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#54133 Nov 18, 2013

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#54134 Nov 18, 2013
Bill O'Reilly Pushes Latest Hit Piece by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas

The segment was even too much for Fox faux-liberal Juan Williams, who pointed out to O'Reilly that just catching a couple of trainees on video doesn't mean this is going on all across the system. O'Reilly just brushed off the complaints and went on to attack Williams for his belief that everyone should have access to affordable health care... even if they're lazy, having children of wedlock or not terribly smart. I can't imagine just who Billy boy was trying to stereotype there, can you?

Someone needs to tell him to get some new material, because the rehashing of Ronald Reagan's attacks on "lazy welfare queens" is getting tiresome, as is his support of O'Keefe and his drummed up "scandals."


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#54135 Nov 18, 2013
The Obamacare Cancellation Notices You Haven’t Heard About
-The GOP is denying coverage to 5 million working poor Americans.

The stories of private market enrollees being forced to purchase more substantive insurance have animated politics for the last three weeks. But the failure of 25 states to expand Medicaid coverage to 133 percent of the federal poverty line, as envisioned by reform, is actually far more disastrous and undermines the promise of health care for the millions who earn “too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to qualify for Marketplace premium tax credits.”
Yet the very same Republican lawmakers and conservative advocacy groups who have seized on the cancellation notices to argue that the law has failed are actively campaigning to prevent states from expanding public health insurance to these people.


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#54136 Nov 18, 2013
Talking Points Memo:

Companies Use Obamacare Confusion To Sell 'Junk Insurance'

The Affordable Care Act was designed to make sure all Americans had a certain level of insurance. But TPM has learned that USHealth Group is actively telling consumers that they don't need that minimum level. In fact, company representatives are telling people they'd be better off without it. And the company may be just one player in a larger industry trend, where companies see non-ACA compliant plans, like the so-called fixed benefit coverage marketed by USHealth Group, as a business opportunity.

Health care industry analysts have long derided the kinds of non-insurance health care coverage products the company is selling as "junk insurance."

"They were not intended to be health insurance," Sabrina Corlette, a research professor at the Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University, told TPM, speaking about fixed benefit plans. "They were intended to be what are called income replacement policies.... But over the years, these things have kind of morphed. And for many people, unfortunately, mainly because they come with a cheaper sticker price, they are marketed as and treated as health insurance. Even though the coverage is really crappy."

USHealth Group's pitch is three-fold, according to accounts provided to TPM by Mortimer and another prospective customer. First, it says, it is a misconception that everyone needs ACA-compliant insurance. Second, USHealth Group plans are cheaper than ACA-compliant policies, even after customers pay the tax penalty for failing to comply with the ACA's individual mandate. Third, Obamacare is scary.

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#54137 Nov 18, 2013
Consumer Reports:

Junk health insurance
Stingy plans may be worse than none at all

It might seem to be health insurance, if you don’t look too closely, and most people don’t. The premiums are surprisingly affordable. And so millions of unemployed people, service industry workers, and those taken in by fast-talking telemarketers sign up. They may think they’re insured-- until they have a medical problem and find out that their coverage is as skimpy as a hospital gown.
Legal but inadequate
“I was aware that it wasn’t a great plan, but I wasn’t concerned because I wasn’t sick,” she says. But in July 2011 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, at which point the policy’s annual limits of $1,000 a year for outpatient treatment and $2,000 for hospitalization became a huge problem. Facing a $30,000 hospital bill, she delayed treatment.

‘Insurance’ that isn’t

Fixed benefit indemnity plans.

Medical discount cards.
The problem, say regulators and consumer advocates, is that all too often they’re sold to unsuspecting consumers as if they were health insurance -- these days, sometimes with the implication that the plans are part of health care reform.“It’s amazing how quickly these companies appear and disappear,” says Stephen Finan, senior director of policy for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.“They’re small operations that are one step ahead of the sheriff.”

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#54138 Nov 18, 2013
Miami Herald:

Sorry, Obamacare haters: 300k FL Blue customers no longer 'losing' insurance policies for 2014

According to the state's insurance commissioner, the insurance company is holding off on the cancellations. It should be noted as well that these cancellations did not mean people were going with or went without coverage. They were being shifted over into Affordable Care Act-compliant (that is, richer and, in some cases, more expensive plans).

