judge christianson is out of control

judge christianson is out of control

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Salt Lake City, UT

#1 Dec 24, 2008
he is being overly agressive on his sentenceing,demanding severe penalitys that are totally unreasonable ,if you have had dealings with him and feel you were wrongfully persecuted please post here.
my story:
my son in law [23] recieved a ticket for disorderly conduct and intoxication,[1st time offender] he went in to plead guilty and pay any fines he would be charged,[christianson] gave him 180 days in jail[he did suspend 178] 1 year mandatory probation, mandatory drug and alcholhol classes,weekly u.a's,plus over 500.00 in fines and charged him with it as a misdeanor.
the police report stated that when they arrived that he was no longer disorderly and fully co-operated.
this is only one of several horror stories about him.
what is his court teaching us? "you better plead not guilty and lie because if you plead guilty and tell the truth he will nail you to the wall.

Mesa, AZ

#2 Jan 27, 2009
The sories could go on forever and most of them are so unbelievable its hard to even try to write them down. He rules this county like a crazed man and nothing is done about him.
Ray Uvzun Shyne

United States

#3 Feb 6, 2009
Carol, you are totally wrong. Judge Christensen is a very good and fair judge. His job is to make sure you don't do the same stupid behavior over and over again. Maybe you think he should have given your son a slap on the wrist and make him say sorry and things will be alright. I'll bet he'll never want to be arrested for disorderly conduct and intoxication again. If the penalty is severe enough it serves as a deterence, but then again maybe maybe you like having criminals doing the same crime over again. Before you tell me your son is not a criminal, disorderly conduct and intoxication are both crimes, thus making him a criminal. I know they aren't the worst crimes out there, but if you or your family has to be subject to the rantings, irrational behavior and ruckus by an inebriated 23 year old, then you too might consider it a crime. As far as I'm concerned, Judge Christensen is doing a great job!!!!!
One Moms View

Pleasant Grove, UT

#4 Aug 31, 2009
This man is a total nightmare. He has been on the bench for way to long. My son received a 30 stay at the "Gray Bar Hotel" for a traffice violation that he could not pay. He went to court on the day ordered, and told "Judge Christensen" that he would make payments. The gavel went down and 30 days was ordered. He is a hateful, spiteful man.(and I use the word man loosly) Someone needs to unseat the so called man of justice, because in his court, there is NEVER FAIR JUSTRICE. His head has way outgrown his courtroom. I don't think I know anyone who respects him. I guess you still need to give respect to get respect. STEP DOWN JUDGE CHRISTENSEN!!!!!!!!!!
sick of excuses

Lewiston, UT

#5 Sep 14, 2009
Stop beating up on the judge for doing his job. If you're in court, then you've probably got some responsibility for it. If someone is violating the law (and there are plenty of scofflaws here in God's country) then maybe that person should take some responsibility for it and quit looking for someone else to blame. I'm not a judge, but I'm sick of hearing excuses from people who think they've been wronged by the justice system. Well, if the court's too hot, stay out!

Tremonton, UT

#6 Sep 27, 2009
He is a one sided man that only has his OWN LAW for EVERYTHING! BIG FINES, JAIL! AND DONT FORGET THE 12 MONTH PROBATION!! He will Twist your story to "his own opinion" Not let you tell the Whole story or hear your side. He is a Very Unfair Judge and needs to Step Down!
unfair judge

Tremonton, UT

#7 Mar 8, 2010
I think that the judge is a crook he sends people to jail and he charges outrages fines he has been in the courts to long and he will throw you in jail they will also talk you to plead guilty so they can throw the book at you He thinks that he is so perfect but hes the biggest crook of all.
unfair judge

Tremonton, UT

#8 Mar 8, 2010
I think that the judge is a crook he sends people to jail and he charges outrages fines he has been in the courts to long and he will throw you in jail they will also talk you to plead guilty so they can throw the book at you He thinks that he is so perfect but hes the biggest crook of all. and all those who think he is a good judge are probably related to him or in cahoots with him do you all take a cut of the money he needs to set down and get out of the court so we can get a decent on in

