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Champaign, IL

#1 Jan 21, 2014
Century 4 Quatrain 46
The fact well defended by excellence,
Guard yourself Tours from your near ruin:
London & Nantes will make a defense through Reims
Not passing further in the time of the drizzle.

Bien defendu le fait par excellence,
Garde toy Tours de ta proche ruyne:
Londres & Nantes par Reims fera deffence
Ne paƒƒez outre au temps de la bruine.

Saint Gregory of Tours, original name Georgius Florentius (born November 30?, 538/539, Clermont, Aquitaine?[now France]—died November 17, 594?, Tours, Neustria [now France]; feast day November 17), bishop and writer whose Ten Books of Histories (often wrongly called The History of the Franks) is the major 6th-century source for studying the Merovingian kingdom of the Franks.

Tours is a city in central France, the capital of the Indre-et-Loiredepartment.
It stands on the lower reaches of the river Loire, between Orléans and the Atlanticcoast. Touraine, the region around Tours, is known for its wines, the alleged perfection (as perceived by some speakers) of its local spoken French, and theBattle of Tours in 732. It is also the site of the Paris–Tours road bicycle race. Tours is the largest city in the Centre region of France, although it is not the regional capital, which is the region's second-largest city, Orléans.

Champaign, IL

#2 Jan 21, 2014
Reims (; also spelt Rheims; French:), a city in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, lies 129 km (80 mi) east-northeast of Paris. Founded by the Gauls, it became a major city during the period of the Roman Empire.
Reims played a prominent ceremonial role in French monarchical history as the traditional site of the crowning of the kings of France. The Cathedral of Reims(damaged by the Germans during the First World War but restored since) played the same role in France as Westminster Abbey has in the United Kingdom. It housed the Holy Ampulla (Sainte Ampoule) containing the Saint Chrême(chrism), allegedly brought by a white dove (the Holy Spirit) at the baptism ofClovis in 496. It was used for the anointing, the most important part of the coronation of French kings.
An order of knights named after the ampoule, the Knights (later Barons) of the Holy Ampulla was created for the coronation of kings. The Bishop of Laon held the right to carry the Holy Ampoule during the coronation ceremony. Only three of the kings who ruled between Louis the Pious and Charles X were not anointed with holy oil at Reims Cathedral.

Mokena, IL

#3 Jan 21, 2014
Nantes (French pronunciation: ​[nɑ&#7 71;t])(Breton: Naoned, Gallo: Naunnt) is a city in West France, located on the Loire River, 50 km (31 mi) from the Atlantic coast. The city is the 6th largest in France, with a metropolitan area of about 900,000 inhabitants.
Nantes, labeled art and history city, is the capital city of the Pays de la Loire region and the Loire-Atlantique département and also the largest city in the Grand-Ouest, North western France in English. Together with Vannes, Rennes and Carhaix, it was one of the major cities of the historic province of Brittany, and the ancient Duchy of Brittany. Though officially separated from Brittany in 1789,Nantes is culturally Breton and still widely regarded as its capital city.

Tinley Park, IL

#5 Jan 22, 2014
In Greek, which is the language of the mysteries, the word IRIN [related in some way to INRI from the Crucifixion], we find the word EIRENE, signifying PAIX (peace) and another one the Latin word PAX, formed of the Greek X and P of the chrisme (Chi and Rô).... The chrisme is the great Christian symbol and also the idea of peace found associated with Christ. The word PAX, a great Benedictine word, radiates at the top of the Cross’

