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#41 Mar 27, 2013
Hello hybrid, I agree Samuels failed. I see many of the posters on the Facebook Justice for Travis site are using his "It is irrelevant" phrase because they do not like what LaViolette is saying. Cracks me up! I am just glad he is no longer on the stand.

I like LaViolette and appreciate what she has to say. Of course, she is speaking in general terms and it is not yet known if she has actually spoken with Arias in person. Nonetheless, I agree with what LaViolette says. She has to tie it in with Arias though.

I had suspected Arias suffered some type of abuse (or trauma) long before she got involved with Alexander. Many can speak of some abuse they suffered in life but a majority do not go around killing someone using their abuse as an excuse.

Certainly Alexander could have also used the "abuse" excuse for his behaviour but he is not around to defend himself. I still have not seen or heard evidence that tells me Alexander abused Arias the afternoon she killed him. The evidence presented thus far leads me to believe Arias was obsessive (for Alexander) and might have been angry/jealous he was taking someone else to Cancun, as well as dating other women. If it is true he was talking with his elders to stop seeing Arias (or get her out of his life), maybe he told her about it when he was showering and she then killed him. We will never know.

Yes, there are true victims of domestic violence be they men or women. I hope this case does not make others doubt their abuse. For me, the thing with Alexander and Arias is the lines are blurred between what is real and what was his sexual fantasies which she condoned.
A Reader

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#42 Mar 27, 2013
RamblingRose253 wrote:
<quoted text>
Why?(I see the "lol" at the end of your comment, but I would still like to know.)
I was excused by the prosecutor.:( Oh well.
Only b/c you are so intense on the Arias trial.(That, being, a good thing). What are your thoughts: will Jodi beat the DP?

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#43 Mar 27, 2013
A Reader wrote:
<quoted text> Only b/c you are so intense on the Arias trial.(That, being, a good thing). What are your thoughts: will Jodi beat the DP?
Oh my gosh! I do not want to get hooked on this trial like I was in other trials. I have paid attention to it more than I would like but if I am to discuss it, it is best I know a little something about it. That way I can back up my position.

Personally, I am not for the Death Penalty so it is a little difficult to answer your question whether I think she will beat it or not. From what I know, I think Arias premeditated the whole killing (even if she did not have all the specifics in how it was going to all go down). Legally, it goes to 1st Degree (according to charges against her) with the Death Penalty. I do not know how the jury will decide their verdict.

This trial is not about the killing but rather how Arias should be punished. I would be happy if she got life without parole. Or even a 25 or 15 year sentence. If the jury decides on the death penalty, then so be it. I do not know how that acts a deterrent though because this type of killing (or worse) will happen yet again. Again, I would be extremely happy if Arias get a prison sentence of life without parole (hopefully in solitary confinement because that is as close to death as I am willing to give her). We shall see.

Thank you for your answer, by the way.:)
Tex Starbucks

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#44 Mar 28, 2013
I saw a case on tv where a woman who wanted to get rid of her husband so she could be with her boyfriend lured him into the garage where she and her boyfriend shot him in cold blood. The boyfriend then shot her at close range to make it look like her and her husband had been attacked. She had a key to the neighbor's house and the boyfriend hid in there. If I remember correctly, when they put it all together, she got the death sentence. Allegedly, she is the only woman in that state on death row. It was felt due to the cold-blood premeditated act and attempted cover-up that she deserved to die.

Does anyone think maybe Jodi watched some shows like these to get ideas on how best to get rid of him? In her case, there wasn't a life insurance policy as the motive as in the other case I wrote about. Hers had to either be a psychotic break or some sort of spurned lover jealous rage. She, however, was already with someone else.

I don't know all the ins and outs of the case. I have just watched some of her testimony. I see she tries to look all prim and proper. Did the same person who coached Mary Kay Letourneau coach her on how to look demure?

