Scammed by Grand River Poodles by Rob...

Scammed by Grand River Poodles by Roberta Katona

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Branson, MO

#1 May 12, 2012
We purchased a light apricot toy poodle puppy. In her false ads in and in her website she is selling her puppy for $1,300.00 without AKC papers. We paid her $1,500.00 because we were promised to have the puppy with her AKC limited papers. We paid $200.00 for the AKC papers. She claims to be a top breeder, who has won multiple shows, and is in very high standing with AKC. After paying $1,500.00 plus $375.00 for shipping, plus all PayPal charges, I paid close to $2,000.00. Her website states when you receive your puppy you will receive a complete vet exam, health certificate, airline approved crate, a soft bed with food and water. The ad in states I will also receive a copy of her pedigree.
After I paid her completely, and complied with all of her requests, and paid the $375.00 for shipping, it is my understanding that the shipper is responsible in obtaining the airline that will transport the puppy from point A to B. In fact, I am the one that had to find all the information on the two different air carriers, because she was to busy to do this herself. Remember, I already paid her the fees, she was the one responsible for doing all of this.
When I received the puppy, the crate was used, the feeding bowls were bent, and the so called soft called bed was a used kitchen rag with holes in it.( I have pictures to prove it). There was no food or water in any of her bowls. When I took the puppy out of the cage she was not given a bath or groomed and had dried feces stuck by her anal area. The only paper work I received was the health certificate allowing her to travel. I never received copy of the vet exam, the soft bed, her AKC papers and her pedigree papers I was promised.
When I contacted Mrs. Katona inquiring about the papers for the puppy including AKC papers, shot and vet records, she said there are not vet records. I asked her how am I supposed to know what shots she had because she is supposed to be current, she said she is the vet. But in her ads and website says that her puppies are thoroughly checked by a local vet. Besides that she told me that in order for me to get her AKC papers I have to pay her a fee of $500.00. So I asked her if the puppy is $1,300.00 without AKC papers, and $1,500.00 with limited AKC papers, which I paid, now I have no papers, and I asked her what was the extra $200.00 I paid you for, she could never respond to me. So now I paid for a mutt. So I have a puppy with no pedigree, no AKC papers, no shot records, nothing. Up to now I want to know what I paid $1,500.00 for.
When I told her I want all of my money back, because I felt and still feel defrauded and what I was promised I never got, her response to me was this: She will out of all the money, she will deduct $300.00 for a non-refundable fee plus she will not be refunding the PayPal charges, and all of the sudden after she gets the dog back she needs to take the dog to a local vet for a checkup, after she told me she was the vet, and she said that the vet bill will be deducted from my money. So in return the only money I will get back, from the almost $2,000.00 I paid, might be $300.00-400.00. I even gave her a chance and called her back, I told her I would let everything go if she sends me the shot records and AKC papers, and her response was “there are no papers for you”.
I have all my paperwork my PayPal receipts, copies of the ads, and the copy of the website advertisement for the puppy she sold us.

Branson, MO

#2 May 24, 2012
Well, I just got an email from this "breeder" and then again a second one saying that she did not sent it, that her foster child and step daughter sent it in her name, oh, and that they are minors... yet again in the email she talks about specifics of the case and sent me pedigree of both parents of the puppy she scammed me with. What minor would know all of that?? Talk about bipolar disorder... Beware of this breeder...This is the letter.

Branson, MO

#3 May 24, 2012
Dear Robert and Family,
I did not respond to the Pay-Pal notifications per your request to have funds paid for the puppy returned to you.
The funds have been returned to you per your request via your credit card company and Pay Pal.
I am not taking any action in this matter.

I am asking you to send payment to us via pay pal or your choice for the price you understood you were to pay for the puppy.

You have requested her AKC to prove to you she is not a mutt, as stated to the BBB.
I will obtain and send you her AKC papers.
I will give you full registration on these papers and not charge you the additional fee for her papers.
*****I ask that you do not breed her unless she is over 5 1/2 # at 18 months of age. Please understand and inquire with your Vet it is in her best interest.
If in fact she goes over that critical size requirement of my suggestion, and the Vet feels it is safe for her....proceed with mating her to a qualified stud.
You have in your possession a marvelous puppy from an excellent back ground and linage of toy poodles.

I have not ever had a complaint with a puppy and I did not intent to misrepresent her in any way.
I was extremely excited in regard to your plan to visit us. We are very proud of our toy poodles and their puppies and love buyers to witness them in person.
I understand your schedule and the cost to visit us. It is unfortunate it did not work out as planned for your personal visit.

