This is all so OVERPLAYED! This so called "Mine Shaft" located in Peoria AZ right by Lake Pleasent Parkway is only but 15-20 feet deep at the most! I myself have Been to the Very Bottom! i live only 5 minuts away in one of the surrounding neighborhoods, and the ignorance of the news reporters just Baffles me! By my house THERE ARE NO SIGNS saying no trespassing, there are no walls stopping an off road vehicle, and there is nothing around the trench to warn of such a incident if one gets too close. My friends and i found the trench about a month and a half ago, and we called it in to the city and the city said they would take precautionary measures and at least put up a gate. Well as usual the city did not follow through and this is the result of THE CITY'S NEGLIGENCE! I am Very frustrated with the coverage on this story but i'm even more frustrated with our city's negligence!
Perturbed citizen,
Nathaniel Marshall