Two Party Political System (send a copy to your Letter to the Editor)

Flag Day ! President Barack Obama is expected to withdraw roughly 10,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan this year. I am confused. During our effort to win victory in the Pacific and Europe, did we stop mid-stream to withdraw troops?

Will the withdrawal BEFORE victory in Afghanistan/Pakistan put the remaining troops at greater risk and greater loss?

Will a Republican or democrat party politician (McCain included) have compassion for the families that have lost soldiers over these last TEN years? Say, how many years till victory in Europe and the Pacific?

What is the difference today and then? Korea ~ Viet Nam ~ Somalia ~ Libya and on and on ad nauseam. We have a president(s) that send our soldiers, airmen and sailors into battles with no intention of achieving victory. Their interest must be monetary. For they simply replace body bags with fresh live soldiers. Flag Day! No victories.

What is the difference today and then? During the 1940s would our president(s) disregard the Geneva Convention or Uniform Code of Military Justice and shoot captives, unarmed prisoners of war?

I am confused? American citizens are asked to sacrifice (life and finance) to pay more taxes and to take greater cuts in social programs. Neither the Republican party or candidates or the democrats direct any cuts whatsoever of monies our government and citizens send to foreigners and many foreign governments that are actually our enemies, i.e. Palestinians, Pakistanis, now Egyptians (islamists).

I am confused? There is no organization or party (including the Tea Party) that appear to address these important issues. Am I confused by the two party system? The parties have only interest in issues as election arguments and not issues that actually solve international and internal problems. No party, while in office (or out) pursues issues that impact upon the citizens. The only issue of importance is an issue that they may use to campaign for the next election.

Question: Is there truly any difference when we vote for one party over the other?

proud, God fearing, patriotic, Republican, Lincoln County Tea Member, old fashioned American, hoping for a revival of American patriotism