Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

There are 81699 comments on the The Cincinnati Enquirer story from Jan 5, 2011, titled Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.. In it, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that:

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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#93526 Oct 21, 2013
@MissE. Bologna sandwiches with onions and mustard. Wow ! It's been a long time since I've had that!! My dad fixed his bologna sandwiches exactly like that and I copied him! Lol

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#93527 Oct 21, 2013
Today's plans were changed a time or two! I was ready at 11 to leave for pikeville but got a last minute reprieve when the other grandparents called and said they had a car to bring the g'kids to the drop off . So I stayed home and packed their clothes for our fall break trip that we stArt on tomorrow morning!!!
I'm so sleepy ! Good night

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#93528 Oct 21, 2013
Manofthewater wrote:
We did it. People. We ruined our planet. We are the worst thing to ever happen to this planet as a species. We are a virus on the planet. Tear down trees and place concrete.( the southern pine tree produces the most oxygen of most trees in the US ) We are basically ripping the lungs of the planet right out of the ground, and our fresh air with it. Just look at google earth and see how much concrete there is where there used to be forest. Going on 7 billion people. Oil tanker spills, oil wells, radioactive materials, refuse, you name it. We dump it in our oceans. Since the worlds waters circulate it affects us globally. There are less edible fish in the oceans than ever before in mans history. Plants and vegetables are made in chemical factories that change the DNA of the seeds. Just ask a farmer what they did. So, take a deep breath and smell the air. That's as clean as it will ever be and only getting worse. Soon we will be paying taxes on our carbon footprint... What?!? They finally found a way to charge us for the air we breathe. It's not Revelations, its humans. More than likely the birds flew thru a toxic gas cloud that some factory puked out. It can also be that they all ate or drank from a toxic source. But you won't ever hear about that. It will always be printed as a mystery of nature. A little known fact, the sky was actually more blue when you were a kid. There were more pollinating bees when you were a kid. More crickets and grasshoppers, more butterflies, and more birds. Every species on the planet is dwindling except the human population. Trees, plants, and animals. All of them dying for our existence. Truly one day there won't be much left. Research what happened to the people of Easter Island. They cut down all the trees on their island and ate all the animals until the whole colony just disappeared. No doubt about it. This planet and the people on it will suffer greatly in the future.
Yes, we have an environmental emergency going on,and nobody is talking about it. Fukushima has 3 meltdowns, happening 21/2 years ago, and people think it's over. There is a news blackout in the U.S., perhaps to allay panic, but European countries are concerned very much, and media are covering it.

The radiation is ruining the Pacific, and the fishing industry is suffering greatly. Radiation has gotten into the food chain, and the plankdon(spelling?) are dying. They provide a great deal of our atmospheric oxygen. As it goes up the food chain, levels of radiation increase. People who eat Pacific fish are going to be affected. Other things are happening, including star fish literally being turned to mush, massive fish die-outs. Last yar alone, there were devastating illnesses in seal lions and seals. If you look at the site , you will see increasing radiation levels across the country. This varies each day, but spikes have occurred such as when the most recent typhoon hit Japaan. Radiated water was dumped directly into the Pacific, in an attempt to thwart overflow of the holding tanks, which have major leaks in them. I wish the preppers would come back to this thread to help us prepare for the cumulative buildup in radiation.

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#93529 Oct 21, 2013
Some one wrote:
The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
Every major earthquake that has happened in recently the people see what looks like norther lights or an aurora the day before. I think Sirea or Russia is going to be seeing these lights soon. The birds and fish died along the eastern portion of the US right before Haiti had they're big one. Just food for thought.
Experimentation is still going on, but like the daily news, it is soon forgotten. We will remember our past conversations and research concerning these issues. I really think that the SWHTF next month when Japan tries to remove the damaged rods ( a very delicate task that could easily happen. Aside from TEPKO underestimating the scope of the problem, the ongoing radiation leaks to the ground water and into the Pacific. Scientists from around the world have no idea how to contain this unprecedented event. Yet the news media in this country have been silent.

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#93530 Oct 21, 2013
Darn it, I wrote an entire post, and somehow I lost it. Good evening to everyone on the bird thread.

@OJG:: As you know, we have been talking daily since you became MIA from the bird thread, so I won't talk about your serious illness. You know how I feel about this, and I will continue to send love and prayers,putting this in God's hands, so that through His grace, you may be made well.I will always give you love and support to help see you through your rough time, and I know that everyone on this thread will do the same. I know, from our discussions, that you still are interested in world events, and researching some of these issues will help, if only a little bit, to divert your attention from your illness. Your friendship is most cherished.
Mississippi Man

Olive Branch, MS

#93531 Oct 22, 2013
Miss E Font wrote:
<quoted text>
I am a believer in homeopathy and herbal. I have had great success with cinnamon for stabilizing blood sugar levels.
Back again! Some five weeks ago I fell in the church parking lot. I'll tell ya, that asphalt just don't bounce too good. I skinned up my right cheek bone and knee. Didn't think that I'd broken anything but later that night we went to the ER and YUP, two broken bones in my right hand. They set me up with an ortho-group the next day and they put it all in a cast half way to my elbow but it was good for my wrist. Anyway, I'm out of it now but still have to wear a removeable support. But I couldn't type with just my left hand,.....well, I could have I guess but....

