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need work

United States

#1 Oct 10, 2008
Anyone know if Celanes is hireing?

Since: Oct 08

Nitro, WV

#2 Oct 10, 2008
Y the hell would you want to work there, so they can lay you off next week?

Spanishburg, WV

#3 Oct 10, 2008
I know a few people who don't need to be working there would give some good people a chance to get a job if they got fired

Newport, VA

#4 Oct 10, 2008
i get a check from there and i have yet to see anyone working

Newport, VA

#5 Oct 10, 2008
dont get hurt if you work there yhey want to know if you are constipated and if you are that will be the reason for your accident all accidents will be your fault no matter what .
Hometown Girl54

Roanoke, VA

#6 Oct 18, 2008
xxx wrote:
i get a check from there and i have yet to see anyone working
Tell you one thing, you are either a Mundy employeee or Greenbrier janitor. Mundy sucks Celanese dry! You are not working in a production area that is for sure!!! You don't have time in production to hardly catch your breath. Yes when you get hurt they make a federal case out of it. They drug test you, and it is not always your fault even though they try to blame it on your bad working habits. Celanese used to be a great place to work in the 80's and early 90's, but it went down hill fast after 2003 when they shut 2 side down. Alot of good people have worked there.

“Running Out Front”

Since: Feb 08

Gods Country

#7 Oct 18, 2008
xxx wrote:
i get a check from there and i have yet to see anyone working
You draw a check from them,Yet you don't see anyone working!Guess You not working ether?..

“Yes, I'm a Knucklehead!! 5fdp”

Since: Feb 08

Forest Hill, WV

#8 Oct 28, 2008
Go to the gatehouse and look at the board on the wall beside the gatehouse doors. Job openings are posted there.

Btw...I work for Celanese...not Mundy, not Greenbrier....Celanese. There are a lot of areas in the plant that Celanese people work in. Yeah, you work for your pay but that is the way it is SUPPOSED to work. Why should Celanese pay employees to sleep on the job like they did years ago? When you get hired somewhere (doesn't matter where) you are expected to WORK for your pay. You don't want to work for your paycheck then you should not be working there. I for one, love my job in production and yes, I WORK for my paycheck.

Celanese is a good place to work. But is is like any other place. It has it's problems but you can either be a part of the solution, or you can be part of the problem.

Go check out the board, need work...

United States

#9 Oct 28, 2008
Thank you, my father worked for Celco for 44 years and never slept on the job-don't accuse everyone of something that a few may have done.

“Yes, I'm a Knucklehead!! 5fdp”

Since: Feb 08

Forest Hill, WV

#10 Oct 28, 2008
MYOB wrote:
Thank you, my father worked for Celco for 44 years and never slept on the job-don't accuse everyone of something that a few may have done.
MYOB, my apologies. I did not mean to imply that everyone who worked for Celanese years ago slept on the job. My uncle worked for and retired from Celanese and did not sleep on the job. All I have heard from some "old-timers" that are still in the department I work in is "We used to be able to sleep for 4 hours and work for 4 hours but get paid for 8 hours." And they blame us "youngin's" (people that have been there 8 years or less) for the change. There are a lot of workers at Celanese that do their jobs and are great workers. However, like anywhere else, you have the lazy ones who attempt to push their work off on you. My comments were about the ones that slept on the job not the ones that actually do their jobs. Congrats on your dad's 44 years.
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United States

#12 Mar 15, 2010

United States

#13 Mar 15, 2010
Greenbrier Employee

Christiansburg, VA

#14 May 22, 2010
I am a Greenbrier employee, I can honestly say that we do alot of work right aside of celanese employees. alot of them do work, but alot of them do not. The top pay for Greenbrier employees is $8.75 I personally think that is a bit ridiculous.. most all celanese employees make 20 -25 bucks and hour. we should atleast be making 15.00.. the supervisors for greenbrier want to raise hell if you miss a day of work for good reasons.. doctor etc.. Phyllis Davis missed three months straight with her daughter but they want to raise hell over a day here and there.. so before Dave hunt needs to say anything to anyone he needs to think about what she has done herself. remember Phyllis you are our leader, we should be learning from the way you do things. and this is what we are being taught.. this is the facts of life as Dave says..

