Party train busted 3 am

Mountain Home, AR

#66 Sep 7, 2010
you hypocrite wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi this why you verbally abuse your children and let them be continually exposed to drugs and psychotic behavior by you and your husband?
Go to hell. You are a hypocrite of the worst variety...and everybody in town knows it.
Who is Linda?
From a Believer

Portageville, MO

#67 Sep 7, 2010
PLEASE SHUT UP ABOUT KIDS! Folks, anyone gutless enough to talk on this website about anyone under the age of 21 is a worthless, ruthless human with so many issues they must spend a lifetime tearing people down because they cannot pick themselves up. PLEASE quit mentioning names of minors as they have e tough enough time in the world today getting by with carnivores like some people on topix trying to tear them apart. Please let the first person without sin talk next.........if that happens this will be the final word.

Mountain Home, AR

#68 Sep 7, 2010
i sure live a sheltered life; i had no clue so much was going on in our quiet little town

United States

#69 Sep 7, 2010
its funny that the guys that are of age, or threw the party are getting all the blame, yes they are able to drink but does that mean they invite these little girls and tell them to come get drunk until you end up in the hospital? No i don't think so.. No one forces alcohol down their throats or tells them they better drink, so i think they can make their own decisions weather to drink or not. So stop blamin the guys just because they go to a party where they are aloud to drink.. its not everyones fault that these little teenagers are out lookin to get drunk. a party is a party weather or not who throws it, they are still responsible for their own actions so stop blaming others for your childs doings!
Chad Emerson

Branson, MO

#71 Sep 7, 2010
This was not even my party you prick... There was a ton of people my age and older there I was talking to and hanging out with. Why dont you get your facts straight. I'm sorry ur daughter likes to drink and was there drinking with all of us. But I dont buy alcohol for them and I dont make them drink. I was at this damn party for maybe an hour and my name gets drug into this like I was there all night. I left way before midnight. So please come confront me. I'd love to talk to you face to face instead of on this crap. U need my number... Its piggott I'm sure somebody can give it to you. I'll be in town sunday if you wanna talk. Come find me!!!!
Dad of partying teen wrote:
My teen was at this party, and I myself am very disappointed that my child made such a poor decision. I still love my child and will always be there for them. But one thing for certain mr. Jon Johnson, mr. Chad Emerson and Any other adult I find out was there letting this go on, I will make damn sure I tell everyone I see just what kind of a men you are when I see you I will confront you. And just how old are you guys, can you not find adults your own age to date or hang around with. Every parent should be entitled to know. Of every adult there. But know that will not happen, criminals have more rights than the innocent. And in my book you so called adults are criminals, you broke the law and should have to pay for it. And by know means am I excusing my Childs actions. There are consequences for actions and my teen will be seeing consequences. I just hope this community holds these so called adults accountable for what the have done.

Mountain Home, AR

#72 Sep 7, 2010
hahaha wrote:
its funny that the guys that are of age, or threw the party are getting all the blame, yes they are able to drink but does that mean they invite these little girls and tell them to come get drunk until you end up in the hospital? No i don't think so.. No one forces alcohol down their throats or tells them they better drink, so i think they can make their own decisions weather to drink or not. So stop blamin the guys just because they go to a party where they are aloud to drink.. its not everyones fault that these little teenagers are out lookin to get drunk. a party is a party weather or not who throws it, they are still responsible for their own actions so stop blaming others for your childs doings!
The ones who are over age 21 and buying the alcohol for minors are the ones to blame. There is so much of that goes on in this town and too many parents know about it and don't care.
shut up

Columbia, MO

#73 Sep 7, 2010
Citizen wrote:
Jon Johnson, Chad Emerson (with a 15 yr old girl), Adam carpenter ( with a 16 yr old girl), chris wegall, Zach trammel, cord pike, and more adults were I just don't know there names but the only adult charged was Jon Johnson also known as little Jon. The party was held at diamond paving. I know of several underaged kids that were there and parents were called but I will not put juveniles names on this site I do not condone I believe that should be handled by the parents if they care. But the ones that were allowing this to happen should have went to jail.
o shut the f**k up people there kids an there gonna party maybe you people that dont want your kids there should keep a closer eye on them how bout that
i know who

Gideon, MO

#75 Sep 7, 2010
also i was told there were pills and marijuana brought to this party so no wonder all the little underage girls were the ones mostly messed up...not saying it was forced...but most likely pressured by these older guys. i was told by a person at the party (friend of my childs) that there were girls so messed up that they were dancing on the tables erotically and leaving and going outside with 3 or more guys at a alcohol is not the only thing that we should be worried about as parents of children attending this party and from what i hear this jon johnson throws alot of parties just like this.
A friend

Southaven, MS

#76 Sep 7, 2010
This is so stupid. Anyone has the right to throw a party. Be responsible parents and know where your kids are. Stop blaming others.

