Champaign, IL

#67 Oct 14, 2012
I can't believe any one of you gave your credit card number to a site like that. It's no wonder these businesses are thriving.

United States

#68 Oct 16, 2012
Yes it is

Campbell, CA

#69 Oct 18, 2012
too good to be true means too good to be true!

Chesterfield, MO

#70 Oct 20, 2012

Chesterfield, MO

#71 Oct 20, 2012
Warning stay away from zbiddy, they are a scam! After spending a couple of hundred dollars to try and win the small stuff, they never mail it to you.
they just charge your credit or debt card and keep the money!!!

Onalaska, WI

#72 Oct 22, 2012
zbiddy is a joke!!!!!

Onalaska, WI

#73 Oct 22, 2012
i tried to purchase somthing and they said my e-mailed was used and i know that is not true. i tried another one and again failed. so how can they sell anything. what a scam!!!!

Altoona, PA

#74 Oct 23, 2012
I rec'd an email about 2011 Overstock auction. I clicked on the mail and it's a plug for Zbiddy. I decide to take a look and see what it's all about. By the time I get all my information in, I've purchased $99 worth of something plus one free spin. I was to click on a link in a confirmation email, which I did not receive (and yes I checked my junk mail) I did receive an email from another site that is guaranteeing my purchase for 30 days however. I guess the bottom line is, if you need to jump through hoops to figure out a simple registration process, it's not a reputable site.

Nashville, TN

#75 Oct 26, 2012
Jason Bay wrote:
There are few people who are falsely bad mouthing about zbiddy. How can zbiddy charge you during registration when you never give any CC info to them? They never ask for credit card while registering.
It asked for my credit card while registering! Thank you all for posting that this is a scam. Almost got me! Guess if it sounds to good to be true it is. After they asked for my credit card information I decided to google them... Here I am! Screw Zdiddy!

Morges, Switzerland

#76 Oct 31, 2012
I was looking for an iPad on Craiglist and I received an email saying sorry already sold but if you go to zbiddy and use promo code bonus50 you can get one for much less, etc....

Wow, so many details without even asking a question! I replied with an email say thanks but my email bounced back, recipient do not exists.

That was a red flag. After checking few things i concluded that it is a "legalized" form of taking money from people, so stay away and keep sharing your story on several forum because you will save people like me.


Since: Oct 12

Potomac, MD

#77 Oct 31, 2012
Haven't you heard the saying, if it looks like s duck,smells like a duck and acts like a duck,guess what? It most likely is a duck! I too fell for the craig's list e-mail referring me to this 'great site' zbiddy, where the person 'said' they bought two macbook pros for $75. I foolishly didn't check out the reviews, and, from my own experience can now agree with all the comments of people who feel zbiddy is a scam. I totally agree. I even chated with the on line zbiddy person, asking why there are no apple laptops on the auction site,but on the 'trial auction site' they show them. The zbiddy chat person actually said that they 'hide' those auctions from most bidders. Now that is a scam to me! All you'll get is bid packs and gift cards. But the craig's list lure was the apple macbook which is impossible to get because it is never listed, or it'd
hidden' as the zbiddy person revealed.]

San Jose, CA

#78 Nov 3, 2012
Lisa wrote:
I don't have a problem with the concept of penny auctions - buyer beware, right? I DO have a problem with zbiddy posting non-existing iPads under the guise of individuals selling iPads they bought "for a really great deal" in order to lure people to their site. this has happened to me 3 times in the last few days! Here's the drill:
They post an iPad 2 or 3 at a good price -$250-$350. The posting is plausible, no phone number so you have to respond via email. Within an hour you get a nice, seemingly personal email telling you someone just picked it up, but they got their's at an auction site "a lot like eBay" and you should check it out. They throw in dollar amounts - "I'm normally able to buy them there for under ($150)($160)($110)" and offer advice if you need any.
I responded to both "women" who offered me advice on using zbiddy. One never responded, the other one's emails bounced back as "no such email.".
To test my theory, I went to one of the earlier postings that supposedly had already been sold and asked "Erica" if she could contact me with the advice she offered since her email address wasn't working.
Erica's response arrived while i was typing this. You know what she said? I'll give you a hint: make that FOUR times in the last few days. Yep, she's telling me the iPad was just picked up but there's this auction site a lot like eBay that I should check out...
Lesson learned? Personally I will never use zbiddy. This isn't an indictment on penny auctions as a whole; just do your homework. I'd recommend Quibids if I had an appetite for more penny auctions. Good luck!
Same as to me exactly like yours on Craigslist.

