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#55840 Jan 27, 2014
D Cheney wrote:
To Obama Haters: The Actual Evidence of Obama’s Achievements Shows You’re on the Wrong Side of History— Again
Senator Obama won scholarships to America’s top academic institutions, was voted by his peers to be editor of the Harvard Law Review, is a family man with an exemplary and obviously loving marriage, has a wife who is a brilliant charismatic woman, two lovely children, is a born-again Christian comfortable with his faith, has avoided making the fast buck in the new gilded age of greed when he could have, served his community, is thoughtful, considered in his opinions, slow to anger, proved right in his judgment about the Iraq war, the economy and just about everything else, looks at every side of a question before making a decision, and is not given to grandstanding let alone defending himself. That is who I voted for twice. That is who the president still is.
And now we come to the “healthcare reform debacle.” It is a “debacle” just as the economy was a debacle. In other words it isn’t. Check the stock market lately? Check the employment numbers lately? Check the wind-down of our wars lately? Check the whereabouts of bin Laden lately? Check the falling crime rates lately? Check the fact our deficit is dropping and that we are closer to energy self sufficiency than ever lately?
Turns out all the worst case forecasts about President Obama have been wrong. No, he hasn’t fixed everything. But, in spite of the racist, crazy Tea Party, the evangelical haters and the supercilious, know-it-all liberals who harass Obama, the president has done A LOT! President Obama remains the most intellectually and emotionally even-tempered and best equipped President we have had in the modern era. And even with the entire machinery of the Republican establishment and much of the media rooting for and egging on the “failure” of his Affordable Care Act, he will prevail.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expert on health care reform. But given the actual record of achievement of this president I’m betting against the bigots and the know-it-all-pundits. Based on how all the other “disasters” and “failures” this president “created”– by not listening to Tea Party/evangelical bigots and white “liberal” commentators… I’m betting President Obama gets the Affordable Care Act website fixed, survives this current chapter of the slow-motion lynching that’s characterized his presidency, and wins this round too.
Today the president’s poll numbers are down. Thirty years from now the word “Obamacare” will be right up there with the other things we take for granted as the bedrock of our civil society. In President Obama we were given two extraordinary gifts; a great President and a national mirror. Looking into that mirror we just learned who we really are.
Is this a joke ?
T Corbett

Homestead, PA

#55841 Jan 27, 2014
Anyone notice the price of gasoline lately ?

Corbett raises gas prices 9 cents a gallon on Jan 1, 2014 !!!!!!!

Then another 9 cents a gallon on Jan 1 2015 !!!!!!!!!!

Then another 12 cents a gallon on Jan 1 ,2016 !!!!!!!!!


Damn that Obama ,why cant he lower the price of gasoline???
T Corrupbett

Homestead, PA

#55842 Jan 27, 2014
Last updated: Tuesday, December 31, 2013, 12:28 PM

Expect to pay more at Pennsylvania gas pumps starting Wednesday, as the first wave of a series of tax hikes takes effect.

“Fuel companies will determine how much of the tax increase to pass on to consumers,” said PennDOT spokesman Richard Kirkpatrick.“If entirely passed on, the change would be about 9.5 cents a gallon.”

By early 2017, the new tax rate could add more than 25 cents a gallon, pushing Pennsylvania’s gas taxes higher than any current level in the nation, according to American Petroleum Institute figures.

Thanks Tom !

Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/Pa_gas_tax_...

Homestead, PA

#55843 Jan 27, 2014
Fact Check on the Marcellus Shale Coalition and Governor Corrupbett.

A powerful special interest group is desperately trying to save Governor Corbett -- all because they want to continue avoiding taxes while shortchanging working Pennsylvanians.

It started with Big Oil & Gas companies giving Corbett's campaign more than $2 million, and it continued last week when the Marcellus Shale Coalition falsely attacked Tom Wolf while also attempting to mislead Pennsylvanians.

They're not telling the truth about what a severance tax would mean for investing in key Pennsylvania priorities like education, so we need you to help get the facts out there.