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#54139 Nov 18, 2013

House GOP 2014 agenda starts with blank slate

Last Thursday, a group of House Republicans filed into Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s Capitol office suite and received a blank piece of paper labeled “Agenda 2014.”

The blank slate just about sums up where Republicans find themselves after a year marked by the first government shutdown in 17 years, futile efforts to repeal Obamacare and the inability to pass spending bills at the levels set by Republican leaders.
“What we have done so far this year clearly hasn’t worked,” said the GOP aide involved in the planning sessions.“Cantor wants to take us in a new direction, which is good. The problem is we don’t know where we are headed, and we don’t know what we can sell to our members.”

Since: May 12

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#54141 Nov 18, 2013
Talking Points Memo:

Special Investigation: How Insurers Are Hiding Obamacare Benefits From Customers

Across the country, insurance companies have sent misleading letters to consumers, trying to lock them into the companies' own, sometimes more expensive health insurance plans rather than let them shop for insurance and tax credits on the Obamacare marketplaces -- which could lead to people like Donna spending thousands more for insurance than the law intended. In some cases, mentions of the marketplace in those letters are relegated to a mere footnote, which can be easily overlooked.

The extreme lengths to which some insurance companies are going to hold on to existing customers at higher price, as the Affordable Care Act fundamentally re-orders the individual insurance market, has caught the attention of state insurance regulators.

The insurance companies argue that it's simply capitalism at work. But regulators don't see it that way. By warning customers that their health insurance plans are being canceled as a result of Obamacare and urging them to secure new insurance plans before the Obamacare launched on Oct. 1, these insurers put their customers at risk of enrolling in plans that were not as good or as affordable as what they could buy on the marketplaces.

TPM has confirmed two specific examples where companies contacted their customers prior to the marketplace's Oct. 1 opening and pushed them to renew their health coverage at a higher price than they would pay through the marketplace. State regulators identified the schemes, but they weren't necessarily able to stop them.
Murders row

West Mifflin, PA

#54143 Nov 18, 2013
Ghost of Trayvon Martin wrote:
My murderer is be in jail again. When will da Black Panthers avenge me?
George Zimmerman charged with felony after allegedly pointing gun at girlfriend

George Zimmerman was charged Monday with felony aggravated assault after allegedly pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend, according to Dennis Lemma, chief deputy with the Seminole County, Florida, Sheriff's Office.

Zimmerman, who was acquitted earlier this year of murdering teenager Trayvon Martin, was arrested after the incident at the home of Samantha Scheibe, Lemma said. He also was charged with two misdemeanors -- domestic violence battery and criminal mischief -- in connection with the same incident, Lemma said.

Zimmerman is being held in jail without bail and will make his first appearance in front of a judge Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. ET.


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#54144 Nov 18, 2013
Murders row wrote:
<quoted text>
George Zimmerman charged with felony after allegedly pointing gun at girlfriend
George Zimmerman was charged Monday with felony aggravated assault after allegedly pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend, according to Dennis Lemma, chief deputy with the Seminole County, Florida, Sheriff's Office.
Zimmerman, who was acquitted earlier this year of murdering teenager Trayvon Martin, was arrested after the incident at the home of Samantha Scheibe, Lemma said. He also was charged with two misdemeanors -- domestic violence battery and criminal mischief -- in connection with the same incident, Lemma said.
Zimmerman is being held in jail without bail and will make his first appearance in front of a judge Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Who could have ever predicted?

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#54145 Nov 18, 2013

President Obama Check-Mates Health Insurance Lobby

The entire problem of people who are currently in the individual insurance market being dropped resulted not from the president making a disingenuous promise to the contrary but from insurance companies making the conscious decision to drop their insured and blame it on Obamacare.

Insurers have had more than 3 years to bring their plans into alignment with the minimum coverage requirements of health reform, and they have chosen not to do so over time, instead choosing this moment to scare their subscribers.

