Did Adam and Eve live with dinosaurs?

Did Adam and Eve live with dinosaurs?

There are 130 comments on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel story from May 26, 2007, titled Did Adam and Eve live with dinosaurs?. In it, South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that:

PETERSBURG, Ky. At the Creation Museum, a fanciful Eden rises from the void. Adam appears, bearded and handsome, if slightly waxen.

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Old School

Hollywood, FL

#1 May 27, 2007
Huh? There are two paths to choose from here. If you believe this one theory your a monkey's uncle. If you believe this other one your an idiot. I have my own theory about them.
Old School

Hollywood, FL

#2 May 27, 2007
Huh? There are two paths to choose from here. If you believe this one theory your a ape's uncle. If you believe this other one your an idiot. I have my own theory about them.
Old School

Hollywood, FL

#3 May 27, 2007
These censors won't let you type the word "m o n k e y". These are the same idiots that evolved from them.
Bedrock Resident

Boca Raton, FL

#4 May 27, 2007
"Museum exhibits suggesting that man coexisted with dinosaurs --"

I always knew "the Flintstones" was based on a true story

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#5 May 27, 2007
Didn't G-d give us a brain?
last days

Hobe Sound, FL

#6 May 27, 2007
The writer of this story is clearly an evolutionist, as his bias is evident. You shouldnt state things as being factual when the supposed 'scientific' evidence invalidates most evolutionary thought. To suggest that creationists are ignoring scientific evidence of evolution is just bad jeurnalism. Do your homework before you write a story like this and keep your bias out of it.

Pompano Beach, FL

#7 May 27, 2007

New Orleans, LA

#8 May 27, 2007
Being ignorant is one thing. To promote ignorance is the real sin. All religion is based on ignorance. If you don't understand something just make up an answer, that's religion.
OEE teacher Marcus

Kenosha, WI

#9 May 27, 2007
Well...THAT comment seems a bit harsh, religion, like science is based on human experience. Like all culturally transmitted traditions religion CAN go amiss, as can all things human...but to say that it is ALL wrong is not correct or objective either...

My own humble opinion puts me in danger from both camps...
Evolution is the process of Creation!
I don't see them as opposing ideas...
even if the humans involved may...
'Humans...go figure!' They'll argue a hole in a wall/tree/thingy just to hear themselves talk...

Londonderry, NH

#10 Jun 2, 2007
how do we even know that god is even real??? we dont know if the bible is even correct! its obviously based on what humans think,but we still dont know if thats even the truth.

New York, NY

#11 Jun 9, 2007
brittany, How do we know God is real? For instance when the wind blows, how do you know it's real? Aside from that, I would consider reading the Old Testament, with an open mind, and turning to scriptures in the New Testament to see many promises fulfilled. I would suggest you get with someone that can explain what its all about before discounting it. Without a conscience of right and wrong, how do we live? That's from God.

United States

#12 Jun 9, 2007
I don't have a problem with what anyone thinks or believe's as long as it gets them to where they need to be in life and that their belief's make them a decent person.
And to truly say one has an open mind, I guess you have to have your belief's, but at the same time be open to the fact that none of us knows for sure, and all of us could be wrong. We might go to heaven, we might get another chance to exist and be on another level, or this all might be an accident and we're one chromosome away from being a dog-fart!
But I personally find that the whole science and evolution thing answers alot more of my questions with alot more rational and intelligent sense. We all believe in Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth-fairy until we lose our innocence to intellect, and in the words of a brilliant Seattle song-writer, "At 6 he believed the moon overhead followed him, by 9 he had deciphered the myth, trading magic for fact, no trade-backs."
the story of adam and eve

Johannesburg, South Africa

#13 Jun 15, 2007
the story of Adam and eve is one of the most powerful story ever writen in the bible because the story of these two beings is the same way how we come into birth in the physical world.the evoloution of our exsistance.what makes this story so powerful is the greatest truth of it all is that we are meant to be free,in harmony with each other,ourselves and all the animals.In other words,we are all meant to live together in one big whole family.com ing back to the story of adam and eve,this is related to ourselves,our most inner part of who we are.In other words,adam and eve is like new born children that comes into the world because as a child,we know that they are in a space of freedom,freedom in something that is undescrible and real.I am talking about the early part of the child life.The child life learns or gain knowledge from it parents,parents teach kids the right and the wrong and teaches the child it first step of life.This first step is in the same context as when adam and eve was eating the friut .the fruit is not right or wrong?The lession is what is important is the fact that we need to discover that connection what adam and eve had before they ate the fruit of knowledge.in other words,we must find out who we really are,lived in peace,harmony and love and joy with each other,ourselves and all other beings that exsisted in our world.
the story of adam and eve

