Neo-Nazi fliers distributed in S. Oregon

Neo-Nazi fliers distributed in S. Oregon

There are 36 comments on the story from Apr 23, 2009, titled Neo-Nazi fliers distributed in S. Oregon. In it, reports that:

A neo-Nazi group led by a man recently released from prison has been distributing fliers across Southern Oregon that call for white unity, deny the Holocaust happened, and demand that illegal immigrants return to Mexico.

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#22 May 8, 2009
Oregon is Disgusting wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually it isn't stupid because you say that it is, it has been written. Go look it up.
A much smarter man than you has written it.
Him - 1
You - negative 100
hey look at that! It's the very small penised one again!

How are ya, VSP?

Stockton, CA

#23 May 8, 2009
Well if you didn't like #11, how about Part Ten:
Jae wrote:
I would have thought (Oregon is disgusting) would have turned into a pile of crap by now and would have been washed away by all the bad weather and would have been flushed down into the sewer system, but heck no, here he is still pretending to hate Oregon, I think I have figured him out!! He actually loves Oregon and he is just pulling our legs!! What do you think, everyone, you suppose that is it?????????
Neal Oregon wrote:
Jae, he gets old fast… A year ago he was crying about his falling home value (notice his constant ‘siding problems’) and how he’d lose too much if he sold. Looks to me like he’s lost his mind instead – as he’s trying to take ours with him!

He’s one crazy creep, and a real downside to posting on Topix. But they can’t seem to figure that out. Or, maybe he’s a Topix Plant -- designed to keep us looking for his next pile?

If he turns anyone away from Oregon that’s fine with me. As far as I’m concerned allowing him in was one-too-many! But he’s out to bash others, if not personally, then by the state-load! One woman suggested he move to Canada – so “Canada could be Disgusting!” I still smile over that. But he’s caused too many idiotic squabbles and disruptions to be of interest – he’s a known quantity of stale crap.

Hey – he’s got a new toy! Topix is allowing him to “Judge” others, over and over and ov… Worse yet – even “Judging” himself as “Brilliant!” Pathetic! But what he craves is what he’s getting here and now -- good people wasting their life-energy discussing ‘him.’ It makes him feel alive! Draining the energy of others while provoking all-comers, he’s so many mental conditions I’ve lost track! And he’s no longer original, having taken to copying anomalies and claiming them common place or taking stupid stabs at the personalities of legitimate posters.

He’s just a Toll; a very frightened little man incapable of getting along with others who’s only life is searching for typos and sick news then daring someone to kick him in the teeth – all from the safety of his filthy moldy basement bedroom. But I’m smiling!
Keith- Gales Creek OR wrote:
unfortunately there will be no last stand for Eeyore (Oregon is Miserable/Oregon is disgusting/Oregon Misery) His pattern repeats itself endlessly and predictably.

Maybe if the rain keeps up long enough, his pathetic misery will overcome him and it will all be over with a loud pop and a thump as his body slumps to the floor.
Until then we will hear an endless bleating of how Oregon is the root of all his problems.
Keith- Gales Creek OR wrote:
He's probably reading through the forums thinking "predictable am I?" as he tries a new approach, something original like a new name. Oh wait. LOL. I wonder if he is capable of pulling off a different persona without the anti-Oregon and "we can't worry about that, because we have this problem, and we can't worry about that because there is this injustice...." etc. ad nauseum rhetoric.
Tim wrote:
Oregon is only disgusting and slovenly when your presence graces it. I haven't been here in months and yet your childish banter is still spewing. What a completely miserable and worthless existence you have. What positive spin have you ever put forth on anything? Sad.
smudge wrote:

The guy must be on welfare,(mental disability?), because he posts twelve hours worth of the same, repetitious ad nauseam...everyday.
Obviously, the genuine "Polly Parrot" gets-off when he's noticed, so I'll humor him.
Keith wrote:
WOW LOL..... are you on drugs OM?
Brillo Pads and Sheep

United States

#24 Jul 12, 2009
Northern Oregon is full of liberals and the southern is racist redneck? Hmmm. I would compare neo-nazi freaks to the Obama thugs. Both carry the same message.

United States

#25 Jul 21, 2009
Oregon Is Disgusting wrote:
This kind of thing happens all the time in Oregon.
It is just part of what makes Oregon the worst state in the union.
This Canadian Man, obviously has never lived for very long in any of the other States for an extended length of time (eg Florida, Mississippi, Oklahoma .... etc). All States have their charm and their innate distractions. Ignorance knows no geographical bounds. Anyone who has 'been around the block' knows that by heart.
Barter Tender

United States

#26 Jul 27, 2009
Oregon is Disgusting wrote:
Note that all the culturally violent and thuggish Oregonians do is follow me around and harass me because they can't take criticism.
This is what to expect when hiring Oregonians...the maturity of a gnat and uncontrollable is typical. I can't see how this is good for business which is why Oregon always has one of the highest unemployment rates in the USA.
It is well-deserved. Oregonians work very hard to be unstable, violent, lazy and impossible to work with. They chase tourists, immigrants and jobs out of the state and now they are having to beg and plead for welfare from the feds.
What a pathetic state of affairs. Oregon will never improve.
Watch this. After this post will come more disgusting, nonsense, harassing, stalking posts from Oregonians. This is all they have to do and all they can do.
They are pathetic as is Oregon.
I just wanted to point out the obvious: The same freedom of speech that allows the neo-nazi groups to speak their minds, is the exact same right that you have to express your ideas here. Is not what you do essentially hate speech to Oregonians?? Dont your biases and opinions make you a hate monger as well???

