There is NO way to see this situation differently. Seems to me "Justice" seems to be judging us. We are responsible for your own thoughts & ACTIONS!!! SO you "Justice" are calling this "MAN" a cowboy? Huh NO Cowboy I know would treat a horse or any animal this way. Think about this, IF this horse got SCARED of fireworks and he WAS IN A PEN no one with horse sense would try to go in & control a scared animal. You let it be, that is common sense. You try to restrain a scared animal huh I guess I have never seen that approach taken. DUALLY WAS IN A PEN & TAKEN OUT & TORTURED!!!!!!PERIOD!!!!! If you believe what you are trying to tell us You need to rethink! They had NO right to touch someone elses property. So I think your comments have no merit at all. How can You "justify" Justice, this behavior?????!!! Put the shoe on the other foot. This so called man should have his life altered for this matter. And hell yes if his parents have bailed him out before or let him not be accountable for his actions, THEY ARE TO BLAME also!!!! When you are a parent you teach integrity,honesty,pride for onesself & others!!! This is what is wrong now days, people blame others or try to make excuses for THEIR OWN ACTIONS!!!!!! So tell me what else you KNOW about this,$1000 could be good for you!!!! This is a MORAL issue which anyone who tries to make excuses for these actions need to check their morals. I too will judge in this matter. So do you "Justice" know the rest of the story???? Please share, you seem to know something WE don't! BS!!!!!