Say Miss E, would you mind describing in detail your blood sugar success with cinnamon? Like do you mix it with apple cider vinegar or....? I'm tired of all these pills!
Ancient Wolf

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#93532 Oct 22, 2013
Miss E Font wrote:
<quoted text>
I never tried it that way -- onions?
That will negate kissing
For some 3 am breaths, onions might be an improvement LOL
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#93533 Oct 22, 2013
Anne wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm just wondering if during all your personal research if you've ever run across a Dr. Johannah Bugwig? This alternative treatment is a diet focusing on cottage cheese and flax seed oil . If you haven't heard of this, please take the time to google this info. Very interesting and exciting.
If I had to live on cottage cheese, I would just go on and throw in the towel LOL
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#93534 Oct 22, 2013
@Mississippi Man ..Keeping one's blood sugar levels under control is most important.. If the wife were still here she would be the first to tell you to keep up the pills whether you were tired of them or not. She did not and that is why I am here at 5 am with a dog and the main reason I remain single even though I like women. I won't be a repeat caregiver.

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#93535 Oct 22, 2013
My mom was diabetic for many years and she struggled daily with it. Treatment has changed a lot since she past 20 years ago this Christmas at 62. She was diligent about keeping her diet and treatment according to what was prescribed to her. I've often wondered how things would've been different for her if she were being treated in the present time.
Several close family members have past during the Christmas holidays and I believe that is why I find Christmas carols so sad. I have a tendency to lean towards "Jingle Bells" and other upbeat so called children's Christmas songs.
The "cancer diet" isn't entirely cottage cheese but is a major part of the diet. At this point I do like cottage cheese but don't know how I'd feel about a heavy diet of it. Cottage cheese: large curd, small curd, peppered, with fruit. There's a few options anyway. Lol
I'm headed out today for the fall break trip! We're traveling about 10 hours. You'd think we'd be heading to a warmer clime but, nooooo, were headed north. Please keep us in your prayers for a safe journey ....and a pleasant journey (fighting grand kids isn't fun lol)
Ancient Wolf

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#93536 Oct 22, 2013
@Anne..I lost the wife at Christmas also and I don't lean toward celebrating Christmas at all. I even threw out the decorations. There is no way you can fix cottage cheese that suits me. I ate enough soured milk when I was a kid. LOL

Be safe on your trip. People get really concerned with cancer and other health issues such as diet and smoking, then rush down the highways at excessive speeds. I have scraped enough bodies up off the highways, that I don't see any reason to to be in such a hurry to die. Death comes soon enough.

Happy, KY

#93538 Oct 22, 2013
what up ancient wolf remember me?
Ancient Wolf

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#93539 Oct 22, 2013
new wrote:
what up ancient wolf remember me?
Getting ready to go out to eat with a friend. No, I don't remember that Identity but then I can't even remember what I had for lunch. LOL

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#93542 Oct 22, 2013
OhioJeepGirl, I read your story...and I must say that you are a very strong person.and my prayers are with you..I have 3 sisters with breast cancer the youngest being middle sister 35, was just recently diagnosed with triple negative....I researched and researched and I do believe in my heart that hemp oil is a cure...My sister went the standard treatment but she said if she didnt have children she would have done the hemp oil........I find it strange as well why the media doesnt report on the crisis in Japan .....
Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#93543 Oct 22, 2013
@ OJG, I continue sending blessings your way;) Research has helped in your health crisis. I think, your alternative is helping as well. Hang in there. As far as challah, I use two eggs for two loaves and an egg wash, 1/4 cup of honey(2 loaves), 1tbsp. yeast,2 tsp. kosher sea salt,& 2 1/2 c. warm water. Baked at 350 for 30-40 mins.3-4 braids are the easiest. Youtube has so many videos that help.
Well, Lovey is home , and there's plenty of laudry to do. Life is as good as we make. Nice evening to All:)
just passing thrue

Hyden, KY

#93547 Oct 22, 2013
so did they ever find out what killed all them birds that fell from the sky?did they finally figure out it was a methane cloud they flue into from the gas wells near by they was fracking.??.or did they pass that up to cover up the real reason?

Since: Oct 13

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#93548 Oct 22, 2013
_-_Nope_-_, I have heard this trick before but I have not had a need to do this because by some luck, I don't have an ant problem related to my hummingbird feeder.

I would like to share some news I read recently, Hummingbirds spend an average of 10–15% of their time feeding and 75–80% perching so I bought a swing for them this year.

I do whatever I can to make my backyard more inviting :)

Baldwin, WI

#93549 Oct 22, 2013
I'm beat. Drove 11 hours. Traffic has not been bad but i was relieved to get off I 65. too much tradfic. Even went through snow a little west of Chicago. Speed limit has been 65 through Illinois and Wisconsin, dropping down to 45 in all that construction. The snow wasnt a happy time because I thought I'd be fighting snow and more snow. That slows a person down. Btw, just microwaved one of those hormel compleats. Not bad. Rather have some good cottage Seriously though, check out that German doctor-Johannah Bugwig.
There could be some usable ideas etc.