Chicago, IL

#6 Jan 28, 2014
Consider the following fiction for novel

The great theater itself will come to be raised up again,The dice thrown and the nets already spread:Too much the first one will come to tire in the warning,Struck down by arches already a long time being cleaved (Michaels "You are not alone "Video.)
For forty years the rainbow will not appear,For forty years it will be seen every day:The parched earth will wax more dry,And great floods will accompany its appearance.
C1- Q43
Before the Empire changes,a very wonderful event will take place:The field moved, the pillar of porphyry,put in place changed on the gnarled rock.
Beside the young one the old angel falls,and will come to rise above him at the end;ten years equal to most the old one falls again,of three two and one, the eighth seraphin.
[3rd Verse]
For Forty Days And Forty Nights
The Law was on her Side
But Who Can Stand When She's In Demand
Her Schemes And Plans
'Cause We Danced On The Floor In The Round
So Take My Strong Advice, Just Remember To Always Think Twice
Dont think Twice
..........Tuesday and Thors day,Thursday,
Sunday Monday Tuesday..........Thursday Friday Saturday
1..........2..........3....... ...5)(5.+).......3.........2.. ......1
.......... 6...(.5)........(5).........5. .......6........7..(117)
Michael ..........Gregory
8/29/58..........69 days..........11/7
1969..........27 years..........1996
..........13.5..........171).. .......5.31........
The wolf fenrir kills Odin ,and Odins son, the quiet one ,revenges his fathers death.

........a lunar eclipse in April 1996 +7=2003
..........time/space += 7
a lunar eclipse in December 2011-7=2004
Nostradamus says in 500 years writings interpreted born 1503 +500 =2003
........4007=11 =
Ten Years After. "Here They Come" 2003-4, plus 10, equals 2013-14.
Feast days
Icon of Gabriel, Byzantine, ca. 1387–1395 (Tretyakov Gallery)
The feast of Saint Gabriel was included for the first time in theGeneral Roman Calendar in 1921, for celebration on March 24. In 1969 it was transferred to29 September for celebration together with St. Michael and St. Raphael. The Church of England has also adopted the 29 September date, known as Michaelmas.
The Eastern Orthodox Church and those Eastern Catholic Churcheswhich follow the Byzantine Rite celebrate his feast day on 8 November (for those churches that follow the traditional Julian Calendar, 8 November currently falls on 21 November of the modern Gregorian Calendar, a difference of 13 days). Eastern Orthodox commemorate him, not only on his November feast, but also on two other days: 26 March is the "Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel" and celebrates his role in the Annunciation. 13 July is also known as the "Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel", and celebrates all the appearances and miracles attributed to Gabriel throughout history. The feast was first established on Mount Athos when, in the 9th century, during the reign of Emperor Basil II and the Empress Constantina Porphyrogenitus and while Nicholas Chrysoverges was Patriarch of Constantinople, the Archangel appeared in a cell nearKaryes, where he wrote with his finger on a stone tablet the hymn to the Theotokos.

Sept 29 and Nov 7 40 days (inclusive)

Lake Villa, IL

#9 Feb 14, 2014
Many of the dimensions of The Great Pyramid have a perfect
relationship to many astronomical measurements which Western Man has,
apparently, only re-discovered. Most of The Great Pyramid's
astronomicaldimensions relate to the Sun (and light!) which, according
to the ancient Egyptians, was a symbol of God. God, from the most
ancient of times, has always been symbolized by a star. Our Sun is a
star. Many passages in Matthew's gospel in the New Testament, although
very deeply veiled in metaphor, refer (also) to the Sun as it appears
to transit through the ancient astrological signs.In ancient times
astrology and astronomy were the same science. After the invention of
the lens, the astrological model of the universe began to erode.
Astrology with all of its transcendent mythology was pushed to the side
by a new astronomy created by stargazers with technology. Ever since
that time Western Man has been lost in space, disconnected from the
Earth and without a viable creation myth.The information presented in
this archive provides a view into the ancient past and touches upon the
Ancient Wisdom which has been abandoned and forgotten by the
conventional modern scientific method. An understanding of this
material will lead you to "the crack between the worlds", the place
where physics distort into divine chaos. A place where science fears
to tread... the dwelling place of God.
By far more than just a twinkling, it was the entire solar system which
announced the birth of Jesus Christ of the lineage of King David, and
the change of the astrological age from Aries to Pisces and the start
of a new Great Year of Plato, or a Great Year of Precession of the
Equinox (25,920 years in length). The celestial presentation evolved
during a 10 day period.(Julian day 1719654.8333 to1719664.8333). The
entire phenomenon contains (in astrological symbolism); three "mystic
rectangles", a "Star of David", a "Seal of Solomon", a "Grand Sextile",
a "Grand Cross" and two five pointed star configurations

Lake Villa, IL

#10 Feb 14, 2014
Number of days between July 11th, 2013.(711,117)
and November 7th, 2013

Metric SystemDate CalculatorSalary CalculatorMolecular WeightDiscussion Forum

Date difference from Jul 11, 2013 to Nov 7, 2013

The total number of days between Thursday, July 11th, 2013 and Thursday, November 7th, 2013 is 119 days.

