The Diamond Nite Club is RACIST.
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#46 Aug 19, 2011
Whenever i'm in town I make it a point to stop by the DCV2.0.aka Diamond Club. Last weekend I stop in there to be told the bartender Joe no longer works at the Diamond Club. I was told he and others were replaced with a new crew. The new bartender did not know how to make my drink and apparently no one else's drink either. When I went to tell her my drink was made incorrectly she was very rude. I was over heard talking to the bartender a person sitting at the bar started telling me about the manager Kenny and how he posted a help wanted ad on the craiglist that stated "out with the old in with the new" if that is the way he feels about people which by the way is very unprofessional don't plan on making the DCV2.0 aka Diamond Club a regular place to visit or you will too become a part of the "old". When I ask to speak to "Kenny" I got the run around. I can see if your new at your job and mistakes happen but to be completely rude to your guess I will no longer go to the Diamond Club or recommend anyone else to go there. If anyone else would like to read the ad go to craiglist/help wanted that is the way new managment "Kenny" feels about the old help - how long does he planning on being there before someone "new" comes in to straighten up what he mess up.

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#47 Aug 19, 2011
That was my hang out for 10 years I seem many turn over in managment some good some bad. This time to change help because they are considered old help? This sounds like discrimination to me. Since I am an old customer I will not be back. And to the new managment how long are you planning to work for the Clarion?

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#48 Sep 2, 2011
Lisa wrote:
That was my hang out for 10 years I seem many turn over in managment some good some bad. This time to change help because they are considered old help? This sounds like discrimination to me. Since I am an old customer I will not be back. And to the new managment how long are you planning to work for the Clarion?
Stop by last night it sucks

Towson, MD

#49 Sep 4, 2011
Think what you may, but atleast there is a bartender behind the bar now. The changes that The New Old manager is working on are for the better , new dance floor, new staff, just stop in and see. In re : to the craigs listing it meant - Basically Ken was a manager from there 3 years ago, and the owners brought him back because the club was doing so poorly during the time he was not there. All the regular customers are aware of this and they will be the first ones to tell you, they are happy to see him back and the sales prove it !! In the short time Ken has returned they have done more sales then what they were doing in a 6 month time frame.

Annapolis, MD

#50 Sep 7, 2011
Hello I was a regular customer until a few weeks ago. And I remember the old new managment why do you suppose he became an old management??? They need to bring Chris back to manage the club! And for the comment on the bartender - " no one behind the bar" really isn't that spreading it thin? The bar seem to manage when the old new managment wasn't around. As far as club not doing well I don't believe there are many businesses doing as well as they like. I find it strange ABERDEEN that you would know so much about the finances about the club?
Linda K

Owings Mills, MD

#51 Sep 8, 2011
Wow I have hung out here for many years there and seen lots of changes. Some for the better and most NOT!!!!!! As for the old management, I was there when the Manager ran it and she was at least very personable!!!!! I also came for the Billy's reunion which was a crazy good time and the busiest I have seen it since I used to come when it was Chasers. I have been there when it was busy on several occasions!!!! When the short fat guy ran it, he was so rude and it looks like Kenny the old guy is following suit......If he did so great they wouldn't have let him go hmmmmm...... I never had a problem getting a drink from the bartender there, maybe the new ones should try to have a better personality and it might be better for sales? I was there this weekend and it sucked, so keep trying you might get it right or not lol!!!
Sandy from Aberdeen

United States

#52 Sep 9, 2011
Did anybody watch President Obama last night? Imagine Unemployment up 9% could that have anything with the club not bringing in the revenue the last several months? So my thoughts are the owner of the hotel spend money bringing back the old new managment when he failed the first time.It had nothing to do with the old help and bartender it is the economy! So to the new old managment the only thing you manage to do is get rid of a bartender that has been there for over 15 years that knew how to do his job and made many friends and dedicated to his job. I can't remember a time going in the club and not seeing him he has brought in the new year with the old and new customers for the last 15 years. And to Re: Linda K - I too was at the billys reunion what a great night I know people were talking about it for weeks. Think about it old and new customers old and new club manager but had the same bartender through it all! You can spend the money remodeling and hiring new help it won't help even more so now! I am even hearing "old new managment" is bad mouthing the old help to whoever will listen. Did he not think people would start talking about how bad he looks as a so called professional manager. R

United States

#53 Sep 10, 2011
I was at the diamond club on Thursday hoping to have a good night after a long day and was very disappointed to find it closed. I have been coming on Thursday nights for a long time and it was always open. This new old management better get on the ball or you will lose the few customers you still have.