When will this finally be over and a verdict rendered? How close are we?
Tex Starbucks

Spring, TX

#45 Mar 28, 2013
p.s. I know several people with bona fide PTSD and none of them have killed or even assaulted or threatened anyone. I've also known people who were physically and sometimes sexually abused growing up and they also have not assaulted or killed anyone. Lame excuse.

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#46 Mar 29, 2013
Fancy that! Finally, something that can corroborate Arias' claims of Alexander's abuse. I really like LaViolette and her testimony. There is something to be learned. However, I am not so clear when she says Arias broke up with Brewer because she wanted marriage and children that did not seem to be happening. According to Brewer, his ex wife was moving back to Monterey, taking their son with her so he was going to move back too. I can understand LaViolette saying the marriage was not going to happen, but there was more to it than that.

Also, I wonder if Brewer is still "in love" with Arias? I felt bad for him when he testified since at some point, he sounded either very sad or choked up when Martinez questioned him at the beginning (Day 10 of the trial. David Lohr's videos are nice because they do not have all the side bars in them.).

Alexander is not here to speak for himself, but the Hughes got the impression his childhood upbringing had impacted the man he had become. He abused Arias verbally which can easily be linked to emotional abuse as well. However, I am still not so sure he lunged after Arias the night she killed him. For me, if Arias were not such a liar, I might give her more a benefit of the doubt. Right at the moment, I do not.

I do look forward to Martinez's cross of LaViolette and more than anything, I so look forward to rebuttal and closings.
A Reader

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#47 Mar 29, 2013
@Rose: The part of the Hughes' saying TA verbally abused JA-----I'm assuming this was on tv today as part of the 'best of JA"? Evidently, they heard & saw TA doing this? Wish I didn't miss that part!

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#48 Mar 29, 2013
A Reader wrote:
@Rose: The part of the Hughes' saying TA verbally abused JA-----I'm assuming this was on tv today as part of the 'best of JA"? Evidently, they heard & saw TA doing this? Wish I didn't miss that part!
I have not seen anything about this case on tv today. There is a video of Hughes testifying without the jury present.(When I find it, I will post it for you.) He was testy at times and definitely on Alexander's side. I have also seen and heard Alexander be verbally abusive towards Arias, but some of the times, I am not sure if it was part of their role playing in their sexual games.

I think both Alexander and Arias had unhealthy issues probably due to their childhood experiences (who of us do not?). However, many learn to work through their issues and come out being okay; not being verbally abusive or killing someone else.

Arias claims Alexander physically came after her (lunged at her) and to date, I have not seen or heard of him being physically abusive. As for their sexual activities, Arias seemed more than a willing participant and I do not find what they did to be outrageous or obscene. Ultimately, he paid his life for living his sexual fantasies.

There are compelling evidence that still makes me believe Arias premeditated Alexander's murder, in spite of his verbal abuse of her. Her PTSD diagnosis, I do not believe. I think she has selective amnesia by choice. As for LaViolette's testimony, I find it hard to believe the abuse Arias suffered is/was the cause of Arias killing Alexander as a form of self defense.

I am currently listening (more than watching) Arias' unedited police interrogation. Amazing how articulate she is in talking with Flores. That makes it hard for me to believe the PTSD claim. Here is the link to her unedited police interrogation:
A Reader

Utica, NY

#49 Mar 29, 2013
I feel this trial publicity has gone to the Prosecutor's head. Just watching him sign autographs, ppls canes etc. I was surprised he would go for it especially while the trial is stil going on. So much for 15-minutes of fame....

Your thoughts on this?

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#50 Mar 29, 2013
I do not know if this trial has "gone to" Martinez's head, but I do understand he has been placed on a hero type pedestal he did not ask for. It has garnered more popularity than he or the defense probably thought. I think social media has a good deal to do with it. I do not blame the defense since I think they are doing all they can to save their client. Just like Martinez is doing all he can (sans autographs) to be sure justice is served for the deceased victim, Travis Alexander.