Branson, MO

#4 May 24, 2012
Her Mother Zsa Zsa is much larger than she will be (in accordance with the growth chart of a toy poodle puppy, your puppy is estimated to be a smaller toy and her whelping was difficult for her.
Many times the offspring females follow their mothers to the T in the whelping history. I expect if in fact you do choose to breed her, she will carry 3 very healthy chubby, well fed puppies at birth.
The most important factor will be
1) can she carry them full term
2) will she be able to feed them and sustain their weight after birth.
3) will she need a C-Section to deliver the puppies (risking both her life and that of the puppies with anesthesia, the cost for this procedure is very high.
4) your experience, as you have bred in the past is helpful.
a) the puppies may need oxygen
b) it may be necessary to tube feed the puppies, please learn far early in her 63 day gestation period so you are prepared for this event

If you breed her, I will be here on the other end of the phone to assist her in any way I am able.

Zsa Zsa was a young female when I bred her.
I breed our Brandy on her second heat as well. In order to obtain Brandy's AKC papers we were required to submit paper work to the AKC via our Vet that she was examined during the gestation period and she in fact was carrying a litter. Often times a female does not take when she is this young. Zsa Zsa herself was not registered until after the puppies "were on the ground" as breeders refer to a successful deliver of live puppies. There were no issues with the litter...completely healthy and grew well. The actual deliver was an issue with Zsa Zsa. Her deliver was very hard on her. The 3 puppies came 6 hours apart.
Zsa Zsa did not require medical attention. Her issues was she was frightened and very tired and did not want to do this thing (labor or deliver) unfortunate against her wishes "this thing was going to happen"

Branson, MO

#5 May 24, 2012
I am going to process papers on Zsa Zsa's litter today. Her AKC number is PR15465202. Registered name is "Grand River's Hungarian Gal Zsa Zsa" call name ZsaZsa.
The sire is "Grand River's Royal Louie Do It" his AKC # is PR12564406 his AKCrecorded DNA # is V618021. Call name Louie.
In a separate statement I will send a purchase agreement which verifies my offer to give you AKC papers and open registration.
In the event it is impossible to obtain her AKC papers, I will provide you with the e-mail from the AKC. I suspect it will take some time to receive the papers as I will need to prove the puppy belongs to her. I may be required to send in her DNA for confirmation at my cost. To finish the transaction I will send you a DNA test kit at my cost. You will swab her mouth as the instructions explain and send it to the address on the kit. This will prove that puppy came from Zsa Zsa and Louie. It is a very simple procedure on your part.

In addition if you request me to do so and would like, I will send you a red male from Cherry and Champion Firewalker free of charge including Vet, shipping, crate, food and water and a soft bed as soon as he is old enough and is properly prepared with maturity to fly and you can arrange to pick him up.
This is my offer to satisfy you and my good standing as a faithful excellent breeder. Please except him as a gift from us. He will come with open registration in your name.

Branson, MO

#6 May 24, 2012
Pay-Pal has offered me $250. and the charges for the transactions paid by you. Their reason is, I have been a faithful customer to them, they apologize ect. and it is their way of thanking me for using their service. I declined their offer as they are not responsible for the transaction between you and I.

If you choose to not make payment for the Apricot Toy Poodle sent to you via air, it is our total financial loss.
I will still hold up my end to send you a red male as described above at no cost to you.

I am not admitting any wrong doing of the transaction on our part.
It is an unfortunate situation for both parties that you were not 100% pleased with every facet of her proper care while in our custody. aka arrived never groomed, without food and water, dirty bottom, proper Vet care and her bedding.
My explanation is so you understand
1) She would be unable to board the plane without examination and certification of health via our Vet. Madison Veterinary Hospital of Madison Ohio.
2) She would not be able to board the plane without water and food.
I provided water as well as ice cubes as it was a hot day and I wanted to assure plenty of cold water for her during her transport to her new family.
3) while waiting for her flight she soiled her soft bedding and the towel is all I had with me in the vehicle.
4) There is no way I would intentially send a puppy with feces on her bottom.
If this were the case that she were not cared for properly for a period of time her
bottom would be red and painful due to feces stuck to her. I understand your concern in this matter and the possibility it did occure during her transport.
I apologize for this as it is not our practice as you know aka Gina.
5) I give the injections as most breeders do. I give the puppies worming medication at 2,4,6,8 and 10 weeks if they are still with us at this age.
Each and every puppy has their feces tested during their final exam when the puppy is completly gone over by our Vet.
I do not pretend to be a Vet or act as a Vet. As stated above I provide worming medications (many parasites are inactive and do not release until the Mothers milk is released after whelping) As a precautionary measure we provide wormings to be sure the puppies are not effected and all worms or parasites if present are removed from the puppies body. Any Vet or research will verify this fact.
6) I insert a micro chip to be installed in the puppy upon request of the new family for the cost which I purchase the micro chip.
7) We are in terrific standing with the AKC and are inspected every 2 years as required due to the amount of breeding during a calendar year.
If a party has less than 3 litters a year, paperwork is sent in to the AKC, but a home inspection is not required unless the residence is in question of improper care.

Talk this over and decide what if anything you are going to act upon.

Roberta Katona
Grand River Toy Poodles

Branson, MO

#7 May 24, 2012
Please watch out for this breeder.

