Americans heading to Mexico for disco...

Americans heading to Mexico for discount dentistry

There are 118 comments on the story from Aug 24, 2007, titled Americans heading to Mexico for discount dentistry. In it, reports that:

“There is a whole world out there that has equally qualified dental professionals.”

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Oakland, CA

#1 Aug 31, 2007
Yes, I have seen a lot of cheap Mexican Dentistry in my 20+ years as a dental hygienist. The vast majority of it is poorly done, and eventually leads to periodontal problems and recurrent decay.
The average patient has no way of distiguishing an almost perfect crown from one that fits worse than a poorly made temporary, and thus harbors dangerous bacteria.Patients only know if the dentist is "nice", "gentle", etc.


I find it sad that some people who could afford better care are willing to risk tooth loss to save money. They would rather spend the difference in cost on that Mexican vacation, than on better quality care.

By the way, I now work in Public Health Dentistry, and will not even indirectly profit from promoting this message.
dental traveler

Montclair, NJ

#2 Sep 14, 2007
Yes, but how about this, an American dentist working in Mexico at Mexican prices? That is what I found at Mexican Dental Vacation, and have been VERY happy with the results and the price.

This dentist has over 40 years of experience in the Seattle area, and wanted to live somewhere warm, so he chose Mazatlan.

I even had a dentist here in the US look at the work, and he said EXCELLENT work!

Oh, and yes, I did get a beachfront Mexican vacation out of it, in the beautiful resort city of Mazatlan.

Monsey, NY

#3 Oct 4, 2007
Could you provide info on that dentist in Mexico, or fwd to me at
Thank you

Jackson, MS

#4 Oct 6, 2007
I have several friends who have had dental work in Mexico. Many were educated in the US& Europe. The level of skill is varied as it is in any country. Check the qualifications and you should be fine. I have never heard anyone commplain about the quality. The materials used are the main decision. Just as here, there are cheaper pocelain & other materials used. The lab work that I've seen is not only utilitarian, but they artistic as well. Would like to get name of dentist in Matz.

West Jordan, UT

#5 Oct 11, 2007
I am so interested in getting dental work done outside of the u.s. as the charges here are so high. Living on a limited income and needing a great deal of work, I am very anxious to get all the info that would help me get to point where I am in sound dental health. Please e-mail me with any help and/or info to

Thank you so much.....Patti

Edwards, CO

#6 Oct 22, 2007
dental traveler wrote:
Yes, but how about this, an American dentist working in Mexico at Mexican prices? That is what I found at Mexican Dental Vacation, and have been VERY happy with the results and the price.
This dentist has over 40 years of experience in the Seattle area, and wanted to live somewhere warm, so he chose Mazatlan.
I even had a dentist here in the US look at the work, and he said EXCELLENT work!
Oh, and yes, I did get a beachfront Mexican vacation out of it, in the beautiful resort city of Mazatlan.
Glad you had good results. I did not. I stopped my treatments mid-way through and went for a second and third opinion. They both informed me the prep work I received was done incorrectly. Anyhow, a long story short, the owner of Mexican Dental Vacations (which I have been told by more than one person, does NOT live in Mazatlan) but did agree to sending me a partial refund of my prepayment for service. Well that was ten months ago, and I am still waiting. His last comment was that they had a new dentist and when they started making money, he would send it to me. Usually he doesn't answer my emails.-- Just bad customer service all around. So if you get lucky and are happy with this office... great--- maybe that means I'll see my refund!(I won't hold my breath.) PS I did end up getting the work re-done and fixed by local Mexican specialists.... and had great work and service from them.

Winnipeg, Canada

#8 Nov 7, 2007
Please provide me with name of dentist you used.
Need a whole mouth full of crowns done, help me out
You get what you pay for

Fort Worth, TX

#9 Nov 8, 2007
You know why dentistry is so cheap in Mexico is because they don't have to worry about malpractice insurance. You know why that is, because if they mess up there are no laws for you to be taken care of or reimbursed. So have fun on your Mexican vacation risking your health for a cheaper deal, that is typical of America today, always wanting a deal and something free. At least I know my dentistry here is guaranteed and I will keep my teeth. But I guess if you need cheap dentistry in another country especially Mexico you really don't care about what happens to your teeth! PS to the guy that actually had the nerve to ask his American dentist how the Mexican work was your dentist probably said good job done to get your rude self out of his office. Amazing the complete lack of respect for people these days.
Dr Cervera

Coronado, CA

#10 Dec 15, 2007
If you are looking for a dentist in Mexico. We are located in TIjuana, Mexico. We are licensed in Mexico and trained in Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry from Loma Linda University. If you are interested please feel free to email me at
seasoned patient