The president just turned the tables on the great villain, the insurance companies. He knows what everyone in Washington and the beltway media also know but won't tell you: insurance companies are dropping their coverage without offering reasonable alternatives to their individual market subscribers for one primary reason: they want a piece of the federal subsidies available to millions of Americans through the health insurance exchanges.

They need people buying from the exchanges with the subsidies to help their bottom lines as much as President Obama needs Americans to sign up in order for the Affordable Care Act to succeed. They want a piece of that pot of money, but they want to blame the Obama administration for dragging you there.

And so what the president did was simple, yet brilliant: he told Americans who are distressed that yes, they could keep their insurance plans if they like, instantly making all the cancellation letters blaming the ACA moot and taking away the insurance company's excuses for dropping people.

But, with that same brilliant stroke, he forced insurance companies to do something they haven't been familiar with in decades: to tell their subscribers the truth.

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#54146 Nov 18, 2013
I’m the story Obamacare’s opponents don’t want you to hear
- I’ve officially enrolled in coverage through the marketplace. It was easier than I expected — and will save me about $10,000 a year.

Under my current insurance plan, I’m paying $1,400 a month for coverage. Yes, it’s comprehensive. At that price, it had better be. But my rates had been going up by $100 a month annually in the last few years and, as a self-employed woman with a pre-existing condition, I didn’t have a lot of choices.

Starting January 1, I’ll be paying $530 a month for almost identical coverage. Actually, my deductible is less —$150 instead of $250. My prescription co-pay will be just a tad higher, but that still won’t bring me anywhere near what I’m paying per month now. The cost to see a doctor is just about the same if I stay in-network, and the nationwide network is huge. All the other benefits are comparable, with the added bonus of programs to help me better manage my diabetes. Plus, I can keep every single one of my doctors.


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#54155 Nov 19, 2013
Another Obamacare horror story debunked

Deborah Cavallaro is a hard-working real estate agent in the Westchester suburb of Los Angeles who has been featured prominently on a round of news shows lately, talking about how badly Obamacare is going to cost her when her existing plan gets canceled and she has to find a replacement.

She says she's angry at President Obama for having promised that people who like their health plans could keep them, when hers is getting canceled for not meeting Obamacare's standards.

"Please explain to me," she told Maria Bartiromo on CNBC Wednesday, "how my plan is a 'substandard' plan when ... I'd be paying more for the exchange plans than I am currently paying by a wide margin."

Bartiromo didn't take her up on her request. So I will.


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#54156 Nov 19, 2013
The myths of Obamacare's 'failure'

Attacks on the Affordable Care Act have stepped up over the last week or so. You'd think that the healthcare reform known as Obamacare is leading to the wholesale loss of affordable insurance by huge sectors of the American public, many of whom will be impoverished by being forced into low-quality health plans at exorbitant prices.

You'd think the entire reform is on "life support," as the usually judicious National Journal put it today, speculating that Democrats may soon start calling for its repeal.

Don't buy the hype. The numbers tell an entirely different story. What they also demonstrate is that the myth of Obamacare's "failure" is a product of the same Republican noise machine that has been working to undermine this crucial reform since Day One. It's assisted by news reporting about canceled health policies that typically ranges from woefully misinformed to spectacularly ignorant, and even at its best is incomplete.


Since: May 12

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#54157 Nov 19, 2013
Commissioned poll: Mike Enzi up 53 on Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney’s support has faded in Wyoming since the summer, according to internal polling conducted for a super PAC that’s been running ads against her and shared exclusively with POLITICO.

Sen. Mike Enzi (R) has expanded his lead over the former vice president’s daughter by 12 points among likely primary voters since August. The three-term incumbent was up 52 points, 69 percent to 17 percent, in a survey conducted by Bob Wickers of The Wickers Group at the end of October.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/11/mike-en...

Since: May 12

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#54158 Nov 19, 2013
Cheney Sisters Take Their Gay Marriage Fight to Facebook

The Cheneys don't see eye-to-eye on the issue of gay marriage. After Liz Cheney reiterated her opposition on the Sunday morning talk shows, her sister and her sister's partner took the Republican hopeful to the woodshed in separate Facebook posts.

