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Quakertown, PA

#52202 Aug 25, 2013
The BHO Legacy wrote:
SWAT Cop Says American Neighborhoods Are 'Battlefields,' Claims Cops Face Same Dangers As Soldiers In Afghanistan
and as usual you missed.

"I'm not opposed to SWAT teams. When used properly -- to defuse an already violent situation, where lives are at risk -- they perform marvelously. I am opposed to using them to raid organic farms in response to nuisance violations, or to storm animal shelters to kill baby deer. Or, more to the point, to serve search warrants on people suspected of consensual drug crimes, the reason for the vast majority of the 100+ SWAT raids conducted each day in America."

so talk to the SWAT team commanders.
and the police chief.

then you have

"Here's Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, explaining how he will instruct his officers to ignore the state's gun laws:

“My message to my troops is if you see anybody carrying a gun on the streets of Milwaukee, we’ll put them on the ground, take the gun away and then decide whether you have a right to carry it.”

so lets see.


"Inside the white minivan, a 16-year-old boy named Joseph Kane remained in the passenger seat, while his father, Jerry, age 45, stood in front of the police SUV and argued with the officers. There was a tussle, and Jerry Kane pushed Officer Evans into a roadside ditch. The boy quickly emerged from the minivan with a loaded AK-47 and aimed at Evans. The officer put one hand on his pistol, and held the other up to the boy as if to signal "Stop." The boy shot Evans several times and turned his attention to Paudert, who took cover behind the police vehicle.

A package delivery man, exiting the highway at Marker 275, stopped his truck to witness the horrific scene. He called 911, and the alert went out: "Officer down!"

While Paudert was able to fire his pistol seven times, he was outgunned and the police vehicle offered little protection from Joe Kane's assault rifle. The boy chased Paudert around the police SUV, shooting him several times in the back of the head before returning to Evans in the ditch. There, he fired again. The Kanes then rushed to the minivan and pulled away, while Joe continued to shoot at the downed officers.

Another alert went out: "Two officers down!"

According to a preliminary investigation report, Brandon Paudert was struck 11 times and died at the scene; Evans was hit by 14 rounds and died at the hospital."

so if those two fallen officers had seen a gun and
"we’ll put them on the ground, take the gun away and then decide whether you have a right to carry it.”

they would have went home to their families rather than the morgue.


"But based on the available evidence, a reasonable estimate of hard-core sovereign believers today would be 100,000, with another 200,000 just starting out by testing sovereign techniques for resisting everything from speeding tickets to drug charges, for a total of 300,000."

now will all of the 100,000 hard core go to their guns?
probably not.
so a cop car with an assault rifle might not be overkill.
B Clinton

West Mifflin, PA

#52204 Aug 25, 2013
the republicans voted to fund the NSA, including Paul Ryan ( past VP running mate ) and John Boehner ( former speaker of the house ).........why didnt the republicans stick together and vote down the funding for the NSA?
Tea bags are caving in to the power of obama !
total vote 217-205 to fund the NSA..........why didnt the tea baggers stcik together???? HAAAAA!!!!!
Obama rules !

Quakertown, PA

#52205 Aug 25, 2013
The BHO Legacy wrote:
NSA abuses contradict Obama and congressional claims of oversight
August 16, 2013
Since the public learned in June about sweeping National Security Agency programs, government officials from President Obama on down have insisted the nation's surveillance programs are subject to layers of oversight.
"I am comfortable that the program currently is not being abused," Mr. Obama said in a press conference last week, when he announced new efforts at increasing transparency. "Part of the reason they're not abused is because these checks are in place."
However, the latest revelation that the NSA violated privacy rules thousands of times, as documented in an internal report -- an internal report withheld from at least one leader in Congress responsible for oversight -- proves the president and several others in Washington were wrong. The NSA broke privacy rules more than 2,700 times within just one year, according to a May 2012 internal NSA report that was leaked to the Washington Post, along with other secret documents.
partly better.

"documented in an internal report -- an internal report withheld from at least one leader in Congress responsible for oversight"

and probably withheld from anyone outside of the NSA.

but as usual you missed.

