My car broke down while at Breezy Point resort so I had the car towed to DG Towing. They told me my Clutch Master and Slave cylinders were bad and that they would replace them for me with new ones. They charged me around $200 to replace them, I came back and picked up the car, it didn't quite feel right and the pedal pressure wasn't very good but I needed to get home so I drove the 150 or so miles home and from that point on the clutch pedal would lose a TON of pressure. So I decided to pull off the Master and Slave cylinders that they replaced and low and behold they were USED units COVERED in rust inside and out!! They didn't even replace them with new parts, just found some from a junk yard most likely and flushed my fluid. CROOKS!!! I replaced the parts MYSELF and the car is better than ever.