what is a holler

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#171 Apr 7, 2013
dam people quit being immature what holler means to us and what it means to you are totally different. what we say is different the way we talk is different. so just shut up about it its pointless to argue about it go find something to argue about that has a dam point

Winchester, KY

#172 Apr 7, 2013
wtf wrote:
<quoted text>A holler is that thing between your legs.
I'm not much of a grammar cop, but feel I need to correct you on this term, as it is very easy to mix up the two. The correct term for the thing between her legs would be "wallowred out". Same as with Fat Pats mouth. Wallowered out beyond the fitting of any normal mans member. He could mouth several at one time without any problem. Barry really did a number on him. We can't put all the blame on Barry as Patty was more then willing to perform for his daily fix.
City Country

Meridian, MS

#173 Apr 14, 2013
agree wrote:
<quoted text>
I have been nothing but nice to everyone and treat everyone equally. It is obvious discrimination when someone with only a high school education over someone with a bachelors degree. I don't talk like an uneducated idiot and the FACTS are the majority of women in this area are FAT PIGS and jealous and rude to those who are not just like them. Maybe I could borrow your broom to get out of this place because you my dear are a Witch with a capital B, and I'm sure you are as fat as a bear or you wouldn't have taken it so personal;o)
You know, I'm from Florida, born and raised, I'd never heard of 'hollers', which is country, or 'gettin' yo mac on', which is a ghetto term, until moving to Mississippi, people were illiterate, stubborn, and some just seemed like they were raised in a barn, some ghetto, some country, but the more I got close to them, the more I learned how wrong I was. They weren't the best at grammar or spelling but they were kind and stunning and had spectacular ideas that my very advanced education could've never brought me. They were accepting to the many cultures that come and go in our city ( we're near a military base ). Many people would tell me how interesting they found my 'northern' accent, how it was so different, but the accepted it and accepted me. Now I say y'all, I go 'muddin' and fixin' to means I'll get to it and 'fat' is a forbidden word. Never have I met, in my many years of Pensacola or Cantonment living have I met such kind, well mannered people who give the benefit of the doubt, never ask why, that are there for you when you need them in my life, and honestly, if the simple speech of a person seems to bother you so much and makes you feel as if you are superior, maybe you should take your high horse and ride off into a world of people who are up to YOUR standards. Just keep in mind, if it were the other way around, those people wouldn't care where you came from or how you spoke. Though, I see several errors in some of your posts, with spelling and such, the one that got me was the very country word you used,'seen.' But, in some cultures, your speech would be pretty inaccurate, and perhaps even considered dumb, like the more northern countries and I hope one day you're stuck somewhere that you're considered the lower intellect, see how it feels.
Smokey sings

United States

#175 Apr 16, 2013
Acadia wrote:
<quoted text>Good Grief, people like you make me want to cry out in pain. You don't make any "since" to me, what difference does it make to you how we pronounce our words?
It called "sinse" and it grows quite well up these "hollers"

Edinboro, PA

#176 May 12, 2013
ANGUS wrote:
<quoted text>Yhe word is SENSE dumb a--.
And the beginning of your 'sentence' should be The, even though you have not really written a full sentence.
Either way it is a nasty and unnecessary inflammatory comment and has been reported.

Have a nice day

Shelbiana, KY

#177 May 12, 2013
JET16412 wrote:
<quoted text>
And the beginning of your 'sentence' should be The, even though you have not really written a full sentence.
Either way it is a nasty and unnecessary inflammatory comment and has been reported.
Have a nice day

Logan, WV

#178 May 12, 2013
LOL wrote:
: to cry out (as to attract attention or in pain
Hollor is a slang word for hollow. My dictionary shows it as slang for the word hollow. When I moved here a couple of years ago, I too wondered, so I looked it up. I still say I live at such and such hollow, but it is acceptable to say hollor.
just the facts

Greeneville, TN

#179 May 12, 2013
If u have to ask what a holler is honey just stay in your city hood! Betcha don't know what a pone of cornbread is either!