If you hate it so much THEN MOVE! I just wouldnt recommend you move to any of the southern states-
We RESPECT everyones beliefs, cause we keep them to ourselves. No need for self edification online.

"Never miss a golden opportunity to keep your mouth shut"

Will Rogers
Oregon Is Disgusting

United States

#27 Nov 13, 2009
So, did the PD in Oregon ever pick up these 'people' or did they get away as they always do with this kind of harassment?

Long Island, WA

#28 Nov 15, 2009
O.I.D is a chick! so it would be VERY LARGE VAGINA ONE HA,HA,HA
Oregon Is Disgusting

United States

#30 Nov 17, 2009
slick wrote:
O.I.D is a chick! so it would be VERY LARGE VAGINA ONE HA,HA,HA
Typical Oregonian perversion.

This kind of nasty thought process is typical of Oregonians.
Fred in McCall

United States

#31 Nov 17, 2009
Well,I'm for two out of three of those. the one I oppose is down right ridiculous to deny.

Stockton, CA

#32 Nov 17, 2009
Oregon Is Disgusting wrote:
<quoted text>
Typical Oregonian perversion.
This kind of nasty thought process is typical of Oregonians.
…not quite right… You’ve provoked a state, of all things, for years – what do you expect? And, there’s no such thing as a “typical Oregonian.” Most Oregonians weren’t even born here! So what’s typical? A low level hostility for having moved to a place you weren’t needed or wanted? Or, the constant irritation of being surrounded by those who did…?

If you hate the State, get. If you don’t – you’ve become the problem!

Oregon’s as complicated as the mix of Americans and illegal aliens who make it up. Originals exploited large tracks, until it began to remind them of from where they came. So they stopped short, implementing enough regulations to protect what was left. Newcomers flocked here (I live in Oregon, always have) to get a piece, but what they wanted – and the very reason they come had been locked up. Some piss and moan (like you), other’s make the most of what’s left, actually quite a bit.

I’ve watched others do their best to cheer you up, and cut you down – I’ve even saved 14 Topix pages with their words of wisdom to you! I think you care, or you’d be gone. We can’t make things right for you; you’re not the kind of person to let anyone hold your hand… I’m sorry you’re so disgusted, but please stop taking it out on an innocent state.

If you don’t like Oregonians it’s actually Americans you dislike. And though your ISP occasionally lists you in Canada, we know you’re in Beaverton, Oregon --- and apparently, that’s where you plan to stay. So get used to it! Surrounded by newbie’s, there’s no telling what kind of treatment you’ll receive – most likely it’ll be what you deserve!
Oregon Is Disgusting

United States

#33 Nov 17, 2009
Neal, your dry wall business is in the dumps and you still have Mexicans.

You are a bigot, a racist and a lunatic.

Oregonians are the most depressed, angry, violent, nasty-minded, cold, untrustworthy and lazy bunch of people I have ever seen. If you don't like being labeled as such then you can pretend that you are not an Oregonian or try and stop being these things.

The first is easy, the second is impossible in this lifetime.

Oregon still has a ridiculous high unemployment rate. It is 2% higher than neighboring Washington. Why is that? They are both in the NW, they both have lousy weather, they are both frequently in a state of algae and mud.

Oregon's unemployment rate would be even higher except that the longterm unemployed have simply stopped looking. I would guess that the REAL NEAL unemployment rate in Oregon is over 20% as the official rate shows only part of the picture.
Oregon Is Disgusting

United States

#34 Nov 17, 2009
LOL. That is, Real Neal HATES Mexicans not has Mexicans. Although, I suppose, being in the biz Real Neal could also have never knows about the true weirdness of Oregonians.

Stockton, CA

#35 Nov 18, 2009
Yup, Dude, it’s definitely you! This is why you don’t have any friends….

You were recently railing on Bend, Oregon; heard this morning, though Deschutes County expected to have lost population, it gained 2% this year. They’re still coming!

And guess what – your unappreciated hometown of Beaverton, in Washington County, Oregon was the second fasting growing county in the state! I think their growth rate, including the “dismal” weather and economic devastation we’re all experiencing, was 8%.

What’s up Sicko? Is this your way of slowing down the flow…? Badmouth Oregon till the cows come home? You remain a very sick individual, looking to cause others the pain you apparently enjoy – while begging for more. If you’d like to damage Oregon beyond repair – take your expertise elsewhere. I can think of a couple of islands that are quite nice this time of year. Lead the exodus – put your feet where your BIG Mouth is.…I dare you…

And look, aren’t Oregonian’s meeeeennn….

Long Island, WA

#36 Nov 18, 2009
well i can see the very large vagina one is still at it
and i guess she lives in BEAVERton
Oregon Is Disgusting

United States

#37 Nov 18, 2009
Notice that Oregonians strive really hard to see if they can harass you. Real Neal thinks that free speech and opinions are criminal offenses and slick thinks that stalking is fun.

This is TYPICAL Oregonian behavior...thuggish and creepy.
Oregon Is Disgusting

United States

#38 Nov 18, 2009
Oregonians think that people who do not think exactly like them should be hounded, harassed and (who knows) maybe even beaten up.

They are horrendous aren't they?

Just follow the ramblings of Real Neal and slick. Would you want these people living near you? Would you want these people teaching your children or working for your corporation?

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