Jodi Arias claims self-defense as mur...

Jodi Arias claims self-defense as murder trial begins

There are 7233 comments on the KTVK Phoenix story from Jan 2, 2013, titled Jodi Arias claims self-defense as murder trial begins. In it, KTVK Phoenix reports that:

A defense attorney says an Arizona woman charged with stabbing and shooting her boyfriend to death in 2008 acted in self-defense because he was violent and abusive.

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Observation Guy

United States

#7330 May 29, 2013
LA Guy wrote:
Interesting post on re-enactments and why
neither side used you know, these
computerized one's are quite in voque.
Yes they are. It doesn't take a NASA engineer to see why Juan couldn't risk using a 3-D computerized re-enactment.

Not when it would not only disprove his preposterous theory but actually support Jodi's testimony.

Fortunately Juan did open the door for such a re-enactment to come in down the road.
Since he did have Jodi re-enact the linebacker lunge, re-enactment is fair game.

3-D computer re-enactment of her testimony will match the physical injuries to his body.
Had this been done in the beginning - the jury would have had the tools needed to process the incident in their detracted minds.

They clearly lacked the skills to do so without assistance, or they were too lazy to do the work.

I suppose it was easier to find Jodi guilty because she lied & manipulated, than it was to take an analytical approach to the testimonies.
Houston Suburbanite

Spring, TX

#7333 May 29, 2013
LA Guy wrote:
<quoted text>
You made a good case and I agree with much of it in a generic sense. I'm playing in the big leaque's here in LA, but will refrain from stating my professional and social background. Travis was playing the Svengali Dom, who became bent at first wooing her, even baptizing her (see pic) and indocrinating her into a religion, bringing her into his home as his live in gf, initiating her into a submissive sexual role and ultimately discarding and degrading her. All the while still allowing her access. This guy was a junior Jim Jone's or shades of the renegade Mormon character (Jeffs) doing time in Texas. Also keep in mind that he wad building a retinue of naive devoted followers. This case goes way beyond the generic sourned gf, friend with benefits scenario. Many here repeat the chronology of events, but fail to address Travis' cruel indoctrination and destruction of Jody's mental state.
You have been courting Good Year (blimp) for months now and still no chocolate covered cherries.
Do you seriously think your clothes are out of the price range for people here? So, you found a sale at Macy's and spent a few hundred dollars on yourself. Woo hoo. Who cares?

Was Good Year able to help you with your sudden flatulence problems? Maybe that enema she gave you set things right. You might want to lay off the Marie Callendar breakfast sandwiches. You don't want to be waddling when you finally meet Weed Whacker.
Houston Suburbanite

Spring, TX

#7334 May 29, 2013
Good Day wrote:
<quoted text>
Do you smoke dope all day?
Up the career ladder isn't the only manner in which someone pursues goals and interest, but in addition to, as well.
You need to get out more, out of your food closet and tv hole.
Do you? All those lawn clippings. Did you ever heal from all that yard work, painting, rehabbing that squatter's shack where you live? How hard was it to get rid of the vermin infestation?
Bug infestation? The smell from the rotting dead body?

You don't get a house for under $100,000 without some major problems.

Spill, baby, spill.
Come on, Good Year.
We won't be able to sleep until you tell us a bedtime story about your Keebler Elf Cottage.
Houston Suburbanite

Spring, TX

#7335 May 29, 2013
Range Rover wrote:
<quoted text>
You're not French. Are you even aware of what that means?
After firing the Kimber, I didn't like it. I like the way it sights and fires but just don't like the mechanics of it. I'm sending it back. Plus it had some kind of problem with the ejection and it was jamming.
That's why people like Glocks. They are reliable. Fired that also. Then went to the trusty 38, easy to operate, a cinch to load, and not too much fire power.
Like Goldie Locks, finally found the one that fits.
J. was an idiot to take a semi-automatic. She would have been better off with a wheel gun/revolver.
If she had just had a weapon, she could had said that TVA was despondent about his financial state and show the communication where he said he might lose his home. She could have said she tried to wrestle the gun from him and it went off. However, if she shot him and left him in the shower, still same problem.
You don't carve divots into someone's skull that go into the bone and say oops, look what I did. If she had more time, not doubt she would have decapitated him and dismembered him. She would have taken the body with her, but she realized it was way more messy to kill someone than what she bargained for, so she panicked.
p.s. the woman in Florida has already been cleared of any wrongdoing in her boyfriend's death.
JoHo is an idiot, a failed waitress, a chi*ty photographer who doesn't even know the correct way to hold a camera plus has a fake "rack" if you can call it that and a very bad fashion sense.
Houston Suburbanite

Spring, TX

#7337 May 29, 2013
Sinister wrote:
<quoted text>
You so called L A guy probably lives on Saticoy and Tampa with all the illegals.
I know about the trial. I've been following it all along. Enough to know a maniac killed a man in cold blood. And to know you and your L A friend are fu(king trolls.
THey have finally left the building. Time for this topic to sink.

