Did police officers in Plilippi steal...

Did police officers in Plilippi steal drugs from the evidence room?

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Curious George

Fairmont, WV

#1 Jul 1, 2011
I have heard rumors many times in the past couple weeks about 2 Barbour county police officers resigning. Story has it that they were caught on camera removing drugs from the evidence room. Surely this can not be true!

Morgantown, WV

#2 Aug 12, 2011
Surely is true! It was only one officer who is now gone, but he'll just get another job at another small town police dept. and on we'll go. That's what we call justice in the 21st century.

United States

#3 Mar 7, 2012
That is what we call Barbour County justice. It seems if you have a badge, you can get by with essentially anything you wish.

Charleston, WV

#4 Mar 8, 2012
My ex-wife exchanged a blow-job with Officer Brad Miller for legal preferences, dude is a POS! Hope he gets shot in the nuts today.

United States

#5 Mar 8, 2012
Sexual favors abound...

Buckhannon, WV

#6 Jun 23, 2012
Pup wrote:
Surely is true! It was only one officer who is now gone, but he'll just get another job at another small town police dept. and on we'll go. That's what we call justice in the 21st century.
or become police chief or sheriff.

United States

#7 Jun 24, 2012
zephyr wrote:
My ex-wife exchanged a blow-job with Officer Brad Miller for legal preferences, dude is a POS! Hope he gets shot in the nuts today.
you are a kid you don't have a ex wife lol
Truth B Told

Clarksburg, WV

#8 Jun 25, 2012
Pup wrote:
Surely is true! It was only one officer who is now gone, but he'll just get another job at another small town police dept. and on we'll go. That's what we call justice in the 21st century.
Sad but true. If Harrison County would have prosecuted then we would not be stuck with a low down criminal as our Sheriff now.
Takin out the trash

Grafton, WV

#9 Jun 26, 2012
It would be nice if they would have bust the pushers.

Since: Jun 11

Location hidden

#10 Jun 26, 2012
Too bad they couldnt make the charges stick against that trash that was running for senate up there in barbour county. He was caught with drugs but I guess he gave some sexual favors to get out of it.
Jefferson Galt

Wheeling, WV

#11 Sep 8, 2012
SURVIVNGINWV- Sexual favors or no, some of the stolen drugs were allegedly the ones he 'sold' to a CI. His rights were also violated before the incident in the vehicle even took place. As I understand, the cops got with the driver beforehand and unplugged a tail-light to have an excuse to pull the car over. Perhaps we should worry a little less about 'pushers' and a little more about abusers of power, Constitutional values, and a free society.

Idamay, WV

#12 Sep 8, 2012
So what, he was pushing heroin. He's a piece of shit, and he's steal dealing. The little bastard needs to be in prison.
Jefferson Galt

Wheeling, WV

#13 Sep 8, 2012
You seem to know an awful lot about the drug scene, And. Has he pushed any drugs on you, your children, or anyone you know? From some of the rumors I've heard, most of the drugs that get into the area come from some of the most respected members of the community. Those are just rumors, though, and I don't put too much stock into them- just like I don't put too much stock into the comment you just made. I haven't heard much about said ex-candidate since that time and according to the law he wasn't convicted of anything. Thus, innocent until PROVEN guilty... The same goes for the cop taking evidence out of the lockers (I've even heard there were two of them).

I do happen to know a lot of good people around this area, however, who get caught up dealing in some illicit substance or another (usually weed or pills) because they simply can't afford to get by any other way. True, some of them have habits of their own to support and that makes it a lot harder for them. I've also seen senior citizens who do not even drink sell their own meds to be able to pay their bills. What I haven't ever seen in Barbour County is someone needing to be 'pushed' into buying or consuming anything. To the contrary, they're usually begging aforementioned elders to sell them some of their medication and looking high and low for whatever drug they happen to prefer.

I've never seen anybody held down and forced to hit a joint or put a needle in their arm. I have, though, seen people held down by our system, unable to rise in station because those at the top fear a long drop. It says something when people get thrown in jail for selling or using a product that the majority doesn't agree with while those wearing badges can coerce sexual favors, physically assault, and steal without fear of any reprisal. It says something even louder when people think that those same policemen are 'good' and 'just' in doing whatever they want as long as they make a few drug arrests and get a few DUI tickets written every month.

