we nd police in peterstown

we nd police in peterstown

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monroe county citizen

Hansford, WV

#1 Mar 16, 2012
as a concerned citizen of monroe county peterstown west virginia I think it's very sad that we're so close to the interstate and stateline but we have no police presence in peterstown. Meanwhile Monroe county runs rampant what drugs,prostitution, meth labs, drug dealers, break ins, robberies and talk of gang activity and still no police anywhere! I don't wanna live in a police state either but I do think we need a police presence in peterstown. its gonna be the only way to clean up the lovely little town stop it from going into complete ruin. I know I can't go out in public to a place without seeing a drug deal go down . it's getting ridiculous .
Get real

Saint Albans, WV

#2 Mar 16, 2012
Peterstown needs more than anything a drug rehab program where do all these people go to get help around here there's no where and 90 percent don't have the mends of getting away from here if you want things to change Thats going to be the only way I'm sure if you look close in your family or friends I'm sure someone has been effected by this epidemic and I no people are going to say they done it to there selfs that's true in some cases but 9 times out of ten People have been hurt and been on these meds for years then you have the real drug addicts that ruin it for them the drs stop helping them because of the addicts then what the ones suffering haft to turn to the streets peterstown does need help but it's in the way of some sort of rehab here at home!

Charleston, WV

#3 Mar 16, 2012
well there is one rehab in bland its called prison if the fuckers are dumb enough to do the drugs then they should do the time and as for the sellers i think they should get double of what the buyer gets...and the the police dont drive around the town where its needed they stay back up around linside and ballard they stop by the station what every 2 or 3 weeks come on
monroe county citizen

Vinton, VA

#4 Mar 16, 2012
rehabilitation services require insurance and cost money I don't see that happening in monroe county - maybe Greenbrier. Plus having a rehab means strangers with problems -they would ship in more addicts in than we already have. But you don't put a rehab center in the middle of a drug ridden area like peterstown. We need a police presence to stop the trafficking, and reduce the overwheming number of pill heads we have now. They will get all the services they need once in jail. Anyway rehabs don't take locals They ship addicts of to distant rehabs to break the chain of supply.
tired of bitching

Peterstown, WV

#5 Mar 16, 2012
U could triple the county-wide police force and it won't matter until WV as a state does a better job of cleaning up liberal laws on the books that let habitual offenders off with considerably easier sentences than surrounding state. Another issue is the doctors that R making BIG $ for overprescribing meds, its a massive problem, and probably accounts for over 1/2 over the overall addtiction problem statewide.

On a more local level, the vast majority of landlord/slumlords in this area do a piss poor job of screening the ppl renting off of the. I think the State Police and Sheriff's Office only charge $10-$20 to run background checks, and if that were done it would help cut down on undesireables coming into and staying in the community.

Its a little better than a few yrs ago, but there R still days when there R only 1 or 2 cops out county-wide, and its a little hard for them to "crack down" on things when u consider that Monroe County has over 472 SQ miles and 13,000 ppl. If you're gonna gripe, then gripe TO, not just ABOUT the ones MAKING the laws and ordinances, not the front-line fighters that you'll be calling first when something bad happens to you!
Grow up

Saint Albans, WV

#6 Mar 17, 2012
Your so smart bring in all the police bust them all it's not going to change the fact where having an epidemic around here you want to hang and sentence all these peoPle who most likely are related to you some how in some matter do keep preaching and looking down on people where sure all you high class wont to bes do so much to help around this town like I said this is a epidemic and our town needs help for our brothers and sisters and friends not to just keep labeling them as scum of the earth a rehab here would totally change this area so keep looking down your noses and complaining and wanting to stone them your ideas are working great.. Not
another view

Hansford, WV

#7 Mar 17, 2012
Anyone who lets an inanimate object control them is WEAk. PERIOD>

People overcome addictions all the time over drink, gambeling, sex, drug whatever.. but the person must make a conscious choice to be in control of themselves and not let a pill, drink or urge control them. Its called SELF CONTROL, Yes its gritty, uncomfortable, and tough but if you really want to change. YOU CAN DO IT!! If religion helps, great, or if it takes getting arrested. Whatever. Every day is a new opportunity to try again and start over new. ITS CALLED SELF CONTROL.

United States

#8 Mar 18, 2012
The cops don't be in ballard like u said ... cuz if they did ... maybe they would catch some of the drug dealing that goes on in the dairy bar parking lot ... all day every day ...