San Jose, CA

#79 Nov 3, 2012
It is a wasting time and money on Zbiddy. When I do the math, Zbiddy makes a lot of money on their products. For example, Apple products like Iphone 5 and Ipad 3. Yesterday the bid on Ipad 3 ended on the price $387.22 and it took more than 24 hours to finish the bid. If you bought the bid from Zbiddy site from 20 to 30 cents a bid. The money Zbiddy made was about :
100 bids =$20 if you bought 1 bid for 20cents on Zbiddy
$387 x $20 = 7740
100 bids =$30 if you bought 1 bid for 30 cents.
$387 x $30=$11610

While you save between $100 to $200 on Ipad or Iphone, you must spend time on LIVE AUCTION until it ends. The time is no predictable when it will be ended and you loose all your money if you are not the winner.
I am in Zbiddy and now I have never won Apple product and time for me to quit after loosing money more than If I go out and buy the retail price.
This is my experience only ......and be aware of Zbiddy.

Greeley, CO

#80 Nov 4, 2012
I was lured in by the Headline "Overstock Clearance" To register, it asked for my credit card #(I should have known that was a major red flag). A window pops up saying I've been charged $99! I look for a way to cancel out - there is nothing. I thought I now had $99 to bid. The window didn't say it was for bidding points only. I bid, thinking, I'm using $99 to bid on a camera. A window pops up saying FOR THE FIRST TIME how much I've spent each time I bid. NOW I REALIZE I'VE BEEN BADLY SCAMMED. I try cancel out of this whole deal. YOU CAN'T CANCEL. Thank goodness my credit card company called me. We made sure they can't charge me for anything else. BY THE WAY - ZBIDDY IS OUT OF THE UK - NOT THE US - It was a stupid mistake on my part.

Oakland, CA

#81 Nov 5, 2012
I agree w/ Mike, had the same thing happen to me. Got redirected to Zbiddy somehow and when I tried to reaccess the site after I discovered they charged me $99.00 I couldn't get in. Called the (888) 406-6509 number; could be in the Phillipines because I couldn't understand a freakin' thing the female rep said. Got another rep who said that THEY NEVER CHARGE A REGISTRATION FEE and that I must've signed up to buy a bid package but she couldn't find my name. Told her that I didn't buy anything and I wanted to make a complaint and she hung up on me. People wonder why folks go postal.

Livermore, CA

#82 Nov 5, 2012
Jason Bay wrote:
There are few people who are falsely bad mouthing about zbiddy. How can zbiddy charge you during registration when you never give any CC info to them? They never ask for credit card while registering.
You are incorrect. You cannot access the Zbiddy site w/o registering and giving your CC info. Please check again.

Livermore, CA

#83 Nov 5, 2012
Thank you to everyone who posted and warned us away from Zbiddy!
amber smyth

Fayetteville, NC

#84 Nov 8, 2012
They scammed me into buying 100$ worth of bids and when i figured it out, I contacted them and they kept hanging up on me. After awhile I requested that I get a refund because I didnt know that I was buying those bids and all they said was they could give me 75 extra bids! not worth it!

Chico, CA

#85 Nov 8, 2012
I "won" 2 magazine subscriptions. Never got them. Called them twice and they said give it more time. That was 6 months ago. A full on $100 loss. I gave up. x%$#
Jason Firestone

Saint Paul, MN

#86 Nov 8, 2012
Stay as FAR away from Zbiddy as you can get. It's not exactly a "scam" per se, but very very odd goings on. I did get a couple restaurant cards at a discount ok, BUT they didn't email me with the certificate numbers, and you can buy the discounts YOURSELF at without the bid price, or hassle.
Bid on a camera which arrived late, wrong color, but as advertized, again no email process as they promise. Then the clincher They are auctioning Dell Vostros that they don't have. I won one of these auctions and had 2 weeks of trouble, and back and forth with CS at Zbiddy. Each time I called, they had a different story. 1. "oh, shipping will call you in a few minutes", 2. "oh shipping will call in 24 hours", 3, "oh shipping will call in 48 hours". I said screw it, reverse the transaction, and they went ballistic. Fortunately I had used my VISA Card, and they were very helpful, and I reported them for fraudulent use of the VISA card system.Don't even THINK of having anything to do with this crappy outfit. In the end there are better auction places, and by the time you're done, it's not worth the time and trouble.
Very very very BAD experience. Buyer beware.

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