Heard something incredible yesterday. A grown man named Denny who is about 60 years old and living in Perkasie Pennsylvania was arrested for giving a 15 year old boy 20 dollars for sexual favors in Perkasie. He lives near the Old Convienience Store at 5th and Walnut. About 5 feet 7, about 160 pounds with thin blonde hair and drives a red vehicle. A friendly guy in town with a good sense of humer, maybe too friendly as the rumur goes. Supposedly he is Barred from that area of Perkasie as his trial is "PENDING."
He used to go to the bar across from the Maize restaurant a lot and serve people his own home-made soups. Even worked at the Maize restaurant part time. Like I said, the guy seemed very friendly and good-natured. I just hope this story is mistaken.
But if it's not mistaken, and it's the real deal, then what can he expect. How much jail time can a 60 year old man expect to do once convicted of such a thing?
He seemed a very friendly good-natured guy with a lot of time on his hands. Claimed to actually be a teacher who is retired. Me? I'd be REAL disappointed if it turned out to be true because for a guy that age, you would think he could control himself better and resist THOSE types of urges.
I mean what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home, behind closed doors, is their business. God loves you, so do what you want. But a 60 year old trying to GET IT ON with a 15 year old? Hey people, give me a break. Even if it's a first offense couldn't there be jail time to serve? Once convicted in a court of law I don't think there's a Judge in the whole country that will forgive such behavior.
Am I wrong?