“Yes, I'm a Knucklehead!! 5fdp”

Since: Feb 08

Forest Hill, WV

#9 Apr 19, 2012
I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen the Monroe sheriff's deputies in Ballard or past Ballard. I drive Route 12 every day. The last time I saw any law in or around Ballard was back in the winter when the dude was running from the law and they found him on Adair Ridge road. (I believe that is the name of the road). I have called 911 on a lot of drunk drivers on Route 12 and have YET to see or hear of one of them being pulled over. So, no, the Sheriff's deputies do not stay in or around Ballard. They must stay in Union because everytime I talk to the dispatcher, she says there is no one near Route 12. I do agree though, that Peterstown needs a police force. Either that, or the State Police need to start patrolling.
Get real

Mineral Wells, WV

#10 Apr 19, 2012
The WHOLE COUNTY needs to see their police force out and about more. Hardly a day goes by when you are not passed like you are sitting still, or some asshole rides your bumper like they are drafting. Drugs are still everywhere, people are still stealing, and nothing seems to be getting done to correct it. It would be great to see the officers going by knowing that they were not just on their way home.
words out

United States

#11 Apr 19, 2012
The way I hear. The breadman is a undercover cop

Moneta, VA

#12 Jun 21, 2012
I'm 30 yrs old n have lived n ptown my whole life n there never has been a cop n ptown worth a penny n there never will b cause they r all corrupt as hell. Just like Farmer n Trooper Smith n all them back n day even whn all those shitty cops was n ptown it was no different then then what it is now. N as 4 a gang n ptown now that's some funny shit lol. That's almost as big of a joke than all da cops we have had n ptown
Monroe County Taxpayer

Ardsley, NY

#13 Jun 27, 2012
I watched a drug deal happen right in front of my house less than two weeks ago. I called the police before it happen to report suspicious activity on my property, during the actual transaction, and afterwards (as the buyer and seller continued to linger around) and nobody ever came! Three times in over a two hour span. Absolutely ridiculous! I was told there was only one officer on duty for the weekend and they were backed up. This is why the drug addicts are flocking here like cockroaches. They know that the cops are never gonna show up. Isn't this kind of unfair to those of us work, pay taxes, and don't do drugs?
yeah right

Princeton, WV

#14 Jun 27, 2012
There were cops at the motorcross race on green valley rd on 6/16/12 that I had never seen before. ANd supposedly they were crowd control but all I saw them do was talk to girls and eat. You can get ten cops to a dirt bike race and cant get one to your house during a buglary...

Charleston, WV

#15 Jul 29, 2012
The way I understand it is that Peterstown is paying the sheriff's department to have a deputy on duty everyday just in Peterstown. I have saw them down here several times but they were not out on the streets, they were at city hall building the whole shift. The Frontier vans on Route 12 got robbed last summer when a deputy was on duty and the deputy didn't even know it. Two days later a Trooper showed up talking to neighbors and arrested Brad Comer after getting all of the stolen tools out of Brads basement. The Trooper talked to me asking if I had seen anything that night. I asked him why he took so long to get there and he told me that there were only three Troopers here and they had to work in Mercer, Summers and Monroe Counties. I'm not taking up for anyone here but if the sheriff's dept. is getting paid to be in Peterstown, they need to be out and seeing and talking to people instead of staying out of sight. The state really needs to get in gear and realize that we are not in the Mayberry town of the 60's any more. We need more Troopers here to work just in this county instead of three counties at a time.

Sykesville, MD

#16 Dec 8, 2013
I live in a much more criminally active area. The truth of the matter is the police aren't going to be able to help you when you need them. I suggest a strong community initiative/effort that together with law enforcement build a relationship and start a neighborhood watch. There are many retired citizens/military/law enforcement and other individuals interested in keeping their community safe and viable for the present and the future. There are a few ways of starting a neighborhood watch. A community leader should contact local law enforcement and township/municipal leadership to start the implementation. Best wishes.

Alexandria, VA

#17 Feb 22, 2014
folgers wrote:
I'm 30 yrs old n have lived n ptown my whole life n there never has been a cop n ptown worth a penny n there never will b cause they r all corrupt as hell. Just like Farmer n Trooper Smith n all them back n day even whn all those shitty cops was n ptown it was no different then then what it is now. N as 4 a gang n ptown now that's some funny shit lol. That's almost as big of a joke than all da cops we have had n ptown
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