United States

#77 Sep 7, 2010
i know who wrote:
jon johnson craig dollins zac white dawson haywood chet vaughn lance conley morgan mikel amanda johnson caleb morris daniel cooper chad emerson logan ballard these are the 21 years old n older ppl that were at the party with the alcohol.....i found out bc the cops that busted the party gladly told me(good friends) and i was a concerned parent and thank god now i know who to keep my child away from. this is for all the actual concerned parents out there wondering the truth...there it is.
I think someone needs to get their facts straight.

United States

#78 Sep 7, 2010
I think you people to to drop this subject because you dont even have your facts strait.You are blaming innocent people for what your kids have done. The truth is you need to keep better tabs on your own kids and stop blaming other people for what your kids do.

Dallas, TX

#79 Sep 7, 2010
True the teens are to be held responsible for their actions and poor decisions, i couldn't agree more. But if the adults were held accountable for the laws they broke I bet you would see less of these parties. If someone wasn't buying for them it would be harder for the teens to get it. I know teens will find ways but as parents, law enforcement, and a community as a whole it Is our job to protect the youth because most of them not all are not mature enough to look after themselves
Hee Hee

Mountain Home, AR

#80 Sep 7, 2010
some kids will... some kids won't. It was happening in the seventies and eighties as it happens today. Thank God I lived. My parents were extremely good parents. I lied to them about what I was doing and they believed me. I just didn't get caught. As I have raised my children the best I could- I talked alot about the effects of drugs and showed them the people that were effected. Mainly the methers. It scared the hell out of them. Don't think they will ever try meth. Thing is, there were pills, pot and liquer back then, and parties-lots of parties as there is today.I don't think there is a magic trick that will make that change. Just keep up with what your children are doing and be nosey! Keep them in church and pray,pray,pray that they make good decisions.Thank God that I did not get addicted or kill someone or myself in the process.

United States

#81 Sep 7, 2010
Its weird how most of these comments are from people who were not at the party and heard it from so and so - a VERY typical Piggottian thing to do. Why am I not surprised? I was at the place and left before it got busted and most of things I am reading are not true. I don't know if people are making things up just to "get it on the action" or if this is what they truly believe because someone told them this because they heard it from so and so and etc (you know how it goes). The way the "minors" at this party were acting was disgraceful. The parents should be ashamed. I would be ashamed if they were my children. When this so called party first started there were not any minors, and then they started coming in....Why? Because it is Piggott and there is nothing else to do in Piggott. And we all know you can't hide a party from a minor. If they want to drink, they are going to find a way. They may take the alcohol from the parents fridge or whatever, they will find a way. And really people, would you REALLY call an 18 year old an adult? Sure they are not a minor, but I would definitely not call them an adult. I do not think its a problem for people of age to have a party, even if it is within the city limits. Its not on public property so what should it matter. But yes, I do think that there should be a little more restraint about letting underage folks in. However, that is hard when the younger girls are dating the older guys. When you as parents are OK with your daughter dating this older guy, it should be assumed that your daughter will be hanging around him and HIS friends and they will be doing things that people his age will be doing. People can gripe about the "adults" at the party all they want, but a lot of it comes down to your kids raising. Have you raised your kid to be responsible and prepared them with life skills? Or not? I'm not taking sides either way because its not OK to contribute to minors, however, there should also be some blame put on the minors. And as far as the contributing to minors goes, I did not see any of this "contributing." So I do not know where the underage people got their alcohol. Most people know however, even if you are underage it's still pretty easy to buy alcohol. All it takes is a hooched up minor girl or a minor boy with a beard and a fake ID. Its amazing how many underaged folks have bought alcohol themselves. So maybe this busting of the party isn't actually the pertinent problem. Maybe it's the outliers that you would not necessarily think of first off. Perhaps the problem is that stores are selling to minors with fake IDs. Or perhaps the problem is YOUR minor is taking the alcohol from YOUR house. I would take a look at ALL options before blame gets jumped on one person.

