Stopping doctor shopping; Experts say...

Stopping doctor shopping; Experts say a national database is th...

There are 159 comments on the Appalachian News Express story from Feb 10, 2007, titled Stopping doctor shopping; Experts say a national database is th.... In it, Appalachian News Express reports that:

STAFF WRITER Though the practice of doctor shopping has been illegal in most states for many years, officials say it is still going strong in areas along state borders - like Pike and Mingo counties.

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United States

#61 Sep 18, 2007
DWF32, you need to get your story straight, he did not lose his license. If you go to the Ky Board, you will see that he entered into an agreed order, while alligations made by the attorney on the other side of the car accident case were looked into. He was completely cleared. Again, refrain from speaking out of your -ss!

Ashland, KY

#62 Sep 18, 2007
DWF32, again, your facts are a bit distorted. Firstly, not only did he graduate from UK med school, he was in an accelerated residency program and graduated ahead of time. Secondly, he did not ever at any time lose his license to practice. Maybe you don't know as much as you think you do. In my opinion, he is a fine Doctor and person, and to my knowledge, can still save lives...the disservice is to his many patients who are now without a physician. People who are unable to afford overly expensive health care, those who cannot be treated. Many of his patients were there when he started practice and were still active patients on his last day in the office. There are many people who still are willing to stand up and say he is not a drug addict, so, do you have a close personal relationship with him...where does the drug addict crap come from ????? I hope whoever you are, you never get in a position that you need a good Doctor, because Pikeville has certainly lost one at this point.

Prestonsburg, KY

#63 Sep 20, 2007
Elizabeth & Tim: did you go into his office prior to the raid? I would imagine not or you would not be posting some of what you said.

On March 25, 2005 the Kentucky Medical Board said Raschella "shall not dispense prescribe or otherwise professionally utilize controlled substances" for a period of six months, and completed prescribing Controlled Drug at Vanderbuilt University.

Hey Tim did you know that? Why did you fail to address it? It appears something was to the complaint or he would not have lost his ability to write controlled substances for six months.
Are you related to Raschella? Yes he was a good Doctor at one time. When he started at the clinic in Mouthcard he was considered an excellent Doctor.

As far as his practice during the last year, he had drug dealers & drug addicts. This is public record. Numerous patients complained he was passing out in the exam room. Other people seen him in public under the influence of narcotics. If this is not a drug addict then what is? That is where the drug addict "crap" come from.

Pharmacists complained that he was writing more oxycontin or oxycodone pills than anyone else in the area. They knew something was going on at the practice.

The DEA does not come after good Doctors. Also if I need a Doctor I will find a good respected one. I will not go to a dopehead that writes oxycontins to anyone who shows up in his office. Pikeville lost nothing than another dope Doctor who kept the area supplied with dope.

I dare to say nobody will come forward and say Nick Raschella is innocent.
Everyone in the community knew what was going on. You are in Lexington or Ashland. You should have driven by Raschella office on Hambley and seen the dope heads hanging out.

Regardless of what all these people are willing to say Raschella is gone he will never practice medicine again and may go to prison. Now we need a few more like him gone.

United States

#64 Sep 20, 2007
DWF32, like I said before, if you were to call Lloyd Vest III at the medical board, and ask what that was all about, he would tell you that the entire investigation was due some unfortunate circumstances. That being a lawyer on the opposite side in car wreck law suit was trying to cause problems, so it would show up during a trail. What she didn't bargain on was that when she filed the complaint that it would be months before they would even look at it. And by that time the case had settled out of court. Hence, still leaving the investigation. Doctor Raschella did exactly what they requested and in a time frame sooner that they requested and was completely cleared.
So since you seem to think you know so much, why didn't you know the FACTS!!!

It seems that you know alot about the pharmacist and the DEA, so are you one? Or do you just sit around on these chats and try to stir up "crap"?

What public record shows who his paitents are? Have you ever heard of HIPPA laws.

How about the TRUTH, something you seem to know nothing about. It seems to me that you know alot about his office. Have you been there? Are you one of the guys that was given oral sex by the receptionist for pills before she was fired? If you don't know first hand what you are speaking about, then you are just carrying tales and placing your own spin on the situation.

mystery abuser

Schaumburg, IL

#65 Sep 20, 2007
i need my meds so u no drug users stay out

Pikeville, KY

#66 Sep 21, 2007
Tim, I will agree that maybe the first time he had a run in with the medical board could have possibly been due to a car accident. I do not know either way other than whats on the Kentucky Medical Board website. Now how do you explain this last incident away. Also I dont think the medical board requested but ordered Raschella to do all that.

What public records you ask? How about people in court charged with drug offenses identifying Raschella as their Doctor. That has nothing to do with HIPPA.