Johannesburg, South Africa

#14 Jun 15, 2007
the truth is in your heart,
sigvard von brevern

Brandon, UK

#15 Jun 19, 2007
This happened to a group of creation scientists
on a visit to a famously known fossil area , I
believe it is in America.There they employed
the services of a site-guide,who told them the
following,namely that he wasn`t supposed to tell serious researchers this remarkable and
true story.- Here is how the story goes.Some
time before their visit,the souvenir-shop there
had for sale amongst other items,cetain books
that pictured fossilised dinosaure and human
footprints,laid down at the same time.These
fossilised imprints were fully examined by
sientists and found to be genuine
Now scientists seem to declare that scientists
know nothing.
Similar evidence has been found in completely
different areas and again after thorough
examination announced to be apparently genuine.
Some of these creation scientists,who hold
degrees from well known universities and have
a string of letters after their names and some
of them being famously known universally,are
known to me pesonally.They are not liars.
What are we supposed to make of this?At one
time,what has been pronounced as genuine is
now said to be a fable.Of course much of this
turn-around has nowadays to do with political
correctness and also with a personal agenda.
sigvard von brevern

Brandon, UK

#16 Jun 19, 2007
to the story beforehand , I forgot to mention ,
that mentioned books were soon after removed ,
I believe for obvious reasons.
Well,those people who are interested in a
certain knowledge , are not supposed to get
fed by new disvoveries , that were unobtainable
many years ago.
Again the Bible proved to be right with what
was written thousands of years ago


Since: Dec 06

Location hidden

#17 Jun 19, 2007
the bible does not mention dinosaurs...yet, we know they were here because of real fossil finds.....
so, to me....the bible is suspect....
sigvard von brevern

Brandon, UK

#18 Jun 19, 2007
Again I allow myself a certain comment. The
scientific world seems to have forgotten a
certain puzzle that presented itself to them.
A long time ago,perhaps about twenty or thirty
years,it was published in various writings,that
archeologists together with a bunch of scientists were examening a pre-historic burial
site.What was apparently remarkable,that the
person burried was sent off with tender care,
as would be befitting a modern day person.The
grave was apparently arranged in an orderly
fashion and it was reported that even flowers
had been used,judging from still evident
findings.Would pre-historic ape-man behave
thus? This was reported scientifically,if it
represented the truth I can not say,or if it
was a scientific blabbering,like much of it is.
I only reflect on what I read many years ago.
sigvard von brevern

Brandon, UK

#19 Jun 19, 2007
the person who made the remark that the Bible
does not mention dinosaurs,knows apparently
nothing that the Bible mentions.
I have already said in a previous comments that
the word dinosaur is indeed not mentioned in
the Bible,as it is a modern man-made word.
The Bible was written in Hebrew and the word
employed in that language was obvious in
Hebrew,not English,French,German etc.
If the doubter would only study the description
in English of the Hebrew named creature , for
want of a better rendering than the Hebrew
name ( the word dinosaur not being then known
to the translaters of the Bible ) he would
soon come to the conviction,that no other
creature was meant, than what is known to us
nowadays as dinosaur.The Bible contains such a
correct description,that even natural-historic
museums have now corrected their previous
pictuering of the creature,because they came
to the result that they were scientifically
wrong.I wonder,how they came to that decision,
did they after all take notice of the creation
scientists or did they read the Bible and had
to admitt that the GOOD BOOK was right after
all the denying? This will lead to another
denying by saying it is all their own working
out - why after all these many years insisting
that teir portrail was the right one?
sigvard von brevern

Brandon, UK

#20 Jun 19, 2007
how knowledgable those so called scientists are
is brought home to you by the following:
They have lately want us to believe that the
Hebrew word meant a crocodile.How absurd as the
description in the Bible is of a huge and
strong landliving animal,which was also a
vegetarian. A crocodile does not fit the
description,but we must let the o so clever
scientists have their own " scientific "

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