Windstream sucks
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Fed up

Vilonia, AR

#1 May 13, 2011
I am so sick of Windstream! I can never get online. I am lucky enough to get on here to make this post. It's just ridiculous! My phone is always making a buzzing noise, since my phone is through my internet. It's just terrible. It wouldn't bother me, but my work consists of being on the internet. This is even making me want to move. What the hell are these people doing? We shouldn't be paying 1/2 of what we are paying, since it only seems to work 1/2 of the time! I am so fed up!

Conway, AR

#2 May 14, 2011
Before u step off the deep end with windstream there are a couple things u can do to find out what is slowing ur computer down...1st call windstream inter net service and ask them to ping ur line this finds out if it is on their side if the line is clear then it is ur computer that is not making good connection..if u r on dial up get a new 56k modem...old one could be weak...if u r on dsl or 2wire..turn off ur modem wait a few minutes the plug it back in to electric adpater and restart ur machine...also check ur filter that plugs into the wall occassionally this goes bad after a while...hope maybe this may helps ur problem

Vilonia, AR

#3 May 17, 2011
I don't have dial up. I have DSL. I shouldn't be having any problems. And I have called them in the past and got nothing what rude remarks, and it didn't end up helping out the situation anyhow. They said all was okay. Most of the people in this town have the same problem, it isn't just me. It's definitely NOT my computer that is not making a good connection being that this is a brand new laptop. I've tried turning it off, turning it back on. Still doesn't help. It's the internet provider's problem. A lot of people have this problem with windstream, hence why this isn't the only post concerning the bad internet service through windstream. Thanks for the help though, I appreciate it. I think I just might try to find another internet provider.

Summerville, PA

#4 May 17, 2011
We have had windstream internet for years, well for a long time. Never have had any problems, and when I have questions I just call them and it gts fixed easily.
I think you are just trying to stir up crap.
lady a

Conway, AR

#5 May 17, 2011
no its slow half the time and i have high speed if your paying good money because its not cheap the internet should work right if not they need to update their systems find the problem and fix it

Summerville, PA

#6 May 17, 2011
I'm telling you, from experience, myself and several different households and businesses have windstream and never have trouble.
Seems to me that windstream ought to sue for libel when they find out about this.
You are making things up that can cause them to loose business.

Chagrin Falls, OH

#7 May 23, 2011
Our internet service isn't that great where I live. I get my internet from semo in PB but we have windtream phone service. Its slow, some of it may be semo but our phone lines are on the ground a lot with a tree across it. I never try to download a movie or a very big picture, takes way too long and I would probably get knocked off line way before it finished anyway. I can only dream of high speed internet.

I've had to call windstream customer service before and my experience with it wasn't good, being charged for calls we didn't make. My husband ended up calling them back after I hung up on them. He got them to take them off our bill after they gave him the run around. I hate calling them when our phones go out too. They always come out and fix them in a day or two but I do hate calling them.
Sorry Nuts

Jasper, GA

#8 May 23, 2011
Sorry Nuts...but I have to agree that Windstream provides an inferior internet service. If you run a speed test, I think you will see that you are not getting what you are paying for. I'm also qualified to say this as a thirty year veteran of the communications business. I've worked with much better systems. I have found that Windstream's customer service can be very cooperative and that it is their policy to adjust the bill when you complain, although they always use a cock and bull story about their "latency outage that should be repaired by next month." Like most communication companies, they have some issues with billing and you should also pay attention there. Unfortunately, it is the size and subscriber base of the system that brings this sort of service. At least, it's not dialup.

Tipton, IA

#9 May 23, 2011
yeah my internet sucks too,if i get a phone call while i'm on line it kicks me off,and i have windstream dsl. a wireless router cords and it still messes up.
not telling

Meadville, PA

#10 Jun 28, 2011
windstream is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my 55 years. If you live rural you may be stuck with them and rest assured ... they don't give a crap about you. Your dsl will crawl at 32kbps... that's if it works at all... as for your phones ... thye might work for a month or 2 at which point you will have to call customer service and get the royal run around. I wouldn't wish this company on my worst enemy.
2 cents

Elizabethtown, KY

#11 Jul 20, 2011
i must say I've lived in several states over the years and had various internet providers and windstream definitely SUCKS ASS! On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is the best...windstream is #999 !!!