I agree with you though. He should not have signed his autographs. I also understand he probably did not want to seem above it all by refusing to sign his name for anyone. He maybe should have said, "I appreciate and am flattered by the attention but due to the ongoing trial, I can not sign autographs or have personal pictures taken with anyone at the present time."

Too little too late but I hope the attention can go back to the case rather than dealing with egos.

Lexington, KY

#51 Mar 30, 2013
Defense attorneys are usually perceived as the bad guys protecting the bad guy, and prosecutors are the representative of the people who want the bad guy punished. In this case, it's just gone on so long that those roles have intensified to the point of nonsense. Many of these people who have devoted their lives to either side and worked themselves into a frenzy need to step back and regroup. You can certainly have an opinion without hatred and personal slurs or elevating anyone to saint status for simply doing their job.

Sometimes I think trials and little league ballgames should be treated the same - no spectators. The people outside of the "game" always turn it into a circus and interrupt the play with their personal agendas.

Lexington, KY

#52 Mar 30, 2013
Thanks for the link, Rose. I had countertops put in the kitchen last week and had to empty the drawers underneath into boxes. I ordered compartmentalized drawer inserts and now I'm entertaining myself by sorting it all into them. Your link is relieving the boredom.

Always amazed at how easily Jodi can spin her story to her benefit. I've never been a good liar and fascinated by people who can constantly switch direction and be so convincing with every new story! The passion and detail they can insert into complete falsehoods is eerily amusing and makes me wonder - how can you ever believe anything they say about anything??
Tex Empires

Spring, TX

#53 Mar 30, 2013

She admitted she was a liar and lied to everyone. It is creepy about her sending flowers and something about a baby's name. In her twisted mind, I think she thought that Travis would one day marry her. I read he told friends he wanted to be done with her but that she would come over and seduce him. He had a problem saying no to what she offered. You notice that she went to the trouble to rent a car and even move money from bank accounts so she could count her trip as a business expense, etc. He was not chasing her. She was chasing him and going to a lot of trouble to do so. I'm not saying he was a prince. She could have chosen to stop seeing him. She didn't get it when he sent her text messages saying he thought she was a sociopath and that she was the worst thing that ever happened to him. I'm wondering if he did disgusting things because he wanted her to leave of her own accord and she just kept coming back for more.

Lexington, KY

#54 Mar 30, 2013
She did get it when he told her she was a sociopath, a liar, and the worst thing that ever happened to him, and she realized it was over. That's a large part of what set this into motion. Jodi equated his wanting sex to his wanting to be with her eternally, and went to great lengths to be available for sex. I honestly believe she thought that was enough to keep him. But he wasn't going to marry her, she was at the age that some women become worried about still being single, and she knew it had crumbled at this point - he was leaving her. Jodi's plan had failed, and Jodi doesn't like to be defeated, so she developed another plan. She made a last ditch effort to drive all that way without any notice and try the sex thing one more time, and it didn't work past the sex and now be gone, I've got plans that don't include you.

Should he have had sex with her? No. Does every man who has taken advantage of a desperate female trying to hold onto them with sex deserve to die? No.
Tex Empires

Spring, TX

#55 Mar 30, 2013
This may seem like a crazy theory, but it seems like maybe she realized this was a way for her to be somebody, to get in the news, get a lot of attention and go down in the history books. She could have plea bargained her way out of a trial, but instead she chooses to be photographed and videotaped daily. Before she killed Travis Alexander, she was a nobody who didn't even have a car that would make a trip to see him. She had to rent a car. She didn't have anything going for her except her connection to him. She was somewhat attractive when she was with him. Since then, she has lost her looks, is greying, dresses frumpy and can not use her feminine wiles to get what she wants. I don't believe she ever intended to end her own life.
I'd like to know how she did what she did in the course of two minutes. The pictures show that he was awake and alive, in the shower. Then two minutes later she has snuffed his life out for good. That doesn't say self defense.
I don't, however, believe she acted alone. If she did, she should never be let out of prison. This was not self defense. I hope no one buys that. She had a gun. Come on folks. Use your brains. She could have shot her way out of that situation. She didn't need to stab him and slit his throat. It does make sense, however, if she was going to pin it on someone else. Premeditated. Make it look like blood atonement. She wasn't smart enough to move her footprints in blood, get rid of the camera and other incriminating evidence. Also, with her renting a car and then driving way over the mileage, etc. I just can't imagine she thought she would get away with it with all of her DNA at the crime scene. And time stamped pictures. I don't blame her for trying to use any means to spare herself death row. Maybe if the jury is really dumb, they will go for it.

