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Pickerington School Board Cuts Nearly 100 Jobs | WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio News

There are 189 comments on the 10TV WBNS story from Jan 25, 2011, titled Pickerington School Board Cuts Nearly 100 Jobs | WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio News. In it, 10TV WBNS reports that:

Pickerington schools announced Monday night that it approved $13 million in budget cuts that will include staff cuts, program reductions and extracurricular activities.

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Rburg Resident

Madison, AL

#1 Jan 25, 2011
Time the school systems become accountable for their spending. Just asking for more because you say you need it, doesn't make the asking right. Where are the pay cuts to the administrators, including the upper level admin., and possible pay cuts for the teachers instead of layoffs.

If I run out of money? I spend less. So it should be with the schools.

With all the apartments and section 8 going in on East of Columbus proper, the schools will continue to be over crowded and and burdened with non property tax paying residents. This includes Reynoldsburg, Pickerington, and Canal, Look at what has happened to Groveport as an example. Used to be a good school. Not anymore.

Westerville, OH

#2 Jan 25, 2011
This is typical of a school board. Cut the things that mean something to the student and parents. All those low level cuts that affect the students when they could have not positions with big salaries that dont affect students directly. This is what its all about. The school board is pissed off that the levy last November didnt pass, so they cut things that are important to taxpayers, in efforts to get the levy passed again. I wont vote for it. Hold these administrators accountable. Do not allow them to mis manage our hard earned money and get away with it.

Coshocton, OH

#4 Jan 25, 2011
If PLSD would concentrate on education rather than keeping up with the Jones in central ohio maybe they wouldn't be in this situtation. I feel bad for those who've jobs have been cut, but it was only a matter of time for Picktown schools. They need the biggest and best for everything and it dosen't matter what the public thinks, Dublin, Hilliard, Arlington etc has it ......we need it too!

I lived in Pickerington for 30yrs, attended my whole school yrs there. PLSD are the master's of spending and have lying down to an art. Just ask them about the expandable hallways on the "Factory" what you new commers call PCHS. Yep that was another line of BS!

Until PLSD gets the spending under control they'll be headed for collapse....Hmmm remind you of another organization?
Art Lover

Walbridge, OH

#6 Jan 25, 2011
DISGUSTING. I heard they are eliminating all elementary art teachers. So that way the kids can learn art from their regular teachers, who took 1 class on teaching art and music to children, if they were educated in the last 5 years. If they weren't then they probably haven't taken any classes on the arts. Any child who could have had talent and potential in the arts won't have a chance of discovering that talent in PLSD.

If I had kids in that district, I'd move. We pay taxes for our kids to have a GOOD education, not a crappy one.
buckeye bopperman

United States

#7 Jan 25, 2011
Can the government do anything right ? The answer is no . Postal Service = broke / medicare= broke / social security = broke / schools = broke !!! Get the feds out of education . Back to private and local control . No teachers unions period . They are a schill for the fund raisers in the democrat party anyhow .
Raider Rik

Columbus, OH

#8 Jan 25, 2011
Mr Progressive wrote:
Cross your fingers and repeat after me, "It is unfortunate that the kids will be affected the most," Meanwhile, let's produce a generation of dullards who are just smart enough not to start fires in the fryers, but not smart enough to figure out they're going to pay for our fat pensions for decades to come. Now get out there and blame the parents and then find me a Saul Alinski scholar who can help us punish our enemies.
Great comment!

United States

#9 Jan 25, 2011
Isn't it interesting the school system always is saving money at the expense of the students. No doubt the cuts will be for sports, music, art, etc. Will cuts also be made in salaries and personnel for the Board of Education? Why not start at the top and work down. Get education back to the basics. No frills. Stress only education - if parents want their children in sports, music, etc., have them pay extra. There is another way for education - HOME STUDY! The school system would save a bundle - no busing, no free food, smaller classes, etc. Parents have an alternative.


Sunbury, OH

#10 Jan 25, 2011
Cut school administrator pay or thin out the school administrators. They are the one's milking the sytem dry with overspending and ridiculously high salaries. I'm all for making money but not at the expense of the education of our children.

Dublin, OH

#11 Jan 25, 2011
Sounds like it's time for Pickerington voters to start demanding their moneys worth out of their taxes. Make some noise!
Need real solutions

Hilliard, OH

#12 Jan 25, 2011
I live in Canal Winchester. I strongly believe EVERY school district holds the children hostage to insure parents vote yes on upcoming levies.

The board tactfully cuts services to the children, then promise to reconsider IF an upcoming levy is approved. Of course, the programs are generally re insituted once spirit has been broken.

Parents work...they must vote for the levy so their child has transportation.

A child is in an activity, they must vote for the levy because THAT particular program is vital.

The list goes on and on. It is emotional black mail. And the saddest part of all, is the parents surrender. The parents love and want the best for their children. Without any energy left to fight a system that has the ability to hurt so many, parents surrender and vote for a levy. It is if;

"okay, this will cost OUR FAMILY, an additional $300.00 a year, that is much less than private lessons, transportation, etc. so we just surrender and vote yes". After all, it is for the children.