I have personally had an officer steal from me, know a girl who was sexually misused by a cop (not the Keene girl, either), and have heard the stories of physical intimidation and battery. If this guy deserves prison for selling something that people want (if he really even did), what do the cops who abuse their position and commit the real, violent kind of crime deserve? Certainly, the police are innocent until proven guilty as well, but you don't see lines of people ready to turn them in to save their own skin. Conversely, they usually keep quiet for that same reason.

Whether or not the guy is a piece of shit is a matter of opinion and I don't have one on the issue of his character. Whether he was guilty of the crime he was accused of is a matter of public record and if he still is or not is a matter for those who care to investigate. Personally, I'd rather see us save the prison space for those who actually hurt people in the commission of their crime. The only way to keep people from selling drugs is to not buy drugs and the only way to keep people from wanting to buy them is to focus solely on improving their lives and offering services to help with addiction (as well as the other social issues that lead to drug abuse). You can imprison that guy, the next guy, and all of those to follow without the drugs skipping a beat. Just look what happened with prohibition. It isn't my job to protect people from their own habits and mistakes, nor do I expect the same from them. Why do you, And, think that you should decide who belongs where? Did he sell you something that wasn't any good or did he simply take your money and run? You're just lucky that bad grammar and incorrect spelling are not against the law...:P


Idamay, WV

#14 Sep 8, 2012
*claps* Adam. Impressive. You and the dirty police officers in this county should be sharing a cell together. Is that better? The ones selling prey on the weakness of addiction, and No, I've never bought drugs. As for your friend that was sexually assaulted by a police officer, direct her to the right place to go. You judging corrupt law enforcement as you continually break the law is as ridiculous as the corrupt officers enforcing it. Hopefully soon, you will all be surrounded by steel.

United States

#15 Sep 12, 2012
He kinda sounds like a lawyer? That's been their and done just that. Just saying
Jefferson Galt

Wheeling, WV

#16 Oct 1, 2012
And. You really are not very smart or well-versed in the subject of constitutional law, are you? I can tell. Preying on addiction? C'mon, now. We all have our drug of choice. Yours seem to be bitching, whining, and general ignorance... You want to see someone locked up, you'd better leave it to those smarter than yourself. There are a number of people who don't feel imprisonment is right for those who commit no crime that infringes upon the civil liberties of another.... Just saying, our founding fathers were some of them. Shtoops.
Why you asking

Grafton, WV

#17 Oct 1, 2012
I know for a fact that putting someone in prison for doing drugs does not help them. That person will get out of prison and go back to doing drugs and possibly selling them to get their fix. As for locking up the dealers, sure why not. Once a user is locked up and charged as a felon, selling is the only way they can make money. When that felony is on your record it makes it nearly impossible to get a job. The laws we have are seriously flawed. I know of a guy who was busted once for helping a guy who was sick score some pot. It was only 4 grams but he was forced to either go to jail while his father was dying of cancer or plead guilty take 2 years probation and become a felon. Does this seem fair? A one time deal and his life is ruined while there were other people who had 10 + counts against them and they practically got a slap on the wrist. The laws are surely flawed.
Jefferson Galt

Wheeling, WV

#18 Oct 17, 2012
Why You Askin- Pretty sure I know who you're talking about and while that guy has sex w animals, that is his right as an American! Amen.
Soft Furry Animal Lover

Grafton, WV

#19 Oct 17, 2012
Hey Jefferson,
Maybe animals are the tightest piece he can find. We all know how many of these chicks today are all used up, wore out and infested with disease from selling their ass for drugs, sticking needles in their veins and having sex with people like you because drugs have lowed their standards and self esteem. So I got 2 words for you "SUCK IT"!
Jefferson Galt

Wheeling, WV

#20 Oct 17, 2012
And behind each one of those girls with low self-esteem there is a terrible father like you that I would like to thank for so many wonderful, sweaty nights with girls that were way out of my league, but didn't know it. Thanks, dad!:)

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