Read more here:


Pottsville, PA

#55844 Jan 27, 2014
The Only and best choice -
Write in Candidate , Independent
John Liptok
2014 Pa Gov
2016 President of the United States
Altar Boy Johnny

Middleburg, PA

#55845 Jan 28, 2014
Winner wrote:
The Only and best choice -
Write in Candidate , Independent
John Liptok
2014 Pa Gov
2016 President of the United States
will Ted Nugent be Lt. Governor?
Herman Cain

Washington, DC

#55846 Jan 28, 2014
From Latrobe wrote:
<quoted text> Is this a joke ?
No, are you a stooge?
Tom Courruptbett

Homestead, PA

#55851 Jan 28, 2014
I see I have these right wing lugnuts responding to my posts...LMAO!
I Love it!

shows who is in control.. like little FIXED news puppets LMAO !!

Hillary in 2016..........bridgegate Christie hasn't a chance now...

bring on ted cruz LMAO!

yeah baby !

in other news tom corruptbett [ republican crook ] raised gasoline tax to over 25 cents in gallon in 3 years [ just 9 cents a gallon on jan 1 , 2014 ].....but give the drilling companies a free pass on no tax

With Gov. Tom Corbett looking like one of the most vulnerable governors in the country for the 2014 election cycle, the natural gas industry figures to be one of his most important allies.

The reason is simple: Natural gas companies have more than just rhetoric to help the embattled governor. They also write checks with lots of zeroes.

The gas industry poured more than $1 million into Corbett’s first gubernatorial campaign, and Democrats talking about jacking up taxes on their companies will only drive them further into Corbett’s corner for 2014.

Corbett’s team talks about raising as much as $30 million for his re-election effort. It’s a good bet that a sizable chuck of that amount will come from the Marcellus Shale Coalition’s members.

It’s no secret that the Republicans and the natural gas companies have forged a politically beneficial alliance.

Tom Courruptbett

Homestead, PA

#55852 Jan 28, 2014
while the governor of pa wants voter id this POS gets millions thrown at him to buy an election from the Marcellus drilling company

sorry tom you aint gonna win.....Obama took Pa in 2012 it sends a message to your crooked politics LOL
Shilling Snake Oil

Chambersburg, PA

#55853 Jan 28, 2014
First Michell Obama urges Obamacare discussions during Thanksgiving meal time, then she pleads "make it a Christmas treat around the table to talk about a little health care," now pathetically desperate Michelle Obama somewhat dishonestly pitches a donation to the Democratic Party as 'protecting Obamacare.'

"So before Barack gives his State of the Union address tomorrow, chip in $10 or more and help protect Obamacare"


WashingtonExaminer.com , January 27, 2014

Michelle Obama wants $10 donations to 'help protect Obamacare'

First lady Michelle Obama is seeking $10 donations to protect Obamacare, her husband's troubled health insurance system.

Just one day before he gives the annual State of the Union address, the first lady sent out a fundraising email to supporters hoping to use the speech to prompt donations to help Democrats in the midterm elections this fall.
FIXED news puppet

Homestead, PA

#55855 Jan 28, 2014
LMFAO,,,,,see I make them respond on cue.........LMAO!

Poor Marissa comes in here under different names and speaking of wet spots I don't think she had one in years...LOL!

Alexander, ND

#55859 Jan 28, 2014
when it was disclosed in the affadavit that Eric Wiegand of Lititz,PA. was helping the Lancaster County drug task force in the case prosecutors knew they had the upper hand... Wiegand had made 3 controlled buys for the task force n his testimoney put my brother away for 7 1/2- 16 years in state prison all the while wiegand gets to smoke weed everyday n smoke crack 2 or 3 times a week ( he admitted this on the stand) while my brother gets to rot in state prison... Eric wiegand is A weasel who gets to snitch on people n continue his drug habit everyday !!!!
State of the Union

Narberth, PA

#55861 Jan 28, 2014
The speech Obama avoids.

