I hope someone on here can help me. I am from P-burg/Easton. Anyways, I have been looking for a girl for about 10 years. Her name is Michelle Ansback, she used to live on S. Main St. towards Andover Morris...where we met. Back in grade school, she was almost everything to me...besides a girl named Wendy Burell. Anyways I am over 700 miles away now and this is getting on my nerves I can't find her. I would love to find her and let her know that I still think about her and that I miss friends like her. I remember that she loves raega (raygay...lol) and we used to go to the park alot by her house. we made songs together and had so much to talk about!....yeah outta all my childhood memories she stands out the most. She may have been obese in the 4th,5th & 6th grade, but still through the tons of friends I been through, can't help but not think of her. I know this is the last place to post something like this but I have been all over the internet...even spent a few hundred dollars trying to find her. It's my last resort.
Anyways, this was probly the worst thing to do, but all I can do is try. We went to Andover Morris between 1994-1997. Our 5th grade teacher was Mrs. Snyder.
I would appreciate honest, MATURE answers. Thanks.:)