If Raschella was on the up and up he wouldnt have been running a cash only office. YOu could drive by on Hambley and see the druggies standing around. Many people quit going either due to him being high or the druggies at his office.

What does this have to do with the receptionist. She did not write the prescriptions. Raschella wrote more oxycodone pills than any other Doctor around here.

So tell me what is going on with all of this? Is this a DEA setup? Is he 100 percent innocent?

Raschella was a danger to the community and that is going to come out at the trial & medical board.

How dare you get on here and act like I dont know what I am talking about. You are in Lexington taking up for an oxy pusher who couldn't stay awake long enough to see a patient.

So amaze me with the truth. Once again the DEA does not raid Doctors offices without an investigation and proof of wrong doing.

So when not if he looses his license, what are you going to say then? Even supporters of him admit he was in no shape to practice medicine. Regardless if he was in a wreck he was smart enough to know what he was doing was wrong.

So defend him all you want he is still going to be out on the street.

United States

#67 Sep 21, 2007
Do you know how the raid came about? How about, two girls who had been discharged due to not being compliant, got in trouble and to cover their butts they said that they were splitting scripts. However, they failed to mention that they were splitting scripts with his receptionist, not him. Also, the receptionist had been writing and callin in scripts to pharmacies around the area. Since, you know so many pharmacist, I'm sure they can tell you that. Also, the scripts have been collected and it is plain to see that they are not his writing. It is kind of hard to duplicate!! Also, when some of these occurances were to have happened he was not even in this state, but on vacation.

Raschella did not run a cash only office. He accepted insurance, Medicare and had Workers Comp. patients. He is one of the few affordable doctors for patients who do not have insurance.

And what trail is this going to come out in. He has never been charged with anything. While the receptionist is entwined in the car theft ring in Floyd Co. What happened is the DEA and FBI were so eager to jump on this they didn't check out their sources well enough. Both if the girls have 16 counts against them already. And their confirmation was the receptionist who was fired.

So you never addressed how you think you know so much. Or are you one of the patients who could not pass the drug test, pill counts or KASPER reports that were run on each patient each visit?

Scott Depot, WV

#68 Sep 21, 2007
thank God something is being done to stop the drug problem. I hope more pain pill push'n doctors are forced to close their doors and addicted folk finally come to terms with their problem and seek real help.

United States

#69 Sep 21, 2007
What needs to be adressed here is the difference between people who take pain medicine to have quality of life after an injury versus people who take drugs to get high. There is a big difference. And because of the druggies, it makes it hard for legitimate patients to get treated. Pain medicines are to be taken to increase quality of life, not to get a buzz. Those who take them for this reason and in the correct doseage have pain relief not a high.
But it only takes people misusing a good thing to make it bad on everyone. It is not fair to lump all people who are on pain mediciation into one category. Each person needs to be evaluated on a case by case basis. And for those of you who have never experienced pain or living with a family memeber in pain, do not judge others. It is a life of HELL and I would not wish it on anyone.

And just because I am not in Pikeville at this time, does not mean I do not know people who have to live with this terible reality everyday.

Pikeville, KY

#70 Sep 22, 2007
Tim do you think the DEA & FBI based their whole case on the receptionist & two former patients? Is that what Raschella is spinning? Better yet you bought it hook line & sinker.

What about his records he kept? What about his patients ( drug dealers, etc)? What about the pills he was using himself? What makes you so sure there isn't lots more evidence. I am sure the DEA just dont raid Doctors and shut them down for fun.

You honestly do not think he is capable of practicing medicine again? Even if the receptionist did do illegal things ( which is very possible) he still has a lot of the blame. If he had not been a doper himself he would have seen what was going on in his office & he would not have a druggie running the show.

Pills counts & KASPER reports? Give me a break.

The dopers have drug his professional credibility through the mud. They all knew he was a doper and would write them oxycontin. I am sure a federal grand jury will be indicting Raschella.

Which it dont matter. YOu can afford to take up for Raschella and believe him. You dont have to live here and see what he done over the last year.

Even if he only did a few things mentioned he should have resigned his license until he was capable of practicing.

United States

#71 Sep 22, 2007
Like I asked before, you seem to think you know just aliitle bit more than everyone else. What about the records he kept? What about his medication? If he is prescribed medication by a physician, for his back injury, who are you to say he can or can't? That is not your call. You are not a physician, or are you???

How do you suggest patients be screened? If they have MRI's and other tests that show injury, who are you to say they are not and just pill seekers? So you would play God and deny an injuried person treatment. Have you ever been injuried? Have you ever not been able to work because of an injury that would take your livelihood, disable you from paying your bills or take care of your family. I think not, you would not be spewing such venom.