New York, NY

#12 Jan 2, 2008
i have an uncle and a nephew dentist in my family. we've had many talks about the practice of dentistry in the USA. regarding american dentists criticizing dental work from other dentists-it is a silence but ubiquitous rule among the dental profession to never bad mouth another dentist's work simply because of the fact that you never know the circumstances the patient and dentist were when treatment was rendered. if an american dentist negatively criticizes another dentists work, either he or she is looking to gain for him or herself to redo the dental work, or the dental work is in fact so clinically incorrect that by not criticizing constitutes malpractice and violates ethical laws.
there are good and bad american dentists, and i'm sure mexican dentists are no different. the difference in these 2 countries is in the way the american dental education is structured. dentists study vigorously through 4 years of college, 4 years of dental school, and typically anywhere from 1 to 6 years of residency. along the way, they must pass 2 board exams and clinical live patient exams. they must meet continuing education classes every 2-3 years to keep up with current dental knowledge. in addition, american dental research produces more dental papers and literature than other countries. mexico plays a small part in research. the bottom line is this-it's all a matter of risk taking/management. an american dentist has undergone such rigorous training that by nature he or she is likely a competent dentist-hence your risk for bad dental care is minimal. a mexican dentist-training being less intense with lenient laws against poor dental care-the risks are higher for poor dental care. the key is to find a good dentist-no matter if in the US or in mexico. but like anything else in life, something good comes with a higher price. mexico is no different.
Casual Observer

Pasadena, CA

#14 Jan 8, 2008
I had a "So-Called" Friend take me South of the Border to a "Great Dentist" that one of his "Friends" told him about.

She was a "Nice Lady" in fact she was such a nice lady that she took the time to wash her Dental Tools in the Sink Right in Front of me Before Looking in My Mouth !!! She Even Used Hot Water and Dishsoap to make sure they were Clean.

Needless to say, I Left. Suffered with my Pain until I got a Dentist to do the work in Los Angeles.

Advice People :

Anything You Do in Mexico Has Risks, Some Greater Than Others.
You Make The Choice.
seriousinjuriesd ooccur

Seattle, WA

#15 Jan 10, 2008
Long posting but YOU REALLY NEED TO READ THIS.....Be careful of root canals outside of the US, unless Canada. For cheaper root canals, dentists use a filling material that contains formaldehyde, lead and mercury, and sometimes peanut oil. It is called Sargenti Paste and is know by many other names - N2, N2 Universal, RC2B, RC2W, One Step Endodontc Formula, and Endodilato. There is a rogue group of dentists that use it in the US, shunned by mainstream dentistry but unbelievably continue to get away with it. It is taught NOT to be used in every dental school in the US and has been for decades. It is not only non-FDA approved, it has been rejected for approval by the FDA ( (1993).rtf). This group of dentists call themselves "The American Endodontic Society". In one of the newsletters on their web site, a dentist writes about making $626/hour doing Sargenti root canals. One well known dental professional enrolled his cat to prove that it required no credentials. Its a "cheerleading" club for the use of this toxic dangerous material. The formaldehyde kills whatever it comes into contact with so if the dentist does a quicky cleaning (less time = more $$), they can squirt that stuff into the canal and kill whatever junk is left. You might do some research before you go to Mexico, or even USA and ask the right questions. I have a permanent burning lip and chin, another lady has lost a jawbone from the infections, countless unknown likely have sinus problems and worse. Some states like Wisconsin, Florida have declared it below the standard of care. Shame on states like Alabama and New Jersey. Since dentists use it in secrecy and, according to history, don't even divulge when the patient is injured (even lie under oath), there is no idea of how many people are really damaged. Damage occurs most if they squirt that crap outside the tooth (formaldehyde on living nerve, tissue and bone isn't good), however, studies also show that the fumes from the formaldehyde can escape porous teeth and kill the surrounding tissue. Be careful. I learned about this the very hard way. I want to tell people this story because I wish someone would have told me before that fateful root canal.
The AAE is the ndodontic Board of the American Dental Assoc. Their position paper is below.
seriousinjuriesd ooccur

Seattle, WA

#16 Jan 10, 2008
I forgot to put the link to the $626/hour root canal story...bottom of page 5.

As you read this newsletter or their site....take into account that their argument for continuing to use in (in secrecy, mind you) is because it has been used on hundreds of thousands of people without any problems. They blame all the problems on an infection, even if you don't have one! And the endodontists of the world are out to get them because they don't want the dentists to take away their quicky root canal business. They never explain why it is that dental schools, with general dentists on staff, ALL teach not to use it if its the endodontists that are out to get them. General dentists don't agree with it either. Ask your dentist or endo about it. My bet is the response will be "I didn't think anyone used that stuff anymore". They do and right under the nose of the very regulatory boards that are supposed to be protecting us.