Branson, MO

#8 Jun 13, 2012
Well, we came to a resolution, she was going to send me the AKC limited papers in my hand and I would update the websites stating that Mrs. Katona made good on her promise on satisfying us, the customer, for her mistakes. Even the other night before we made an agreement she wanted us to take out all of our comments we put on the forums because she said it was hurting her business. Again another scam by her. NOW she wants us to remove all of the posts and she will let the BBB hold the AKC limited papers and then release them to us once the post have been taking down. It looks like a lot of people out there are watching our back and their backs so they don't get SCAM from a breeder that she is. She said to my husband today she would really like those post down because her sales have gone DOWN THE DRAIN and people are questioning her reputation as a dog breeder.

Branson, MO

#11 Jun 13, 2012
Please beware of Roberta Katona. She is a scam artist.

Branson, MO

#12 Jun 13, 2012
Please people if you want to buy a poodle, my advise would be to look somewhere else. Grand River poodles have beautiful poodles but their owner Roberta Katona is a deceiving woman. Please have her write a contract of sale before you send her any monies. She will try not to give you a contract, when you are paying the shipping fees for the dog like we did, the airline fee was $238.00 but she will charge you $375.00
In her ads she promises to give you a puppy bed, pedigree papers, and vet records. Make sure she puts that in her contract, like us, she put that in her puppy find ad and when we got our puppy from her, we never got the pedigree, vet records, limited papers, and a puppy bed.
"Most of all" make sure when you do intend to buy a puppy from her make sure you get your AKC limited registration papers.. Because again, we paid $1,500.00 for a puppy that was supposed to come with papers and extras and did not... That when she starts asking for $500.00 for papers. For us when she did this to us our hearts felt to the floor, we have four small children ages 8- 5 months old. You would think after paying $1,500.00 for a puppy plus $375.00 per shipping you would get something else than just a puppy in the cage.
Please beware of this first class scam artist who is called Roberta Katona of Grand River Poodles in Perry OH. AKA "the professional poodle breeder of merit who has won unlimited shows and is a down to earth honest person."
If you want me to email all the proof I have, emails, copies of ads, copies of website, don't hesitate to let me know and I will gladly do so.

Branson, MO

#13 Jun 23, 2012
BEWARE! For all of those hard working people who are interested a toy poodle, PLEASE DO NOT purchase any from ROBERTA KATONA or her business GRAND RIVER POODLES, in Perry OHIO.
We are NOT the only ones who have complaints against her. There is a lady that purchased one of her puppies recently and the puppy was diagnose with giardia. She contacted Roberta Katona, and she NEVER responded back to the customer. Mrs. Katona puts in her ads that the puppies are vet check and current on all vaccinations... That is NOT true. This lady who purchased her puppy from Roberta was told she was also going to get vet papers and never did, in fact, Mrs. Katona is the one who gives her puppies her shots or vaccines. I have an email from her saying so. That is why when you purchase a puppy you don't know what you are getting. ONLY EMPTY PROMISES. Hmmmmmm... very familiar. We never got vet papers either or limited AKC which we paid an extra $200.00 for. If any of you want to know want to know the other customer name just shoot me an email, I will give you her email and phone number so you can see that Roberta Katona or "the breeder of Merit" that she calls herself is a FAKE, A SCAM ARTIST, SHE OVER PRICES HER DOGS, AND YOU NEVER GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR IN THE END. That is why she has many complaints in the BBB, attorney general's office of OHIO and consumer affairs. Look somewhere else before buying from her.

Branson, MO

#14 Jul 2, 2012
After all the hell Grand River Poodles put our family through the owner just called us to apologize for all the wrong she did to us. Wow that was amazing. She said that we could keep the dog as a gift for all the emotional damage this situation did to our family and even offered us another puppy. We had to say no on that offer because we already have 2 puppies but that was thoughtful of her. Hope this time around she means what she told us and all her craziness will stop here.
Michelle Advey

Cleveland, OH

#15 Jul 4, 2012
Scammed by Grand River Poodles by Roberta Katona

Branson, MO

#16 Jul 4, 2012
That is the owner judging the posts... How desperate she can be??? She called me to apologize and now here we go again....

Branson, MO

#17 Jul 16, 2012
Satisfied resolution for client. Our second puppy arrived May 2012, just like the first, 2 years ago via air from Grand River Poodles in Ohio, owner Roberta Katona. The new puppy is very socialized, full of personality and a happy healthy puppy. There was no issue or complaint with the puppy herself. The issue arose surrounding a misunderstanding regarding obtaining AKC papers for a puppy purchased as a pet. Our money has been returned to us, and seller and buyer are satisfied. We no longer have the puppy.
Jeah 1211

Hudson, OH

#18 Jan 23, 2014
Ok this is awkward because this "Mara" person keeps commenting

Branson, MO

#19 Jan 23, 2014
Jeah 1211 wrote:
Ok this is awkward because this "Mara" person keeps commenting
It looks like the other person using her name . She signs as Roberta even tough she uses the username Mara.
belladcolman_123 45

Columbia, MO

#20 Mar 23, 2015
your so funny i want slap you!

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