Greenbrier, AR

#12 Jul 21, 2011
nuts wrote:
I'm telling you, from experience, myself and several different households and businesses have windstream and never have trouble.
Seems to me that windstream ought to sue for libel when they find out about this.
You are making things up that can cause them to loose business.
I would welcome them to try but they will fail something awful.The service tech came to my house a couple days ago and told me this:You have strands down,1 has been down a year and the other two have been down since APRIL.Really?Been damn near 3 months and they still haven't fixed it and the tech said all the people out here would get better if just the two strands was fixed.Then left with out fixing the problem.I went to the website and did a speed test,.44,.77,1.14,and .22 was the download speed,but i pay for 3.00 and am not getting what i pay for so i actually think it's the other way around.They either get their shit in line or I WILL find a lawyer and other people and we'll go that rout.
yep theysuck

Cedar Rapids, IA

#13 Jul 27, 2011
Phone went dead last Friday night
Called at 9 A.M. Saturday and they said they would be out before 8 P.M

Called me back at 3 P.M. said they were running late and they don't work on Sunday so they would be here on Monday.

5 P.M Monday still noone shows up. Called again they must have lost the call ticket. Came out Tuesday and when I got home after work I have a dialtone but no DSL.

Called again and scheduled a late afternoon appointment. Went home early from work and they called me at 4.P.M. to say (You guessed it!!) They won't be able to make it again.

United States

#14 Jul 27, 2011 getting half the speed i am paying for.

Lititz, PA

#15 Aug 8, 2011
nuts wrote:
Seems to me that windstream ought to sue for libel when they find out about this.
You are making things up that can cause them to loose business.
You're truly a complete idiot. Windstream provides shit support, I called them up one day, I'm paying for 1.5mb/s and I was getting 32kb/s on three different servers one day. They said that I was actually getting faster speeds then I should and they need to dumb them down a bit. Seriously? 32kb/s is faster then I should be getting? Idiots.

They provide shitty service, and you actually think they have the right to sue because a customer wants to protect others from the issues Windstream creates? You are an idiot.

Broken Arrow, OK

#16 Sep 6, 2011
We are having the same problem. Our phone line and internet are on the same account. I can get on the internet for about 5 mins then kicks off. Same with the phone. I've been trying to call customer support all day but as soon as i'm able to talk to someone my phone kicks me off.
myinternetmakesm esad

Saint Albans, WV

#17 Nov 11, 2011
well all i gotta say is this..i've had windstream for 2 months now and i'm constantly getting kicked offline...i got the 12mbps and when i went to do a speed test i was only getting 10mbps. well, that really didn't bother me too bad, what bothered me is that i constantly lose connection. so i called up time warner whom i already have cable tv through, and now i'm getting the 15meg through road runner..

“Squad 420”

Since: Nov 11

Utsjoki Gimlib

#18 Nov 12, 2011
People of Earth!

We have taken control of the bandwidth of your Windstream while we scan your female memory units for the formula of CAKE! We demand the formula and resistance is futile!

Stop your instant whining about the speed at which you access this joke you call Internet! Only a few years ago you connected to this Internet at the rate of 1200bps on a dial-up ISP. We will now resume our scan and require you to remove yourself from Netflix and other movie streaming services as this is responsible for well over 60% of the down-stream use of the bandwidth! Now get in your kitchens and bake us CAKE!

New Alexandria, PA

#19 Nov 19, 2011
I dealt with Windstream Customer Service, they are courteous on the phone even though they are not much help. The problem is with the Windstream infrastructure (old phone lines and technology). Residential neighborhood does not warrant their investment. Since not much can be done, Windstream techs just keep giving the same old excuses. Advertise for up to 12 Mbps in the neighborhood and you will be lucky to get 1.5 Mbps.
Peter Piper

United States

#20 Nov 23, 2011
whatever wrote:
yeah my internet sucks too,if i get a phone call while i'm on line it kicks me off,and i have windstream dsl. a wireless router cords and it still messes up.
This is usually a filter issue inside the house or in the home's phone wiring.

This thread in general is pretty silly as others have stated. 99% of the time, if you call them(your ISP) and they check or ping your service and it tests clean of issues, then it's either your wiring, your setup, or your computer. Doesn't matter how new the computer is, how old the house is, or how long you have used a phone(this doesn't certify you).

It's obvious there are multiple posts on here by the same person which shows just how few people are having issues. You can change your IP or your name but grammar, spelling, and typing habits are as good as hand writing.

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