Pam Robinson
Britni Horsley

Columbus, OH

#21 Sep 13, 2012
ok outsider:) shut your mouth... its not your business!!! I am sick and tired of ppl runnin their mouths, no one has any idea what my mother has been thru, my father passed away 2 years ago and God blessed her with ray!! He loves her and so did my dad... I am so sorry that your lives is so pathetic that you have to bash other ppl.... I wasn't gonna write on here anymore but you are really starting to piss me off!!! I am gonna tell you again to leave my mother and our family alone and off the internet... one thing my dad taught me was not to back down to anyone and let ppl run my family in the ground and hunny your no exception to that!!! Stop with the bull crap, he didn't want you then and he doesn't want you now, so freakin drop it:) k thanks
blast from the past

Caldwell, OH

#22 Sep 13, 2012
I know from ancient history that Pam's first husband was still married to someone when she met him. Homewrecker. Case closed.
blast from the past

Caldwell, OH

#23 Sep 13, 2012
I know from ancient history that Pam was seeing her first husband while he was still married. She broke up their home. Case closed.
Britni Horsley

Columbus, OH

#24 Sep 14, 2012
WOW you seriously have some balls don't you?? you have crossed the line jennifer, I am done fighting with you over the internet, if you would like to say something you can say it to my face... you are so immature and i am gonna be the bigger person and stop the bull crap... but I can't promise you the same thing if I ever see you out!!! You need a church and lots of prayer for your problems.... oh and while you are praying you better beg God to never let you run into me bc It won't be pretty... like I have said b4 you are all bark adn no bite and I am not scared of you:)
Get Your Facts Straight

Canton, OH

#25 Sep 14, 2012
Don't go making accusations unless you have the facts to back you up. I can GUARANTEE you that "blast from the past" is NOT Jennifer. Apparently there are skeletons in your ma's closet. Deal with it. Let's just call it a repeating pattern called Adultery x2. Save your hypocrisy, Bible thumping just don't cut it.
Britni Horsley

Columbus, OH

#26 Sep 14, 2012
I don't care who you think you are leave us alone... your freakin scared i know that... I know that if I was you and i had as much to say as u do i'd atleast have the balls to say my name... your act like a scared little girl!! but thats ok bc u can say whatever you want everyone knows your not brave enough to say it to my moms face or anyones for that fact!!

Canton, OH

#27 Sep 14, 2012

Does the new hubby or his family or the new community know Pam has a past as an adulterer/homewrecker? Hmmmm, I didn't think so.
food for thought

Canton, OH

#28 Sep 14, 2012
Why was Pam's new hubby standing in front of his ex's front porch at approx. 1:15 a.m. one VERY recent Sunday in September?
neighbor from the past

Caldwell, OH

#29 Sep 14, 2012
If you are a christian why do mention balls? You are a hypocrite like your mom. She was under age when she broke up her first husbands first marriage. That is a fact.
Britni Horsley

Columbus, OH

#30 Sep 15, 2012
did i say i was a christian?? nope sure didn't and last time I checked balls wasn't some horrible word... but whatever!! and yes I am sure he was at your house lol!! atleast I am not scared to tell you my name... ur immature and ur scared!!! thats the facts woman...
not scared

Port Matilda, PA

#31 Sep 15, 2012
HE should be the one scared/worried. Deer camera caught him trespassing (also possibly considered B&E) AND being a "peeping Tom" -- in a county where he is NOT protected by corrupt legal players. It's not the first time either. Just saying.

Minford, OH

#32 Sep 16, 2012
neighbor from the past wrote:
If you are a christian why do mention balls? You are a hypocrite like your mom. She was under age when she broke up her first husbands first marriage. That is a fact.
all men have balls? and some women do too? christian or not;lol

Columbus, OH

#33 Apr 12, 2013
How's that workin' out for ya, Pam? I hear your marriage is a sham, and he knows it isn't legal. Probably did it on purpose so you'll get nuttin' in event you or he want to end it, or he dies. Karma is a b&^%$.

Granville, OH

#34 Apr 12, 2013
Pam never told me she was married the other night. Damn.
words of wisdom

Farmington, MI

#35 Apr 13, 2013
Old habits die hard
Britni Horsley

Piketon, OH

#36 Apr 24, 2013
Its so funny that yall think you know so much lol:) not one of you can tell me who you are so sit behind your computers like the babies u are and keep running your mouths.... all bark and no bite isn't that the saying lol!!!
ha ha

Dublin, OH

#37 Apr 24, 2013
Then there's that other saying..."Laughing all the way to the bank!"

United States

#38 Apr 25, 2013
They always say like mother like daughter!!!
Sad State of Affairs

Cleveland, OH

#39 May 4, 2013
Unbelievable what gets posted on here. First, anyone who stupid enuf to post their real names, make libelous statements AND threaten physical harm (could also be construed as harassment) is waiting to be slapped with a lawsuit. Secondly, what kind of mother raises her daughters to talk/act like bullies and be so disrespectful to others?
chuck beekman

Chillicothe, OH

#40 May 19, 2013
Get them girl's! Pam's a good lady she has always treated me good and it! don't matter. What any body said because they are all full of shit and ain't got anything better to do but stir sh t! Get your own life and keep your nose in it!

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