All of you are in my prayers.

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#93551 Oct 22, 2013
OhioJeepGirl wrote:
<quoted text>
A few months back I read this article:
It shows many pictures of the deformed vegetables and flowers that are now growing in Japan. It is also deforming butterflies, baby animals, and human babies. Some pregnancies are terminating. Children are already showing up with thyroid cancers, a problem that did not show up for 4-5 years after Chernobyl. Speaking of Chernobyl, some experts did a study and feel that Fukushima has released much more contamination than Chernobyl, which is why the thyroid troubles are showing up early. Some reports are even showing that the father you go away from Fukushima the higher the levels of contamination.
When are they supposed to move these rods?
I am not sure I understand that nuclear map.
When I was a kid in school we learned that one teaspoon of nuclear energy would supply New York city for a month. I wish they would have figured in the cost of nuclear energy when you factor in a melt down. I bet it has now cost TEPCO a lot more than a teaspoon of so-called cheap nuclear energy.
Hello, again, OJG. Glad to see that you have come back out of hibernation and are posting again. TEPKO is inept and broke, and not able to try to clean up the mess they left Japan with. Human life is cheap to them. They are sending in workers to areas so "hot" that, even in full protective radiation suits, they cannot stay for more than a few minutes. Many workers are having nosebleeds and passing out. The scary thing about this is that no one knows exactly where the corium is located. It has melted through the reactor floor and is going, down, down, down, to who knows where. Next month will be a turning point, when TEPCO tries to remove distorted rods from twisted containment units, crumbled and in shambles. Download some pictures of the reactors, which were taken from various points by an unmanned drone. There is nothing left of the place. Web cams recently revealed new explosions. This, not only affects the ocean, but it is already in the atmosphere, circling in the northern hemisphere. what goes up comes down in the rain, and contaminates areas far and wide. This, in turn, contaminates the soil, so the vegetables and fruits grown, become radioactive. Animals graze on grass, and the contamination goes up the food chain to those beings on top of the ladder...Mankind. We have done it to ourselves.

Charleston, WV

#93552 Oct 22, 2013
OhioJeepGirl wrote:
@ HOPE – Well, it is about time! I was hoping you were out there in the background! Wasn’t it you that was telling me about some green drink, not green tea, but something else. I am certain it was you that had mentioned it. I am certain you talked about water too.
Yes, the tumors are regressing. If the shrinkage is caused by the alternative then I am in pretty good shape; however, if it was caused by the ovary removal then I am in trouble as it will eventually stop working and the tumors will start growing again. Since they are decreasing in size, I figure I will wait on the kidney removal surgery. The urologist said that failing kidneys (my left kidney is functioning at 9%) can start functioning properly again, but they did not feel that would happen in my case. I think that the shrinking tumors raises the odds that my kidney will start working properly again.
I started watching Revolution when it first started. I think I watched the first three episodes, but then I would forget to watch it. I have never been much of a TV person, but I have watched a bunch of it since the kidney trouble started. I watch Blacklist faithfully every Monday night, but it did not start until after all of the kidney trouble.
The world! My playground! I have not been keeping up with much lately. I am pretty up to date on Syria. I pretty much lost my passion after getting hit with a death sentence. I do take a day here and there to try and catch up.
The herbal tea I was talking about as an alternative cancer remedy was called Essiac, which is Caisse spelled backward named after Rene Caisse the Canadian nurse who popularized it from the Ojibway Indians from Canada. I did talk about the importance of water also. Lately I have been drinking electrolyte-rich water and have begun putting Dead Sea salts and minerals in the hot tub for its therapeutic effects. There are other alternative cancer treatments out there, most of which is not accepted by the mainstream medical establishment, however, I think they do work. One in particular that I have looked into is the protocols of Dr. Robert Beck using electromagnetism and colloidal silver which you may want to read about.
I am not sure why your kidneys are failing as a result of the cancer and why they even suggested that your kidneys be removed. I think that as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition your cancer will remain in remission and the alternative cancer treatments will work for you. Are you seeing a holistic and or complementary/alternative medicine practitioner?
I have not been reading as much on current affairs as in the past although I have been peripherally aware of the stories about Edward Snowden, about Syria and Iran, and about the recent government shutdown. Most of what I hear about these days doesn't surprise me in light of what we have talked about in the past, which is why I no longer follow the news that closely. I do think however, that there may be better times ahead as there seems to be indicators that the criminal cabal in Washington may be losing power. The war with Syria did not escalate and there will be no invasion in Iran like we thought there would. I think finally the top brass in the military who are real patriots saw the reality of what was going on and decided to put a stop to the intentions of the criminal cabal running Washington. I read Banjamin Fulford's weekly geopolitical news blog and check in on the veterans today site of Gordon Duff which I think pretty much covers what is really going on. I am curious to hear what you think about the current events and what your insiders are telling you.
I have been following Revolution and I think it is really interesting how they portray the US government on that is probably not that far from the truth. Did you notice how they first put evolution then add the R afterwards. Almost makes me think that they were following our conversation here.

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