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#56 Mar 30, 2013
Hybrid, on the second unedited video of the link I posted (after the first one ended, it went directly to another one with her wearing jail garb), Arias is talking about the time she and Alexander met at Ehrenberg for a "make out" session (around the 85:20 mark). They also went off to see a movie. Along the way, they saw a homeless woman so Travis went back to get her a Wendy's triple burger, large fries and a drink. Yet Alyce LaVioletter testified it was simply a romp session and Jodi was disappointed it wasn't more of a romantic weekend. Knowing about the kind gesture Travis made for the homeless woman paints a more complete picture.

I find the interrogations more telling than Arias was under oath. Maybe she truly was in fear for her life; the life she had grown accustomed to by being with Alexander. She had no money, was not doing so well in her PPL endeavour and although Ryan Burns was a possible love interest, she states he was really apprehensive. So while in the shower, what if Alexander was more adamant about not marrying her and moving on with his life? She springs a surprise attack on him.

She also said she could set Alexander off in "5 seconds" since they both knew how to push each other's buttons. It was such an unhealthy mixture, those two. I think they both had their demons and it ended very badly for both (one more than the other). She should have followed her first instinct and NOT gone to see Alexander. I do not blame Alexander for her inability to say "No" (he could not do it either but she went to him, not the other way around). He was no saint but his killing was unnecessary, in my opinion.

Lexington, KY

#57 Mar 30, 2013
The interrogations are just eerie to me with her ability to lie so naturally. I knew a person like that one time who would tell minute details of an encounter or adventure, only to find out later they were never there. It's like they can lie on cue, change direction and start another account of what happened which is also believable (if you didn't know they'd already told 2 false stories).

Toxic relationship for sure. I'm not sure I wouldn't prefer Travis' fate to Jodi's, though. The problem with being young and pretty and able to manipulate people is that it depends so much on props, and she's lost hers. She already looks haggard and I think another few years in prison will leave her lacking in the one thing she could depend on to get her by in life.

If she somehow gets out of this soon - and odder things have happened - she will most likely go blonde, buy new makeup and begin another life of lies. I hope this time it's not fatal for anyone.

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#58 Mar 30, 2013
I think Arias' lying ways are just the way she has gone through life. Also being of a chameleon like personality, she can adjust as she needs in order to fit the situation. I tend to believe Alexander bought a homeless woman food because of things his friends have said about him, which is pretty much the same story Arias described.

On one hand, I am relieved for Alexander because it must have been torment living his life as he did; professing one thing and doing another. His manner of death I do not wish upon anyone though. Seems pretty barbaric to me.

Interesting point you make about Arias using props to get her way. It is true and now she has none. So much has come out, and not only in the Court of Law. Imagine if the jurors saw these interrogations. Oy vey! Life behind bars has taken its toll but she need not worry about food or shelter. She just does not like losing her freedom to do as she pleases though.

It is my thinking that she will likely get life in prison as her sentence. I feel life imprisonment is an apt punishment for her. If she gets paroled, she might have another 'make over' in order to move on in life. Then again, we have Casey Anthony who does not seem like she has had any make overs other than a tat or piercing. Whatever the case, Arias will live with the memory of having killed Alexander but I am not so sure that even matters to her.