"That said, he added, "Congress has not been given enough flak" for failing at its oversight duties.

"The congressional intelligence committees have not provided the oversight they were originally intended to," he said, suggesting that the House and Senate Judiciary Committees launch an investigation or that an independent committee like the 9/11 Commission investigate surveillance activities."

""The FISC is forced to rely upon the accuracy of the information that is provided to the Court," U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton, chief of the FISC, said in a written statement to the Post."


"In January 2008, the NSA appeared to have mistakenly collected data on numerous phone calls from the Washington area code 202, thinking they were foreign phone calls from Egypt, whose country code is 20"

so Congress can fix the mess.

Quakertown, PA

#52208 Aug 25, 2013
The BHO Legacy wrote:
Local governments cutting hours over Obamacare costs
August 22
Many cash-strapped cities and counties facing the prospect of shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars in new health-care costs under the Affordable Care Act are opting instead to reduce the number of hours their part-time employees work.
The decisions to cut employee hours come 16 months before employers — including state and local governments — will be required to offer health-care coverage to employees who work at least 30 hours a week. Some local officials said the cuts are happening now either because of labor contracts that must be negotiated in advance, or because the local governments worry that employees who work at least 30 hours in the months leading up to the January 2015 implementation date would need to be included in their health-care plans.
and as usual you missed.

"Other supporters of the law suggested the cuts could actually cost counties and cities more money than if they simply paid for part-time workers’ health-care costs.
“There are some costs of doing business where it really does cost you more money to have multiple people on the job,” said Gary Burtless, a senior fellow of economic studies at the Brookings Institution."

"“I don’t think this is going to be a big direct-cost burden for counties and municipalities,” Burtless added."



"They could try to hire more part-time workers and achieve the coverage they need that way, though it's hard to attract people to a 24 hour a week job with no benefits.

"And while some of their drivers are retirees and don't rely on the income, there are some that do. And those drivers might head for greener pastures.

Anna Simo is the Executive Director for the agency.

"There's a lot of competition right now with the oil and gas industry, and they're paying better wages than we are. You know, and now we're cutting the hours," she says.

Another possibility would be to make a small number of workers full time with benefits, but then you have less drivers to work with total."
Squirrel Head

West Mifflin, PA

#52210 Aug 26, 2013
Teabagger Donald Trump and Mitt Romney backer says Obama is swindling millions and putting the USA into debt..........


New York A.G. Sues Donald Trump Over 'Unlicensed' University

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is suing Donald Trump's for-profit investment school, "Trump University," which the lawsuit claims operated as an unlicensed educational institution for about six years and was essentially an "elaborate bait-and-switch" operation.
The New York Times reports:
"In a statement, Eric T. Schneiderman, the attorney general, said Mr. Trump appeared in advertisements for the school making "false promises" to persuade more than 5,000 people around the country — including 600 New Yorkers — "to spend tens of thousands of dollars they couldn't afford for lessons they never got."

"The advertisements claimed, for instance, that Mr. Trump had handpicked instructors to teach students "a systematic method for investing in real estate." But according to the lawsuit, Mr. Trump had not chosen even a single instructor at the school and had not created the curriculums for any of its courses....

"The inquiry into Trump University came to light in May 2011 after dozens of people had complained to the authorities in New York, Texas, Florida and Illinois about the institution, which attracted prospective students with the promise of a free 90-minute seminar about real estate investing that, according to the lawsuit,'served as a sales pitch for a three-day seminar costing $1,495.' This three-day seminar was itself 'an upsell,' the lawsuit said, for increasingly costly 'Trump Elite' packages that included so-called personal mentorship programs at $35,000 a course

A switch and bait scheme swindeled millions of people taking Trump's course of how to make millions......Trumped made millions off these people and the people went broke !!

That damn Obama wasnt born in this country says Trump ......

take a peek here:

Squirrel Head

West Mifflin, PA

#52211 Aug 26, 2013
(Reuters)- The New York state attorney general filed a $40 million lawsuit on Saturday against the teabagger Trump and Mitt Romney supporter, Donald Trump's for-profit investment school, Trump University, accusing it of engaging in illegal business practices, according to the New York Times.

