The wanna be's that dont wanna be on ...

The wanna be's that dont wanna be on drugs are on drugs!!!

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Sweet and Gorgeous

Wartburg, TN

#1 Aug 6, 2010
Who looks like their walkin dead an looks like a skeleton? Who says their not on drugs but you see them up in the wide spot and at old elwoods store? Ill go ahead and give the name its Billie Jean Armes. Who is it that is a pig an wont clean house and wont keep her kids clean? Oh let me see that is Billie Jean Armes too.. If i was a young guy I wouldnt ask her out hell the next day I would be accused of raping her. Everyone that looks at her rapes her. Some of my guy friends said she said that they have raped her but they aint none of them that have. She says they have but yet she flaunts her shi* so everyone can see it. Oh yea i forgot something she says she is sick but I have looked on the internet and talked to people that has her problem and they aint none of them look as dead an ugly as she does. She likes to talk about the drug dealers but she sure as heck loves to be around them. She is a drug infested WHORE!!!
so your Spineless

Oneida, TN

#2 Aug 6, 2010
HMMMM cats outa the bag your a female nice try

Wartburg, TN

#3 Aug 6, 2010
Who is billie jean armes ive heard the name and sounds really familiar?

United States

#4 Aug 6, 2010
who was the armes woman harassing voters on the sidewalks at the courthuse to vote for don edwards?

Wartburg, TN

#5 Aug 6, 2010
probably billie shes a hoe lol

Royal Oak, MI

#6 Aug 6, 2010
I reckon that was a Hopper Mrs.Armes twin
Delta wrote:
who was the armes woman harassing voters on the sidewalks at the courthuse to vote for don edwards?
Fat Cat

Wartburg, TN

#7 Aug 7, 2010
Ive heard alot more about Billie. Everything that Sweet and gorgeous has said is true. She puts the druggies down so bad but yet she is one. She is also the biggest whore ive ever seen. She is screwin guys to get pills/money and cigarets.. She also stands around at joe duncans askin ppl for a dollar until she get enough to buy cigarets or a pill. Its called a f**king job get one you sorry ass.

United States

#8 Aug 7, 2010
she sounds like she dont need no kids if she cant keep them clean mabey sombody oughrta tell mr frytag about this either that or give her a bus ticket to the methaddoan clinick
Fat Cat

Wartburg, TN

#9 Aug 7, 2010
Yea she does need to go to the methadone clinic. But it wouldnt help her anyway. She tlks so bad about druggies but yet she is one. I heard she was on subxon and sellin them to get wat kind of drug she wants. She is a nasty scum bucket.
PillBilly Jim

Lenoir City, TN

#10 Aug 7, 2010
Mr. freytag will be as corrupt as any sheriff before him just give him some time. Wait till the job goes to his head. Just like it would anybody else we are all human and the temptations and power would evently ruin anyone.

Knoxville, TN

#11 Aug 7, 2010
Are the Pine Knot posters different people or one person with different names. Why attack Billie only? What about the others?

Wartburg, TN

#12 Aug 8, 2010
Idk who is doin this but i think petros needs something done all these druggies up here i mean most of them have kids an their all taken because of the same shit. Its rediculous. Billie Jean may do drugs but she still takes good care of her kids. I dnt think alot of it is drugs i think its mostly parents tht play just dnt wanna take care of their kids that they have. If you dont want or like kids then get ur tubes tied an burned ppl. Dnt punish the kids for your wrong doing. The kids dnt ask to b brought in this world. If you dont want them then dont play to get them brought in this world especially if your not going to take care of them.

Oliver Springs, TN

#13 Aug 8, 2010
Hay miss sweet and gorgeous and I do say miss cause aint you bout 16 or 17 Tyanna. You are so afraid of Billie that you cant say anything to her face it always has to be where she cant get to you and I will be sure to call her and let her read this SHIT. She takes care of them babies and you know it. What Curt goona try to take them HELL your mom wont even let him have Olivia when he is by hisself. He is the piece of shit everyone should be talking about hell he used to let Billie weed eat the yard because he was too damn lazy to do it and to beat it all she would have to watch the kids why she was doing it cause again he was too damn lazy to help her she had to pay ppl to come and mow the yard and then he wanted to get mad because he had to pay for it so yeah I guess he is so great. Billie is a great mom and no she is not on drugs and yes she is very sick and she will still KICK UR ASS ALL OVER THE PLACE so you need to quit making up stupid SHIT like a little girl that you are and go let her know how you feel to her face. Oh and by the way you cant keep a kid clean at that age unless you walk behind them every step of the way with a damn wash cloth and wipe them off every two seconds. I got children myself and I know how hard that is. So maybe you need to tell your NASTY ASS BROTHER TO GET OFF HIS LAZY ASS AND GIVE HER SOME MONEY FOR HIS BABY and yeah I know Landon dont belong to him but hay if you step up and take the responsibility then you should be man enough to handle it. SO GO AND DO UR BROTHER SOME MORE U INSEST LIL WHORE!!!!!