Heritage.org , Jan. 28, 2014

Time for Obama to Go On An Apology Tour
If he was serious about turning a new leaf in 2014, the last year he has before the lame duck period of his presidency begins, he would say this:

“My fellow Americans, I’m sorry.

“The country is 7 trillion dollars more in debt today than when I took office;

“America has fallen out of the top ten freest economies in the world on my watch;

“The number of Islamist-inspired terror plots against our homeland stands at 61, with 4 successful attacks and 57 foiled plots. But my administration has yet to answer questions surrounding the most recent terrorist plot, Benghazi;

“I’ve neglected America’s armed services and underestimated the forces needed to defend us, therefore the downward trend in our country’s military readiness and capabilities continues;

“The Affordable Care Act has not turned out to be all that affordable, workable or fair with premium costs rising for many Americans, plans being cancelled for others, and despite my promises, it turns out many folks can’t keep their doctor after all;

“And because of legislative loopholes and onerous mandates, the ACA will also entangle taxpayer funds in abortion coverage and severely restrict the ability of Americans to choose health care coverage that reflects their values;

“I’m also sorry to report that more Americans are reliant upon government today than ever before. Food stamp spending is at historic highs with one in five American households receiving food stamps in 2013. And according to a recent study by the University of Kentucky for the Associated Press,‘working-age people now make up the majority in U.S. households that rely on food stamps — a switch from a few years ago, when children and the elderly were the main recipients;’

“Despite the spin my administration has put on recent unemployment numbers, virtually the same proportion of adults have jobs now (58.6 percent) as did when I first took office (58.5 percent) and the labor force participation rate has dropped to its lowest point in 35 years;

“In terms of starting a new business, it’s not as easy as it should be. I’m sorry to report that the U.S. is ranked 20th, trailing countries like Canada, Georgia, Rwanda, Lithuania, and Malaysia.

“And speaking of business, the flood of new regulations under my administration has imposed huge costs, hindering job creation and innovation. The overall cost of meeting regulatory requirements has increased by over $60 billion since 2009, with more than 130 new regulations.

“General government expenditures are now slightly over 40 percent of gross domestic product, and total public debt equals the size of the entire economy.

“So, in conclusion, I’m sorry to report that while taxes have risen by almost $3 trillion during my time as president, I will likely need to ask for more…”

Obama isn’t going to give that speech.

Boise, ID

#55862 Jan 28, 2014
Let me ask everyone that have posted so far.....Just how much research indebt on each candidate did you before you decide on whom you are going to vote for.........Now be honest.........

Homestead, PA

#55863 Jan 28, 2014
Firstly, let’s review just how bad things were in 2009. In 2000 America was completing the longest bull market in history. But by the end of President Bush’s tenure the country had witnessed 2 stock market crashes, and the DJIA had fallen 58%. This was the second worst market decline in history (exceeded only by the Great Depression,) and hence the term “Great Recession” was born.

In 2000, at the end of Clinton’s administration, the Consumer Confidence Index was at a record high 140. By January, 2009 this index had fallen to an historic low of 25.3. Comparatively, when Reagan took office at the end of the economically weak Carter years the Confidence Index was still at 74.4! Today this measure of how people feel about the country is still nowhere near 2000 levels, but it is almost 3 times better than 4 years ago.

Significantly, in 2000 America had a budget surplus. By 2009 surpluses were long gone and the country was racking up historic deficits as taxes were cut while simultaneously outlays for defense skyrocketed to cover costs of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally, banks were on the edge of failing due to unregulated real estate speculation and massive derivative losses.

Today the Congressional Budget Office is reporting a $200B decrease in the deficit almost entirely due to increased revenue from a growing economy and higher taxes on the wealthiest Americans. The deficit is now only 4% of the GDP, down from over 10% at the end of Bush’s administration – and projections are for it to be only 2% by 2015 (before Obama leaves office.) America’s “debt problem” seems largely solved, and almost all due to growth rather than austerity.

We can largely thank a fairer tax code, improved regulation and consistent SEC enforcement. Also, major strides in health care reform – something no other President has accomplished – has given American’s more faith in their future, and an increased willingness to invest.