The newspaper reported that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman alleged that the real estate mogul, his Trump Organization company and others made false claims about classes at the school, including that Trump handpicked instructors.

Representatives for the New York attorney general's office and Trump were not available for comment late on Saturday.

But Trump said in a post on Twitter, "Light weight NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is trying to extort me with a civil law suit."

The New York attorney general's lawsuit seeks restitution of at least $40 million, the Times said, and it alleges that Trump University was run as an unlicensed educational institution from 2005 to 2011 and that Trump did not create the curriculum for any of the school's courses.

"Obama is ruining the country"- Donald Trump October 3,2012

" I know how to make wealth" - Donald Trump, Jan 23, 2001

but..........Trump filed for bankruptcy 4 times

First things first: Donald Trump has filed for corporate bankruptcy four times, in 1991, 1992, 2004 and 2009. All of these bankruptcies were connected to over-leveraged casino and hotel properties in Atlantic City, all of which are now operated under the banner of Trump Entertainment Resorts. He has never filed for personal bankruptcy — an important distinction when considering his ability to emerge relatively unscathed, at least financially.

"I can teach people how to make wealth "!!---I'll show you how!

S Hannity

West Mifflin, PA

#52217 Aug 26, 2013

Quakertown, PA

#52218 Aug 26, 2013
The BHO Legacy wrote:
Obama struggles to project U.S. influence into global crises
August 25, 2013
Nearly five years into his presidency, Barack Obama confronts a world far different from what he envisioned when he took office. U.S. influence is declining in the Middle East as violence and instability rock Arab countries. An ambitious attempt to reset U.S. relations with Russia failed. Even in Obama-friendly Europe, there's deep skepticism about Washington's surveillance programs.
In some cases, the climate has been driven by factors outside the White House's control. But missteps by the president also are to blame, say foreign policy analysts, including some who worked for the administration.
Among them: miscalculating the fallout from the Arab Spring uprisings, publicly setting unrealistic expectations for improved ties with Russia and a reactive decision-making process that can leave the White House appearing to veer from crisis to crisis without a broader strategy.
and you missed.

"Few foreign policy experts predicted the Arab uprisings, and it's unlikely the United States could have — or should have — done anything to prevent the protests."



" On August 5, a Russian spokesman said Russia would defend Russian citizens in South Ossetia if they were attacked.[53]
During the night of 7 to 8 August 2008, Georgia launched a large-scale military offensive against South Ossetia, in an attempt to reclaim the territory.[54] Georgia claimed that it was responding to attacks on its peacekeepers and villages in South Ossetia, and that Russia was moving non-peacekeeping units into the country. The Georgian attack caused casualties among Russian peacekeepers, who resisted the assault along with Ossetian militia."

"An independent report, commissioned by the Council of the European Union stated that the war was started by the Georgian attack "that was not justified by international law". The report said the commission found no evidence for Georgia's claims of being invaded by Russia prior to launching an attack on South Ossetia"

and the US

"U.S. president George W. Bush's statement to Russia was: "Bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century."

so the hard line by Putin gee wonder why he has that chip on his shoulder.

Quakertown, PA

#52219 Aug 26, 2013
Pharisaical Liar wrote:
Obama hides Obamacare subsidies for foreign students, guest workers
President Barack Obama told Americans Friday that federal aid is reserved for citizens, even though his deputies have drafted complex regulations to give taxpayer-funded Obamacare subsidies to foreign students and to millions of guest workers.
He made the misleading claim during a televised roundtable at the second stop of his two-day, two-state tour promoting more aid to students.
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/08/23/obama-hides...
"But the Obamacare system will provide valuable health-care subsidies to many student-workers and foreign guest workers hired for jobs in America."

you missed "hired for jobs".
allowing business to skirt the law by only hiring foreign students would be the result of not providing healthcare.
or only hiring guest workers.

why does the right wing value guest workers over American citizens?