Carrollton, GA

#14 Aug 9, 2010
well thats a great way to talk about a young must be a really great person

Wartburg, TN

#15 Aug 9, 2010
This is to OMG! Idk who wrote tht about Billie but it wasnt me so jus leave the hell alone about it. Billie obviously cant say anything to my face beacause all she does is walk away. Ive ran into her at andys idk how many times an she tell me to get a pill enjected, well let me tell you guys something i dnt evn know wat tht means since she knows so much about it then why dnt she do it. And i am 17 an i am grew up enough not to tlk bout someone like this on the internet. I will come to you if I have a problem with you. ME AND MY BROTHER ARE NOT INSEST YOU DUMB ASSES IT MUST BE YALL THT ARE SINCE YOUR TRYIN TO PUT IT OFF ON ME AN MY BROTHER. My brother hasnt done anything. Yall are juss mad because yalls whole family aint gettin his check anymore. My brother will give her money when we can see the kids or well my brothers kid since yall say i dnt love them both. But i do love them both idc wat any of you say. Im sorry whoever it is tlkn bout Billie. I dnt like these things they are all drama an i never expected to be on it either. But yall gotta drag people in it and assume who wrote it. Well it wasnt me an i cn promise you on tht. I cnt help wat people say. My brother has straightened up so much an he is makin something of his self. So yall need to leave me alone bout this. I have nothing to do with this all id like to do is see my niece an step nephew but i know Billie wnt let me. But im done on here an this is the first time ive wrote anything on here an will be the last. AND I AM NOT A WHORE!!!!!! Grow up!!!! See ya
Billie Jean

Oliver Springs, TN

#16 Aug 9, 2010
Tyanna shut the f*** up we are not stupid you Jessica, and curt went to coalfield to chase a pill I didn't say to inject anything. I told you to quit following me around and quit calling me. I don't need money from your brother. my fucking family didn't get a dime of his money he didn't work long enough to get a damn check. he owes my mom and sister so much money its ridiculous from where they have tried to keep the lights and water going. you or nobody else has the right to say anything about me or my babies if your brother is doing good then great I don't give 2 shits if he is doing good, then its the first time in his life.your mom and granny was the ones down there every time he got paid with their hands held out. Landon is not shit to none of you so don't act like it. and curt wont see his daughter until he is clean and he gets something done about his anger problem. if you or anybody else opens their mouth and my name or my kids name comes out you all will pay for it so back the fuck off!!!!!and tell your perfect brother that is doing so well to quit stealing from me my mom and my kids! to support his drug habit. Dustin, Landon daddy is supporting both of my we are doing great even better then when I was with his skanky insest ass!!!! I do not know how you you all was raised, but I was raised that you do not kiss your brother in the mouth or set on his lap like you want something.

Sunbright, TN

#17 Aug 9, 2010
this is tyannas dad i want this shit stopped everyone needs to grow the hell up or maybe get a job then you wouldnt have time to talk about every one else a job has never hurt anyone as far as i know just give it up tommy bray

United States

#18 Aug 9, 2010
get her tommy.she sounds like a real grown up and looks like one to walkin around lookin half dead and all she looks like she is doing great...haha thats some funny stuff thats all these druggies want to keep sayin

Since: Aug 10

United States

#19 Aug 9, 2010
Ok listen here all yu dumb crackheads tht like talkin s*** about Tyanna, curt and OUR family Tyanna is not a whor*, Tyanna and curt aren't insest yu stupid c**t, curt don't owe yu s*** caz yu ain't gunna spend it on his kid anyway yur gunna spend it on pillz he is not lazy and he takes care of his kids he has straightened up ALOT unlike tht stupid hepatitis infested b**** Billie she walkin around lookin like a bone with her eyes all sunk into her head...oh and BILLIE jus to let yu kno Yu let yur mouth write a check tht yur hands can't sign and pay bak is a b**** so watch yur bak wait till I see yu and yur fat a** brother somewere caz nobody has the right to talk bout my family like tht yur family is the crazy ones all y'all care about is drugs drugs drugs yu and yur family is so jealous over our family caz yu dnt got s*** in yur life yur a stupid low life b**** so keep yur mouth shut or imma havta shut for yu, yu nasty w****!!!! get yur facts straight yu dumb b****
-love TIFFANY M**** F***** LOPEZ-
(<3 yu sister).

Oliver Springs, TN

#20 Aug 9, 2010
I do not know where all you M***ER F**KING people get off on talking about everyone else but you lil TIFFANY who ever the HELL you are you need to back off BILLIE because you do not know what you are getting into with this CRAZY family so you betta watch what you are sayin before one of us has to shut your mouth for you. We all might be crazy but we do what needs to be done to help our CHILDREN and our FAMILY. Curt is lazy and no the HELL he does not take care of his children. I do not know where you get your information from and NO BILLIE JEAN is not on pills she takes what she is supposed to unlike CURT he does OXYCONTIN and I know that for a FACT cause I ot some INFORMATION that obviously you do not have. And people say it wont hurt to get a JOB so why does his family provide for his LAZY A**? BILLIE has no one to help to watch the babies so get can not get a job or she would!!!!!

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