Ransom, KY

#180 May 15, 2013
I think a Holler is down near the Crick.
Yul Arsho

Elkhorn City, KY

#181 May 16, 2013
Freedom wrote:
I think a Holler is down near the Crick.
yep its down yander .lol

Woburn, MA

#183 Aug 11, 2013
Researching a novel and couldn't think of a setting containing more decent, caring people than those I've read about and watched in long interviews, who reside in the hollows of Kentucky. Every neighborhood has it's bullies, it's detractors and it's just plain unfortunates, but to come from the outside and critize, well that only takes ignorance. Let's live and let live because I can honestly tell you that I don't like all roses, in my garden. I like wildflowers of every size and shade because they brighten up everything around them. Good health, lots of love and a warm roof over us all.

Jefferson, NC

#184 Nov 15, 2013
By gawd I'll tell you wHat, I drink my beers and I chew my tabacco and I SAY MY WERDS LIKE I WANNA SAY MY WERDS, dammit Bobby!

Buford, GA

#187 Feb 3, 2014
Wow, these are the dumbest fights I have ever heard. What has happened to our country. Judge not, that ye be not judged. Who cares. People that cast stones should really look in the mirror.
The Unsub

Lyons, IL

#188 Apr 25, 2014
I've thoroughly enjoyed reading this account, and seeing all the buffoons carping over spelling and grammar errors while committing spelling and grammar errors.

It was edifying to learn that a definition of "holler" came from "hollow," though.

United States

#189 May 2, 2014
wow! this is way cools .(not). i live near Boston and yep i pak my cah in my driveway and think this stuff is wicked awesome or way cools i dont think its nice to criticize anyone by the way they tahk or write or speak or the location they live in whether it be in a hollow, holler or hollah as we say here in The "noth" jus get along nonreason to cuss out each other cuz someone doesnt spell words correctly or pronounce words correctly
we all speak the way we were brought up in the areas we all live at and i have lived in a few places and seem to pick up stuff (slang) from those areas when i spend time there
Hugz to all of y'all gee -louise !
and i misspelled alot of words here cuz here in boston we use alot of short words to write qwuickly laterz alligatahs
Barbara Warren

Rochester, NY

#190 May 7, 2014
I have relatives from all over the US, including Appalachia. Each location has its own unique dialects. Example - If you want a Pepsi in Fitchburg, MA, you may ask for a soder. In Rochester, NY, if you wish to go from Rochester to Toronto you might go acrost the lake. And of course, there is the lovely southern drawl, with the famous "y'all", which I never "did could" completely "get shed of" or Brooklyn "Yo! Jeet yet?"All are places I have lived at various times in my life. All are places I loved, and the regional accents never fail to bring back warm memories. I love living in a country with so much variety in culture, language, people. It is a pity that intolerant morons see these lovely differences as a reason for insult rather than appreciation

Loyall, KY

#191 May 7, 2014
A flat spot by the creek! Or according to Randy Travis " our love is deeper than the holler". Some of the nicest folks come from the heads of these hollers In KY and WVa.

Minneapolis, MN

#192 Aug 29, 2014
Thank you. Your info was much appreciated.
Granny wrote:
<quoted text>Honey the word comes from the word "Hollow." Hollow refers to a valley that is between two hills and it represents a "hollowed out space." Pronouncing the word "hollow" as "holler" does not represent ignorance it is just an ancient pronuciation of the word. Chill!!

Colorado Springs, CO

#193 Mar 28, 2015
haha wrote:
What doesnt make "since" to you..lol...Im from Pikeville and I know how to use better grammar than you...how pathetic...its "SENSE" sweetheart.. Maybe you should change your location to "Lexington".. you think?...I mean SINCE that says its where your from...we dont need you around here..take note on how I used the different spellings of SENSE and SINCE...something you should learn..lol
Why do people have to be so mean, even cruel? Does it make you feel strong, superior, powerful, in control? You think you are so smart, but you have used "your" for "you are" in your nasty comment. "Your" is possessive ... is this "your" pen? You are is speaking to an individual "since it is where YOU ARE from". Let's put a smile on our faces and have a great, blessed day!

Scottsburg, IN

#194 Apr 6, 2015
LOL wrote:
: to cry out (as to attract attention or in pain
It's spelled sense not since. Might want to learn how to spell before you call someone out. Lol

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