Tremonton, UT

#9 Jul 13, 2010
I had the unpleasant experience of being in his court room. I was pulled over for a tail light being out. I was driving my father-in-laws vehicle. I wasn't able to find his insurance card. The officer gave me a ticket and said that I could clear it up once I produced proof that my father-in-laws car was insured. With in one week, I got the insurance information and was told to go to court and present it to the judge and he would dismiss the ticket. My complaint about the judge had nothing to do with my ticket. While, I was waiting my turn, other individuals cases were being dealt with. In the hour and a half I was there, I witnessed him send a 61 yr old elderly man to 30 days in jail for not being able to provide proof of insurance. The man was a bit confused as to what insurance he had, for his son handled all his paperwork. The judge did offer to call the son and find out what insurance it was, however, the son was at work and was not available. The judge grew inpatient with the fact that he was having to repeat himself for the elderly man was also going deaf in his left ear and was wearing and trying to adjust his hearing aid to hear the judge. The judge finally said that he was threw with him and sentanced him to 30 days. The man's grandson was there and immediately tried to intervene to request more time till his father was available to speak to and the judge found him in contempt and fined him 500.00. RIDICULOUS! The elderly man was pulled over for going 30 mph in a 55mph zone and was ticketed for not having his driver's licence or insurance card on him at the time. The man did in deed have a valid driver's licence and produced that. I mean come on, I understand trying to prove a point to someone and maybe being slightly harder on certain cases, but really? I just sat there totally shocked. A few case's after that, a young man had a wreck less driving ticket for cutting in and out of lanes. Now I understand how dangerous that can be, so I wouldn't have objected to a suitable sentence, fine, class's, etc. However, instead the judge began to work out and speak to the man about paying a fine, taking class's, being on probation, etc. He even went all the way to set up payment arrangements. After this was all said and done, the man requested if he could take the class's at a different location that was closer to his work. The judge said that would not be okay and instead of just making him talk the class's at the previous location, he took back the whole arrangement and had the man arrested to serve 45 days. Again, RIDICULOUS! This is only a few of the case's that we were witness to. Now my husband and I both work in the social work field and we come across all sorts of individuals and have worked in and out of different court rooms, but that day we just both sat there with our mouths wide open, just in shock with his behavior. We expected more of him as a Judge on a professional level. We have only lived in the area for about 7 months now and that was a horrible first impression of the justice system here.
On a good note, he did take my proof of insurance easily and dismissed the ticket, but we are still taken back about the other case's that were handled. Even to this day, when someone mention's him name, I about break down in tears for the elderly man who the judge lost patience for, and therefore sentenced him to just be done with his case.
vickie tracy

Ogden, UT

#10 Jul 20, 2010
this so call judge ordered a no knock warrent on my daughter and her family she has 3 children they set off something where my grandson who is 5 was asleep now he has hearing loss. what did they find in this big drug bust a pipe they took all three kids took all cell phone camera computers laptop her car and truck so sad yes there should of been no pipe but was this no knock warrent really necessary judge your nuts
No More Judge Christensen

Tremonton, UT

#11 May 3, 2011
My son went in front of this man today for a parking ticket. The cop wrote on his ticket that he was in the spot longer than 30 minutes. My son was able to get proof that he was there less than 20. My son made a mistake and read his ticket wrong. He thought court was at 3:15, it was at 2:15, he was wrong but he showed up at 3:15. He told the judge he made a mistake and looked at it wrong. The judge called him a liar and asked him why he should not throw him in jail right then. My son told him it was an honest mistake. The judge said he was just trying to blow off his responsibilitie-if that was the case, why would he show up at all? My son is in the Army Reserves, goes to school, works and is engaged, he is not irresponsible, yet he is not perfect. The judge was rude and would not even listen to him. He gave him a hundred dollar fine, for a parking ticket, and then wanted again to throw him in jail for not having the money right then. What an ass. My son wants to be a cop when he turns 21-he is only 18, so not only did this judge miss an opportunity to prove the justice system is fair and just, he missed an opportunity to be someone my son could respect. They say it takes a village to raise a child, well I hope this judge is not in the village, if he is then he is the village idiot. He has definitely lost my vote, and my sons.

United States

#13 Nov 22, 2012
This sounds like Judge Christensen, he is very unfair.. I sat in on a court hearing and he was very unfair towards a young woman... the 3 teenagers before her had broken probation by smoking pot and the judge had told one of the teenagers that he was going to put him in jail for 6 months if he appered in front of him again.. Well low and behold this young man had broken his probation and came up positive for marijuana and judge Christensen gave him 5 days in jail!!! well the young lady that was up on the stand right after this young man had1 under age intoxication and he gave her the same fine and setenced her for 14 days in jail!!! now i know she was drikning under age, although... she has no record and this was her first offense.. and he was harder on her... this is totally unfair!! he is the village idiot and thinks hes god... He sounds like hes not happy with his own life and hes taking it out on people to try and comfort his own feelings... he should not be a judge!!!

Shelbyville, TN

#15 Jan 15, 2015
amazed wrote:
The sories could go on forever and most of them are so unbelievable its hard to even try to write them down. He rules this county like a crazed man and nothing is done about him.
This corrupt man sent me to prison for 12 years for crimes he knew for a fact I didn't do and threatened to send family members with me if I didn't cooperate

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