Quakertown, PA

#52220 Aug 26, 2013
831 billion wrote:
<quoted text>
Teabagger Donald Trump and Mitt Romney backer says Obama is swindling millions and putting the USA into debt..........
In February, the Congressional Budget Office published its latest report on the "estimated impact" of the stimulus.
Although it had originally estimated the stimulus would cost $787 billion, CBO now says it will cost $831 billion.
In the second quarter of 2012, CBO estimates, somewhere between 200,000 to 1.2 million people have jobs they otherwise would not have were it not for the stimulus.
Assuming, optimistically, that the number is 1.2 million, that means each of those jobs cost taxpayers $692,500.
As time goes on, the maximum number of jobs sustained by Obama's stimulus will decline rapidly.
By the first quarter of 2013, it will sustain between 100,000 and 600,000 jobs, says CBO.
If it is 600,000, each of those jobs will have cost taxpayers $1,385,000.
By the fourth quarter of 2013, the maximum number of jobs it sustains will be 400,000 — at a cost to taxpayers of $2,077,500 per job.
It is true that Obama entered office in the midst of a deep recession.
But, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, that recession ended in June 2009, over four years ago.
and you are using false logic to claim for example that a stimulus payment of ten million dollars to rebuild a road by ten men,means that the individual workers got one million dollars each.
you forget the value of the rebuilding of the road.

a road that needed to be worked on.

but while your at it.
the stimulus contained tax cuts for businesses.
if it is such a expensive failure the right wing should be clamoring for the removal of the tax cuts as they did not work.

so which is it a failure or a success?

Quakertown, PA

#52221 Aug 26, 2013
Pharisaical Liar wrote:
NSA reportedly bugged UN offices, hacked into video conferencing feeds
"But we already know to an extent that everyone is spying on everyone at all times, even at G20 summits, so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise."

Showhorse Ann

West Mifflin, PA

#52223 Aug 26, 2013
" I cant have illegal immigrants working at my house, I'm running for President for God's sake !"- Mitt Romney during the 2012 Republican debates......LMAO!
Showhorse Ann

West Mifflin, PA

#52224 Aug 26, 2013
Showhorse Ann wrote:
" I cant have illegal immigrants working at my house, I'm running for President for God's sake !"- Mitt Romney during the 2012 Republican debates......LMAO!
He should've said, "I'm running for office for Pete's sake! I can't agree with this extreme right wing bull shit" LMAO!

take a peek here:


Quakertown, PA

#52227 Aug 26, 2013
The BHO Legacy wrote:
How Obamacare Makes Theft Of Your Identity More Likely
It seems as if every day brings a new Obamacare disaster—missed deadlines, soaring costs, unintelligible bureaucratic requirements. Now add the risk of potential rampant identity theft to the list. Last week, the Obama Administration doled out tens of millions of dollars to “community groups” across the country, with few strings attached. These groups — and those posing as them — could gain access to consumer addresses, Social Security numbers, and medical information. It’s the President’s gift to some of his grassroots allies. And it could be a bonanza for identity thieves.
It’s all part of the so-called “navigator” program, where community groups will take to the phones, streets, and hospitals to sign people up for Obamacare. But in its rush to get this taxpayer-funded marketing scheme off the ground, the Administration left consumer privacy behind. Federal regulations governing the program don’t require these groups to do background checks to weed out criminals and would-be identity thieves. Nor do they need to be licensed, bonded, or insured– though they may choose themselves to take these steps or perform background checks[.]
Worse still, although the law passed in 2010, community groups seeking to become navigators received grants 32 business days before the new healthcare exchanges are set to open. That’s not much time to screen, hire, and train thousands of new workers before they start entering people’s personal information in insurance applications.
he wants to stop healthcare for people in his State until he decides to do his job.

which is charging those criminals with crimes involving identity theft under WV law


" upon conviction, shall be punished by confinement in the penitentiary not more than five years, or fined not more than one thousand dollars, or both"

he could be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.

sounds like WV can ask their AG to enforce the law.