There is not one doctors office in Pikeville that doesn't have patients who have snowed the doctor or the office staff at one time or another. If you don't know that you are living in a fantasy world.

Lastly, the DEA did not shut his office down. They asked him to voluntarily give his liscense, while being investigated. Because, it would be harder to get it back, if he didn't. If you were to check, the KY Board has done nothing to his liscenses. Knowing the wonderful area of Pikeville and it's excessive rumor mills,he would not leave himself open to anymore accusations.


United States

#72 Sep 22, 2007
DWF 32, I was just thinking. You seem to have facts that the average person would not. But each time I have asked you, how, you don't respond. So which agency are you with? DEA, FBI, State Police or UNITE?

Pikeville, KY

#73 Sep 23, 2007
So I must be an agency with an agenda? I am a citizen who is tired of the drug abuse in this area. These things are not hard to find out. I was about to ask you the same question how do you know more than the average citizen? Are you an attorney or something or Doctor?

Pikeville, KY

#74 Sep 23, 2007
Tim as bad as I hate to give you credit you are right in the post about the difference in people needing pain medication & getting high. That was a good post. I just now had time to read and post a comment.

United States

#75 Sep 23, 2007
No, I am not a lawyer nor a physician, but a concerned citizen. However, my wife is a close friend of his wife and I do have insight that you may not. I have watched what this entire situation has done to this family.

To address your comment about the doper receptionist. His wife has always taken care of the administrative side of his practice. He has never wanted to be involved with that or the financial aspect. He just wants to treat his patients. His wife blames herself everyday for not picking up on the receptionist earlier. However, she came recommended from a cardiologist office, who moved to another state. After she fired her the first of May, she had to take much time away from her own business to try and straighten her mess up. She had to discharge patients that she had excepted along with other things.

Do you know that Dr. Raschella recieves treatment from some of the best doctors at Johns Hopkins, Lexington and Louisville. Yes, over this 5 year period, they have tried with little success to treat his back, neck and leg pain. Everytime a new medicine comes out, they try it. And when they do, did you know that he and his wife would go out of town, so that the effects, if adverse, would not be seen by others. Did you know that because of these medical problems he goes long periods without sleep?

Try getting 12 to 14 hours total in a week, and see how you do. However, in the months prior to this incident, they had made great strides with his sleep patterns.

How do you think this has effected him. A picture of physical health, totally taken away in flash of an eye. Someone that was very physically active now can't get out of bed in the morning without help. And was at one time unable to care for himself. He knows that the field he works in can do little to help him in his own physical need.

When this incident happened do you know what they found in his office? Only his own meds, that he keeps with him at all times. They were very disappointed.

To address the issue of the grand jury. What is truly scarey, is the fact that when this is heard in London KY, they will only hear one side. The side that is presented by the FBI, DEA or police. They will not know about his injuries or other circumstances, which in my eyes is not true justice. It will be only after then, that all of the evidence will come out.

Also, he was only seeing 6 to 8 patients three and sometimes four days a week. That is a total of 28 to 30 people. How does that rank to be all of the dopers in the area? He did not see 50+ like most physicians. He took his time and actually talked to them, not treat them and street them. The sad thing is there are patients who are truly in need and have no one to take care of them.

And to address your earlier comment, he will not be out on the street. He has a wife who will stand by him, and friends and family who know the truth, and will continue to support him. So these chats can continue for what they are worth, but people are going to believe what they want to believe. You without sin cast the first stone.

Scott Depot, WV

#76 Sep 23, 2007
Its great to read an online intellectual debate and differences of opinion in a civil manner. Way to go Tim and DWF32....whoever you are...

Thelma, KY

#77 Sep 25, 2007
Honestly, if a physician is in so much pain that he has to take narcotics, nods off while examing patients then that physician does not really need to be trying to practice medicine. It is a safety issue for his patients and a lawsuit waiting to happen for him if he makes a serious mistake while being impaired.
against all drugs

United States

#78 Oct 5, 2007
WHAT wrote:
there is a food city in south williamson with idiots who dont care working the pharmacy and it is so full of drug addicts filling prescriptions there nobody seems to hardly pay attention so they just sell their dope right in the parking lot as soon as they get it filled at the food city pharmacy .most everyone working there is on drugs also ,they do drug test however they drug test the wrong people.
happy happy

Scott Depot, WV

#79 Oct 6, 2007
If you see this all the time and know it from personal experience, why don't you report it to the police or unite?
scratching my head

Fedscreek, KY

#80 Oct 9, 2007
jtb wrote:
lol lots of prescriptions coming from south williamson n thats a FACT
A doctor in Paintsville, Ky writes one patient 60 somas, 120 valiums, 60 loratabs and 30 ambien. When asked why, this patient says the doctor writes them for her seizures. Go Figure

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