Grayville, IL

#82 Sep 7, 2010
justice is gonna be real for all us sinners, get a life, wake the hell up. Rectum arkansas is the rectum whole of clay co., mcdougal the meth capital, and piggott the pot capital. now this has stepped on someones big ass toes and they dont like this shit at all.. what about your careers, and money and all your debt up over your own heads here in this co.? Prestige, reputations, are you worried? Hell yeah you are shaking in your corrupt shoes here at election time!! You don't even want all your skeletons brought out of all your closets do you? Hell yeah, truth hurts your claim to fame in town here!! You sure have your nerve, we know who you are too! We got you under our microscopes now examining your sorry asses from all your sorry ass upbringings involoving a few inbreeds.Your a whore, theif, con artist and much more. Now sling your own shit you sorry MFs!!!!!!Come on and make our days here in this peyton place drama queens!!!!
I know right

Mountain Home, AR

#83 Sep 7, 2010
Haha wrote:
Haha.. Who the heck ever said Chad Emerson is 18 or 19 needs to check a yearbook.. On Jon Johnson also!
I was thinking the same thing. Someone mentioned something about them being adults, but not being able to buy alcohol...Um, for one..they're about three-four years past buying alcohol:)And a 23-24 year old with a 15-17 year old, IS wrong.

Cherokee Village, AR

#84 Sep 7, 2010
holy shit sounds like everybody on this topic needs 2grow the f**k up & just worry bout ur own damn selves
Mohawk Sr 2008

Dallas, TX

#85 Sep 8, 2010
Why is it that of 3 volleyball players w. Blue was the only one punished. Why did h. Holcomb and k. Moore not have to serve punishment. I mean is that fair. I don't think so. Everyone I've talked to say that they were their to.

Grayville, IL

#86 Sep 8, 2010
Wrong, any way I can view this! Teens are gonna be freaking teens as long as they can! I was one too, long, long ago. I chopped cotton for $1.00 an hr. and Mom was my personal slavedriver, Dad and Uncle Bill were my Fed. Inspectors on the tractors, now back then no breaks unless needing to potty, go and come right back, noon sit under the shade tree near and drink ice water out of the ball canning jug, jar, and eat peanut butter and crackers, go back in 20 min. to work, take 6-8 mile long rows, no breeze and 100 degrees, plus some! At the end of our daily 12 hrs. shifts, by crackies I was ready to have fun! Got on my banana bike and rode to Hollywood, had a blast, rolled in the floor, done everything with Mitzi and family big enough to do.. Jamaican tans no problem! No oils or lotions..only natural, blonde streaks flowing from my head naturally sunshine blonde! Wow! So skinny the hip bones protruded and long sexy legs, you would have had to been in the fields to see the action of me and my sis, mom. Shorts, and tank tops, transistor radios, man what fun! Fair came to Kennett, had to ride the bullets, and money was no problem! Had some stuck back, and we rode all night till closing time every yr. Makeup for school fun times! No problem, hit the annual sidewalk, moonlite, blue light specials downtown Kennett and stocked up on the necessesities! Eyeliners, eyeshadows, mascaras, foundations, and blush. Albums? No problems! Got some of those oldies like Alice Cooper, Steppenwolf, Ozzie, and BLack Oak Arkansas they ruled the teens airwaves then, and dancing! No problem, just be there Sat. night, if I wasn't grounded. Get the Mustang going, if it wasn't blowing up again, and ride to Kennett to the armory, and freaking dance with all my old school friends. Merle Haggard and posse from Kennett always came and they were so much older, guess what? No problem, danced with him too! He druck his beer bottles to the dance floor, oh well. He was good looking and loved to dance, what's a young girl to do? Freaking dance, are u crazy? Fun times ruled in the 70's where I came from, and I was on the farm, worked hard, and still had the biggest blasts a young woman could ever dream of! Leave the teens alone, and let them boogie, and of course there needs to be some more responsible and matured adults there to supervise and not buy them alcohol, let the ones who want to have a dance on me for old times sake, ok? Disco, rock, and party down kids! While you can!!!!!!!!!!Being old really sucks, when you worked for a living all your darn life, broken down, and busted in this here peyton place with all the jealous old ladies running their filthy mouthes, trying to shut you all down, they had their fun, now it's all your turns teens!!!And any adults who want should be given the same priveledges here, so shut the crap up, old ladies!! Gosssipers and general HATERS of all MANKIND!!!!!!!!!!

Grayville, IL

#87 Sep 8, 2010
We know exactly who you guys are too in this town, so shut up! GO to church, you may need to pray a lil harder, so do we. So shut up if you possibly can and get a life!!!And a clue!!! You are about 200 yrs behind the times here, at least 100 yrs. behind on everything you can possibly imagine the modern world of civiliztion has, ho go out of town to have fun and shop, eat too? Wow, take all your fun out of this state, and run, if you can! Head for Sunday School and pay your tithes, and party every Saturday night at Holcomb suburbs? Gothcha! Nice messeages you all send out!!!Wow!

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