Read more here:






Reply »
Report Abuse Judge it!

Homestead, PA

#55864 Jan 28, 2014
By all measures, President Obama has outperformed every modern President. The easiest comparison would be to President Reagan, whose economic performance was superb.

Reagan had the enormous benefit of two major factors:
1.a significantly better economy than Obama inherited, even if afflicted by inflation
2.and his two terms coincided with the highest performing demographic years of the Baby Boomer generation.

Today’s demographics have shifted dramatically. The country is much older, with fewer young people supporting a much larger near-retirement age group. This inherent demographic fact makes creating economic growth monumentally harder than it was 30 years ago.

Few people think of Reagan as a stimulus addict. Yet, his administration’s military build-up added $1trillion of stimulus to the national debt ($2.3trillion adjusted for inflation)– the opposite of what is happening during the Obama years. Many like to think that it was tax cutting which grew the economy, but undoubtedly we now know that this dramatic defense and infrastructure (highways, etc.) stimulus had more to do with igniting economic growth. Reagan’s spending looked far more like FDR than conservative Herbert Hoover!

Ronald Reagan tripled the national debt during his tenure, creating what today’s Congressional austerity advocates might have called “a legacy of unpayable debt for our grandchildren.” But, as we saw, later growth (during Clinton) resolved that debt and created a budget surplus by 2000.

To the contrary, ACA levels the playing field and will be good for economic growth. Where previously only large corporations could afford employee health care plans, in the future far more employees will have far more equitable coverage. Further, today employees frequently are unable to leave a company to start a new business because they would lose health care, which in the future will not be true.

One leading indicator of the benefits of ACA might be the performance of healthcare and biotech stocks, which are up 20-30% and leaders in the current market rally.

Obama needs to make the cornerstone of his second term creating new job growth. That was the primary platform of his candidacy, and it is a platform long successful for the Democratic party. If President Obama can do this and govern effectively, this could be his real legacy.

Read more here:






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Report Abuse Judge it!
Policy Failures

Crownsville, MD

#55865 Jan 28, 2014
Obama blames his own five years of failed policy as the problem with the economy and lack of full time jobs.


NationalReview.com , January 28, 2014

Krauthammer’s Take: Obama Is a Failure in His Own Eyes

In an excerpt from President Obama’s approaching State of the Union address, the president decries growing inequality and stalled upward mobility, saying that “the cold hard fact is that even in the midst of recovery too many Americans are working more than ever just to get by.”

“You would think that’s the campaign speech of someone running against Barack Obama,” Charles Krauthammer said.“Obama is indicting the four years, the five years he’s been president.... Essentially he’s saying,‘My job now is to undo what I’ve done in the five years of my presidency.’”

Formerly hailed as the “great uniter” and “the charismatic president who would bring America together,” Krauthammer said,“now he’s simply trying to hang on for quite small achievements, which I think in his own eyes means that he’s a failure.”

Lyndora, PA

#55866 Jan 28, 2014

Belle Vernon, PA

#55867 Jan 28, 2014
Haters gonna hate.
Same people who consider themselves to be "good Christians".
Herman Cain

Falls Church, VA

#55870 Jan 29, 2014
The Real Marisa wrote:
Isn't it funny how the fake Marisa's posts have all those favorable judge marks in just two hours? There aren't even that many posters in a day.
Poor Homestead, judges himself too. He must have a pathetic life outside of topix....probably always being picked on and told what to do because he is a weak little man.
Homestead can't even find a name for himself. He likes to use my name on occasion.
We know why you love Obama. You love all the freebies he gives you. You love the Obamaphone, you love the food stamps, the welfare check, and medicaid.
In other words you love that Democrat Plantation.
Poor dumb sap
Yes, yes ....and you just love that toxic tampon of yours. I'm telling you if you don't keep your ignorant opinions to yourself...I'm going to report you to the EPA and then you'll really get a strong dose of Obamacare...hahahaha Marissa baby....hahaha...

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