Quakertown, PA

#52228 Aug 26, 2013
working at my house wrote:
<quoted text>
While President Barack Obama handily won the women’s vote by 11 percentage points in November over Republican nominee Mitt Romney, his administration paid the women on his payroll less than his male employees last year.
A Daily Caller analysis of the administration’s “2012 Annual Report to Congress on White House Staff” shows that while women comprised about half of the 468 staffers — as the president touted during his press conference Monday
– they also earned about 13 percent less,
on average,
than their male counterparts.
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/01/15/obama-white...
women in the White House are paid less than men. Not less as in "less pay for the same work" but less as in "they get hired for lower paying jobs."


"When a salary analysis of the same time period is done to see how women fared when considering the entire White House staff, we find that women, on average, earned about $10,000 a year less than the men.

It is hugely important to note that this figure does not represent women being paid less for doing the same job as a male employee. The White House is not engaging in discriminatory behavior when it comes to providing equal pay to women who are doing the same job as a male counterpart."

Quakertown, PA

#52230 Aug 26, 2013
The BHO Legacy wrote:
Despite backlogs, VA disability claims processors get bonuses
August 25
While veterans waited longer than ever in recent years for their wartime disability compensation, the Department of Veterans Affairs gave its workers millions of dollars in bonuses for “excellent” performances that effectively encouraged them to avoid claims that needed extra work to document veterans’ injuries, a News21 investigation has found.
In 2011, a year in which the claims backlog ballooned by 155 percent, more than two-thirds of claims processors shared $5.5 million in bonuses, according to salary data from the Office of Personnel Management.
The more complex claims were often set aside by workers so they could keep their jobs, meet performance standards or, in some cases, collect extra pay, said VA claims processors and union representatives. Those claims now make up much of the VA’s widely scrutinized disability claims backlog, defined by the agency as claims pending more than 125 days.
“At the beginning of the month .&#8201;.&#8201;. I’d try to work my really easy stuff so I could get my numbers up,” said Renee Cotter, a union steward for the Reno, Nev., local of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE).
and as usual you missed

"Darin Selnick, a VA political appointee in the George W. Bush administration, called the quickly finished claims an old “sleight-of-hand trick.” Selnick said regional office directors and central office staffers misled VA leadership during the past decade with similar numbers games that disguised the problem and kicked the can down the road."

sounds like the House of representatives need to hold hearings about it.
maybe Issa can actually do something.
but if history is a judge he will fail.
why the republican led House hates veterans is always a wonder.
the Republicans claim to care about them.

Quakertown, PA

#52232 Aug 26, 2013
The BHO Legacy wrote:
Why Obamacare’s Death Panel Debate Won’t Die
August 14, 2013
The debate over the nefarious "death panel" is back.
Controversy over Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB – the cost-controlling group derided by critics as a veiled bureaucratic cudgel to ration care – has heated up in recent weeks. Former Democratic National Committee Chairman and presidential candidate Howard Dean has called for the panel to be abolished. Dean, a physician and former Vermont governor who now advises a Washington lobbying firm, wrote in The Wall Street Journal July 28 that "getting rid of the IPAB is something Democrats and Republicans ought to agree on."
Loathed by conservatives, some Democrats and health-care providers, the panel was set up as part of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, to suggest ways to reduce costs within Medicare. While none of the panel's recommendations are binding without Congressional review, that hasn’t quelled critics.

"On the major cost-cutting policies proposed by IPAB, Congress would have the power to accept or reject IPAB suggestions, so the popular idea that the panel would unilaterally ration care is false."

guess palin can admit she got it wrong.
Danny Jenkins

Delta, PA

#52238 Aug 27, 2013
I will support a Democrat for Pennsylvania. Never again will a vote for a Republican
Danny Jenkins

Delta, PA

#52239 Aug 27, 2013
Ron wrote:
Guns do feed families. It's called hunting. Not everybody can afford to eat at McDonalds everyday like you do. Those defenseless animals are called food.
You preachy know-it-all types are extremely annoying. Way to go.
Guns only feed a person's ego and need to kill
Dave Rogers

Clearfield, PA

#52240 Aug 27, 2013
US strike against Syria 'as early as Thursday': NBC http://www.cnbc.com/id/100988767

Our warmonger is at it again. Obama once again bypasses Congress. Where is the outrage from our far left liberals on here? Would they be in hiding? I remember them calling President Bush a warmonger and calling for impeachment. But silence from them now.

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