This is equal to exactly 3 months and 27 days.

This does not include the end date, so it's accurate if you're measuring your age in days, or the total days between the start and end date. But if you want the duration of an event that includes both the starting date and the ending date, then it would actually be 120 days119 days is equal to 17 weeks.

The total time span from 2013-07-11 to 2013-11-07 is 2,856 hours.

This is equivalent to 171,360 minutes.

You can also convert 119 days to 10,281,600 seconds.

July 11th, 2013 is a Thursday. It is the 192nd day of the year, and in the 28th week of the year (assuming each week starts on a Sunday), or the 3rd quarter of the year. There are 31 days in this month. 2013 is not a leap year, so there are 365 days in this year. The short form for this date used in the United States is 7/11/2013.

sons birthday / my birthday, Date difference from May 20, 2015 to Nov 7, 2015
The total number of days between Wednesday, May 20th, 2015 and Saturday, November 7th, 2015 is 171 days.

This is equal to exactly 5 months and 18 days.

This does not include the end date, so it's accurate if you're measuring your age in days, or the total days between the start and end date. But if you want the duration of an event that includes both the starting date and the ending date, then it would actually be 172 days.

171 days is equal to 24 weeks and 3 days.

The total time span from 2015-05-20 to 2015-11-07is 4,104 hours.

This is equivalent to 246,240 minutes.

You can also convert 171 days to 14,774,400 seconds.

Lake Villa, IL

#11 Feb 14, 2014
(Quatrain 10-72)

Le parc enclin grande calamite'
Par l'Hesperie et Insubre fera.
Le feu en nef peste et cativite'
Mercure en l'Arc Saturne fanera.

The sloping park, great calamity,
Through "the Lands of the West" and Lombardy ( Italy)
The fire in the ship, plague and captivity;
Mercury in Sagitarius, Saturn fading.

The sloping park (suggesting shifting ground?) great calamity (suggesting earthquakes) through l'Hesperie (the Lands of the West, the New World; more specifically, possibly America) and Lombardy (a region of northern Italy).The fire in the ship (suggesting naval warfare?) plague (an affliction or the spread of disease) and captivity (suggesting a military occupation through war?); Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn fading (an astrological position occurring next on November 25, 2015; then on November 23, 2016; and again on December 7, 2044)"
Could 2015 or 2016 be the years that earthquakes will occur in the United States and Italy?

Century 9 Quatrain 83

The sun in twenty degrees of Taurus, there will be a great earthquake;
the great theater full up will be ruined.
Darkness and trouble in the air, on sky and land,
when the infidel calls upon God and the Saints.

Sol vingt de Taurus si fort terre trembler.
Le grand theatre rempli ruinera,
L'air, ciel & terre obscurcir & troubler
Lors l'infidelle Dieu & sainctz voguera.

SUGIHWARAS, Indonesia (AP)— A powerful volcanic eruption on Indonesia's most populous island blasted ash and debris 18 kilometers (12 miles) into the air Friday, killing three people and forcing authorities to evacuate more than 100,000 and close seven airports.

The eruption of Mount Kelud on Java island could be heard up to 200 kilometers (125 miles) away, Indonesia's disaster agency said.

"The eruption sounded like thousands of bombs exploding," Ratno Pramono, a 35-year-old farmer, said as he checked his property in the village of Sugihwaras, about 5 kilometers (3 miles) from the crater. "I thought doomsday was upon us. Women and children were screaming and crying."

