the jail wouldn't be full this stuff is bs qiut putting people down
Concern citizen

Pikeville, KY

#51 Jul 4, 2014
Has any one here about the Deputy who was injured last night about. his condition. Ernie
Loling all the time

Charleston, WV

#52 Oct 2, 2014
yeahright wrote:
Every single one of them in my book !!
Go fu ck yourself I have someone in there

United States

#53 Oct 2, 2014
bustemopen wrote:
Does anyone know an inmates that aren't worthless and a waste of tax money to even feed?
More then likely not
These people are still human beings and one day just like u r judging them the good Lord will Judge u if u were not there when the crime was committed u shouldn't judge but I will put all of u on a prayer chain obviously u need it . That could easily be u

United States

#54 Oct 2, 2014
God will Judge just as u r

Pikeville, KY

#55 Dec 30, 2014
awake wrote:
85 to 90% of the inmates are just misguided and are being held for victim-less crimes, in order for there to have been a crime there has to have been an injury or property damage. 85 to 90% of those inmates does not fit into either of these categories. many of you will not agree with this but it's still true regardless.
example 1: a man is pulled over and has been drinking. the officer arrest the man for DUI. this is a victim-less crime there are no injuries and no property damage this was a false arrest and the only crime committed in this example was by the officer himself.
example 2: a man traveling down the back roads pulls up to a road check he has no insurance and is arrested by the officers on the scene, again there is no injury or property damage. the officer is not claiming an injury or property damage he is only acting as a witness to what he is calling a crime and the STATE can not claim an injury or property as a result of this man traveling uninsured. again we have false arrest being the only crime commented and again by the officer not the man.
what these officers are calling laws are only statues,codes and regulations and these are what's called color of law it looks like law, they enforce them like law, but are far from being Law.
now here is where the real problem is. these officers are doing what they have been trained to do. they believe because of there training these statues,codes and regulations to be the Law just like many of you do so it is not there fault remember these officers have families they have to feed too. they just want to do there job and go home just like everyone else. so the question is how do we re-educate these officers in constitutional Law the true Law of the land. and get them out there working as peace officer's to protect and serve we the people once again?
That's not what the KY DUI laws say!

Pikeville, KY

#56 Dec 30, 2014
That's not what the KY DUI laws say!


London, KY

#57 Jan 13, 2015
bustemopen wrote:
Does anyone know an inmates that aren't worthless and a waste of tax money to even feed?
More then likely not
I totally agree I think they need to be took out and worked till they are dead Virginia Brock in Pike co jail is a felon that cant stay out of jail she continues to abuse drugs alchol and has endangered a childs welfare not to mention she is a hoe from Harlan she sleeps with any man she can get
off the chain

Winchester, KY

#58 Jan 13, 2015
Concern citizen wrote:
Has any one here about the Deputy who was injured last night about. his condition. Ernie
It happened at night?? This happened less than 24 hours after the big lie at the courthouse. When will the videos be obtained and viewed???

May a good man rest in peace. He did pass away the very day we had to go downtown again. Mighty odd

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