Liz Cheney, running for the Republican Senate primary in Wyoming, reminded the world how she opposes gay marriage during her Fox News Sunday appearance, despite the wishes of her sister, Mary Cheney, who is a lesbian with two children. "I love Mary very much, I love her family very much," Cheney said on Sunday morning. "This is just an issue on which we disagree."

This is not the first time the Cheney family rift over marriage equality has opened. Liz Cheney is, in fact, the only member of the Cheney family who opposes gay marriage. At first it seemed she was staking the position to help her chances getting elected. Dick Cheney, the former Vice President and father of the feuding daughters, campaigned to legalize gay marriage in Maryland.


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#54163 Nov 19, 2013
California, number of other states on track to meet ACA enrollment numbers


— Despite the disastrous rollout of the federal government's healthcare website, enrollment is surging in many states as tens of thousands of consumers sign up for insurance plans made available by President Obama's health law.

A number of states that use their own systems, including California, are on track to hit enrollment targets for 2014 because of a sharp increase in November, according to state officials.

"What we are seeing is incredible momentum," said Peter Lee, director of Covered California, the nation's largest state insurance marketplace, which accounted for a third of all enrollments nationally in October. California — which enrolled about 31,000 people in health plans last month — nearly doubled that in the first two weeks of this month.

Couple of points:

1) If Republicans hadn't tried to sabotage this program, it probably would be working well in most if not all states at this point
2) This all could have been avoided with a better federal website
3) As long as the website continues to get better, we should see the federal numbers tick up as well, the question is can they catch up
4) Will the media bother to report this information?


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#54164 Nov 19, 2013
Eugene Robinson:

Cheney sisters, separated over gay marriage

Nearly a decade ago, Dick Cheney took what was then the bold positionthat it was none of the federal government’s business if gay people wanted to get married. Four years ago, he forthrightly expressed support for same-sex marriage. He’s still waiting for his party to catch up.

In that sense, the tension between the Cheney sisters reflects the larger struggle within the Republican Party to keep pace with a changing America. Same-sex marriage is now legal in 14 states and the District of Columbia; Hawaii will join the fold on Dec. 2 when a new law goes into effect. The Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional a law denying federal recognition and benefits to same-sex married couples. Many of the states that ban gay marriage also banned interracial marriage until a sweeping Supreme Court ruling in 1967. It’s clear which way the wind is blowing.

There ought to be brave Republican politicians willing to lead the party in the direction the nation is headed. But according to the conventional wisdom, winning a GOP primary means kowtowing to the party’s activist base, which means saying you oppose gay marriage, whatever your actual view might be.

Since: May 12

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#54165 Nov 19, 2013
University Of Texas Students Respond To Racist Young Conservatives Of Texas

A former Greg Abbott campaign field director who is organizing a “Catch an Illegal Immigrant” contest at the University of Texas is defending the activity as a way to promote discussion about immigration. Lorenzo Garcia says the game – in which students win a prize if they “capture” a fellow student on campus wearing an “Illegal Immigrant” sign – is a good way to draw attention to the issue.“I can see how some people who are sensitive could see it as offensive, but we’re not targeting any specific race,” he said.
University of Texas President Bill Powers has denounced plans by a conservative group to host a “Catch and Illegal Immigrant” contest on the UT campus this week. Powers said the proposed Young Conservatives of Texas event “is completely out of line with the values we espouse at The University of Texas at Austin. Our students, faculty and the entire university work hard both to promote diversity and engage in a respectful exchange of ideas.”


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#54166 Nov 19, 2013
Talking Points Memo:

Cantor Blames Obamacare For Demise Of Immigration Reform
November 16, 2013

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) on Friday blamed Obamacare and its rollout problems for GOP leaders' decision not to bring up immigration reform in 2013.

The No. 2 GOP congressman evoked the health care law in response to House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer's (D-MD) insistence that he bring the Senate-passed immigration bill to a vote.

"We don't want a repeat of what's going on now with Obamacare," Cantor said during a floor colloquy. "That bill, constructed as it is by the Senate, last-minute ditch effort to get it across the finish line. I think that there is a lot that could be done a lot better in that bill."

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