September 28 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse
Event UTC Time Time in Chicago*visible
Penumbral Eclipse begins Sep 28 at 12:13 AM Sep 27 at 7:13 PM Yes
Partial Eclipse begins Sep 28 at 1:12 AM Sep 27 at 8:12 PM Yes
Full Eclipse begins Sep 28 at 2:13 AM Sep 27 at 9:13 PM Yes
Maximum Eclipse Sep 28 at 2:47 AM Sep 27 at 9:47 PM Yes
Full Eclipse ends Sep 28 at 3:22 AM Sep 27 at 10:22 PM Yes
Partial Eclipse ends Sep 28 at 4:23 AM Sep 27 at 11:23 PM Yes
Penumbral Eclipse ends Sep 28 at 5:22 AM Sep 28 at 12:22 AM Yes
* The Moon is over the horizon during this eclipse, so with good weather conditions in Chicago, the entire eclipse is visible.

The Sun in twenty degrees of Taurus ends May 20 2015

Lake Villa, IL

#12 Feb 14, 2014
111 7

This is the big Z of Zz

Century 1 Quatrain 47

The speeches of Lake Leman will become angered,
the days will drag out into weeks:
then months, then years, then all will fail,
The authorities will condemn their useless powers.

Du Lac Leman les sermons fascheront,
Des iours seront reduicts par les sepmaines:
Puis mois, puis an, puis tous deffailliront,
Les Magistrats damneront les loix vaines.

(Reuters)- Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc settled with Freddie Mac a $1.2 billion claim, freeing up millions of dollars which will be available for distribution to the bank's creditors.

Under the settlement, Lehman will make a one-time cash payment of $767 million to Freddie Mac, Lehman said in a court filing on Wednesday.

The dispute stems from two loans extended to Lehman by Freddie Mac in the months before the bank filed for bankruptcy. Lehman was scheduled to repay the loan on September 15, 2008, the day it filed for the biggest-ever bankruptcy.

Lehman had set aside $1.2 billion to cover the claim as a general unsecured claim, but Freddie Mac argued that the claim should get priority status.

A priority claim would have allowed the government-controlled mortgage agency to be paid before several other creditors.

Once Wall Street's fourth-largest investment bank, Lehman's bankruptcy was a major trigger for the 2008 global financial crisis.

Lehman emerged from Chapter 11 in March 2012 under a plan that could eventually return $65 billion to creditors. The company is winding down, a process expected to take a few years.

Century 6 Quatrain 10
In a short time the temples with colors
Of white & black of the two intermixed:
Red & yellow ones will carry off theirs from them
Blood, land, plague, famine, fire extinguished by water.

Vn peu de temps les temples de couleurs
De blanc & noir les deux entremeslee:
Rouges & iaunes leur embleront les leurs
Sang, terre, peste, faim, feu, d'eau affolle

Lake Villa, IL

#13 Feb 14, 2014
Ultimately from Old French (Danse) Macabré,(dance)
Word History: The word macabre comes from the Middle French phrase Danse Macabré, "the Dance of Death," which was a popular subject of art and literature in the late Middle Ages. In representations of this dance, Death is shown leading people of all classes and walks of life to the same inescapable fate. John Lydgate is the first English author known to mention the Danse Macabré in English, in his work Macabrees dauncefrom around 1430. Lydgate's poem purports to be a translation of a French poem describing a group of famous painted murals of the Danse Macabré located in a cemetery in Paris. The original meaning of Macabré in the French term Danse Macabré is not known with any certainty, but it may be an alteration of Old French Macabe, "a Maccabee." The Maccabees were Jewish martyrs honored by a feast day in the Western Church. The Second Book of Maccabees, a book of the biblical Apocrypha, tells of the persecutions endured by the Jewish people in the second century BC at the hands of the Seleucid authorities, and it includes a description of a series of gruesome martyrdoms suffered by members of the Maccabees. There was a medieval Christian allegorical procession, called a chorea maccabaeorum ("dance of the Maccabees") in Latin, that may have included a reenactment of these horrors, and the literary and artistic motif of the Danse Macabré may have originated in part from this procession.