Woodstock, MD

#54 Sep 11, 2011
I must admit , I could not wait till I got home to update this thread, WOW you guys are really off topic from the first post. I live off 22 my girlfriends and I go out every Saturday Nite, we normally go to looneys or half pints. We wanted a change and a coworker had mentioned the Diamond Club, So we did some research and came across this thread. We had a blast, one thing the sign outside does not read Diamond Nite Club. Other then that we had a blast !! Wonderful security, great service and low drink prices. Small selection of music but that is ok, I like old school myself. My husband came to pick us up and he spent a hour there himself, and he liked it. He said he and his firends would be visiting the night club for " weekly football night out ". He has his night, I have mine. Despite the physical flaws they may have now , which the manager re assured me they are in the process of replacing, its a nice place for those that want a change of scenery. Oh BTW the manager was very pleasent so I do not understand the previous post. I can offically say this is where my gurls and I will be every Saturday night. In re : to the people who posted before, do what I did, find yourself a new place to go, we would be more then happy to take your seats at the Night Club in the Clarion Hotel.

Woodstock, MD

#55 Sep 11, 2011
Way to go Tab, I had fun to !!! I laughed my ass off when I was reading this. I have nothing bad to say about our night out. I am glad we went to this club. It is new for us, may be old for others. But hell we had fun last night. I agree more seats for us and our friends :) But do agree with you about the sign, whats up with the DCV2.0 shit ?? Sounds like a computer repair shop. Shout out to Ken for straighten the name issue out for us. So we to shall refer to it as the DIAMOND CLUB. Also I do not understand where everyone is saying the staff is rude, because honestly they WERE NOT. I even asked about holding my 34th birthday party there. The manager was more then helpful and said they would have the new floor in by the time my party rolls around.. C ya at the DIAMOND !!!

Woodstock, MD

#56 Sep 11, 2011
Girls stop ! Tab and Kat behave, This is way to funny. I agree with both of you. I am glad we went to this club. It was a blast, and I felt safe which made the better half ok with us going there.
I have no complaints about anything except like you said the sign outside. Reading all the previous post makes me chuckle, sounds like a whole bunch of haters to me. I read its a new staff, maybe the previous post are from the former employees .Maybe the person who was there for 15 years is a little upset huh ! Makes you think doesnt it ?? To all You HATERS - C ya at the DIAMOND !!! Lets see if Penny updates this thread, she had to leave early but I wonder what her view is ?

Dundalk, MD

#57 Oct 28, 2011
I wonder if the original poster showed up purposely on a "swingers' nite". I've seen it happen other places. Some single guy goes to a M&G, thinking he's gonna get laid for sure. But he shows up looking ghetto and wonders why he can't get in when there's a dress code. Try not looking like a street thug and maybe you wouldn't have had this problem. Try having the appropriate ID and guess what? You might not have had a problem. I have so many questions for the original poster. Why was he rolling alone? Why couldn't he call for a ride to leave if there was a problem with his ID? Why on earth was he wearing shorts if it was cold out? Dress to impress. Shorts, bandanna, baseball cap ... yeah, that sounds like impressive club attire.
Someone should tell whoever is in charge that when you "The Diamond Club", as I did, to get directions, this is the first thing that comes up. Sounds to me like it really probably isn't a bad place to hang out, but the fact that this is the first thing people see when they Google the name is probably a turn-off.
Bill D from Aberdeen

Richmond, VA

#58 Nov 5, 2011
My wife and I went to a Halloween party a few years ago at the Diamond Club We had a fun time and thought we would do it again this year. The diamond club was having their Halloween party. My wife and I was shocked by some of the costumes they were revealing and costumes with whips and chains. Well has the night went on people started coming up to me and my wife asking us if we wanted to go up stairs and have a good time. Than things started to make sense they were "swingers" and they were having their halloween party at the diamond club. The person Tammi told my wife and I they are a group of people that likes to have "adult fun" and that the clarion gives them a discount on the rooms and free admission to the club. Since I was at the club and witness what goes on in the club i feel i can comment on this trend.I agree the diamond club should be shut down not only did my wife and I feel uncomfortable we noticed alot of people going in and out of the bathrooms. Yes we did leave after these encounters. And now approval they are turning the bar into a place to go and get pick up and have orgy's.What's next hookers in the club and rooms provided. This kind of bar belongs in Baltimore or Philly not Aberdeen! I read all 53 post concerning the diamond club about being racist and having discrimination issues and I believe there is some thruth in most of the comments.

Washington, DC

#59 Nov 5, 2011
Jojo wrote:
They don't want thug life in there, I don't blame them, music is ghetto enough without having to look at gang members and over the hill ugly swingers, if you are complaining about that place it means you have no place better to go or you simply are uneducated on night life, thus stay there, cause no other clubs wants your bandanna wearing wanna be thug ass anyway
(lol.....did people still think words like those that you use hurt?...thats funny, you watch to many movies.

Philadelphia, PA

#60 Jan 18, 2012
BS the Diamond club is a great place and FAR from being racist! And this thread is over 3 years old time to delete it for good.

United States

#61 May 31, 2012
I say make Apollo the bouncer manager of the club lol , he's great !

United States

#63 Dec 20, 2012
Hello Aberdeen DiamondClub my name is Karma - this is for the people you fired in the past I did not forget...Aberdeen DiamondClub is now "Closed" 8 days before Christmas!!!

Randolph, NJ

#64 Dec 21, 2012
Closed as in on vacation? Or out of business?

Huntington, IN

#65 Jun 26, 2013
What is the place really about.? I was told it suppose to be place for fun.

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