Springfield, PA

#169 Dec 11, 2012
Rosy wrote:
I found Zbiddy faster than quibids. I won an item using tips found on youtube.

Orlando, FL

#170 Dec 11, 2012
I agree that zbiddy is a scam. I was given 25 free bids to use on the rookie site. I easily won a coupon book and an additional 25 free bids for $2.49. When i entered my credit card to pay the $2.49, I received a confirmation of my payment that showed $35.00. It had my $2.49 listed and showed that I had also agreed to purchase 125 more bids which I never did. I will try to get through to their customer service line again in a few minutes!!! I will not be using zBiddy!! Stay away!

Whittier, CA

#171 Dec 11, 2012
Never respond to any spam emails; particularly zbiddy where you can't unsub from their spam and no phone number to contact.... nothing. It has to be a scam

Hixson, TN

#172 Dec 12, 2012
It is a scam. If you look at their site and decide to leave they send you a notice of 25 free bids just for registering, except after you register you find a charge in your email acct from them for $99.00 worth of bids.

Since: Dec 12

Arlington, TX

#173 Dec 12, 2012
usually smarter than this wrote:
<quoted text>
You should really check your bank statement ....because they will take your money out very fast!!
I was duped out of $180.00 before I ever started to bid. Hate those penny auctions. They are NOT what they pretend to be! P.S. it was hell to get my money back, they only gave me $45.00 back out of all the money I put in before I bid and I had to rangle with them for weeks just to get that. They will NOT give you your money back when you become extremely dissatisfied with the site so be careful if you don't want to lose hundred buck or more!!

Ardsley, NY

#174 Dec 14, 2012
Scame,Scame, see the post from SCAME? Looking at the price end up paying more and much more to just buy the item.
I got the Bahama Cruise, oh boy oh boy, they require someone to call you to book your travel date, a guy name Fabio called, and you can hear loud laughing noise and cheering noise on his backgound, the first thing he ask is my credit card number, I told him to send me a e-mail, I don't do it on the phone, he got very aggressive, telling me how stupid I am, ok, he insulted me right the way, I said he is not profectional, and those backgound cheering noise, he said those laughing and cheering noise is because someone just book the cruise line. Really? LOL...I think he is seating in a sport bar watching a football game. Zbiddy selling another scame company, looks cheap, sounds great, end up I lost the money for the Caribian Cruise trip.
I lost money on the Grocery Coupon have to paid additional for them to send you coupon.
I lost money on the , they only have three restaurant in my area,
and they have minimun requirement.

Greensboro, NC

#175 Dec 15, 2012
"ZBiddy yes big scam if you win say 500$ in coupons you have to pay a shipping fee that's cool ,but then they just send you a link and your prize number and that's cool too. BUT now they want you to pay a 10% clipping fee on top of the ones
you pick so that's 10% off 500$ some winning . ill stay with ebay and ubid they got a big 24$ out of me but lost the 3,000 i spend a year on stuff

Oceanside, NY

#176 Dec 15, 2012
I didnt bid on anything and they charged my credit card 99.99$ dont even log in

Kakinada, India

#177 Dec 21, 2012
I buy almost everything from here Most people are not aware of the almost unbelievable deals that they can get from online auction sites I checked with the BBB and was told that it is all legit How they can sell gift cards, laptops, cameras, and all kinds of goodies that we all want for 50-90% off, I donít know. I do know that I...

Wichita Falls, TX

#178 Dec 21, 2012
I had the same Craigslist experience only over an iPad! I responded to the ad, so the person that posted it had my email address. No I am getting Zbiddy emails and have never registered there! I think Zbiddy is using Craigslist to cultivate emails for marketing!
scams wrote:
I had gone to craigslist looking for a particular camera that I wanted. I found one at a great price; but was unsure of where the item was located and contacted the seller. They finally replied and stated that someone had just picked up the last camera; but that they wanted to share with me where they found three of them at such a "great deal". They then proceeded to tell me that they found them at and how easy it was to win there.
Fortunately I read the following before I checked around on the internet before I decided to sign up there:
"I was in the verge of buying bid points to be able to place a bid on an iPad ,which was already up by $97 something, still going on. Just thinking if i bought a bid points of 250, this will cost me $115.00. Doing the math, 250 bids for a penny a bid has a value of $2.50. If the items bid price has reached over a $100 mark, the item has already a value of $4,600 (700+- retail price) which goes straight to the pocket of Zbiddy, and the winning bidder has to pay for the bid price. Such a rip off. Considering that you want the item you're bidding on, you wont stop til you drop, and you get ripped off without knowing. Please check your math, correct me if i am wrong. Luckily, i backed out before having giving out my credit card information. Why is this kind of modus operandi allowed?"
Now I am wondering if the person on craigslist was somehow part of the scam too??