The etymology of the word "macabre" is uncertain. According to Gaston Paris it first occurs in the form "macabre" in Jean le Fèvre's Respit de la mort (1376), Je fis de Macabré la danse, and he takes this accented form to be the true one, and traces it in the name of the first painter of the subject. The more usual explanation is based on the Latin name, Machabaeorum chorea (Dance of Maccabees). The seven tortured brothers, with their mother and Eleazar (2 Maccabees 6 and 7) were prominent figures on this hypothesis in the supposed dramatic dialogues.Other connections have been suggested, as for example with St. Macarius, or Macaire, the hermit, who, according to Vasari, is to be identified with the figure pointing to the decaying corpses in the Pisan Triumph of Death, or with an Arabic word maqābir cemeteries (plural of maqbara). Another claim is that the word "Macabre" comes from the Hebrew (spelled "mhkbr" and pronounced "Mehakever"), meaning "from the grave".

2 Maccabees is a deuterocanonical book which focuses on the Jews' revolt against Antiochus IV Epiphanes and concludes with the defeat of the Syrian general Nicanor in 161 BC by Judas Maccabeus, the hero of the work.
Unlike 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees was written in Koine Greek,probably in Alexandria,Egypt, c 124 BC.It presents a revised version of the historical events recounted in the first seven chapters of 1 Maccabees, adding material from the Pharisaic tradition, including prayer for the dead and a resurrection on Judgment Day.
Catholics and Orthodox consider the work to be canonical and part of the Bible. Protestants and Jews reject most of the doctrinal innovations present in the work. Some Protestants include 2 Maccabees as part of the Biblical Apocrypha, useful for reading in the church. Article VI of the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England defines it as useful but not the basis of doctrine and not necessary for salvation.

Lake Villa, IL

#14 Feb 14, 2014
The rose upon the middle of the great world,
For new deeds public shedding of blood:
To speak the truth, one will have a closed mouth,
Then at the time of need the awaited one will come late.

Sur le milieu du grand monde la rose,
Pour nouueaux faits sang public espandu:
A dire vray on aura bouche close,
Lors au besoin viendra tard l'attendu.

res·cue [res-kyoo]
verb (used with object), res·cued, res·cu·ing.
to free or deliver from confinement, violence, danger, or evil.
Law. to liberate or take by forcible or illegal means from lawfulcustody.
the act of rescuing.
1300–50; (v.) Middle English rescuen < Old French rescourre, equivalent to re- re-+ escourre to shake, drive out, remove < Latinexcutere ( ex- ex-1 +-cutere, combining form of quatere to shake)
1. liberate, release, save, redeem, ransom, extricate, recover. 3.liberation, deliverance, release, redemption, recovery.
Within the strong castle of Vigilance & Resviers
the younger born of Nancy will be shut up:
In Turin the first ones will be burned,
when Lyons will be transported with grief.

Au fort chasteau de Vigilanue & Resuiers
Sera serré le puisnay de Nancy:
Dedans Turin seront ards les premiers,
Lors que de dueil Luon sera trans

Lake Villa, IL

#15 Feb 14, 2014
Muhlenberg is a county in Central City Metro with a population of 31,627.
Nine people were killed, including eight children, in a western Kentucky house fire earlyThursday morning, News Channel 5 reported.
Stuart Recke, a trooper for the Kentucky State Police who was at the scene in Greenville, Ky., told that 11 people, including nine children, lived inside the single-story home. He said an adult and a child survived the blaze.

By Thursday afternoon, Recke said eight of the people were found in a master bedroom while the ninth person was found between 10 and 15 feet away.

He identified those killed as 35-year-old LaRae "Nikki" Watson, 15-year-old Madison Watson, 14-year-old Kaitlyn Watson, 13-year-old Morgan Watson, 9-year-old Emily Watson, 8-year-old Samuel Watson, 6-year-old Raegan Watson and 4-year-old twin brothers Mark and Nathaniel Watson.

Recke said the father, 36-year-old Chad Watson, and 11-year-old Kylie Watson, were at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn. Chad Watson was in critical, but stable condition. Kylie Watson was in stable condition.

Subject: Century 8 Quatrain 3
Within the strong castle of Vigilance & Resviers
the younger born of Nancy will be shut up:
In Turin the first ones will be burned,
when Lyons will be transported with grief

Au fort chasteau de Vigilanue & Resuiers (rescuer ,without the "c")
Sera serré le puisnay de Nancy:
Dedans Turin seront ards les premiers,
Lors que de dueil Luon sera Transy.