I saw my house payment increase over $70.00 a month when a TEMPORARY levy passed. So, can anyone guess what Canal Winchester board is now saying? THEY NEED TO LEVY TO CONTINUE TO CONTINUE AT THE NOW BASIC LEVEL. Even that is not enough.

Well, when is enough enough? I REALLY want an answer....at what point does the board say they have taxed people out of their homes and they cannot ask for another penny? Is it 4,000 a year in school taxes,$10,000? What number does the board feel is the most they can force from home owners? Then, do we just shut up and give it ot them so they go away for the duration of our lives?

Sorry to be so angry. But I literally saw people posting on levy forums that if you cannot afford to pay more school taxes, move out and let someone in that can. Survival of the fittest.

P.S. I home school without any resources from the district.
not from Pickerington

Columbus, OH

#13 Jan 25, 2011
I have a question to everyone making comments here.....did any of you go to the meeting? Have any of you read the proposal? Rburg resident, isn't that what they are trying to do, spend less?

If anyone here has a suggestion on how to help, I'm sure the school board would love to hear from you.

In these times of declining enrollment and a poor economy, the options are pretty limited.
Just Me

Columbus, OH

#14 Jan 25, 2011
I will not vote for another levy until the PLSD organizes an effort to get the State of Ohio funding issue fixed and reduce the overhead of teacher union salaries. 85 cents of every dollar is to cover costs. The overpaid union should take some of the blame.
Mr Peabody

Westerville, OH

#16 Jan 25, 2011
We have to stop allowing administrators and boards the ability to determine what the school/community needs actually are. To this point, they alone determine pay rates, salarys and budgets. They also establish spending priorities. It seems these professional educators are very adept at determining their own worth then sending a bill to the taxpayers. With taxes continuing to rise and the quality of education slipping the results should speak for themselves. Kids getting perfect grades in high school are forced to take remedial courses in college. This whole public schools situation is headed in the wrong direction. Do we as a society have the collective courage to force a change?

New York, NY

#17 Jan 25, 2011
Our current school systems are fu(#$ed for many years to come SMH...

Naperville, IL

#18 Jan 25, 2011
An article last week said unemployment is dropping.

Since: Apr 10

Columbus, OH

#19 Jan 25, 2011
Interesting how people complain when they won't pass levies--how many of the parents voted yes for a levy....?
Jeffery Sites

United States

#20 Jan 25, 2011
SO where is your, GOV. KASHIT now??? You wanted him, now you got him. Just a big banker isn't he....
Republican Empire

Columbus, OH

#21 Jan 25, 2011
This is great, as it will result in a cut of taxes and leave more money for the rich who need it the most. That way the rich can spend more on eating out, for example, and when they leave tips the waiters and waitresses who graduate from the Pickerington school system will make more money. This is the way America ought to be!
Need real solutions

Hilliard, OH

#22 Jan 25, 2011
not from Pickerington wrote:
I have a question to everyone making comments here.....did any of you go to the meeting? Have any of you read the proposal? Rburg resident, isn't that what they are trying to do, spend less?
If anyone here has a suggestion on how to help, I'm sure the school board would love to hear from you.
In these times of declining enrollment and a poor economy, the options are pretty limited.
The sadness is, people are making suggestions, they just aren't what the school board wants to hear.

But your questions begs mine...how much is enough for home owners to pay? What do you suggest they cut? I read where people no longer have cable, are cooking more at home, etc....what more can these people do? Do you honestly think the administrators are cutting cable or their social activities? Are their children wearing clothes they have outgrown?

I have heard it said we can get through anything IF everyone is in the same boat...it is when there is such a disparity that friction arises. Do we just move to a section 8 development so someone with more money can help the school?
Its too bad

Youngstown, OH

#23 Jan 25, 2011
Do you all realize that the problem isn't totally the school districts fault? Have you looked into how much money they have lost from the State of Ohio over the past 6-7 years? Do you realize that the legislatures way of funding schools was deamed unconstitutional several years ago, yet, is still funding the schools the exact same way?? Until we as a society speak up and INSIST the broken system is fixed, what are they to do??? It is expensive to educate kids. Teachers work VERY VERY HARD for their money. I would think you would want the district to being paying their teachers well, in order to entice THE BEST TEACHERS to come to your district. Who wants to come and work somewhere if they arent going to make decent money? If you look at the pay scales of teachers in columbus,(with the exception of the City Schools) the schools that pay the best, tend to get the best teachers, and tend to have the best results.
There is no right answer... and unfortunately its the kids who will suffer. I guess it will be up to the parents to finally step up, and help our children be educated. Since they dont have music, and art... maybe we will actually have to take them to a museum, or to the symphony. Maybe we will have to actually go outside and play with them since there won't be Phys Ed. Maybe we will have to help them with their homework, or read to them, or help them with a project since they won't have enough teachers to do it. Interesting concept huh?

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