They keep bringing in others but don't get any traction.

Keep dialing and trolling, California crew.
on deck

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#7338 May 29, 2013
LA Guy wrote:
<quoted text>
FYI - LA Guy did not configure this Topix Forum. He was merely the first poster, after some minor Web research, looking for more information regarding this case. LA Guy's posts reflects a knowledge of more than one dynamic in this equation. LA Guy has made it clear that justice would be served with Jody being found guilty of a simple Manslaughter with a ten year cap.
Whos LA Guy????
Good Day

Lincoln, CA

#7341 May 29, 2013
LG, #7329, 7331, 7332 are all gone.
Amen D Ments

United States

#7342 May 29, 2013
Houston Suburbanite wrote:
<quoted text>
p.s. the woman in Florida has already been cleared of any wrongdoing in her boyfriend's death.
JoHo is an idiot, a failed waitress, a chi*ty photographer who doesn't even know the correct way to hold a camera plus has a fake "rack" if you can call it that and a very bad fashion sense.
Jodi is left-handed.

Did Travis own a camera designed with a lefty in mind, or is it possoble that the camera had an awkwardness about it when Jodi tried to use it?

It isn't easy being a lefty in a right-handed world.
Amen D Ments

United States

#7343 May 29, 2013
LA Guy wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey, I just threw that LWOP plea bargain out there,
since it has been proffered by the HLN shills.
Probably about the only one she would plea to is AZ's
equivalent of a Manslaughter with a 15 year cap...
out in ten with time served.
Unless the Alexander family acquiesces to not retrying the penalty phase, JM will retry it. He has nothing to lose. It's not about incurring extra costs, as the are static. The court runs on an abbreviated short four day schedule.
Manslaughter & out in 10 is pretty harsh for defending yourself, don't you think?
Might as well go for the exoneration.
Good Day

Höst, Germany

#7344 May 29, 2013
LG, I miss you :-x , My younger brother (a rock like you) & his wife are moving to NY very soon... so sad, going to miss him a lot... such a great guy, you remind me of him :)* I hope this post is left alone... I really want to share this w/you. I'm so blessed w/great men... Godspeed xoxo

Since: May 13

Location hidden

#7345 May 29, 2013
Good Day wrote:
LG 10-20? sad girl in CA
AWWW ,,,Angel please don't be sad. With all the love i have for you there is always a bright beautiful Good Day ahead . Dont worry,,,Be happy.. like the song.

Since: May 13

Location hidden

#7346 May 29, 2013
Good Day wrote:
LG, I miss you :-x , My younger brother (a rock like you) & his wife are moving to NY very soon... so sad, going to miss him a lot... such a great guy, you remind me of him :)* I hope this post is left alone... I really want to share this w/you. I'm so blessed w/great men... Godspeed xoxo
Sorry to hear.

From what i read, it seems like your brothers all have a big impact on your life.

Yes, you are correct it is a blessing to have positve great people around us. Family is the most important part of life to me.

Thats a tough pill to swallow because hes moving across the country.

I guess you can look at it as a positive because now you can visit NY once in a while :).. Any nephews? What part of NY?
Houston Suburbanite

Spring, TX

#7347 May 30, 2013
Bill was born to Frank Harlow and Lois Henrickson at the Juniper Creek compound, a fictitious community that practices fundamentalist Mormon principles including polygamy. His grandfather, Orville Henrickson, was the prophet of Juniper Creek. His accountant was Roman Grant and they went out on a trip where Orville died under mysterious circumstances likely at the hands of Roman, who survived the crash. Roman Grant seized the power and the role of prophet shortly after Orville's death.
Bill spent most of his childhood in this community with his brother Joey and late sister Margaret, but at fourteen was thrown out of the compound by his father on instructions from Roman, who found Bill too much like his grandfather, and a potential threat to Grant's power. While attending college he met his first wife Barbara, who was a devout Mormon. Upon marrying her, he abandoned the principles of fundamentalist Mormonism and polygamy, and became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Soon after third child Tancy's birth, however, Barbara Henrickson was diagnosed with uterine cancer, from which she was expected to die. During her illness, Bill met Nicolette Grant, the daughter of the Juniper Creek prophet Roman Grant, and brought her to his home. Nicolette helped to comfort Barbara while she was sick and care for her children, and it was decided that when Barbara died Nicolette was to marry Bill and raise their children.[citation needed] Barbara, however, recovered from her illness, and instead of abandoning Nicolette, Bill decided to return to the principle of polygamy and take her as his second wife. Nicki is mother to two of Bill's children, Raymond and Wayne.
Meanwhile, Bill's hardware business Henrickson's Home Plus was expanding. One employee of his store was Margene Heffman. Margene did not excel at doing her job, so Bill took her into his household as a babysitter. Soon, Bill fell in love with Margene, and took her as his third wife. Margene later gave birth to two sons, Aaron and Lester, and a daughter, Nell.
After marrying Margene, Bill moved his family to a set of three adjacent houses, connected by a common back yard, in Sandy, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City, and opened a second Henrickson Home Plus at a new location. Since moving, Bill has seen a number of problems, the main one being demands for a percentage of his income from Roman Grant. In addition, he has had to deal with the problems of impotence and Nicolette's credit card debt, but has continued to love and protect his family.
In 2007 he and his business partner Don Embry decided to invest in slot machines, though this led to a problem with another FLDS family, the Greenes. Both Roman and the head of the Greenes, Hollis Greene, fear that Bill is the next prophet. Bill arranges with the FBI to turn states evidence against the Greenes and go undercover for them as the Greenes are wanted for murder and extortion in Utah and in Mexico.
Houston Suburbanite