Princeton, WV

#15 May 22, 2010
Wow- I'm sure sitting in a hospital praying that your child lives is much easier than going to work or sitting on the computer whining--NOT!! I pray that you are never put into the position that this family has been and the daily struggles. Have you ever had to sit and watch your child hooked up to a ventilator to breath? How about listening to every doctor say that each day could be her last. How about surgery after surgery and sitting praying that she wakes up from them. I know the family and their situation and believe me, it's hell on earth. If you have a problem with your pay or job, find another one--there isnt many around thats for sure but start looking--leave a grieving, hurt mother alone!
Big Woman

United States

#16 May 22, 2010
I agree job or no job a mother place is with her sick child Im praying for the Davis family and you should be to.
Greenbrier Employee

Christiansburg, VA

#17 May 23, 2010
I Do Not want to see anyone go through what the Davis family has and is going through, I am saying that when she is at work if someone has to miss a day of work to go to the doctor dont raise hell with them.. be understanding.. I do pray everyday that Valerie can pull through this.. There is this one person that works with me whose wife is pregnant and is having a very rough time with this pregnancy and he has to miss work due to the fact of this.. they continuously raise hell over him having to leave or miss work. they are on daily visits to the doctor.. this baby can come anyday and may have to end up in Roanoke on a ventilator also. and they want to raise hell.. its not their paycheck it is affecting so why dont they leave it alone and let him be there for his wife and child.. so before any of you nosy a*s people start running your mouth you need to think about his situation as well.. I am not being disrespectful to anyone by posting these but it is the truth..

United States

#18 May 23, 2010
It has been operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year since Christmas day 1939. I find it hard to believe that a bunch of lazy bums have kept that place running like that for over 70 years.
Dale Christensen

Christiansburg, VA

#19 May 23, 2010
Thank you to whoever has the concerns about my unborn daughter, I do appreciate it.. But lets Leave the Davis Family out of this they have alot more important things to deal with at the present moment. When people get on here and run their mouths about stuff they really dont even know whats going on with it tends to start alot of trouble and problems for everyone.. I do agree with some of the stuff being said, like the deal with more money and all, we do alot of stuff that does deserve better pay. but hey if I can make it off what we make anyone can you just have to adjust yor lifestyle.. Onc again thank you for the concerns about my unborn daughter.. God has his plans in line and what he wants to happen will happen like he wants them to...
greenbrier employee

Lewisburg, WV

#20 Jun 3, 2010
even when phyills davis is at work all she dose is sit in her office and smokes
you never see her are frosty out on the floor working talking about people
missing work they could get out of the office and pick up the slake.
The Truth

Glen Lyn, VA

#21 Jun 3, 2010
---FIRST I would be willing to bet that Dave makes about $18 an hour per employee he has working. If he is only paying $9, that is almost criminal. Taking advantage of people will get you nowhere.$8.75 an hour is pretty damn close to the poverty line. If he makes what i am told that he makes he should be ashamed of himself and he will have to answer for it one day. Bet he sits in the front row at church every Sunday. Anyway, enough of that. I hope you all find better jobs and let him do all the work himself.
---SECOND For Hometown Girl54, DONT BLAME MUNDY, BLAME YOUR UNION!!!!! Your union let this happen. If your union is to blame then guess who else you have to blame,,,,,,, THE UNION MEMBERS THEMSELVES. Now i may be wrong but my understanding is that there were a lot of jobs that celanese employees didnt want to do little by little they let one job go here and one there, next thing you know "Mundy is sucking celanese dry". The way i understand it is that you have nobody to blame but yourselves and your union. Honestly, i dont think that there are very many people up at the celanese that work very hard. Most dont, i know this for a fact.

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