Distance between Nancy (Pulaski County) and Owensboro (Daviess County) Kentucky,US
The Distance between Nancy (Pulaski County) and Owensboro (Daviess County) is :
222.99 kilometers (km).
The approximately estimated travel/road distance can be around 256.44 km to 278.74 km

In Other Units:
138.56 miles. Lyon county, KY

Lake Villa, IL

#16 Feb 14, 2014
Try to grasp it

Lake Villa, IL

#17 Feb 14, 2014
In 1706, during the Battle of Turin, the French besieged the city for 117 days without conquering it. By the Treaty of Utrecht the Duchy of Savoy acquired part of the former Duchy of Milan, including Turin, and the architect Filippo Juvarra began a major redesign of the city. Now the capital of a European kingdom, Turin had about 90,000 inhabitants at the time.

Lake Villa, IL

#18 Feb 14, 2014
Subject: St.Macarius, a work in progress
This Saints feast days are 1/15 and 1/19,
In the middle would be 1/17
The century quatrain number 4 4 fits the oriental orthodox Feastday 4/4
The "young" sage also fits with his description. Great Grandmothers name on my fathers side was last name "Young".
Century 4 Quatrain 31
The moon, in the middle of the night over the high mountain,
the young wise man alone with his brain has seen it.
Invited by his disciples to become immortal,
his eyes to the south, his hands on his breast, his body in the fire.
La Lune au plain de nuict sur le haut mont,
Le nouveau sophe d'un seul cerveau l'a veu:
Par ses disciples estre immortel semond,
Yeux au midi, en seins mains, corps au feu.
Macarius was born in Upper Egypt. A late tradition places his birthplace in the village of Shabsheer (Shanshour), in Al Minufiyah Governorate, Egypt around 300 A.D. At some point before his pursuit of asceticism, Macarius made his living smuggling niter in the vicinity of Nitria, a vocation which taught him how to survive in and travel across the wastes in that area.
One of St. Macarius’ great features was “wisdom”. His friends and close kin used to call him “Pidar Yougiron” which meant the “old young man” or “the young man with the elders’ wisdom.” At the wish of his parents he entered into marriage, but was soon widowed.Shortly after, his parents departed as well. Macarius subsequently distributed all his money among the poor and needy. He found a teacher in an experienced Elder, who lived in the desert not far from the village. The Elder accepted the youth, guided him in the spiritual science of watchfulness, fasting and prayer, and taught him the handicraft of weaving baskets.Seeing his virtues, the people of his village brought him to the bishop of Ashmoun who ordained him priest

Lake Villa, IL

#19 Feb 14, 2014
Mother 11/10, My brother 10/11(libra)
The exact date of Gregory's birth is uncertain, but is usually estimated to be around the year540,in the city of Rome. His parents named him Gregorius, which according to Aelfric in An Homily on the Birth-Day of S. Gregory, "... is a Greek Name, which signifies in the Latin Tongue Vigilantius, that is in English, Watchful...." Besides his mother, two of Gregory's aunts have been canonised, Gordianus's two sisters, Tarsilla and Æmiliana, so that John the Deacon speaks of his education as being that of a saint among saints.(not exactly my picture)

The man will be called by a barbaric name
that three sisters will receive from destiny.(saints)
He will speak to a great people in words and deeds,
more than any other man will have fame and renown.

3 pregnancies 4 births,all 4 sisters,middle set twins /my mother

Lake Villa, IL

#20 Feb 14, 2014
Im telling you the indians were really inspired.

Coordinates: 29 deg 46 min 45 sec N 82 deg 28 min 47 sec W
Country United States
State Florida
County Alachua
Settled1884 Incorporated (city)12 April 1905

Alachua by newnansville
You may note the gps coordinates are one date listed under my "born under the three water signs "notes.
The other gps coordinate is the old "michalmas day"

In the Roman Catholic Church, the solemnity of Mary as Mother of God (Theotokos) is celebrated on 1 January, on the same day as the Octave of Christmas. Her maternity was celebrated on 11 October in pre-1970 versions of the General Roman Calendar, which some traditional Catholics still observe.