Also, I wonder if she got her ideas of the intruders story from questions she was asked during her interrogations? As if seeds were planted when she was asked if she was a victim of circumstance or if the LE should be looking for others who may have been in the house with them when the killing happened.
LA Guy

Beverly Hills, CA

#59 Mar 31, 2013
hybridlment wrote:
The interrogations are just eerie to me with her ability to lie so naturally. I knew a person like that one time who would tell minute details of an encounter or adventure, only to find out later they were never there. It's like they can lie on cue, change direction and start another account of what happened which is also believable (if you didn't know they'd already told 2 false stories).
Toxic relationship for sure. I'm not sure I wouldn't prefer Travis' fate to Jodi's, though. The problem with being young and pretty and able to manipulate people is that it depends so much on props, and she's lost hers. She already looks haggard and I think another few years in prison will leave her lacking in the one thing she could depend on to get her by in life.
If she somehow gets out of this soon - and odder things have happened - she will most likely go blonde, buy new makeup and begin another life of lies. I hope this time it's not fatal for anyone.
Goodorning Hybrid

Enjoyed your post...I have known many people that you described, just another reason one can trust very few, if that.

Since: Mar 13

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#60 Mar 31, 2013
So in the 4th video of Arias' police interrogation, around the 30 minute mark, she says Alexander liked to shave the "old fashioned" way. Does that mean a straight razor or a Bic razor versus an electric razor? That picture of him looking directly in to the camera, was he on his knees? If Arias was on her knees when she dropped the camera, depending on its weight, I find it hard to believe it bounced and rolled off the mat but maybe it did. It is hard to believe everything she says but I do think there is a vein (capillary?) of truth somewhere.

She begins to concoct her intruders story around the 33 minute mark. I have paid close attention to what she says and her physical demeanor for the next 20 minutes or so (this is when she gets in to details about the alleged intruder attack). If it is true there is always some truth in the lie (from Another Poster on a different thread), using what I think is reason, she says Alexander was shot first (which makes sense to me). He did not die though (a surprise to her AND Alexander). Somehow, he managed to remain conscious (he being fit and having worked out for his Cancun trip makes it reasonable to believe he did not immediately lose consciousness). Notice at the 34:44 mark when she describes Alexander holding his head on the right brow area where he was shot.(She giving so much detail, I think, just may be her downfall.) Alexander screaming "not like a girl" but more like he was in pain and in "shock" (34:05).

At the 37:05 mark, when Arias starts to really lose it (crying hard) she says she "took off like a little bitch" and Alexander stopped her (I do not know if it is by words or physically reaching out). He may have extended his arm to ask for help.

Side note: I love the way Detective Flores drew out the crime scene (bathroom, closet, hallway, bedroom). I think he has done an excellent job in this case, and probably countless others. I bet he is glad he is not getting all the attention Martinez has!

At 47:42 when Flores asks Arias what hand the "woman" had the knife in, Arias first shakes her left hand (of which is her predominant side, in spite of the fact she is ambidextrous). Shortly thereafter, she says "Her right {hand} I guess." Notice how she then remains silent for a while (probably trying to get her story straight in her head).

About the pants in the picture, Arias says she has lots of clothes with different colours and stripes but says "I don't know if it was THOSE" (49:20). Why say "those" if it were not hers?

In the interrogation (56:50), she says her finger was cut in the "crease" (and bent out of shape) on June 4, 2008! How does someone "really, really spacey" pay such attention to detail that she can recount them if she is spacey? Oh the fog.....

I would love to see a video of her confessing that she killed Alexander in self defense but for now, it is unavailable to the general public (I think). Having seen these 4 unedited police interrogation videos, Arias shows she is very good at lying but not as good as she thinks. She is smart, cunning, manipulative and seems to have no remorse ("He's dead," she says in another video, with absolutely no affect or emotion.).

Although LaViolette's testimony appears pretty good for the defense, I look forward to Martinez cross examining her. We get get the full context of the emails between the Hughes and Alexander. I think his rebuttal will tell us a whole lot more. His closing argument, I am really looking forward to hearing/seeing because I want to see how he ties it all together.

As long as Arias is sentenced to prison for a long period of time, I will be pleased.

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