PLEASE don't walk in my shoes. How I wish I had only paid $626/hour for my root canal. I would have gladly paid the three of them $626/each to have sent me elsewhere. I will live in chronic pain for the rest of my life....with a handful of meds every day that thankfully keep me from shooting myself.
Patient Advocate

Long Valley, NJ

#17 Jan 11, 2008
Anaphylaxis due to formaldehyde released from root-canal disinfectant.
A 50-year-old woman developed anaphylaxis 8 h after application of a paraformaldehyde-containing root canal disinfectant. Radioallergosorbent test showed that she had a high level of formaldehyde-specific IgE in her serum. Prick tests to formaldehyde and paraformaldehyde showed immediate-type responses to both. We reviewed the literature describing cases with anaphylaxis/angioedma caused by formaldehyde in root canal disinfectants and found that about 1/2 of the reported cases developed symptoms over 2 h after dental treatment. We speculated that the delay in the manifestation of her symptoms was possibly due to gradual formaldehyde release from paraformaldehyde and time lag of penetrating and diffusing of formaldehyde outside the dentin. Patch testing showed that she also had delayed-type allergy to formaldehyde, paraformaldehyde and eugenol. Physicians should pay attention to root canal disinfectants, even if anaphylaxis occurs several hours after dental treatment.
PMID: 12492520 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
seriousinjuriesd ooccur

Seattle, WA

#18 Jan 11, 2008
Is this what killed Georgette Watson of Chicago right before Christmas? No news has come out since the autopsy was inconclusive. If you can die from anaphylatic shock, you can die from a Sargenti Root canal.

PLEASE ASK BEFORE A ROOT CANAL. Not all root canals go bad with Sargenti but when they do, its a life changing disaster.
Name WAS Lisa M

Friendswood, TX

#19 Jan 16, 2008
Let me tell you something -SERIOUS damage is done by licensed Dentists and Doctors ALL the time here in the good ole U.S. Years ago I had a dentist drill through my tooth into my jaw (evidently he was having trouble "accepting" a fatal personal diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's Disease-and was trying to keep practising Dentistry). I was victimized by his effort and had to go immediately from his office on a trip from his practice to another large Metro Area ENDODONTIST. I chose not to sue him-I have had multiple abcessed after-affects from that treatment to fix the original error. Now I am probably going to get rid of all my teeth and get implants. SO-the truth here is: You can get VERY Expensive-Maltreatment and Malpractice right on your own turf. NO Matter How Many alleged protections and experts. Some times you just suffer.

Makati City, Philippines

#20 Jan 23, 2008
that's right that is why some dentist recommend tooth extraction rather than Root Canal, then put implants for a bigger $$$. do u think it's ethical for this practice?.

Colorado Springs, CO

#21 Feb 4, 2008
Oh come on now!! You are lying like a rug regarding American Dentistry and you know it!! If you messed up my mouth, I couldn't do anything about it and you know it! The laws in Mexico are barely there to protect the Dental Consumers. At least in America, they have to answer to someone when they do shoddy work!
nyscof wrote:
In theory "seasoned patient" is correct. However, maybe dentists are over-trained in intellectual skills when it's their manual dexterity that they use on a daily basis.
Dental Health Aide Therapists are trained for only two years and can drill, fill and pull teeth as efficiently as dentists and more cheaply. Of course, dentists probably would be required for more extensive work like root canals.
Also denturists are doing very good work in some states where they fit people with dentures without the middle man or dentist.
It's time to stop allowing dentists in America from having a monopoly on tooth care. Then prices would decline and people woulnd't have to go to Mexico for care
Of course, the American Dental Association and other organized dentistry groups are lobbying hard against any legislation that infringes on their lucrative monopoly.

Mankato, MN

#23 Feb 5, 2008
just curious of what dentist in Mazatlan?
dental traveler wrote:
Yes, but how about this, an American dentist working in Mexico at Mexican prices? That is what I found at Mexican Dental Vacation, and have been VERY happy with the results and the price.
This dentist has over 40 years of experience in the Seattle area, and wanted to live somewhere warm, so he chose Mazatlan.
I even had a dentist here in the US look at the work, and he said EXCELLENT work!
Oh, and yes, I did get a beachfront Mexican vacation out of it, in the beautiful resort city of Mazatlan.
Copper Penny


#24 Feb 7, 2008
What kind of work did you have done? How much of a savings compared to States?

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