Spring, TX

#7348 May 30, 2013
Leading cast [edit]
Bill Paxton as Bill Henrickson – Husband to Barb, Nicki, and Marge. He is a practicing polygamist and, at the end of season 4, was elected as a Utah Republican state senator.
Jeanne Tripplehorn as Barbara "Barb" Henrickson – Bill's first wife; mother of Sarah, Ben, and Tancy ("Teeny").
Chloë Sevigny as Nicolette "Nicki" Grant – Bill's second wife, Barb's former caretaker (during her bout with cancer), and Roman Grant's daughter; mother of Wayne and Raymond (with Bill), and Cara Lynn (with J.J.).
Ginnifer Goodwin as Margene "Margie" Heffman – Bill's third and youngest wife; mother of Lester, Aaron, and Nell.
Amanda Seyfried as Sarah Henrickson – Bill and Barb's first daughter, struggling with her father's polygamy. She married Scott Quittman despite her parents' initial reservations.
Douglas Smith as Ben Henrickson – Bill and Barb's son. Early in the series, he expresses his sexual attraction to Margene, his third mother, who rejects it as incestuous. He has stated his desire to follow The Principle—to practice polygamy, as his father does.
Henrickson family and friends [edit]
Branka Kati&#263; as Ana Markovi&#269; – Bill's fourth wife. She and Bill marry, then she divorces the family.
Jolean Wejbe as Tancy ("Teenie") Henrickson – Bill and Barb's younger daughter (replaced in Season 4 by Bella Thorne).[6]
Keegan Holst as Wayne Henrickson – Bill and Nicki's eldest son.
Garrett Grey as Raymond Henrickson – Bill and Nicki's second son.
Ailish and Julia O'Connor as Nell Henrickson – Bill and Margene's daughter.(Season 4)
Aaron Paul as Scott Quittman – Sarah's husband.
Tina Majorino as Heather Tuttle – Sarah Henrickson's co-worker and best friend; Ben's wife.
Extended Henrickson family [edit]
Shawn Doyle as Joey Henrickson – Bill's brother, Wanda's husband. Former professional football player with the Dallas Cowboys. He attempts to enter into polygamy like Bill and his forefathers, albeit reluctantly at first.(Seasons 1-4)
Melora Walters as Wanda Henrickson – Bill's sister-in-law, wife to Joey Henrickson, and sister of Nicki's first husband, J.J. Wanda's psychological problems surface when she tries to poison people who cross her or her family.(Seasons 1-4)
Bruce Dern as Frank Harlow – Bill's abusive and domineering father who exiled Bill from Juniper Creek at age 14. In a strong, perennial, and sometimes violent feud with his wife, Lois.
Grace Zabriskie as Lois Henrickson – Bill's mother. In a long-time feud—and even attempted homicide—against Bill's father, Frank Harlow
Brian Kerwin as Eddie Henrickson – Lois' younger brother, Bill's uncle.
Aidan Gonzales and Andrew Gonzales as Joey Henrickson Jr.– Joey and Wanda's son.
Christopher Randazzo and Zachary Randazzo as Joey Henrickson Jr.– Joey and Wanda's son.(Season 4)
Mireille Enos as JoDean Marquart and Kathy Marquart – Kathy is Joey's second wife-to-be until her death in a car accident while being chased by Roman Grant. She lived in Joey and Wanda's home and assisted with the care of their infant son. Her twin sister, JoDean, is Frank's newest wife.(Seasons 3-4)
Ellen Burstyn as Nancy Dutton – Barb's semi-estranged mother.
Judith Hoag as Cindy Dutton-Price – Barb's sister.
Patrick Fabian as Ted Price – Cindy's husband.
Bill's business partners and associates [edit]
Houston Suburbanite

