Let's take this a step further and say, that this meeting should be in open forum form, where we the people of the city may sit in, and discuss what Ramos divulges, how it effects the over 50000 that live in Perth Amboy, and what steps we will pave to ensure that this situation is rectified indefinitely. I'd also like to say that my campaign to become mayor of Perth Amboy in November 2012, will outline complete open door, open forum and complete transparency, all concepts that are unprecedented locally or nationally. Vas was corrupt, Diaz surrounds herself with the corrupt, and I see know place in Perth Amboy politics for the corrupt. If we are to lead the people effectively we need to do so by example, and if voted into office in November 2012 I will do just that. I am the necessary change that's pertinent to Perth Amboy, consistently "Putting the People of Perth Amboy Ahead of the Politics" - Nicholas J. Pirro, pirro4mayor2012