This solemnity comes from around 500 AD and was originally celebrated in the Eastern Churches.

The gps coordinates listed in the post above , the first set is the same as the birthday of the mother ,the second set , the birthday of her first son.

Century 2 Quatrain 28

The second of the last name of the Prophet
Will take Diana's day as his day of silent rest.
He will travel far and wide frantically
To deliver a great people from subjection.

Lake Villa, IL

#21 Feb 14, 2014
Disclaimer: All to be considered as fiction for a novel,

Century 2 Quatrain 28
‘La penultieme du surnom de prophete
Prendra Diane pour son jour et repos
Loing vaguera par frenetique teste
En deliverant un grand peuple d’impos.’

‘The last son of the man with the Prophet’s name...or...
(Penultimate surname for prophet)
Will bring Diana to her day of rest.(Monday)
At a distance they wander in frenetic grief
Delivering a great people from ruin.

Using the above interpretation of the quatrain ,I believe the answer to the question," What is the penultimate surname for a prophet?" is Ba-al , BAL and Bell.

Definition for BAL
BAL: a colorless,oily viscous liquid,used as an antidote for poison caused by vlewisite,organic,arsenic compounds,and heavy metals including mercury(quicksiver) and gold.

Definition for Ba·al

noun, plural Ba·al·im [bey-uh-lim, bey-lim]
1;any of numerous local deities among the ancient Semitic peoples, typifying the productive forces of nature and worshiped with much sensuality.
2;( sometimes lowercase ) a false god.
3;origin Hebrew ;lord
Here is another example of the balance,false god or lord,two definitions
Definition for BELL (following word origins)
a: the corolla of a flower
Definition of COROLLA
: the part of a flower that consists of the separate or fused petals and constitutes the inner whorl of the perianth
co·rol·late adjective
Origin of COROLLA
New Latin, from Latin, diminutive of corona
First Known Use: circa 1753
Origin of CORONA
Latin, garland, crown, cornice — more at crown
First Known Use: 1548

Lake Villa, IL

#22 Feb 14, 2014
The man will be called by a barbaric name(gregory/vigilantus)
that three sisters will receive from destiny.(4/twins/3 pregnancies)
He will speak then to a great people in words and deeds,
more than any other man will have fame and renown
The penultimate of the surname of the Prophet(baal,bal.bell)
Will take Diana [Thursday] for his day and rest:
He will wander far because of a frantic head,
And delivering a great people from subjection.
C3: Q94
For five hundred years more one will keep count of him
Who was the ornament of his time:
Then suddenly great light will he give,
(nostradamus writings deciphered/understood)

The name Byblos is Greek; papyrus received its early Greek name (byblos, byblinos) from its being exported to the Aegean through Byblos. Hence the English word Bible is derived from byblos as "the (papyrus) book."The city's Canaanite/Phoenician name "GB'L" derived from "gb", meaning well or origin, and El the supreme god of Byblos's pantheon. The present day city is now known by the Arabic name Jubayl or Jbeil a direct descendant of the Canaanite name

This is "Old Material " so to speak, I'm studying artists.
"Lincoln in Dalivision"

On the bottom of his studies for the painting, Dalí explained its inspiration: "In the first place, in 1950, I had a 'cosmic dream' in which I saw this image in colour and which in my dream represented the 'nucleus of the atom.' This nucleus later took on a metaphysical sense; I considered it 'the very unity of the universe,' the Christ!"

Loveland, CO

#23 Feb 14, 2014
Nostradamus predicted that Obama would be not be circumcised and would use his extra foreskin tissue to smuggle cocaine to Harvard law students.

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News Hispanics fear profiling under new Arizona law (Apr '10) 5 hr spytheweb 193,146
prostitutes on 27th ave (Jan '10) 9 hr Trelmix 96
(.R ox y Bulk!!) ku*sh !! 17 hr Phoenix delivery 1
Dominique Ellis Scumbag Real Estate Agent Fri Augie 4
Cubans Get U.S. Welfare Checks in Cuba Fri Hittcountry 4
we are suppliers of froozen chicken feet in l... (Mar '13) Fri Joe Lau 42
frito lay makes rainbow chips in support of gay... Fri guest 7

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