Spring, TX

#7349 May 30, 2013
This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.(September 2011)
Benjamin Henrickson
Big Love character
First appearance "Pilot"
Created by Mark V. Olsen
Portrayed by Douglas Smith
Nickname(s) Ben
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Family Bill Henrickson (father)
Barbara Henrickson (biological mother)
Nicolette Grant (second mother)
Margene Heffman (third mother/crush)
Sarah Henrickson (sister)

Tancy Henrickson (sister)
Wayne Grant (half brother)
Raymond Grant (half brother)
Lester Heffman (half brother)
Aaron Heffman (half brother)
Nell Heffman (half sister)
Cara Lynn Walker (stepsister)

Nancy Dutton (maternal biological grandmother)
Lois Henrickson (paternal biological grandmother)
Frank Harlow (paternal biological grandfather)
Spouse(s) Heather Tuttle
Relatives Joey Henrickson (uncle via Bill)
Joey Jr. Henrickson (cousin via Joey)
Alby Grant (uncle via Nicki)
Cindy Dutton (aunt via Barb)
Maggie Henrickson (aunt via Bill)
Religion Fundamentalist Mormon
Nationality American
Benjamin "Ben" Henrickson is a character on the HBO series Big Love. He is portrayed by Douglas Smith. Ben is the second child and oldest son of Bill Henrickson with his first and once legal wife, Barbara Henrickson. As of "The Lost Boys", he is 17 years old. He becomes a priesthood holder in season 2.
Biography [edit]

Like most teenage boys, Ben is full of raging hormones, which he struggles to control in keeping with the views on sexuality in his religion; he desires to be chaste but finds little support for this desire among his friends or from his older girlfriend, Brynn. Ben and Brynn were steadily dating, but she felt that the Mormon views on chastity and sexuality amounted to brainwashing and saw no reason to reserve sexual relations for marriage. This led to conflict between her and Ben until she eventually made it known to him that she would have nothing to do with him unless he would be willing to sleep with her. After struggling for a few weeks without her, Ben came to Brynn's house and acceded to her demand, initiating a sexual relationship that eventually becomes public to the entire Henrickson clan. He proposes marriage to her, both to satisfy his own conscience and to render their relationship acceptable; when his parents refuse to accept the union, he says that if his marriage to Brynn doesn't work out, he can take on a second wife. This disturbs Barb, who doesn't want to see Ben become a polygamist, and she invites Brynn over, telling her the advantages and disadvantages of a polygamous relationship. Brynn, who was not told about Ben's plans of taking more wives after her, breaks up with Ben. Afterward, Bill, happy about his son's interest in polygamy, anoints him priesthood holder.
He is very close to his father's young third wife Margene Heffman. Ben is especially close to Margene because of their closeness in age, which makes her more of an older sister than a mother to him. Telling him that she wishes she had waited for marriage and had known, as he does, that sex is "a sacred thing," she encourages him in his struggle to remain pure rather than only castigating him when he fails. Recently, however, it is implied that the friendship may have turned into a one-sided crush. His mother Barb worries how close the two are after she finds out Ben prefers sleeping on Margene's couch rather than his own bedroom. Later, Ben meets Margene's ex-boyfriend and he makes several lewd comments about her, Ben violently pushes him to the ground, and some days later, angrily confronts Margene about her previous sexual exploits. It is revealed that while Bill may be comfortable with Margene's previous relationships, Ben isn't, possibly due both to his own unresolved pangs of conscience over his continuing relationship with Brynn and to his own romantic feelings for Margene.

Spring, TX

#7350 May 30, 2013
I'm not going to watch that slop on Lifetime. If they get a real movie about Travis and have Ben Henrickson play Travis, then I might watch.
They did that actress over to look like Jodi in court, but I don't think she has the goods to pull off a Jodi impersonation.
Ben looks a lot more like Travis, don't you think?

Spring, TX

#7351 May 30, 2013
Jodi watched Big Love and decided she needed to be white to snag a Mormon.
Looks like she used a pic like this to start her makeover.
Mutt Romnee

Whitesboro, NY

#7352 May 30, 2013
Observation Guy wrote:
<quoted text>
Accept a plea to LWOP and waive appeals???? Really?........ Really?
Are you smoking crack?
By the time she wins on appeal and is ordered re-tried on manslaughter, and assuming she is convicted on that charge,(which is highly unlikely), she will have already served the equivalent of the sentence.
The most likely scenario is that the court will find the evidence supports self-defense and Jodi will be fully exonerated.
Either way.......
Doors open and Jodi goes home.
In your wet dreams...

Spring, TX

#7353 May 30, 2013

She used this pic when she decided to go for the Trampy look.

Spring, TX

#7354 May 30, 2013
This is Jodi's camping look.

I don't care if anyone answers.

Someone call Martinez and give him the Big Love theory. It's not any more crazy than anything else trotted out during the trial.

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