Warning to Phelps

Clay City, KY

#1 Feb 24, 2013
I didn't post the thread that has disappeared but I know it warned Phelps and everyone else on the Internet about that boy, Craig Fedarko (if that's his real name)

He's also a chicken who RUNS.

He is obtaining/pretending to obtain inside information on other posters.

So be warned: if you tell the truth Craig Fedarko and what appears to be an attractive girl who could have done better will also then stalk you. And run like the rest of them.

It's highly illegal to use inside connections to track down others. Anyone who used law enforcement credentials to do so will find out. Anyone who used fake credentials to do so will find out.



Meantime y'all enjoy following us around we go to nice places and you'll have to up your budget some.

That means less money to go around so enjoy your secret clubs.

Clay City, KY

#2 Feb 24, 2013
He snitched out Stephanie and he has snitched out others.

Obviously he has some type connection or sits his fat ass at the computer all day (more likely) with wifey hitting the abuse button.

My guess is it's a first responderficator connection, I haven't seen what Drummer saw which shows exactly what someone else found out about the Internet spying.

So Phelps has themselves a BONAFIDE snitch.

He's got a lot of balls moving here and snitching on people and following them around.

Is that SMEE, his wife?

You can always tell when a sex life ain't what it should be.
The Atheist 2013

Versailles, KY

#3 Feb 24, 2013
Wow just lol. You are a moron but you amuse me so much especially right now. Whoever your enemeies are they are my friends now.

You seem to deserve the imaginary problems you have. Please seek help for your mental issues sweetheart <3

Clay City, KY

#4 Feb 24, 2013
Is that your mini-van, Fedarko or your wifey's family?

You don't have friends, just a pack of people you follow around brown-nosing. That was a small parking lot for you to be so stupid. LOL.

With windows looking on it all. You act like people are stupid and that's because there is something wrong with you, partly narcissism. Chrissy told my cousin, but that may have been a famous Chrissy ONLINE DIAGNOSIS.

Clay City, KY

#5 Feb 24, 2013
Funny watching you run, TOO !!!!

Clay City, KY

#6 Feb 24, 2013
Why did wifey run first? That was pretty weird. Almost like you were trying to hide who you are and stuff. tsk.

Clay City, KY

#7 Feb 24, 2013
Oh. Maybe they left their kids in the mini-van while they stalked people.

Someone should call a cop.
The Atheist 2013

Versailles, KY

#8 Feb 24, 2013
Why don't you call a cop sweetheart? Next time you see our mini-van please call them. I can hide the van long enough to make you look like a liar! Wait.....I meant to say paranoid liar.

Would you like to come in our van and eat some candy?

Clay City, KY

#9 Feb 24, 2013
And, so you see, folks. Fedarko is a narko and has connections with pikeville PD (undercover cop?) and is blithely unaware that video cameras recorded every bit of everyone of those tools. SPAMMER laying low on the other side of the road you weakkneed nancy boy. lol for days.

Busted your ass little shot. You was never gonna be a contender so you had to take the WEASEL choice.

I don't think you losers have any idea how obvious you are.

I also believe that Fedarko is not your real name and a little birdie told me that you got run out of OH because um people were unhappy with you.
To say the least.

Anyway you look more like cop than gamer and seriously go research how a person can tell that wifey is not satisfied.

So you had to change your name and move here. I know exactly when that happened because as soon as you cropped up here you were spotted.

Is that another lie you colostomy baggers told on SPAMMER?

Now watch, people. His next will be to call SPAMMER a snitch like they already tried to spread the rumor. Only thing is that SPAMMER holdin most of the time so yeah.

Anyone called a cop on you would get a quick response from your brothers.
In my family we don't call the cops. You'll see.

Tell Dave hi. Another barbed wire pussy. You need to get some tats to fit in better NARKO.

Clay City, KY

#10 Feb 24, 2013
He either changed his name or he is undercover following people around who have NO CRIMINAL RECORD.

Nice mini-van, snitch.

Clay City, KY

#11 Feb 24, 2013
See that?

HE admits he would and DID follow my cousin and that he would hide and make my family look like liars.

See, this is how video is very helpful.

What a good plan that was.

You realize when SPAMMER takes it all down any phone you ever had in your hand will be subpoena'd and YOU will pay for the records to be gotten. Which has gotten super expensive.

Many laughs at my family's haciendas.

You stay the fuck out of my way you're interfering in my business. No one around MY family has ever been arrested or had their job threatened by some pos faggot from face.

How's Jim B. doing? You still sucking on that?

Clay City, KY

#12 Feb 24, 2013
And then run to Rascal Flatts. Seriously?? Did you really think you can believe what SPAMMER says when he knows you are 'ears on' with your freaky shit in peoples' houses?

People BEWARE: these losers DO listen to your private conversations at home and on the cell. I can only think of several ways that can happen.
The Atheist 2013

Versailles, KY

#13 Feb 24, 2013
Lol you are too cute and funny.
The Atheist 2013

Versailles, KY

#14 Feb 24, 2013
I watch you not your cousin silly goose. Well does your cousin post on here? If so I watch them too. I am the Phelps BOOGEYMAN ya know

Thanks for blowing my cover jerk! Must move to a new place to build cases against people now

Clay City, KY

#16 Feb 24, 2013
Either that or come on by with the good shit and let's call it a day, bro.

Waco, KY

#18 Feb 24, 2013
You're totally right about our sex life. It's nonexistent. You'd think we live in different counties or somethin'.
The Atheist 2013

Versailles, KY

#19 Feb 24, 2013
Well wifey since it's all coming out in the open may as well tell all or nothing.

We are swingers and have multiple male and female partners. Smee (my wife) was born a hermaphrodite. Oh and I have to buffer a lot before I download lmao!!!!

Anything else about our sex life you'd like to know?

Clay City, KY

#20 Feb 24, 2013
the truth comes out.

The problem was the question.

These folks will only answer a question if it involves sex.

Any kind of sex.

I can't go there.

Clay City, KY

#21 Feb 24, 2013
Phelpsdirt wrote:
Either that or come on by with the good shit and let's call it a day, bro.
Thank you, judge. I was really hoping he'd just come on by with the good shit. Cops get the best dope. SHARE !!!!!!!
Nutty neighbor

Jonesborough, TN

#22 Mar 7, 2013
Wow I can't believe I missed this one! My stupid Internet was out for a few days and I missed this one! All I can say is wow! I always liked men in uniform! Lol !Got any hand cuffs? I do!

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