Macon, GA

#179 Dec 22, 2012

Bakersfield, CA

#180 Dec 25, 2012
Not sure as of yet but I have had a lot of fun with this site and I have won some items for real cheap. I still have a few days to see if my items come in though. Question, however, am I the only person who was offered free bids for signing up? I wasn't charged anything until my first win was made. It also seems to me that on a lot of these items you get free bids along with the win. I started with the free bids which I believe was 25 and now I am at about 500 bids. I never purchased any of the bid packages except for one that I bid on and got for 37 cents. In total with fees I think I spent about $25 for items that are worth well over $300. I'm not complaining as of yet but I'll be back here if my items don't arrive. P.S. Most of the items I won were gift cards which came with the extra bids. Just in case anyone wanted to get a few more bids.

Houston, TX

#181 Dec 26, 2012
This is a scam! don't do it! It is practically impossible to win a valuable item unless you spend hours bidding. Their automatic "auto bid" is a joke so you have to sit and wait and bid and chances are slim you will win anything. I bid on a subscription to Auto Trends magazine and found that the shipping and handling cost more than it would cost to get a regular (discounted) subscription. All item values are retail prices so you if you happen to be one of the people that spend hours bidding and you win, you won't get the deal you think you're getting. A pair of headphones was listed at $159 value but I could google it and find that same pair for $59.99. The price you spend on bids, and your time makes this a losing value. The low end items are a rip off as well since you have to pay a service fee and then deal with other online marketing BS in order to claim your "prize" if any at all.

Ocala, FL

#182 Dec 28, 2012
They never asked me for my credit card number to join, and never tried charging me more then what I requested to pay! this is a great site, I have won 3 auctions so far, I will post after I pay for them if I receive them or not :D So far no scamming :D and I didn't pay for one bid :D I did all the "free to bid" auctions :)

Blencoe, IA

#183 Dec 30, 2012
Does anyone know if beezid is a scam? Im thinkin bout signing up.

Eugene, OR

#184 Dec 30, 2012
usually smarter than this wrote:
<quoted text>
You should really check your bank statement before you decide that, and also, have you actually received any of that yet?
you get like 8 percent off your hotel bill wow i would like to talk to one person who has won something big like a smart tv which is going for 18 cents that keeps going on and on i bet the people who work there keep pressing the bid button, i figured they made so far at the very least $173,000 o a kedial fire thats going for 18 cents with at least 25 bids a min plus they took 99 out of my bank without permission

Belle River, Canada

#185 Dec 31, 2012
I originally thought that zbiddy was okay (Canadian site) I originally won through bidding 3printers and a computer monitor which ended up very reasonable even with including the purchase price of the bids. I received the items within weeks. Having been successful, I continued to bid and won many auctions after hours and hours of bidding. Now I have paid for everything and have waited since the end of September for products (2 laptops & much more). They tell me it is a Vendor problem however are still auctioning the same products on a daily basis. All of the products are from different vendors so the excuse is not acceptable. I have been ripped off and am very upset. I would advise nobody to fall into this situation. They drew me in initially but then burned me. I even offered to barter with some of the items I won offering to deal with 2 items in exchange for something they did have in stock. No success. Just bull.... runaround each time I call or email. Very disappointed and hope they are shut down somehow. Please do not fall into this SCAM
some guy

Upper Darby, PA

#186 Jan 1, 2013
a bahamas cruise vacation package they said 1 to weeks to deliver the info or tickets or whatever so im waiting to see what happens, i found the scam/trick when you sign up when you put your cc info in and are about to press order theres 3 boxes with an amount of bids your buying with the highest prices box/bubble checked as if you checked it you have to check on the smallest package option and then click outside the check box/bubble for the mark to dissapear or else they will charge you for bids you didnt wanna buy i won the cruise for 0 dollars and 0 cents cause i was about to leave the page and they gave me 25 free bids so i clicked on an item that nobody seemed to be bidding on purely coincidental, so anyways when you click on an item scroll to the bottom to see what the tranaction fee will be every item has one like all the magazine subscribtions have one for 13.49 which is stupid cause their not even good ones and cost prolly the ssame price from anywhere else anyways i paid a 2.49 transaction fee and i will update this when i know if i actually won anything if i didnt and it was i complete scam well its 2 bux so i dont care but i will be posting bad reviews everywhere

United States

#187 Jan 4, 2013
Jessy wrote:
Zbiddy is a penny auction site and you have to purchase bid package to place bids on the auction. They never ask for credit card while registering. If you have any doubt or issue then contact their customer support at 1-888-406-6509
Zbiddy most certainly does ask for your credit card information when you try to register, I for one do not put my info out there so easily, that automatically raised a red flag! So I googled them and found this site. Scam or Scheme I work to hard for my money to gamble it away I'll put mine on laya-way as another person suggested. KEEP YOUR HEAD ABOUT YOU AND YOUR MONEY IN YOUR POCKETBOOK.

Macon, GA

#188 Jan 6, 2013
I never tried zbiddy. Tried Quibids one time. It was ok.

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